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Georgia Meloni Likely To Become Italy’s First Woman Prime Minister Next Month

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Georgia Meloni is the leader of the Brothers Of Italy Party.

Her party is now ahead in the polls. She has uploaded similar statements in excellent Spanish and French.

The party is widely labeled ultra-conservative and does seem to include adherents who have taken some very hard lines. The UK’s Observer newspaper has published this cautionary report. 

So here for an international audience she sets out to compare her own positions as being more akin to those of Liz Truss and the conservatives in the UK.

What of Italian justice? Typically, it goes its own way, politically unaffected, because of all the checks and balances built in - nice, but hard to execute even the few reforms it really could use.

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Two things that Italy and the UK and US uniquely have in common?

(1) They are the world’s biggest “migration magnets” for people from the south whose economic plights had reduced them to desperation.

(2) The three economies are not broadly successful enough for their citizens to simply shrug off this influx and demographic imbalance; so some turn militant.

And (1) and (2) are both being caused by stagnating, suffocating systems. The anger has some justification, and business-as-usual won’t appease it.

But organize large-scale participatory efforts in all of the countries to enhance the capacities of their myriad systems, and thus very broadly enhance prospects, and the political heat could start to dissipate literally in months.

Stocks would surge. So would empowerment. Everything would calm down.

Do Liz Truss and GIorgia Meloni get this? Stock markets in all three countries and UK currency rates are suggesting that, if so, they are not making it obvious.

For proof that the model works? You only have to look at east and south Asia. Back in the 1990s, at the exact same time that a Reagan-appointed American at the heart of UN development was wrecking the model, the Asians were starting to run wild with it.

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A couple of quick additions to the above.

(1) It’s long been known that 60-percent-plus of those who stormed the Capitol on January 6 were having financial problems (shades of Bruce Fischer etc who demonized Italy re Meredith’s case) and most were from hard-pressed communities.


(2) It’s been established statistically that such people are living much shorter lives - on average they now lose around 10 years. The causes are both personal (like bankruptcies and vaccine denial and other health issues) and local support infrastructure, or rather lack of it, as for ideological reasons the support services have been cut to the bone (thus degrading the local economy and demanding more help federally).


And yet! When I was involved in a few trial processes for the federal government’s new planning, those from that troubled population became as interested as anyone else.

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“that 60-percent-plus of those who stormed the Capitol on January 6 were having financial problems”

60% may not be a good number because 40-50% may be having some kind of (economic) problems (my guess-estimates) but applied individually it may be a very valid point.


“established statistically that such people are living much shorter lives - on average they now lose around 10 years”

actually we are all on extension after 60yrs but the quality of life after 60 depends much more on economic conditions rather than support systems - my guess (that anyway tend to be expensive after 60-65yrs). Anyway I would say that they have enjoyed their life to the fullest and can’t complain.

Fact is when people say that I am a burden on the system I feel bad but somewhere I know that there is some truth in that.

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