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How Amanda Knox Is Encouraging West Seattle To Adulate Seriously Sick Individuals

Posted by Hopeful

At bottom: judge Persky may be fired for a light rape sentence

Fellow poster Pensky encouraged us to consider some bizarrely narcissistic postings by Knox on her Facebook.

That led me to her June 13, 2016 discussion of the Stanford rape case. My eyeballs nearly popped out at seeing Knox wax eloquent about Brock Allen Turner (right, at bottom, with lawyers).

He assaulted a comatose young woman outside a frat party, ran away but was seized by passersby. Then 12 jurors unanimously convicted Turner guilty of 3 felonies, but all he has admitted to doing is ingesting alcohol.

He is defiant, unrepentant, and really got lucky with Judge Persky giving him a slap on the wrist, 6 months in county jail, not even prison and he may serve only 3.

IMO, Brock Allen Turner is Knox’s new object of envy and Judge Persky is her new hero.

She waxes prolific about this light-sentenced rape case in the West Seattle Herald yet never ONCE reproaches or rebukes Brock Turner in a sincere and unambivalent way. She minces words, dances around in the passive voice, pretends to silently agree with the public’s outrage, yet she doesn’t fool anybody.

She is seething with jealousy that Turner got such a light sentence!

She is probably comparing Turner’s lucky escape with how she might have dodged a bullet had she only let Meredith live and not “finished her off” (my quotes, my assumptions).

Instead of dispatching the violated Meredith, Knox hoping to avoid prosecution by silencing her victim, now regrets it even more when she sees that Brock Allen Turner left his rape victim alive and that despite his alcohol fueled assault, he got off very lightly. Oh, how green with envy is Foxy Knoxy in retrospect.

Her entire article trumpets the concept of “punishment does no good”.

Yes, just let the devils go because nobody can make them feel ashamed of their crimes if the perp doesn’t wanna feel ashamed. Knox knows that from experience. She sees it in Brock, with his mealy-mouthed letter he wrote as a smokescreen fake apology.

Knox remains defiant and without remorse like Brock Turner. In this article she has the audacity to talk about how sexual assault can rarely be determined; that it’s mostly a he said/she said dilemma as to consent, and thus the suspect must be considered innocent due to reasonable doubt in most cases.

She even quotes Blackstone: “better for 10 guilty folks to escape than one innocent suffer”. I certainly agree with that. Knox got the benefit of that adage. So did Sollecito. Because they scrubbed and cleaned so well.

Knox wonders in this article if Turner’s torments in having to register as a sex offender, lose his college scholarship, lose great job opportunities, live with his reputation in tatters””if these realities will prevent him from reoffending.

She concludes, “Perhaps not. Judge Perky’s [sic] humanization of Turner-the-criminal is not abominable.” Of course not, Knox loves this judge. Herself the felon would desire the judge to go easy on all such birds of a feather as herself.

Nope, Knox isn’t into punishment. Not severe ones at any rate. No, punishment does no good in her opinion.

Her solution? to support the victim, to educate women on how not to become a victim, give victims solidarity and support, “pay attention and care about the suffering of the victim, whether they are vindicated in a court of law or not.”

Duh”¦this is precisely what TJMK and Perugia Murder and .org have been doing for nearly a decade!!!

Knox’s desire as in the title of her article about redirecting focus, redirect it to what? To Knox’s new wisdom that sentences of any sort do no good, they’re vengeance and we should support the victim rather than shame the criminal! Otherwise, the criminal if treated too harshly has the right to his own victim status.

I do agree that extremely harsh sentences do as much damage to the soul of a prisoner as the lightweight joke sentence Brock Turner received.

Knox must be so jealous of the bumbling Mr. Turner. Oh if only she had let her victim live and accepted a few months behind bars, is probably her regret.

Like Turner, Knox confesses to nothing but being confused and forgetful on the night of the crime due to a fog of cannabis. She pretends to have been reduced to a dream state, thus removing any culpability in her conscience. How convenient.

Turner’s best ally and defense was his inebriation. So was Knox’s. Thank goodness for substance abuse which removes felt guilt, though the victim lies dead on the floor.

I cannot believe the gall of Knox to highlight the Brock Turner rape case and parade as a pundit for improved sentencing (or cessation of all sentences, in her ideal world, right?)

She is a ridiculous twisted pundit who claims to seek to improve the criminal justice system. Unmitigated gall. Most jailbirds like her do have great ideas for what society “should have done” with them other than imprison them for their crimes.

She talks about good things but they all assume the victim is still alive to help, things like “embrace a victim through their recovery, offer them resources, give them voice, recognize their value.” But did she recognize Meredith’s value? She could barely speak her name at trial or write it in her book. How many trees has she planted for Meredith?

Her last paragraph says not to equate condemning a criminal with recognizing a victim, and do not deny the “reparation a victim deserves.” What reparations has she paid Patrick Lumumba?

I will assess her silly Dawndra Budd photo spread soon. It is just more blind preening and another form of lies. Dawndra Budd has been deceived along with many others but The Herald article takes first prize in the brass mule contest. Knox loves Mr. Turner the escape artist.

And I am by no means entirely sympathetic to the drunk Emily Doe who was raped by Turner due to her own bad morals and stupidity.

However the really egregious culprit is the even dumber and cowardly Turner. His father is his best apologist, until Knox. At least Brock Turner did his crime alone and without a knife in hand and without a wolfpack of strong accomplices for moral support like Knox needed, if one compares the “courage” of Knox and Turner. They both used Dutch courage from a bottle as the saying goes.

Turner the lout deserves at least a two or three year sentence in lockup and extra community service hours, and stiff fines paid to his victim. Knox has skipped out on three-fourths of her rightful sentence and she remains as defiant and unremorseful as Turner, and she offended much much worse than he did. She seems to hint she might reoffend.

She never really denounces Turner, nor clearly supports Emily Doe except to admire Doe’s courage to “articulate her experience of absolute vulnerability with clarity and dignity”.

Articulate, schmiculate. Emily Doe cries loud and long about her offended dignity when there was little dignity to start with as her drunken public stupor showed. She did not deserve a physical attack, however.

Knox sympathizes with her because Doe was angry at the litany of questions put to her by the police and the wringer the police put her through about her lifestyle in an effort to delegitimize her. Knox takes umbrage with the police at all times, recalling her own dangerous position under interrogation.

Unlike Emily Doe, however, Knox was hiding a true crime of her own. Doe was merely ashamed of her alcoholic excess and her flirting at the frat party with guys when she had a boyfriend elsewhere. Knox totally empathizes with Doe’s lifestyle (remember David Johnsrud and others besides Raffaele when she dated him).

Meredith doesn’t need to articulate. She lived her goodness all along. Actions speak louder than words. Meredith never got to write her memoirs, but they would have been anointed. And truthful, unlike Knox’s clever lies.


West Seattle is unquestionably not getting the full score on Knox from the West Seattle Herald and a couple of other media outlets in Seattle where many of our readers live.

The PMFs have time and again presented examples of this bias and made a small industry of exposing how Knox runs a self-serving con-job of a column. The media bias goes back many years.

Patrick Robinson is an editor and second-generation owner of the West Seattle Herald. He posted this story about himself which puts a lot of spin on how noble he actually is.

He is in our eyes very gullible at best and very nasty and corrupted at worst. Knox is a convicted felon for life for a very damaging crime, but he has never told his readers that.

He sustains and inflames bigotry and hate toward Italy and turns a cowardly blind eye to the massive defamation campaign against Italian officials who have no easy way to counter that.

Robinson has never addressed the hundreds of open questions for Knox and upward of 1000 of her lies. He seems unaware of any of this and sure does not let his readers know.

WSH readers have told us Robinson deletes readers comments that take issue with what Knox writes, and often blocks those commenters from the site.

Robinson is notorious for snarky emails if readers object, saying things like “move out of your mommy’s basement” though in fact there is a solid body of lawyers and judges and legal talking heads against Knox.

Knox posted this in her regular column for the West Seattle Herald a few months ago.

Curious, that I remain so immediately sensitive to that feeling of subjugation. I had thought that, with the anniversary happening to land on Easter ..., I would feel joy, I would feel grounded in a celebratory memory. Then again, is it really a surprise that, with only a year between me and an extended period of my life when self-determination was almost utterly denied me, I find that when I check in and think about it, I’m still processing the raw facts and the raw feelings of what happened?

At the same time, this sensitivity is not a feeling I would throw away. I do hope and work to feel peace, a wearing down of that jagged edge, a healing of the wound. But I can also celebrate, if not in the sense of joy then in the sense of acknowledgement, because sensitivity informs and hones my concern with the selfhood of myself and others.

Corpusvile, a very sharp poster on PMF always well worth a read, posted this in response to Knox - and it was quickly removed. 

There was more than enough evidence to convict you, Ms Knox. You were actually convicted at your first instance trial & second level appeal on more evidence than was used to convict Scott Peterson, and on more DNA evidence than Rudy Guede.

The Supreme Court of Italy says in their report that you were most definitely there when Meredith was murdered and that there’s strong suspicion that Sollecito was also. It states that even had you not washed Ms Kercher’s blood from your hands, it still wouldn’t be sufficient proof to convict you.

The court did not find you innocent, it found you not guilty due to insufficient evidence, just like OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony, who nobody refers to as exonerated.

The court also finalized your calunnia conviction, for falsely accusing your employer of rape and murder and leaving him in prison for two weeks, despite telling your mother in a recorded prison conversation that you knew he had nothing to do with Meredith’s murder.

The West Seattle Herald states it encourages its readers to comment. Do they encourage them to ask hard questions and make factual observations too? Such as Ms Knox allowing attacks on Meredith Kercher and her family, on her own blog, which she moderates ergo approves? Or her following the worst of these attackers on twitter? Or her remaining a convicted criminal, due to her calunnia conviction being finalized?

There is a wealth of translated court documentation available on Meredith Kercher’s case. Anyone who wishes to know the facts of her case, simply need to read the judges sentencing and motivational reports.

Ms Knox and Mr Sollecito are extremely lucky to be at liberty. Hopefully neither of them will get themselves in trouble again.

RIP Meredith Kercher, the real victim here and condolences to her stoic and dignified family.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/04/16 at 08:47 AM | #

@Corpusville, You have assembled a CANNON of truth. You’ve condensed eight years of the truth hunt into one powerful comment. It’s perfect. It’s tip of the spear, it’s everything true and honest about the Knox case in lucid brief form.

Obviously West Seattle Herald can’t handle the truth.

They don’t want the truth. They love and cosset Miss Knox out of personal affection. To do that as a newspaper they have thrown away principle. Maybe in private friendship with her that is OK. But a newspaper that edits out comments that don’t agree with their party line, that doesn’t care what is true but is quite happy with lies as headlines, and seedy columnists spewing out self-defenses is hardly diligent journalism.

WSH presses are being used as another PR tool in Knox’s belt.

How many scalps has she taken with her local connections and lying charm?

Corpusville has fused a weapon of truth that lies cannot survive. Knox remains hiding in plain sight and as Peter Quennell said clearly above, “Knox runs a self-serving con job of a column” that relies on media bias of longstanding and on some intellectually dishonest friends in editor land. She has brought down everybody she has touched, so WSH take warning.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/04/16 at 11:18 AM | #

Thank you Hopeful.  A rather disturbing case indeed, and an even more disturbing “coverage” by Knox.

(3rd paragraph) AK writes—and publishes—in very graphic detail, what happened to the victim.  There is no censoring but rather a deliberate attempt to humiliate by pushing out the details.  Hmm…. where has she done this before?  Is this an attempt to relive her “glory days” using Turner as a proxy?

(last 2 paragraphs)AK seems to be saying that innocent people get caught up in society’s attempt to condemn.  Have we heard that before?

Hopeful’s comment “if only AK had let her rape victim live” is spot on.  So much of this “mess” would have been avoided if only AK hadn’t decided to finish her off.

Wait, wait .... Cassation says that Guede did it.  AK was only present, and washing Meredith’s blood off, for some reason.

Hopeful is also right, there is no serious condemnation by AK.  If anything, she seems to be pleading for understanding for the absurdly light sentence.

Cynical thought: is this an attempt to re-ignite the “rivalry” with RS?  He launched his “dead people social network” and is now a TV expert on crime.  Is AK trying to re-invent herself as a crime reporter and analyst?

This WSH article justifying a light rape sentence would be less repulsive if it wasn’t written by a twice convicted rapist and killer (now confirmed as an accomplice).

Posted by Chimera on 07/04/16 at 05:12 PM | #

@Chimera, yes yes. You have something. Knox’s opinion piece on the Brock Turner case may be to compete with Sollecito as a commentator on crime. They’re both experts on it, ironically.

And yes, Knox did get extremely graphic with the sexual details of Brock Turner’s victim. I was aghast at that, too. You said it, Knox was reliving the humiliation she visited on Meredith. Knox was using Emily Doe case to recall degrading matters on a female and yet not in clear sympathy with her.

Even the victim’s lower clothing that was removed but bra in place, echoes the Perugia crime. And I read online that Brock Turner sent photos of Emily Doe’s breasts on his cell phone to a friend, photos the police found.

I do understand Judge Persky giving Turner a lot of mitigation as a first time offender. Turner was young, under the influence of alcohol and there was the uncertainty of consent.

At which point did Ms. Doe give Turner consent or then remove consent, was she OK with some things, how lucid was she for how long. Much is unknown. She had been kissing and dancing with him it is said, and he was angry that her sister had rebuffed him.

I think mitigating factors should stop however when Turner refuses to show remorse for his actions. He expressed a little, to appear chastised enough to win favor at the bench, but barely. Turner just like Knox tries to justify himself instead of apologize and pay for blame.

I don’t think Persky should be removed from his judgeship. He flubbed this case. He used leniency to an extreme.

The bigger concern may be if Judge Persky took off his blindfold which Justice should always wear, not looking at color or class or Rolex watch or rags. If he took off his blindfold he might have liked the looks of Brock Turner as an ambitious hardworking swimmer for Stanford, and as a man felt for a promising young man and his father’s hopes.

Judge Persky, was he unbiased?

If Emily Doe had been attacked by a local hobo of the same race as Emily Doe but a bum, I bet the judge would have demanded at least a one year jail sentence. Probably 5.

Even in county jail not state prison, a year or 18 months would have been much less crazy than six months.

IMO the judge should have given Brock Turner a sentence of at least one full year. That might have been reduced to six months perhaps. Surely that would be lenient enough and Turner would have breathed a sigh of true gratitude when he left jail earlier. He’d have left greatly cautioned yet not bitter. The puny sentence of 6 months if reduced by good behavior to 3 really denied the value of the woman’s trauma. It placed the real value on the money-making athlete in a show of prejudice and bias. It smacks of being owned or influenced by Stanford University board of trustees. Athletes above the law and all that.

Brock Turner shaded the truth of his alcohol use. He was not the rustic innocent caught unawares in a den of fraternity snakes’ alcohol culture. He had used substances long before the Doe crime. One time on campus he had run from police. He got aggressive with one female at a similar party. This earlier behavior came to light after the Doe case.

Turner used the “I was just an innocent small town guy corrupted by jock syndrome at uni” for his hue and cry defense. This image he projected was like Knox: lying and shading the facts.

Again, I am not impressed with Emily Doe’s unrestrained late night drunk tease behavior among a crowd of hormonal men. His anger at her sister’s insult to him may have led to payback with deniability due to witnesses of her inebriation before they left the party.

Doe was out of it by the time she was accosted at the dumpster, it seems. But the fact Miss Doe herself hardly knew or physically felt what happened to her body until doctors at the hospital informed her, may mean two opposite things—

She was in a blackout drunk and felt nothing painful at all emotionally or physically so she should probably have experienced much less psychic trauma than had she been in a conscious state forced against her will. (I don’t know, maybe the body remembers.)

Yet it also means Turner took more advantage of her, a comatose drunk.

Look at the sad demise of lovely Natalee Holloway in Aruba.

Joran van der Sloot’s careless handling of her on the beach during sex after she had drunk way too heavily, caused her to vomit and begin to choke and suffocate. 

I don’t recall if Joran strangled her afterwards or exactly what he did before disposing of her body, but alcohol poisoning alone can cause death.

In Emily Doe’s case it was a January night. Cold weather might have been dangerous had she been passed out and lain on the ground for hours.

Emily Doe was lucky two decent men rode by on bicycles and stopped the debauchery. They may have saved Brock Turner’s life as well as Miss Doe’s.

Knox’s siding with Turner’s light sentence and her equivocal defense of Doe tells us she is on Turner’s side with his silent inner smirk. At least Turner is going around to campuses encouraging students to steer clear of alcohol. In one point he is trying to turn a negative into a positive. Knox heads for exoneree conferences to be arm in arm with criminals who have been declared innocent on technicalities, in many cases. When she’s not singing ghoulish songs at karaoke bars. Now she’s a crime pundit. Maybe she will replace Nancy Grace who is said to be leaving the air this fall. Nancy Grace has spent years prosecuting and hammering criminals and promoting the importance of victims after her first love was murdered.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/05/16 at 01:39 PM | #

Crime and punishment is not about the perps and the victims; it is all about us. The victim cannot be compensated and the criminals cannot be reformed (I do not know). But the rest of us are concerned: not because we can be the victim tomorrow but because the crimes spoil the social fabric and we all are threatened. The punishment is the only way the society conveys to both the victim and the perpetrator that we do condemn this action. It is a part of the social contract that we must all agree; no violation of basic codes is acceptable.

I do not think that the none of the judges do believe that AK is innocent; I do not believe that anyone of them do think in their hearts that the available evidence is insufficient. They only assumed (I assume) that their judgement will not have much local effect as both the victim and the major perpetrator are foreigners.

We need justice for us, for our children and theirs.

Posted by chami on 07/06/16 at 02:11 PM | #

Knox was sprung because the US state department intervened so as not to create an international incident. Or as the FBI told me “She is a US citizen.”

However that well may be, but one way or the other even if it takes a long time we will be waiting and digging and keep on keeping on. Never stop until justice is served not just for Meredith and her family but for all others who are swept under the rug of convenience by a racist society.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 07/08/16 at 08:48 PM | #

Persky didn’t hesitate to sentence a Latino man to 3 years in state prison for a similar sexual assault. Unlike Brock Turner, Raul Ramirez admitted guilt, apologized to his victim, and expressed remorse, which apparently did not carry as much weight as being a white Stanford athlete. That’s not to say that he didn’t deserve his sentence. On the contrary, Ramirez’ sentence was both reasonable and correct; it is Brock’s sentence which was egregiously out of the ordinary.

The only “mitigating circumstance” in Turner’s case was Persky’s belief that the life of a white man from a comfortable background was more valuable than the life of his victim or the lives of working-class, non-white immigrants. God forbid that a criminal act from which his victim will never fully recover (let’s be clear about this - Emily Doe already got her life sentence) interferes with the destiny of such a promising young man. The Latino man? Meh, he was clearly not very valuable to begin with, so he doesn’t have much to lose by going to prison.

There is also a disgusting double standard governing the way female victims of rape or sexual assault are treated by law enforcement and the courts, depending on the class and ethnicity of their attacker. White Stanford athlete assaults a girl? Obviously, she’s an unreliable drunken slut who was asking for it. Hispanic man assaults his roommate? We must protect our women from dirty immigrant rapists. It is unbelievable that such pecking orders are still tolerated in supposedly civilized justice systems and that the only way a rape/assault victim will be granted her credibility and avoid additional humiliation is by becoming a peon in a racist chess game (although she’d better have the good sense to be white or white enough).

Also, are we seriously assessing the victim’s dignity here? This isn’t Saudi Arabia and there is nothing improper about a 23-year old woman going to a college party, drinking, or flirting. Dancing, flirting and kissing do not represent consent for anything other than dancing, flirting and kissing, and it is not a woman’s responsibility to manage someone else’s “hormones.” This kind of thinking is what leads to burqas, and with all due respect to women who choose to wear a burqa, you are being scapegoated for the inability of a small percentage of men to behave like civilized human beings, and also denied a place in the public sphere as a consequence. Emily Doe may wish that she had stayed home that night, but she has nothing to be ashamed of. She didn’t ask for it in any way, shape, or form, and the only reason her credibility even came into question, considering Turner was caught in the act by third parties, is because his expensive counsel knew that someone in that courtroom would value his opinion and his future more than they would value hers. The jury didn’t, but the judge made sure that all was right with the world at the end.

If we look at Meredith’s case, Reeva’s case, and Emily’s case, it’s pretty obvious how race and socioeconomic status were the true “mitigating factors” which allowed their killers and/or rapists to walk or serve unreasonably short sentences. This is particularly troubling in Meredith’s case, in which the white, middle-class defendants were found not guilty, while the black, working-class defendant was convicted. It’s fairly similar to how Turner got a mild slap on the wrist, while Ramirez got the full 3 years. And it took an additional fight to get Pistorius convicted of murder, and he still got a reduced sentence. The message that emerges from these cases is that we can’t possibly allow the “mess” left by female victims to interfere with the lives of their promising attackers. If you remember, that’s exactly what Knox implied in one noxious interview in which she kept referring to Meredith “corpse” (such an eww, bleargh, gross situation, as we all know).

These are not isolated phenomena. They are the result of institutionalized racism and sexism, and if police and judges aren’t held accountable for their conscious or unconscious biases, as well as for corruption where applicable, things will get much, much worse in a world in which certain politicians are legitimizing discrimination in order to capitalize primarily on the discontent of white working class men without taking any action to actually improve their prospects.

Posted by Vivianna on 07/08/16 at 09:13 PM | #

Another cynical thought:

When Knox says, ‘‘it becomes he said, she said.’’  Maybe she is thinking if she, Guede and Sollecito had just let Meredith live, they could have denied it all later.

Not so much the case with the knife in the neck.

Posted by Chimera on 07/08/16 at 09:57 PM | #

Oh my gosh, her editorial is a shocker! She has so little self awareness, it’s unbelievable, yet her writing is soooo self conscious and self important. Your analysis is spot on.

Posted by devorah on 07/09/16 at 02:48 AM | #

Good news for Rome: the luxe fashion house Fendi recently hosted their 90th anniversary show at the Trevi Fountain. Fendi gave MILLIONS to restore the fountain which reopened in November 2015. The trend of giving continues with Bulgari paying to restore the Spanish Steps and leather goods maker Tod’s is paying to restore the Coliseum.

Conde-Nast Traveler is source for this, and says Italy plans to pour one BILLION euros into rebuilding monuments and historic sites. Yay!!

And omigosh the Fendi collection is out of this world gorgeous, with theme about legends and fairytales and the models walked on glass laid over waters of the Trevi Fountain.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/09/16 at 09:43 AM | #

Thank You Vivianna That is exactly the view of the vast majority of the populous. However it only takes a small minority to whip up hate misogyny and the desire to control others lives.

Take for example the supporters of Donald Trump who encourages hate and violence. His supporters who, for the most part, are middle aged white people are scared of losing their perceived control over people of colour. They long for the good old days when Bing Crosby and Bob Hope were alive and black people knew their place. Now they are terrified hence the emergence of white supremacists.

Racist people do not know they are racist it’s just the status quo.

Amanda Knox is representative of the hate and frustration and fear that superior people such as Meredith represent. Meredith was better educated, had more talent in her little finger than Knox and was far more beautiful both in and out. Knox was terrified and consumed with jealousy which was why she killed her.

This fear creates the overwhelming need by these sub human beings to eradicate anyone they perceive as better than they are, and given those facts Knox and others are inferior for that reason. Knox entire family just as millions of others hold this point of view of fear and loathing hence the hate and need to control.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 07/09/16 at 10:01 AM | #

Great post Hopeful and some excellent, insightful, comments from you, Chimera and Vivianna.

Meanwhile, over on Knox’s blog, her latest West Seattle Herald literary masterpiece sees our murderer at large bleating about PTSD and how her suffering has been so great. The sheer gall of this creature is breathtaking. Only a psycopath close to 5 on both arms of the Levenson Self Report Pscopathy Scale could continue to behave as she does.

She is astonishingly brazen and I think it’s all part of the continued thrill she derives from trying to torture Meredith’s family. Unfortunately for her, Meredith’s dignified family (the antithesis of everything her dysfunctional, psycopath breeding gang of inbreeds are) do not provide her with direct participation in her childish games hence she can never be sure whether her poisonous words ever reach them. Poor Foxy.

I have no doubt she checks this site out regularly just to see whether we continue to monitor her. This can only be minor enjoyment though. She has never met any of us nor done anything to us or our families, hence we are impervious to her particular brand of written herpes. Only her deluded, mad as a box of frogs, family stand by her now. She has no friends. No one from childhood would have such vermin in their lives forever. Even thick as a brick Madison eventually saw through her and dumped her.

All she has to show for her life are the lasting effects of the various STD’s she has contracted (including the visibly scarred herpes top lip) and a notoriety that will follow her until she dies. Alone, unloved and generally reviled. The odd low rent rapper or unemployed musician may offer to be her jockey intermittently but no decent person would ever spend their life with this trash. This is a good thing.

There were a couple of dissenting voices allowed on to the comments section after her latest infantile article. A feat I never managed despite many attempts!

Posted by davidmulhern on 07/10/16 at 07:28 AM | #

@davidmulhern, I couldn’t agree more with “murderer at large bleating about PTSD and how her suffering has been so great.” Knox’s Dr. Who article for West Seattle Herald is an attempt to rip off the time travel stories that John Kercher told Meredith.

Knox focuses on a Doctor (Dr. Sollecito) and his sidekicks whose initials are A and R, as in Amanda and Raffaele. In the Dr. Who episode, it is trapped A who relies on the doctor and R to save her, just as Amanda relied on Raffaele and his family’s pull to save her from Perugia crime.

The A of the story, whose imprisonment sped up her aging and left her bitter and despairing, is ambivalent about having her negative history erased. She is so invested in her sense of identity forged in suffering, that she wants to cling to it, even when a better replacement could be found. In other words, Knox is so in love with her own experiences they become priceless, since she sees herself as priceless. It’s an identity crisis thing, the ongoing “who am I?” of Knox.

What she’s not willing to say is that she grew a lot from having to face up to realities and to stressors, and she became stronger in survival.

She doesn’t confess that her crime caused this pressure to begin with, but she feels she did use the pressure to access inner strengths she didn’t know she had. She fears to lose this newfound strength of course, despite the fact that Meredith had to die for her to acquire it. She doesn’t mention that.

She wrote the Dr. Who piece for the June 27th PTSD Awareness Day.

I think the PTSD is quite real for Knox. She looked like a ghost in photos of her immediately after Meredith’s murder. She and Raffaele were both broken in half by their guilt and the lies and the fear. They were torn up on the inside as human beings, especially in the first days of living in their self-made hell, fearing exposure, terrified of every word they spoke which might give them away. Raffaele almost had a complete nervous breakdown within weeks of being in prison. He lost all ideas of time. Knox shut down and went silent (very hard for her) and went cunning, waiting on family to rescue her.

Knox will never reveal how distressed and miserable she remains to this day due to her wrongdoings in Perugia, not due to mere wrongful imprisonment.

A catalogue of her possible current woes:

=Bad dreams, nightmares, flashbacks of the crime or faces of courtroom
=Bad dreams about prison
=Terrible regrets about telling her parents stuff
=Fear of a future meltdown when she might reveal all
=Fear of an angry Sollecito family member killing her one day if she spills beans on Raf in future
=Fear of a roommate, but need to split rent
=Nerves frayed when certain topics are raised or certain music is played
=Nerves pulled in four directions when she sees a young woman with long dark hair and eyes like MK
=Fear of travel abroad but craving to travel
=Terror when violent scenes come on TV
=Anguish and shame at her public infamy
=Torment at temptation to spill her guts
=Anger at being unable to tell the whole truth
=Anger that her act is not believed by many
=Inner misery at living a monumental bluff
=Seeing what an idiot she really was, the waste of her grand opportunities
=Easily spooked by blue rugs and men like Rudy
=Easily spooked by women named Stephanie
=Frightened by Italian speakers
=Nightmares of being cut in the throat, hit and manhandled by two males
=Nerves that need medicating, but fear of meds
=Fear of closed doors, waiting in lines, prison
=Resentment of indebtedness for parents’ sacrifice
=Fear her life story is already ruined
=Nerves that jump at any person resembling cellmate
=Fear of attack by an angry Sollecito or Kercher extremist who thinks she ruined their family
=Terror of a stranger unbalanced who might jump her in public or break into her house revenging Meredith’s murder. This person might use Meredith as a vicarious substitution for someone he loved that another criminal had harmed or killed. This would parallel how Amanda took out her hidden spite on a random roommate for no reason but crazy
=Fear of Raffaele taking belated vengeance on her or cyber vengeance
=Desire to start over with clean slate, impossible (other than with God)
=Disgust at how easily she lied to Seattle Prep
=Disgust at how easily fooled people are
=Loss of confidence in general
=Fear of what to tell her children, their going wilder than she did to Edda
=Nightmares of judges faces, Napoleoni
=Respect for her accusers, knowing they’re right
=Fear, fear fear. Nerves nerves. Confusion, regret
=Fear of her own insanity, now or future
=Constant urge to make more money from her notoriety but unsure if it’s safe

IMO, Knox feels little guilt but much sorrow and stress for her own dilemma.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/10/16 at 10:34 AM | #

That latest comment is a minor work of art @Hopeful. Truly splendid.

Your catalogue of possible woes that Knox is facing is pretty much on the money I think. I do hope she reads this and recognises that there is no place she can hide. She’s exposed whether she likes it or not and she’s not even remotely clever enough to escape the critical gaze of those of us who know who and what she is.

A great many people see right through her and a few, like your good self, have special insight into her inner turmoil.

She must feel like Pete’s splendid website and its many excellent contributors have secret recording devices planted wherever she goes; so fulsome is the critique of her and her dastardly deeds.

That she will meltdown is inevitable. Just how public and spectacular it will be is anyone’s guess. Personally speaking, I’d be happy just to hear that she’d swallowed a bottle of pills and didn’t wake up. That’s not something I say lightly. I’m not normally the kind of fellow to wish I’ll upon others but I’m happy to make an exception in Lnox’s case. I hope she’d have the decency to leave a note explaining that guilt drove her to it. I would see that as her best chance at minor redemption.

I fear though that her complete self obsession and narcissism wouldn’t allow her to give Meredith’s long suffering family the answers they still seek, even at the end of her days. Her demise would give them some comfort at least, I feel.

I can but dream!

Posted by davidmulhern on 07/10/16 at 02:15 PM | #

Knox should be in prison for life without parole. She is a danger to society. Even the best motivation reports were incredibly naive.

Posted by JohnQ on 07/12/16 at 12:12 AM | #

I expect Brock Turner will re-offend, probably in the near future. His actions and demeanor indicate a true narcissist and possible psychopath. I fear for future victims of this man. The current super-light sentence will not deter him.

Posted by Earthling on 07/12/16 at 12:55 AM | #

Pistorius can say whatever he wants, but he is and will always be a MURDERER. Up yours, Masipa.

Posted by JohnQ on 07/12/16 at 02:46 AM | #

Earthling, I think Turner is a psychopath. JMO.

Posted by JohnQ on 07/12/16 at 02:51 AM | #

Has RS put up a website yet?!

Posted by JohnQ on 07/12/16 at 10:08 AM | #

Hi JohnQ

The ghoul site? Maybe the zombie site, as it seems already dead.

The whole concept was ridiculed a lot. In fact ridiculing of RS & AK in Italy is huge and very direct.

Kinda like 100 Hopefuls and Grahame Rhodeses!! Much deserved.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/13/16 at 11:14 AM | #

What kind of a scam is the WSH pulling here and why?

You need advice? Solace even?
Ask Amanda!
The loose druggie jailbird, convicted felon and murderer, previously given 26 years in prison for the murder of her “friend” will help you.

Keep going Knox. Unless you have the psycho will of Ian Brady (which on reflection I think you may have) it is apparent we are seeing a slow unravelling here. Your confidence will grow in time that perhaps maybe you will feel safe enough in your twisted mind to actually confess to your disgusting crime.

I still can’t work out why you where smiling, grinning and happy while on trial for murder but crying on your release however.

Posted by Deathfish on 07/13/16 at 05:48 PM | #

According to recent photos of Amanda Knox, whose birthday is the same as OJ Simpson and Jody Arias, she is looking very frail and drawn these days. The worm of guilt will do that. Gone is the image that she relied upon (That’s the poor little Me routine.) She still tries to play that card but more and more people see her for who she really is. A murdering bitch who because of the US state department got away with it. At least for now. However the good news is that she will slowly descend into the hell she so richly deserves. The once and future bag lady high on drugs and asking for change in order to feed her drug habit. She will be reduced to hooking for cash although who would pay the $5.00 a screw are people with no sense of smell and who are very short sighted. Even then when they find out who she is they will run away. I wonder how many mothers of small children will protest her presence just as they do with Karla Homolka?

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 07/17/16 at 08:18 PM | #

The comments from her well known fans are extremely disturbing on that article.

Would anyone leave Nigel Scott & Chris Halkides alone with children? I know I certainly wouldn’t. They spend their days hunting out any article or post written by Knox just to comment about how much they love her, it is extremely creepy. I wouldn’t be surprised to find Scott on some register somewhere. I know the Liberal Democrats were extremely concerned about his behaviour.

All very creepy stuff.

Posted by Sarah Phillips on 07/25/16 at 03:52 PM | #

If West Seattle Herald insist on deleting comments, copy and paste them, as Peter has done and simply send them again to their twitter or Facebook page. Both with much larger audiences than the WSH.

Posted by Sarah Phillips on 07/25/16 at 04:00 PM | #
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