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Italy-India Relations Are Back To Being Very Close With The Tanker Incident Smartly Resolved.

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For obvious reasons we’ve always had and appreciated a loyal readership in India.

Italy-India relations became fraught for several years after 2012 when marines on an Italian tanker off the southwest coast shot at and killed two Indian fishermen thinking they were pirates making moves to board.

Now see the Buenos Aires report above. It seems that ties between the countries are closer than they ever were. Both countries have habitually been among the greatest team players in the world.

Even despite serious anti-globalist pressures Italy still chooses to do the right thing.

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Loyalty is a term missing from the dictionary of Indian politicians. You need to thank the Indian supreme court for the slow but steady progress. If the case were on a fast track, strong emotions would have taken over slow rational thinking. But the current focus is on Augustawestland deal. Watch the movie as it unfolds.

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Hi Chami.

Interesting case. Our old friend the Interpol Red Notice has just resulted in a UK national being extradited from Dubai to India to face bribery charges in connection with a military helicopter contract.

It comes across as a British-initiated crime. But!! Italy’s Agusta had a role in developing that helicopter, and Agusta’s parent company, Leonardo, is Italian.

Due to cases like this, many arms-manufacturing countries including the US, UK and Italy have now made push-bribery for contracts by their own nationals illegal.

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Bing’s daily image yesterday was the Swiss Jungfraujoch observatory at nearly 12,000 feet, built in 1937 and still looking great. If you drive around Colorado you can actually drive on regular roads even higher than that. Some are pretty scary, if you take a wrong turn you’ll be rolling down for miles. It was decided not to put any safety barriers because it was found that drivers take more care if there are none. White-knuckle stuff. In the summer some great birds live up there.

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India seems set to become the largest economy in the world, overtaking China sometime after 2030, for the reasons explained here.

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Some hints on the Augusta and the marines link are found on this report:

Faith is so fragile!

Truth gets caught in the web of lies so often!

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I am familiar with Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter rocketing around on a broomstick on the pay-TV channels, but I have never paid him more attention than that. Last night I saw him on Broadway in one of the more startling performances of recent years.

The other two were a ferocious NYC publisher (Cherry Jones) and a ferocious Las Vegas writer of “essays” (Bobby Cannavale, who often plays mafia types).  It starts in her office and moves to his house. He has written a Norman-Mailer “essay” with a huge number of claimed specifics about a guy who had jumped off an 1100 foot casino tower to his death.

She wants to publish it like yesterday and so this somewhat diffident, not very large intern is hired to check the facts so they wont be sued. For most of the play his reveals on the first few “facts” has one or other of the two pretty well standing on their heads. He’s figured out the implications of how some wrong claims could cause real harm and lets this leak out.

It’s mostly very funny.  The audience often cracked up. At one point the intern goes through a door to what he thinks are the steps to the basement and finds it is a closet and is too diffident to come right out. But pretty improbably, he wins the day, and in the final few seconds it’s just too obvious that publication can’t go forward. Facts and this persevering guy won.

Of some relevance, I think, to our own case, as we all nail Knox et poodles’ claimed “facts”.

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The good news about the Italian economy is that it still runs an enviable trade surplus with the world and Europe as described here.

The not-so-good news is the pain being inflicted by the EU while Italy runs a budget deficit that if it was not part of the Eurozone would make perfect sense.

Also keep an eye on this volcanic threat, the caldera area is that west of the Naples downtown, between it and the open sea.

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