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Innocence Project: Seven Years Clutching Knox And Trashing Italian Justice To Joy Of Mafias #5

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Joint press conference of American and Italian prosecutors

1. Perverse Denigration Of Italian Justice

The stance of Barry Scheck’s Innocence Project on Amanda Knox is not only opportunistic and dishonest. It is perverse in terms of their main mission.

We don’t approve of their broad-brush undermining of forensic science. Statistics show that forensic science has made quantum advances since most of their cases were sent to prison, and these days very few new cases of bent science are showing up. The CSI Effect is a defense device not based on current reality.

But we do approve of any highlighting of how the American system rains massive unfairness, such as the huge tilt toward plea-bargaining by hard-line and mostly elected prosecutors (in Italy only highly-trained career judges can enter into their restrained form of plea-bargaining) and to push for much-needed reforms. And of any learning from other, better, justice systems.

They are not too far down the road on the latter, but seem sincere about it - and there is a great deal that they could learn from Italy. 

So the Innocence Project’s incessant use of Amanda Knox, a FAKE exoneree who for big bucks is demonizing perhaps the world’s FAIREST system, is not helpful to either the Italian or American situations.

Here below from our numerous comparison posts are some that highlight the many pluses and several minuses of the Italian justice system.

In essence: it is an extremely effective system. it is widely respected by competent counterparts (as contrasted with the wildly incompetent Steve Moore, Michael Heavey, and so on), it works very closely with the FBI and exchanges officers, it keeps Italian crime at a very low level, it very bravely takes on the mafias despite over 100 assasinations, and it gives an exceptional list of breaks to perpetrators. Recidivisms - repeat crimes - are among the world’s lowest. 

2.  Main Pluses And Minuses Of The Italian Justice System

1. Plus: Italy Has Little Crime, Few Murders, Small Prison Population

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2. Plus: The Well-Trained Well-Equipped Italian Police Are Also Well-Liked

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3. Plus: Italian Cops, Judges, Labs Work Exceptionally Closely With US’s FBI

Click for Post:  FBI Reporting Close Co-operation With Italy In Arresting And Soon Extraditing A Fugitive Swindler

4. Plus: Italy And United States Cooperate Daily On Effecting Extraditions

Click for Post: Italian Justice & The Telling Status Of Extraditions To And From Italy

5. Plus: Italy Has Implemented Perhaps World’s Best Anti-Terrorism System

Click for Post: Counterterrorism: Another Way Italian Law Enforcement Is An Effective Model For Everywhere Else

6. Plus: The Career Prosecutors Are Well-Trained, Straight, Very Hard to Bend

Click for Post: Why The Italian Judiciary’s Probably Less Prone to Pressure Than Any Other In The World

7. Plus: Those Charged Get Repeated Chances To Walk Free Before Trial

Click for Post: “They Were Held For A Year Without Even Being Charged!!” How Italian Justice REALLY Works

8. Plus: The Courts Take Reasonable Doubt At Trials Very, Very Seriously

Click for Post: Reasonable Doubt In Italian Law: How Sollecito, Hellmann, And Zanetti Seriously Garbled It.

9. Plus: The Appeal System Is Ponderous But Its Fairness Exceptional

Click for Post: How The Italian Appeals Process Works And Why It Consumes So Much Time

10. Plus: The Italian System Learns Fast And Seeks Incessantly To Improve

Click for Post: Meredith May Not See Justice (Yet) But She Will Leave At Least Three Legacies

11. Minus: Mafias And Corrupt Politicians Have Somewhat Bent a Good System

Click for Post: Trashing Of Italian Justice To Bend Trial Outcomes And How The Republic Pushes Back

12. Minus: The System Is So Fair To Perps, Victim’s Families Can Suffer Terribly

Click for Post: The Terrible Weight On The Victim’s Family Because The Italian System Is So Very, Very Pro Defendant

13. Plus: Still, A Fine System Continuously Improving, Already Good As A Global Model

Click for Post:  Italian Justice: Describing A Fine System And How To Improve It

14. Plus: And The System Really Has Gone The Extra Mile In Meredith’s Case

Click for Post: From Shortly Before Last December’s Verdict: Our Poster Hopeful’s Moving Tribute To Italian Justice

3. Final post in this series.

Click for Post:  Innocence Project: Seven Years Clutching Knox And Trashing Italian Justice To Joy Of Mafias #6


For our record and further use by anyone this was the headsup at the top of the page for the last few days.

Reminder that Knox faces zero prospect of her three year sentence being reversed. Felon for life for malicious defamation. Also Knox is in contempt for not paying Patrick damages award. Thus zero prospect of Knox compensatiion award. Wise up, Innocence Project, stop being conned.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/19/18 at 07:03 PM | #

And if the Italian justice system really is holding this maniacal, grinning succubus in contempt, presumably that will put an end to her previously stated nonsense of returning to Perugia.

Given that sentence was already passed when forcing her to pay Patrick compensation, I wonder whether the Italian legal system can enforce an additional custodial sentence due to non payment, as is standard here in the U.K. If any sentence passed due to non payment is at least four months long, then she could be subject to a European arrest warrant which would extradite her to Italy if she put her blood soaked feet down anywhere in the EU.

See the brief video below of her stating her intention to “inhabit a space” in Perugia so that she can banish those nasty memories. She can barely contain that awful rictus grin which exposes her black soul every time she opens her big mouth. Her intention to return is probably real but the reasons for it are the opposite of what she says. She really wants to revisit the cottage to get the ultimate thrill that psychopaths often get from revisiting the scenes of their crimes.

Maybe there’s even something hidden in plain sight there that she wants to retrieve? I doubt she managed to actually bag any trophies in the commission of her crime but maybe there’s one secreted somewhere that she would like to get back. Nothing would surprise me.

Posted by davidmulhern on 04/20/18 at 03:56 PM | #

@Pete, David, TJMK Main Posters

I agree, especially wrt Minuses 11 & 12.  Look forward to Next Post.

Posted by Cardiol MD on 04/20/18 at 04:58 PM | #

Great comparisons here.  Fairness, and multiple appeals at each stage definitely slow things down considerably. 

Sad, that one could game the system by delaying again and again, letting the Statute of Limitations run out.  If Italy could adopt one thing from the Common Law countries, it should be streamlining the appeals. 

Of course, C.L nations have only 1 Supreme Court, so they must be selective about which cases they take on.

(a) Judges/Justices only, no jury;
(b) baseless appeals can be tossed pre-hearing;
(c) secondary appeals require a motion/application for leave before they are accepted; and
(d) all evidence from trial must also be submitted to appellate court—no cherry picking.

If AK did return to Perugia, I can imagine her doing a walk down memory lane: (1) visit the house; maybe inquire about renting it; (2) visit the courthouse/Capanne; (3) Head by the old Le Chic; (4) Maybe try to sell a few interviews.

As Ray D’Arcy said, if it was him, he’d rather go live a quiet life.  Knox gets off on it, no other explanation.

Posted by Chimera on 04/20/18 at 11:37 PM | #

Very good article on Buzzfeed on the Internet’s next future and how it is being reduced back down from just the Facebook and Twitter giants, quite widely mistrusted since the US election of 2016.;_term=.frDzajV7eD#.tcOMdreQl9

Are any of the pro-Knox Facebook pages still up and open to a general audience? Ergon might know.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/23/18 at 03:06 PM | #

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