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Finally!! Netflix Is To Lionize Someone In Its “True Crime” Reports Who DIDNT Kill A Woman

Posted by Peter Quennell

Netflix spent big on tainted reports about woman-killers Steven Avery, Adnan Syed and Amanda Knox.

The first two still remain in prison, despite those reports, and many more are finally seeing guilt in Knox.

Now Netflix has bought the rights to an expose of Russian-born Anna Sorokin, a mere fake heiress this time.

Just-convicted Sorokin led gullible New York socialites a merry dance, and does have her share of amused fans.

It seems Sorokin herself sold Netflix her rights. One trick Knox missed (we presume).

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HBO may also do a report. Actually the biggest swindler in the US news is Elizabeth Holmes. Her company Theranos claiming to be perfecting do-it-yourself bloodwork was estimated to be worth $7 billion at one point. Numerous celebrities foolishly invested and are trying to keep quiet about it. HBO are airing a haunting profile now.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/28/19 at 10:11 AM | #

Anna Sorokin, a mega thief. I read her story at

She was sent to Rikers, and as one commenter says, is now able to study identity theft on the taxpayer’s dime. (which she will, I’m convinced. She is already a hardened steely minded criminal in her late 20s.

She was born in Russia, her family moved to Germany at age 16. She graduated high school there, moved to Paris to work at “Purple”. In Paris she changed her name…Boom! look out, the name change is the first red flag she’s hiding something, duplicitous.)

She moved to NYC, but was arrested in front of Passages in Malibu, California. She took idea from Khloe Kardashian and went on crazy expensive holiday to Morrocco, got her trainer to cover the costs when her credit cards were declined. She lies to everyone, high and low.

She’s hard and brazen, a grifter, a thief, a fraud. She’s skilled in forgery (remember the strange note tacked up in Perugia after Meredith’s murder they couldn’t pin on Knox?). Anna also is an incurable liar. Somewhat like Knox, she went wild the moment parental controls were removed. She has a big ego and willingness to take huge risks, stealing from friends and any sucker she can sweet talk and con. Anna Sorokin fake heiress is completely without conscience.

I do understand the allure of her story, however. It has humor, intrigue, even pathos for the decent folks she scammed.

She was bold. She knew about wire transfers. She went out to Omaha to try to meet Warren Buffett She took out loans from one bank to pay another. She knew a lot about business strategems. She stayed at finest hotels.

She threw $100 bills around to waiters, cab drivers. She gave big parties. She networked. She pretended to have a vision, said she was just searching for talent. She seemed generous and powerful.

Her dream of opening an artsy bar and club in NYC based on mega loans from forged documents (she almost borrowed $22 million) was her private Ponzi scheme that went flop.

It’s all a big adventure to the onlooker, a good story. One marvels at her imagination and bravado. Maybe we snigger a bit at the dummies who bought her act. Her youthful daring keeps one glued.

Big dreams, a good mind, some moderate good looks and a whole lotta scheming…vivid story. It all crashes: “she is not legit”. 

She had fun till the balloon of lies burst. Pop, sssshhhhhhhh…plunk back to earth. The handcuffs click.

And she’s still impenitent about all the hard work she stole from others, all their cash. A liar’s house of cards. Greedy idiots soon crash.

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The case of missing British tot Madeleine McCann - just about the only case we’ve discussed that seriously divided our readership - heats up again, with two conflicting reports (one of them by Barbie Nadeau) about a German pedophile.


Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/06/19 at 05:18 PM | #

Yes, McCann case exciting new developments. If that German pedo did kill the poor little tyke, I do hope he’ll confess and release Maddie’s parents from what? ten years? of agony.

In other news, Silvio Berlusconi is out of the hospital after major surgery. At age 82, said he thought it was “the end of the line” for him, but has a big smile as he amazes himself with his bounceback. He vows to keep campaigning for his Forza party, back to radio shows, glad to be alive. They call him The Immortal for his endless career in politics. He led Italy 3 times in a row.

I didn’t realize he was a billionaire! Seems to be teflon as Rubygate and bunga bunga scandals didn’t stick? He’s a resilient fellow.

Posted by Hopeful on 05/06/19 at 05:53 PM | #

“Amanda Knox to return to Italy for 1st time”, news from AP 3 hours ago. Yahoo News, dateline Rome (AP):

The Italy Innocence Project has invited Knox to a conference June 14-15 in Modena. The conference is arranged by the Criminal Chapter of Modena of the Italy Innocence Project.

On last day of conference, Knox will speak on “the role of the media in judicial errors.”

Knox twittered:  “The Italy Innocence Project didn’t exist when I was wrongly convicted in Perugia. I’m honored to accept their invitation to speak to the Italian people at this historic event and return to Italy for the first time.”

May 8, 2019

Posted by Hopeful on 05/08/19 at 03:14 PM | #

I’m sure Amanda Knox yearns for riots when she goes to Modena.  I hope she generates zero publicity.  Either way she will claim to be the righteous one with a halo.

Dangerous dogs will cause trouble if set free.

Posted by DavidB on 05/09/19 at 05:02 AM | #

I think you posted on the Italian Innocence Project before.

Posted by suzy on 05/10/19 at 08:20 PM | #

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