Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Meredith Growing Up

Posted by Peter Quennell

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Above two: Meredith as a happy tot, possibly still in Southwark where she was born

Above: Meredith as a happy teenager (then 19) in Coulsdon or Leeds

Above: Meredith (right) celebrating with Stephanie (left) and a cake

Above: A happy Meredith at her 21st birthday party in February 2007

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/08/09 at 07:00 AM in Concerning MeredithHer memory


Thank you for these beautiful photos of Meredith. They are so cute. It is easy to see why the Kerchers hold so many good memories and would prefer to remember her like this.

Posted by Professor Snape on 12/08/09 at 09:40 AM | #

What a beautiful girl, gazing out at us with her lovely eyes shining in trust, empathy and kindness.

As a mother, my heart goes out to Meredith’s much-loved mother:  may you find comfort in your desolation.  Your daughter is a symbol of all that is good and true in the young people of this new century.

She will never grow old, as we who are left grow old.

Posted by Tiziano on 12/08/09 at 02:31 PM | #

Thanks for posting these lovely pictures of Meredith she looks so happy and full of life. I’ve yet to see a picture of her where she isn’t smiling.

It’s difficult to imagine how anyone would want to hurt someone with so much integrity, honesty and beauty. All the more reason that justice for Meredith is crucial.

Keep up the good work Pete et al. Your continued contribution to the case is valued and important.

Posted by Miss Represented on 12/08/09 at 07:01 PM | #

There’s another picture on the mirror website as well as the above of Mez aged 2- very cute, and of course smiling, please make sure that one makes it here too!

Posted by Ginny on 12/08/09 at 07:11 PM | #

Hi Ginny. That other shot is Meredith right? We wondered. The Mirror did have one mistake (they pointed to Meredith and Stephanie wrongly in their shot) and need to be quite sure. And yes, the two—year-old IS smiling! So chances of it being her are good.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/08/09 at 07:17 PM | #

Hey Pete,

I’m pretty sure the child in the last picture on the Mirror slideshow is in the same dress and sat on the same garden wall as the picture on the cake Meredith is holding in the last picture.

Posted by Miss Represented on 12/08/09 at 08:18 PM | #

Hi MR. Yes Meredith holding a cake with that shot on it does seem rather conclusive. It is posted there above now. The second shot. That is some cake.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/08/09 at 08:59 PM | #

Sometimes I am reminded of what Sen. Edward Kennedy said at his brother Bobby’s funeral:

“My brother need not be idealized, or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life; to be remembered simply as a good and decent man, who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it…”

Posted by stevema14420 on 12/08/09 at 10:57 PM | #

Thanks for posting those. Meredith had a most infectious smile. She clearly was someone who looks like she liked to laugh a lot and no doubt liked to make others laugh.

Posted by mortytoad on 12/09/09 at 01:04 PM | #

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