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Italy’s Vivaldi! To Celebrate Our Seeming Conquering Of The Worst Of The Worst

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Ridiculous, right?! Italian flamboyance lifts the whole world up.

Those pianos appear to be the Shigeru Kawai EX Concert Grand, which go for $285,000 each. Not every day you see $1m-plus of pianos on one stage.

When first performed, all of those players on stage are likely to have been women, as explained back here.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/17/20 at 10:22 AM | #

On the seeming good-news front, see this remarkable report about an Oxford University group already having a possible vaccine ready for testing - and moving immediately into mass production while the tests go on.

In effect “someone” has put up many millions of pounds on the gamble that the vaccine works, and if it doesn’t that vaccine and investment will go down the drain.

A lot of kindness has been emerging in the world today. 

The funder could be some person or some group looking to make a buck, or win a Nobel Prize

But it’s also possible that some cash-rich man or woman is providing the funding out of the kindness of their heart.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/17/20 at 12:19 PM | #


I saw that article. She’ll put anything on Twitter if it maintains her ‘profile’.

And I suppose it’s only on Twitter where she’ll find people who’ll like what she does.

Posted by DavidB on 04/18/20 at 06:04 AM | #

Hi Pensky and DavidB

A reporter asked for a soundbite. It may not be used yet but something like it will be soon. 

“Knox is in serious denial. We carry all the hard proof that Knox killed and walked free with mafia help”.

(Calling ourselves simply “True Justice” encourages reporters like the one just in touch to see the site as an objective source, which it is, and so is actually of benefit in our end-run for Meredith. The site has always been in readiness for other cases, and the Machine especially has highlighted some which have added invaluable context.)

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/18/20 at 09:30 AM | #

What to think on WHO? How guilty is its management of anything here?

There are in fact two ways in which it does not perform well, neither widely understood, both of which directly affect its COVID response.

First, there has been a heavy-handed AMERICAN presence that has done no end of harm.  WHO’s pussyfooting around the Chinese government became par for the course for UN agencies from the 1980s, when a single Ronald Reagan appointee called Draper began to push the “government is the problem” mantra throughout the UN system.

Prior to that all agencies and all their professional staff were welcome at the very heart of almost all governments, and so multi-level multi-layer programs and projects were accepted and worked well.

After that, some UN programs and many bilateral programs began to avoid and by-pass governments and try to aid “the people” direct. You go look around those countries now, you will see competing parallel structures everywhere.

Hence the Chinese keeping WHO at arms length, a muddled Ronald Reagan was its ultimate cause.

Second, although WHO’s 1948 charter made wellness and good health objective one, you still have to look hard to see practical effects. Exhibit 1 is this program right there on WHO’s own site.

It says that it was only created in 1991, and it is still a very small and ineffective molecule in WHO’s whole. Nutrition and nutritional substances have made extraordinary strides in the past decade, but those sure were not with WHO or official US help.

It seems almost certain that, had the whole world known about the mass deficiencies in selenium and glutathione (which WHO has never said anything officially about, even though their own staff “knew”) SARS and MERS and Covid would never, never have found a way to spread.

So rules 1 and 2 for a future better WHO should be: (1) provide multilevel highly networked support (2) especially on the wellness & nutrition front.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/18/20 at 12:01 PM | #

Vivaldi is uplifting music! So cheerful. Thanks DavidB and Pensky for the ridiculous photos of Mr.and Mrs. Hobo Robinson the newlyweds both wearing black hats as hobo couple.

Their sad faces reflect the misery they feel now that corona virus slaps them from the headlines.

Seems marriage doesn’t agree with them. This is first photo I’ve seen since their fishy wedding of February 29, 2020. They seem off to a grim start after tying the knot if this photo symbolizes their new life together, even in jest.

It shows Chris looking somber, already drinking.

Knox looks down in the dumps and bored and forlorn with her hobo knapsack. Both are sitting by an outdoor fire, homeless and on the skids. Broke.

The once grinning newlyweds have frowns and grime on their faces.

The tableau is complete of two hucksters or grifters who are not sure what to do next.

One can picture them near railroad tracks hoping to catch a free ride to the next town, sleeping in an empty boxcar.

Let’s enjoy the show!

Posted by Hopeful on 04/19/20 at 01:50 PM | #

No surprise here for anyone who checks out the UN even for only a short while. The US has the biggest contingent of staff in WHO who would have known absolutely everything that goes on. Plus there were an addition 17 Americans on loan.

And the more cautious and systematized of the state governors are winning the public’s approval hands down.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/19/20 at 10:31 PM | #

Today, a long and very damning report in the UK Sunday Times shows how the official UK response was perhaps the worst in the world, with a prime minister out to lunch and the hard truths about BREXIT and slow growth (actually minus growth) causing hiding of the truth - and so thousands died.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/19/20 at 10:42 PM | #

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