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How Bob Woffinden And So Many Others Managed To Misstate The Case And Get Away With It

Posted by Peter Quennell

Meredith on a Skype chat session

Do you know this? Most people still dont. It explains a LOT including the numerous innocence frauds.

The attack on Meredith as summarised by Dr Mignini in the Machine’s must-read post below was reconstructed by Italy’s best crime-scene specialists, from Rome Headquarters, and it took an entire Saturday. Every mark in Meredith’s room and on her body were convincingly accounted for.

After the killers left and locked her in, Meredith was still alive, holding both sides of her neck to stop her life-blood leaking out. She might have lived for half an hour, in great pain, during which time an ambulance could easily have arrived and saved her.

But nobody called one. Her death was quite deliberate.

The Massei jury is said to have found all this evidence very powerful and left in NO doubt three had been involved (unanimous verdict) in what was a prolonged and exceptionally barbaric attack.

The Kercher family had asked Judge Massei in January 2009 for a closed trial as the autopsy part in particular would be key but also long and very graphic. Unfortunately it was settled that only the trial days covering the autopsy and the horrific attack would be closed.

This unique call by Judge Massei turned out to be a terrible one. It has caused immense damage to public understanding outside Italy, and to the legitimacy of the case ever since.

The public and the two later appeal juries never got to witness directly all this compelling evidence. In Italy, descriptions leaked out (not illegal) and so Italians following the case could get a good grasp - and the vast majority, perhaps all, were convinced (and still are) that the government team had got it right.

But the Hellmann and Nencini appeal juries and the Marasca/Bruno panel of the Supreme Court never got the full impact. And trial followers in the US and UK and so on had no idea (and even now only a very few have any idea) of what was presented behind those closed doors in 2009 and how it came across (several present were in tears during it) to the trial jury.

This terrible situation has allowed Knox and Sollecito and their teams and media supporters starting with Doug Preston, Candace Dempsey and Frank Sfarzo (a stage name, real name Sforza) and ending (for now) with Woffinden to lie incessantly for eight years about Guede as a lone wolf and about the numerous hard facts of the attack and the autopsy.

There would be NO effective PR and NO effective appeals and NO effective innocence fraud otherwise.

Our summaries of the sentencing reports by Judge Micheli for Guede and by Judge Massei for Sollecito & Knox are very good, but even they fall short here. The best way to get all this powerful evidence right is to read the full Micheli report (translated by Catnip) and full Massei report (translated by Skeptical Bystander and team). Both reports are on the case wiki.

“Missing” still from the public record because it was part of the closed trial was what is said to be a very compelling video construction of the attack. This video is also ridiculed and misrepresented by Sollecito and Knox and their teams and apologists - because they could get away with it.

Will the Netflix movie being unveiled in Toronto this week explain all or even any of this? Why do we doubt it?



This document on the Wiki:

contains Dr. Comodi’s description of the crime simulation. It appeara starting at page 70 roughly. Comodi gives a running commentary on the play-by-play shown in the video.

Mignini’s summary from the day before:

is also effective.

Mignini did a similar case summary in October 2008 during Micheli:

and also a briefer one for the Riesame court in November 2007:

Regarding the wounds suffered by Meredith, the Wiki has the preliminary (November 2007) and final (February 2008) autopsy reports by Lalli:

An important adjunct to Lalli is the Cingolani-Ronchi-Aprile report, that catalogs the wounds more clearly:

Finally, there is the Bacci-Marchionni-Liviero report with comments on both Lalli and the Cingolani-Ronchi-Aprile findings:

The Cingolani report was requested by Judge Matteini during her preliminary hearings. The Bacci report was requested by Mignini after he fired Lalli for talking about the autopsy to journalists before releasing the final report.

There are other medically related reports on the Wiki but I haven’t read them.

Posted by Olleosnep on 09/04/16 at 08:35 AM | #

Wonderful! And following every Mignini and Comodi presentation there were judges who wrote up their assessments - and often went more hard-line as the Matteini and especially Ricciarelli court did.

Olieosnep also proves the point that there is so much more that Italians can read to get a proper grasp of the horrific attack. That the vast majority of Italians still believe RS and AK are guilty is no accident or confusion on their part. They know more.

That most non-Italians cannot even name any of the many pre-trial hearings the defenses were granted - and got shot down in every one - also proves the point that the information gap is enormous, and the dishonest PR and innocence frauds have driven a truckload of lies through it.

One thing we can guarantee is that the Netflix report, however honest or dishonest, will in effect lie on a grand scale in leaving out things they know nothing about. Which we will be highlighting in postings.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/04/16 at 09:17 AM | #

Oh, the beautiful Meredith. She was a dove, a precious person, stable, loving, kind. She deserves sonnets and terza rima and novels written about her fabulous inner resources. Like the closed door sessions of her autopsy and much that was kept hidden in court, her virtues and especially her intellect were modestly downplayed by her family.

Meredith had a brilliant mind, she was sharp, she was fast, she was driven to read, to learn, to study. She had an active mind. She tutored others, she was a star academically. She was an Erasmus scholar, disciplined. Business savvy, a hard worker. She had it all: social energy, generosity, mental acuity, physical attractiveness. She was a magnet for envy.

Knox and Sollecito were both mad and insane on the night of the crime. Both were worried stiff about their futures. Sollecito faced graduating and his next move to Milan to study there. He was conflicted because he suddenly had an intense new attachment in Perugia, the new fox that he feared to lose. Her flaky commitment to him was tormenting him.

She was quixotic with him, unsure of herself but braggadocio and daring were her mask. She was an emotional wreck, unknown to Sollecito who was equally shattered since his mom died. Knox was tormented by her lost love, David Johnsrud. She was torn between two lovers, between two worlds: the USA or Italy. She was melting down ever since Munich when she tossed away her uncle’s job and symbolically cut ties with her German roots. She craved Italy, a festival lifestyle, a gypsy existence, carefree and whirling. It was a belated reaction to her overwork in Seattle and the weight of carrying her family’s long expectations of her as the firstborn child, a daughter who tried to be a son.

She was lost and confused in life, dependent on parents’ finances but desperate to step out on her own, far away from her mom’s divorced past and an emotionally absent father who focused on his new wife and daughters who displaced her in his affections, if she’d ever really had them, which she doubted.

That was grim Seattle. In Italy she was a wild free-spirited American. Perugia was the Garden of Eden for her before the fall. But the snake was present, as she saw it: a rival. A rule enforcer. A mirror: Meredith Kercher her fellow student. Only within the confines of their mutual cottage did Knox’s bubble burst. There she was indirectly shamed by the good example of the student most like herself, the English-speaking Meredith Kercher. This woman’s steady ways and honest gaze and resolute nature contrasted with her own. Knox was without goals, reckless, uninhibited, extreme.  Meredith was the true seeker of knowledge.

Knox was out for kicks. She felt inferior to Meredith and resented her shining talents despite Meredith’s willingness to befriend her.

Knox didn’t really care much for Raffaele other than as a shoulder to cry on and a friend with money, nice car, good family (far away from him) and a place for her to crash and smoke hash with for a brief time while she decided what to do after her classes in Perugia ended.

How could she go back to rainy, gray Seattle after her fling in the Italian sun away from parents? She longed to be forever free to experiment with men and drugs, the latter more interesting.

How quickly she had found the rudderless,  brooding, depressed and secretly malignant Sollecito. She saw he was eager to be led into more drug use by a hedonist. She was worldly wise, superior to him in this respect, and more daring than he was. Hadn’t she jumped ocean and continents to study, to expand her horizons. She would dazzle and coerce him. He could be controlled. Piece o’ cake.

He was her first captive.

Her next tool was the exotic dark barfly and basketball player who visited Knox’s downstairs guy tenants and smoked doobie with them. Guede was attracted to Knox, she could tell. She figured Guede could get local drugs, he knew stuff.

This odd young man, personable and from two worlds, Africa and Italy, poverty and wealth, was a kindred spirit to Knox and her boyfriend: a displaced person who felt abandoned like she did with Curt and later with Edda, like Sollecito felt orphaned by his overbearing yet absentee doctor dad who was absorbed in his happy second marriage, and orphaned by Sollecito’s deeply depressed and suicided mother.

No anchor for any of this trio so they drenched their sorrows in wine and substances to take away the pain, to find new dreams.

Each was grasping for a signpost in life, some light to come on and show the way. Instead the three aliens and malcontents found each other, partied into sleepless nights, excited by Amanda’s mad behaviors and excitable aggressive temperament. She was challenging their manhood, their competence in life, their courage.

In this shape a day after Halloween masquerades, extra tired and strung out, at loose ends without even university classes to focus them, nowhere to go on a dead holiday, they landed at the doorstep of Meredith with her calm, organized, and competent life, the quintessential good scholar who had no need for their futile carnival existence and extremes.

They rejected her structured approach to life which defused their games. Her quiet mind and ambition and fearless living while giving to others, her grip on life silently rebuked them because they were an inner minefield of explosive repressed anger and hostility, the entire malignant trio: Rudy, Amanda, Raffaele, all three in the wrong room of place none of them owned, all far from home.

The slightest genial rebuke could set them off into violence. On November 1, 2007 they hit critical mass. It set off chain reaction of vicious insanity.

And the sweet dove who wanted to study and do the right thing, she without fault unleashed a storm on her head of their hideous resentments and Manga inspired obscene chaos.

All three were mad and insane with imagined offenses. Their rage was untempered by rationality. The erupted emotionally in a cascade of drug and alcohol induced paranoia.

Perhaps their secret and unconscious goal, formed of desperation was this:

All three sought a fast track to a prison cell which would solve their problems of what to do next, where to go, how to provide financially (without having to work).

A short stay in prison as they hoped it would be, would provide a time of rehab which they all knew they needed.

Prison rehab would be cost-free and enforced. They knew they had no self discipline. While contained for awhile they would be forced to settle down and think. Secondary benefits for them: they’d be totally removed from having to help others or do duty to family, while playing the victims of college culture and youthful mistakes.

They didn’t know it, but they were desperate for relief, for someone to guide them, control them, stop them. They’d become their own worst enemies, and they took it out on Meredith to gain entry to temporary safety for themselves, a fate less than death.

All three are addictive personalities, obsessive and mentally unhinged, self-medicating with liquor and drugs.

They destroyed the innocent dove in their midst to get their next fix.

They turned to crime to denounce and disappoint the parents who had failed them.

The dove’s last call was to her mother, she remained a warm family member to the end, looking out for her aging parents in their health problems.

Meredith died caring about her beloved Sister Stephanie and her two brothers, brothers which neither Sollecito nor Knox nor Guede had ever had. Their fragile pasts felt forlorn and tragic to them, and they acted out their anger of loss on the girl who had everything—an humble girl whom they couldn’t fault for being a rejecting snob and so their malice intensified, with nowhere to go but to fight her.

Jealous, mad, aggrieved, Knox and her deranged puppets wanted to destroy the decent well-adjusted, grateful and achieving person who was worth 10,000 of them: the beautiful and gracious Meredith Kercher.

She is in eternal peace, while her tormentors live in abject scorn and confusion. Meredith enjoyed life more before she died than her murderers ever will.

Posted by Hopeful on 09/04/16 at 09:17 AM | #

So true, Hopeful.  Those are things the losers can never take away from her.

For eternity, they will be known for what they are.

They have no pity, no remorse, no repentance and no shame.

As it foretells, in Psalm #1, they will one day soon be no more, like the chaff blown away in the wind.

Meredith will walk forever in the light, touching the lives of many by her beauty and grace.

Posted by Slow Jane on 09/04/16 at 10:56 AM | #

Wow, Hopeful. What you wrote is so profound. It is the answer to anyone who asks, “What motive did AK and RS have? Why would they do it?”

Posted by Earthling on 09/06/16 at 01:49 PM | #

Pete, I have put a link to this blog post on my FB page. I would ask Hopeful’s kind permission to quote her full comment on my FB page.

I think it is a very well-written rebuttal to all those who would ask about motive; many of my FB friends have expressed such sentiments to me.

They see AK as a well-to-do (she wasn’t) white serious (she wasn’t) college student.

Posted by Earthling on 09/06/16 at 01:56 PM | #

Earthling, feel free to link my comment to Facebook or elsewhere, and thank you for the compliment. Meredith was a dear soul, a rose plucked at the peak of beauty.

Posted by Hopeful on 09/06/16 at 06:03 PM | #

Thanks, Hopeful. I have linked to the comments here, with a short excerpt from your excellent comment.

Posted by Earthling on 09/06/16 at 10:20 PM | #

This presentation and testimony described in the top post was as “smoking gun” as any testimony and left the defenses demoralized and floundering - right through Knox’s stint on the stand and their part of the trial to Summations.

How could they pin it all on Guede any more?

The Scientific Police presenters were THE top guys in Italy in this field. Giuseppe Codispoti, Edgardo Giobbi, Piero Sbardella, and Roberto Politi.

You can see several of them in the image below with other team staff (most police are not identified in the few photos of them for safety reasons; wisely so, several Knox supporters have broken out screaming in Perugia.)

Giobbi came across in other testimony as a flake who made things up, but the court never paid him much attention.

It was Giuseppe Codispoti who led the presentation and was then examined and cross-examined for several hours. As the FBI and other police in Europe know, he really, really knows his stuff when it comes to the recreation of attacks and what distributed blood and various knife-wounds can tell us.

The presentation itself wasnt captured, because there were too many graphics and diagrams, and because of a ruling by Judge Massei, and so it was not entered into the court record.

But we will get the full 100 pages of Codispoti testimony translated and posted here soonest. Here it is on the Wiki in Italian.’s_Testimony


Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/07/16 at 08:36 AM | #

Nick Pisa says Amanda Knox did it on the trailer for the Netflix documentary:

Posted by The Machine on 09/08/16 at 03:58 PM | #

Those are the tears of a guilty murderer

Posted by whatswisdom on 09/08/16 at 04:23 PM | #

Thanks Machine

Are there two trailers? Saying opposite things? I have not followed through but a Google Alert suggested there are.

We expect to get a very good idea of what is in the Netflix report, maybe a summary transcript, at the end of next week or a little after.

Your urging us see the case an an Innocence Fraud phenomenon is proving a big help. This has to be the greatest fraud of all.

One thing we will do in response to the Netflix report (which might be pretty good) is a post listing all the things it left out.

Innocence Frauds work like that, if this movie is one. They try to push most vital facts out of sight. The list should tell us a lot.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/08/16 at 07:55 PM | #

Here are the trailers, Peter

Posted by Ergon on 09/08/16 at 11:00 PM | #

I see The Machine already posted it. Interesting. The same mannerisms.

Posted by Ergon on 09/08/16 at 11:01 PM | #

The bare faced cheek!
No Knox, I am not you - not by a long way.
I find your outrageous statement highly offensive, how dare you?
Just who the hell do you think you are?

Here we have Knox seen in the two trailers in full on acting mode, something she is naturally expert at.
Horrible to watch. She is still crying? I find this very hard to believe, I really do.
Who but a psychopath would even today continue with all the false tears?
Show some respect to the Kercher family for once will you Knox? you disgusting lunatic.

Posted by Deathfish on 09/09/16 at 04:12 AM | #

Please bombard youtube; imdb ; netflix with comments and include a link to the wiki site.  We must have push-back.

Posted by whatswisdom on 09/09/16 at 09:07 AM | #

None of us should let Amanda Knox, her family and her supporters rewrite history and brush numerous inconvenient facts under the carpet.

Apparently, the filmmakers behind the Netflix documentary had unprecedented access to Amanda Knox:

“In September, she’ll be the focus of one of Netflix’s brand new original documentaries, called Amanda Knox. Filmmakers Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn claim to have had unprecedented access to Knox, so that they could tell ‘a human story that goes past the headlines to examine the often fraught relationship between true crime tragedy, justice, and entertainment.’”

In other words, the filmmakers have relied heavily on a compulsive liar who was convicted of slander and produced yet another one-sided and biased documentary about the case that tells the story primarily from the defence point of view.

Posted by The Machine on 09/09/16 at 03:00 PM | #

Knox and her boyfriend Christopher are all over Daily Mail online in photos today. They’ve gone to Toronto to kick off the publicity tour for Netflix documentary, “Amanda Knox”. She has honed her acting skills, the tearful shaky voice is almost worthy of Edda Mellas.

The trailer shows a gorgeous shot of Meredith. Mignini is in the film, as certain as ever of Knox’s guilt and a righteous prosecution.

Posted by Hopeful on 09/09/16 at 04:35 PM | #

Wow @Hopeful, just wow.

Your piece on the likely scenario and motivations behind this heinous crime are stunningly and convincingly put.

I personally found that even amongst the horror of the scenario as you describe it, even with your excoriating and rightful assault on the characters of the three murdering creeps, you still manage to let Meredith’s light shine through like a beacon.

It’s a good versus evil tale as old as humankind itself. Evil may have destroyed the beautiful ghost orchid that was Meredith but her legacy will always and forever be something that enhances the world and the lives of those lucky enough to have been blessed by having her in their lives.

The three killer rats enhance nothing and no one. They are widely hated amongst the sentient. They can never have what they stole from Meredith. It doesn’t work like that. A pox on all their houses.

Posted by davidmulhern on 09/09/16 at 07:40 PM | #

Press release from the Meredith Kercher Wiki re the Netflix documentary:

“For The Press
September 09, 2016: The Netflix documentary “Amanda Knox” opens at the Toronto International Film Festival today [1]Amanda Knox. While claiming to be a balanced perspective its producer Stephen Robert Morse had made inflammatory reports about the prosecutor Giuliano Mignini (who was interviewed by the film makers) of “having been convicted of crimes” (he was acquitted) and being “a power-hungry prosecutor running the show”. Requests to producer Mette Heide on August 13, 2016 for comment about his bias were not replied to by this time.”

Posted by Ergon on 09/09/16 at 08:02 PM | #

Come to think of it - I remember Woffinden when he was at the NME when it was a music paper.
An arbiter of taste no less?
*coughs* yeah sure..

Posted by Deathfish on 09/10/16 at 03:18 PM | #

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