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Former (And Future?) Very Fine City Seattle: Good Luck In Reversing This Tough Trend

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This great old-style reporting was uploaded by Seattle’s KOMO News two weeks ago.

It was mentioned to us by a loyal reader there who wants to see addressed less Knox and more this.

This video is already nearing two million views. It is one hour long.

Best of luck, all.

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Discord-sowing Russian bots in the comments under the YouTube are blaming this all on Democratic state and city governments.

But of course the bots have it wrong.

Two-thirds of all large US cities have a Democratic mayor. Objectively almost all are doing just as fine as Republican-led cities. All feel the same hurt from the Fed cuts to give the billionaires their tax break - foolish policy which helped to disrupt Seattle.

Except for that, there’s no obvious political cause and effect here at all. Just get the best knowhow from around the world, and work together in teams. It’ll work out.

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I’m currently watching HBO’s one-sided and biased piece of PR propaganda The Case Against Adnan Syed. Spoiler Alert: There’s no exculpatory evidence.

I recommend listening to this interview with Alexa on Roberta Glass’ True Crime Report:

Alexa used to be one of Adnan Syed’s most ardent supporters. However, she researched the case for herself instead of just unquestioningly believing everything Rabia Chaudry said and she changed her mind.

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A side of Seattle many of us know better and like is described in an Irish tourism article here.

I find Seattle and especially the freeways very drivable. I know there are go-slows at rush hour but otherwise cruising Seattle especially at night is very good fun.

Just reported is that Amazon will reduce its Seattle downtown presence - but only because it is building a campus across the lake to the east - where Bill Gates lives, Chris Mellas has said he works, and Candace Dempsey has said she lives.

And Boeing just north of Seattle is every day in the news - cutting prodcution now because it is running short of cash.

Non-US-based readers may be unaware that we have been seeing on TV news here jubilant quotes a year or two ago by the CEO about how the government is rolling back its final checks and letting Boeing itself do some of those.

So how did that work out?

I’ve never seen Washington DC more tone-deaf to the interconnectedness of systems, though when I worked on a Federal system there (departmental planning), to almost everybody working there systems were a closed book. Nobody brings anybody up to speed.

And now giant corporations nuke any competition, and buy for themselves every edge (see Boeing).

And so good growth (always driven by the little startup guys; always) inexorably slows. And planes go down. (Many on the Addis to Nairobi flight were UN staff as there are big UN agencies in both cities; I’ve been to both though not used that flight.)

You may or may not like the European Union, but its anti-trust sure has teeth.

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This is headline on Sky News is irresponsible and unsubstantiated:

“British woman, 22, dies ‘during sex game’ in Swiss hotel”

“A British woman has been found dead in a Swiss hotel room after ‘a sex game went wrong’, according to reports.’

The “reports” came from one source - the man who has been charged in connection with Anna Florence Reed’s a death.

It seems there was an argument which culminated in the man strangling Anna Florence Reed:

“Concerned hotel guests reportedly alerted staff after Ms Reed was heard arguing with a man, and a night porter was sent to try to calm the situation.”

Posted by The Machine on 04/12/19 at 02:07 AM | #

Hi Machine

Poor Anna Florence Reed. Muralto is about 10 minutes from the Italian border, on Lake Maggiore east of the Alps, and looks like a north Italian town.

I do see “sex game” in numerous reports, usually in quotes because that was the killer Marc Schatzle’s claim.

But she was strangled, which takes some time and deliberate effort, and he was heard to be in a rage.

Now he seems to be facing a charge of “pre-intentional homicide” so the Swiss cops were not taken in.

I see Switzerland, unusual for Europe, has available mandatory lifetime detention.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/12/19 at 10:30 AM | #

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