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Migration To Quality Media Continues - Away From Bottom-Feeders Hosting Knox

Posted by Peter Quennell

Demonization Enablers

Truth-telling media such as the New York Times have seen a sizeable readership influx.

Meanwhile the tabloid bottom-feeders gasp for air. Brooklyn’s VICE Media is one of those badly hit. Staff layoffs are as the video describes.

VICE gave Knox a platform just under a year ago, to wail about demonized women.

Knox omitted to point out (and sloppy VICE failed to find out) that the barbaric Knox herself is one of the nastiest most dangerous demonizers on the planet.

VICE should never never never have espoused bigotry against any country, which of course is what it was doing in providing Knox a platform.

And the bigotry was voiced in English, against a country whose first language is Italian, and whose defamed officials have no easy way of responding.

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In the US VICE does in fact have a weekly slot on the HBO channels (HBO has about a dozen pay channels on Verizon and other main cable providers) for some well-produced and much needed documentaries, the kind of thing you see much more of in Europe.

Why are they so smartly targeted and well-produced? For one thing HBO is absolutely ruthless about quality. Click back to the previous post and see the list of problems VICE has been wrestling with otherwise.

Three were on harassment and three on not making a profit. The big investors edged out CEO Shane Smith and are behind the edging-out of these latest layoffs, the career prospects of which may now be pretty dismal.

In my growth work in the UN and thereafter we always found there are opportunities for value-growth; and backing off of quality is always a sure way to put an end to that.

Another main rule is - don’t overcapitalize, ever. Be frugal. Big lumps of money from big investors are usually toxic, they encourage the sort of arrogance and criminal behavior being reported on daily in companies like Facebook and Uber - the kind that in 2008 brought down the global economy.

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Giulia Bongiorno is in the news in Italy in a way suggesting she has no spare time now for Sollecito the puddle of “I’m the victim” sulks… but she may be less encumbered soon.

The coalition government which Bongiorno is a Minister of for the right-wing faction may soon fold as the left wing asserts itself.

(1) See this by John Follain, which mentions Bongiorno’s role - in protecting seeming corruption over a tunnel through the Alps!

(2) Now the Interior Minister from that same faction and party, Salvini, could go on trial in the Diciotti “kidnapping case” .

The Diciotti case is complicated, not to say weird, but Italian prosecutors and courts yet again look good.  Here are two useful links.

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