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Another Deep Dive Into The Evidence: Maybe Guede’s Shoeprints Have Not Finished Talking

Posted by James Raper

Dr Lorenzo Rinaldi, leader of “pitbull” footprint team

1. This Post In Context

My book on the case referred to below is this one.

My past posts have focused on Italian law and court outcomes, on behaviours, and on these aspects of the physical evidence

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2. Guede’s Prints Near The Front Door

In the course of reviewing the content of Chapter 14 of my book the other day I noticed something which I had not paid much attention to previously.

This is to do with the placement of shoeprints at the cottage. These shoeprints were either visible, because in blood, or revealed by the application of luminol.

We can clearly see the trajectory of Guede’s left shoe by placing two maps together, as below.

In the first we see Guede’s left shoe, in blue, leaving Meredith’s room. The traces are identifiable as blood without the use of luminol.


In the second we see his left shoe prints, in red,  this time identified by the application of luminol.


What I had not paid much attention to before is the fact that in the first plan we have a left shoe print (marked “h”) in the kitchen-lounge by the side of the divan (coloured green, the yellow is the fridge by the front door) in the living room.

There are also some other traces there respectively marked f, j and y but none of these are shoe,or foot, prints. They were not identified by luminol because they were visible in blood.

A question arises as to whom this shoeprint “h” belongs. The map is from the Boemia/Rinaldi Report but I cannot see that the report attributes the shoeprint.

This shoeprint and footprint evidence was presented on 9 May 2009 in a very dramatic day in court by Dr Lorenzo Rinaldi [above], unit head from the Scientific Police in Rome, and Dr Pietro Boemia

The only time that I see it referred to in testimony is during cross-examination of Boemia by Dalla Vedova during the trial. The following extracts are abridged.

I wanted to ask you, one thing that we hadn’t done with your colleague [Dr Rinaldi] this morning, in particular with two prints, is it true that one – we’re talking of Rudy Guede – of the prints is at the entrance of the apartment facing towards the inside of the apartment? I only wanted confirmation of this.

[After some confusion as to where and which prints Vedova is talking about, and Boemia’s apparent assent to the premise, we can continue as follows (and here I think Vedova is primarily interested in the mark “f“ which may, or at least he seems to think it may, be that of a toe)]

This one here.
It’s facing the lounge really.
But the toe is towards…
The lounge.
Yes, it’s going towards the lounge, perhaps he wanted to pick something up from the lounge, this is something we can’t know,
Though at the part of the lounge close to the door to Romanelli’s room. Is that so?
It would have to be “Y”, “H” or “F” in the photographs.

Then after more confusion, we have -

And going back to that slide again, in front of the lounge, that one there is it true that it is pointing towards Romanelli’s room?
I can’t see.
This one here? This one is the door to Romanelli’s room, which is here.
Yes, it would have to be that one.
It’s here right in front of the lounge.
Is that the one?
No, towards the outside.
Towards the outside with respect to Romanelli’s room?
Let’s say in the exit direction.
Although I see on the outside with respect to Romanelli’s room.
Exactly, in the exit direction from Romanelli’s room.
In the exit direction from Romanelli’s room, not from the house.
But, this doesn’t prove that in any case he was in Romanelli’s room and was exiting, perhaps only maybe that he was standing there and doing a pirouette.
I have no other questions, thank you.

Rather confusing? But in any event I do not see that Boemia challenged Vedova’s initial presumption that “h” had been attributed to Guede, but I think that Vedova was trying to go further by suggesting that h, f, j and y were somehow evidence that Guede was exiting Romanelli’s room.

“h” was, of course facing towards her room rather than facing in an exit direction and it is somewhat difficult to see where Vedova thought he was going with all this, but then a lot of his cross-examination was rather like that. The luminol revealed shoeprints clearly show that Guede did not enter Romanelli’s room.

Anyway Massei said “h” was a presumed haematic substance and that the technicians had arrived at a conclusion of probable identity with Guede’s left shoe.

Indeed it does appear fairly obvious from the trajectory of Guede’s left shoe that “h” probably is his mark.

That being so, then how did the visible blood trace “h” arrive at the point where it was found? Are there any connecting prints? Well, obviously, yes. Those that had been identified by luminol.

Were those connecting prints made in fruit juice or another false positive substance?  Obviously not. The luminol had correctly identified blood and “h” makes it clear that there had been sufficient blood in the washed out/removed traces for them to have been visible.

It was not a case of the blood on the sole of Guede’s shoe having been reduced to nothing through repeated compression of the sole of his shoe with the floor.

Had Guede paused on his way out, turned and perhaps sat down on the divan for a moment? Did he then stand up, pirouette, and leave?

In any event we can see that there was a removal of blood traces in the living room, as well as from the hall way/corridor.

Each print might have been only just visible but a long line of them might have been noticeable, and so they had to go if Knox’s account of visiting the cottage to have a shower before the murder was to seem credible.

It’s just that “h” and the prints immediately outside Meredith’s locked door were missed. It also strengthens the context which says that the luminol revealed footprints in the corridor were indeed made in blood rather than being the result of a false positive.

Indeed, if the blood in the corridor had to go then so too that in the living room.

Guede is, of course, not a credible candidate for removing his own prints as not only does the luminol not show any backtracking by him but Guede omitted to remove the more incriminating shoe prints of his in and just outside Meredith’s room.

3. Conclusion

The foregoing supports the rather obvious conclusion that there had been a post-murder and perhaps hasty manipulation of the crime scene, specifically in the removal of certain blood traces by Knox and Sollecito (and there is other evidence to this effect).

Specifically to enable Knox to create her fictitious account of having visited the cottage to (inter alia) shower as a prelude to her (and Sollecito’s) innocent presence at the cottage for the discovery of the murder.

Posted by James Raper on 04/19/20 at 08:57 PM in


Terrific. James adds to what came across in the day at court as almost total certainty.

Dr Rinaldi and Dr Boemia were like pit-bulls (so were most of the investigators when on the stand).

The defenses were in deep disarray, uncertain and floundering.

And Sollecito and Knox were as glum and crestfallen as they ever were at trial.

That must have been very telling to the jury.

Guede was at trial briefly as a prosecution witness but exercised his option not to talk.

He was pretty intimidated from mid 2008 to mid 2010, and it is suspected that the Sollecito clan had somehow threatened him.

Ironically, that resulted in the Knox and Sollecito teams never being able to cross-examine him! Pretty funny.

The defense teams did smear Guede almost daily in his absence, but it became very one-note and boring, and surely drew attention to how they were totally out of ammunition.


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Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/20/20 at 10:29 AM | #

Thanks again to James Raper for precise observations. If “h” is Guede’s shoe by the divan, might he have placed some items onto the divan or seen items that were lying on the divan and stood there to grab the items and tuck them into his waistband or pockets before he left?

The bloody footprints into the divan/lounge area that had to be removed and were removed so Knox could say she didn’t “see anything amiss” when she supposedly entered the cottage to shower before a trip to Gubbio - well, the fact that many footprints were washed away yet not by Guede, points to another reason for the shower alibi. It would answer why water and soap were all splashed around and had wiped the floors?

Also, maybe the cleaner-killers tried to place plastic garbage bags down to walk on, or towels, or even clothes, once they saw their feet were tracking blood around.

Knox made such a big song and dance about innocently carrying things back and forth from her cottage to Raf’s nearby apartment in reference to a water spill she was wiping up,  that it probably meant she was covering up for several late night trips back and forth to Garibaldi street to get more towels or supplies for the cottage cleanup.

So maybe she was using Raf’s sheets and old tee-shirts and towels to place around on the cottage floors to prevent their bloody footprints from touching the floors.

They were careful to leave a few of Guede’s shoeprints right there in blood to frame him.

The fact that bloody shoeprints were found so near the murder room should have removed almost all doubt that any other prints found by luminol on floors in rooms adjacent were made as well by blood.

The crazy argument that turnip juice or fruit juice might have made the footprints at some other random innocent time, always seemed specious and unworthy of belief. Strain out a gnat and swallow a camel. Occam’s Razor?

Another thing about the kitchen: Knox’s fingerprint was found on a drinking glass in there, iirc?  not sure how this ties in.

And remember her story about shimmying along on a bath towel to keep her wet feet off the floor after her shower? She might have done the same trick to keep blood off the floor.

Posted by Hopeful on 04/20/20 at 03:05 PM | #

Hi Hopeful,

Professor Garofano says the Luminol-revealed prints at the cottage are in blood because of their high luminosity and the DNA test indicated the presence of Meredith’s blood:

“But let’s see what the prints actually mean. First of all, from their sheer luminosity they are blood. The DNA test showed Meredith’s blood in all cases except for two places in which we have a mixed Amanda and Meredith sample.”

Dr Stefanoni made the same points when speaking about the Luminol prints when she was being questioned on the stand during the Massei trial:

“So I, with genetic analysis, can say with certainty that there was blood”.

She also pointed out the Luminol reacts to differently to blood compared to other substances:

“in other words everything that is not blood, is nonetheless different even if it is still a bluish fluorescence: that is, the colour does not change, [but] the intensity and the duration change. So in effect, the intensity, thus, of that blue or that azure, so intense, is not given off, in general, by other reagents that are not blood: they give a weaker fluorescence”.

Posted by The Machine on 04/21/20 at 07:35 AM | #

Hi James, Hopeful and Machine.

That turnip-juice notion always makes me laugh. They are in some supermarkets in our area, but I bet not one in ten households has any at home. Some cooks add them to stew. I cut one up and it did not exactly gush juice.

The investigators used standard luminol, not the more senstive Bluestar, right?

But luminol works just fine. It is often stated that a reason luminol tests are not done right away when there’s evidence of what might be blood is that whatever it is must be dried up first.

After turnip juice dries up it will barely react with luminol if at all. Dried blood will react months, years, decades, even centuries later, it seems.

(I also see that trained dogs can tell if its blood up to at least 2 years old.)

How to hit home for readers how startling the luminescence is when luminol is applied to a stain of what might be blood?

Well, they can always buy their own luminol (or make it if they are a chemist) and a turnip and a piece of beef, and set to work on the kitchen slab.

There are also good YouTubes to watch, showing how bright and unmistakable the luminescence of blood is. These are the first several I see and they may not be the best:

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/21/20 at 12:25 PM | #

By the way, the iron that luminol detects is of major interest to astronomers too.

First, it takes gigantic stellar explosions to create iron molecules and such explosions (involving huge collapsing stars and maybe black holes) are a rather recent thing.

The universe may have been at least 1/2 its age before any iron was created at all. Good luck to forensic scientists before then.

Second, iron is a major reason why we are able to survive on Earth at all. The huge amount of iron in the Earth’s core created the protective magnetic flux that stops deadly rays getting through.

Those astronomers looking for an Earth 2.0 are now realizing that any planet that does not have a huge core of iron is not worth a second look.

That narrows it down.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/21/20 at 12:43 PM | #

@Peter Quennell: About iron in blood and elsewhere, this is all very interesting. I’d just watched a sci-fi movie about gamma rays coming through our atmosphere and giving folks radiation poisoning after one nation’s nuclear detonation caused havoc when it slowed down earth’s rotation. That upset the north and south magnetic poles and spelled disaster. The iron core in our earth, I had no idea stars were involved to create iron. 

Your turnip juice observations are really clever. I had never even heard of turnip juice until Knox’s fiction. I guess it’s part of the green juice craze for health. You mention making Luminol at home with the right ingredients.

My grandfather was a chemist. He told me that it’s hemoglobin in the blood that carries iron? Or that humans need iron to make hemoglobin?

For all his genius I was terrible at chemistry. He was so good and tried hard to tutor me through it in high school, I passed the tests but retained little. Once he made me say the word “anthocyanines” over and over 10 times, in a lesson on what colors carrots?

He worked to purify air inside submarines to remove CO2 from it after crews breathed and exhaled in the subs at New London, Connecticut.

But hemoglobin is what transports oxygen in the blood, all tied up with iron.  It’s amazing how dogs can scent blood that’s two years old.

@The Machine, it still galls me how the most obvious Luminol results with its singular bright glow were handwaved away as uncertain. The mention of Garofano melts my heart, what a great man. If only he had been put in charge of the case. Knox absolutely skated under the wire by the skin of her teeth.

As I said before, a mere one drop of blood on the baseboard near floor in his living room set the police on murderer Tom Capano in Delaware, brought his lies to an end in the death of Anne Marie Fahey. One drop no bigger than a pin head. Yet there was sooooo much evidence against Knox and there was Raf’s hammertoe footprint right there in blood. Yet the two crazies walked. Boggles the mind.

Posted by Hopeful on 04/21/20 at 01:29 PM | #

DNA expert Dan Krane criticised Professor Garofano for saying he could tell Amanda Knox’s blood was mixed with Meredith’s blood because some of her peaks were extremely high. He pointed out that sperm also provides an immense amount of DNA. I think we can safely rule out that possibility in this case. Some unworldly academics have no common sense.

Posted by The Machine on 04/21/20 at 03:07 PM | #

Chris Halkides - the FOA’s DNA “expert” has conceded that Amanda Knox’s blood could have been mixed with Meredith’s blood:

“There are three possibilities with respect to mixed DNA and blood: neither source, one source, or both sources of DNA could be blood.”

He doesn’t sound very convincing, does he? How likely is it that Knox and Meredith’s DNA didn’t come from their blood? Bear in mind that blood provides the greatest amount of DNA and touch DNA results in minute amounts of DNA being deposited.

I think he should check the notes he made whilst watching CSI.

Posted by The Machine on 04/21/20 at 04:12 PM | #

I should have pointed out that Chris Halkides is completely wrong when he claimed that it’s possible that neither source came from blood because all three mixed DNA samples in the small bathroom tested positive for blood. You can tell that he has no forensic qualifications, training or experience.

Posted by The Machine on 04/22/20 at 06:27 AM | #

The paper badge Halkidis was wearing in this image at the event soon after Knox arrived back said “the DNA guy”.

Sadly for Halkidis his name has not appeared in any of our headlines (in contrast to that of Hampikian).

Still, we did not ignore his strange mutterings entirely. These posts among others gave his fabrications the cold eye.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/22/20 at 03:04 PM | #

Coronavirus alert: these seem to be important new tips.

(1) Symptoms are not showing up in some cases before the lungs are ravaged by the virus.  The advice to “only get tested or go to the hospital if you notice symptoms” may have been yet another deadly mistake.

The way to counter this is to check blood oxygen level daily with an oximeter and if it is headed down toward 90% make your move. Perhaps order several on eBay from different sources as the delivery times sure vary.

(2) There’s yet another sign that low glutathione may be the main culprit in the high death rate.

Bloodclots are plaguing many of those infected. In fact glutathione clears out arteries if there is enough of it.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/22/20 at 06:29 PM | #

A lot of systems development is going on. Perhaps more than at any time except in warfare. Everybody is gaining vital skills now. Recovery should be much faster because of that. YouTube is proving a good engine of systems spread.

A lot of good detective work is going on too. What James R and the rest of us do here, only on a much grander scale. How did things happen as they did. How did one perp cause, so far, nearly 200,000 deaths.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/23/20 at 08:36 AM | #

The Friends of Amanda was a creepy cult that preyed on vulnerable lost souls who lack emotional intelligence and critical skills. They got swept along by the wave of hysteria surrounding the case and unquestioningly believed every PR lie that was propagated in the media. The case gave them a sense of importance and a raison d’etre.

Bruce Fischer was stuck in a soul-destroying dead end job selling fur coats to wealthy women who probably treated him like a servant. Suddenly, he could pretend he was Perry Mason defending the American gal from corrupt Italian officials in medieval Italy.

Chris Halkides was a chemistry teacher at UNCW. He could suddenly pretend he was a DNA expert. It didn’t matter that he had only watched a couple of episodes of CSI - in his head he was forensic scientist and an equal counterpart to the likes of Dr Stefanoni, Professor Novelli, Professor Garofano and Professor Balding.

Steve Moore was a campus cop making sure there were no rowdy parties in the student halls of residence and that no-one was dropping cigarette butts in the college grounds. He saw the case as an opportunity to launch a career in the media. Mercifully, it didn’t last long. I don’t think he was ever invited back on CNN after he had claimed there was a huge conspiracy to frame Knox and Sollecito involving the Scientific Police and the Italian Supreme Court. The producers should have given him a tin foil hat.

Candace Dempsey was a bored housewife in Seattle. Suddenly, she could pretend that she was a journalist. She saw the case as an opportunity to write a book and make some money.

Jim Lovering AKA Charlie Wilkes went from being sectioned and given electric shock therapy in an asylum to being one of the co-authors of The Forgotten Killer.

Even Karen Pruett - a childhood friend of Curt Knox and a hairdresser - started referring to herself as an author. She was actually interviewed by The Guardian. The newspaper was the de facto English branch of Knox’s PR firm Gogerty Marriott.

Frank Sforza - who has been repeatedly locked up for domestic violence - appeared on BBC News. It really felt like the lunatics had taken over the asylum.

When the mainstream media weren’t relying on Amanda Knox’s family and friends for their information, they were relying on her crazed supporters. The story has always been told from the defence’s perspective.

Posted by The Machine on 04/23/20 at 02:10 PM | #

Made my day, this laundry list of FOA frenzied supporters deceiving and being deceived. I agree with the analysis of their strange motivations. I recall every name from Candace Dempsey to aggressive half crazed Frank Sforza to Steve Moore the media wannabe trying to claw back his self-esteem and market his FBI status, to the deluded Fischer and Halkides—a walk down memory lane through Alice’s Wonderland. The grinning Cheshire cat their team mascot.

I knew less about Jim Lovering aka Charlie Wilkes but if he was given electric shock therapy he is probably about as unhinged as Knox and Raf. birds of a feather.  FOA club photographed near Salty’s? was it? with some of them shooting the bird. Classy.

FOA and Amanda Knox supporters mostly seem to have a screw loose or an axe to grind or a Seattle friendship to cultivate by fawning over their local fox. Deceased David Marriott airbrushed her well. He was well paid to do so.

This list made me laugh as when something is so ugly it’s funny in some ways. Hyperbole yet real. Outlandish yet all too true.

Something like mass hypnosis took over the Seattle supporters and FOA, outraged that their local Mad Hatter and Red Queen weren’t adored elsewhere nor seen as innocent and pure as the driven snow. No, elsewhere Knox and her lover were seen as thief and killers in fact.

A big dose of “surely we’re smarter than the Italians” was thrown in for good measure from people blind as bats who had anger issues of their own and a local judge writing a foreign judge on how to do his job, advice he’d received from his carpooling daughter.

And Steve Moore talking about zebras and “if it walks like a duck” and his family’s long lost turtle and saying he’d be glad for his daughter to room with Knox who at the time was still on trial for murder!


On corona virus:  Not sure but might be worth buying a $10 or $15 can of concentrated oxygen. It’s the kind that mountain climbers, skiers and folks at high altitude use. It’s lighter than a coke can, you could have it at your home just in case.

Boost is one brand of this oxygen. The spray cans of it are all over the internet for sale by many companies, even Walmart has it on shelves. Look in the medicine aisle. You spray it in your mouth, even has flavors like eucalyptus and pink grapefruit.

The oxygen inhalations give you immediate increased oxygen. It might help through a bad night of coughing or labored breathing if you got corona virus or simple flu. Might bring relief at least until you could get to a doctor the next day. ??

Posted by Hopeful on 04/23/20 at 07:00 PM | #

Hi Hopeful,

The whole situation became a grotesque farce. Curt Knox and Edda Mellas had become de facto reporters for the mainstream media organisation in the US. It didn’t occur to anyone there was a glaringly obvious conflict of interest and that Knox’s parents weren’t objective and reliable sources of information.

Frank Sforza’s only experience of law and order was being repeatedly locked up for domestic violence and yet he was giving his opinion on the legal proceedings on BBC News. What next? Anne Bremner giving her opinion live from the slammer whilst wearing an orange prison jump suit? CBS producer Joe Halderman babbling on about Amanda Knox’s Italian nightmare live from the clink?

It would have only taken the BBC some cursory research to learn that Frank Sforza had become friends with Amanda Knox’s family.

The huge errors made by mainstream media organisation whilst covering the Meredith Kercher case are still being made today. They are still telling the story primarily from the defence’s perspective when covering other high-profile cases and relying on the supporters of the accused for their information and completely ignoring the opinions of the police and prosecutors. Even the BBC has been guilty of this recently.

There are a couple of well-funded and well-organised PR campaigns on behalf of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey and Adnan Syed. There are two series of Making a Murderer on Netflix and HBO allowed some of Adnan Syed’s most ardent supporters to make a documentary about the case. Serial is still the most downloaded podcast.

Someone’s innocence or guilt should be determined in the courtroom - not by biased and one-sided documentaries on Netflix and HBO. Defence lawyers are expressly using the media to secure the release of their clients.

Innocence fraud is real and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Posted by The Machine on 04/24/20 at 07:58 AM | #

I fear you are right, The Machine. “Defence lawyers are expressly using the media to secure a release of their clients. Innocence fraud is real and it’s not going away anytime soon.” Yes, you are sadly prophetic.

The well heeled media has become a juggernaut to launch culprits into the limelight with twisted stories as clickbait or headlines. Sensation sells, not truth. The sober and simple truth is often complex or boring. Money talks, and it buys popularity. We are inching towards a mob rule in matters of justice.

It’s a crapshoot whether the accused will be jailed or freed. If his paid PR has worked its magic, the evidence against him becomes secondary. If he has a big enough mob of fans waving pitchforks and mocking police methods, he may walk.

The media creates the drama for the sake of cash for their coffers, then milks the drama, then the story in print bloats up to become a movie and TV series that further persuade the ignorant and reduce all facts that implicate the accused.

We are seeing a terrible trend in our day as media runs rampant over the truth for the sake of profit. And for the sake of speed in this digital world.

They don’t waste time digging for the truth. No time. They accept words from anybody like Sforza or more crazily the accused’s own parents!

Can you believe that an accused murderer’s parents are interviewed and believed? Naturally they are on the side of their offspring.

They have the lowest of low motives: defending their own parenting history, position in society, justifying their own mistakes in life.

Of course they normally love the child as well. We saw Edda lie for her little dear on the witness stand. Her Christian ethics bowed to “love”. That is what her bad daughter brought her to, but hey, a lie is a small price to pay to clear her daughter from years of punishment. A parent is no judge.

The media wants the excitement of hysterical emotions and extremism. Look how they mocked Mignini. Far from them are the more important hard to tackle research into facts of the case, especially science—just too dry and difficult for their childish audience.

The big sea change in the U.S. it seems to me is in the increasing scorn of the public for police and symbols of lawful authority. The law-keepers are bitterly resented.

The desire to bring down the good big boys in blue (in American terms, the thin blue line of officers who heroically fight against crime) is a shame. The good are now targets. The evil are excused so that the general public doesn’t feel so bad. A new weakness in the conscience of many? Why the defense of evil?

It seems the forces of evil as in people who side with lawbreakers, who side with violence, who side with libertine frenzy are on the rise compared to the forces of restraint and law and order and PRINCIPLES over personalities.

This is the frightening trend. Is mob rule next?

Media is riding on wild horse of Image is everything, the heck with character. A person’s false image is enough. Whoever is cute, sexy or for some reason “lovable” to the low brow public can get away with murder.

It just seems impossible that the honest, dear, gentle and decent Meredith was shoved aside in her claim for justice by pressure from people who loved the angry substance abuser duo.

I saw it as a repeat of Jesus Christ versus Barabbas. The crowd with their power yelled loudly for the killer to be released and said forget the good one. Is this what the U.S.A. has become?

Crime reporting as you say leans toward the story line of the defense. They proliferate the defense position, not the prosecution’s side. It takes days of googling to find the evidence against the accused!

“Someone’s innocence or guilt should be decided in the courtroom”...not by documentaries.


Posted by Hopeful on 04/24/20 at 10:18 AM | #

Some general factors I’d add to the individual takes on some in the FOA by the Machine and Hopeful above.

(1) Curt Knox and Edda and Chris Mellas and David Marriott were the ultimate puppet masters behind the scenes. At any time they could have called the PR campaign (really a political campaign) quits. They wielded huge carrots (payments made) and huge sticks (ferocious legal threats against media and reporters seeking to merely report the truth). 

(2) Those characters depicted by the Machine were not exactly a dream team, many had had encounters with the law or dead-end careers or health or mental issues. Judge Heavey was one big gun; he was reprimanded and called it quits as a judge. Steve “G-Man” Moore sought to be another big gun; he was frogmarched off the Pepperdine campus for beating up on Italy’s justice when Pepperdine had exchange students there. Ex FBI profiler John Douglas, another big gun, had self-admitted mental problems from the late 1990s. Another big gun, Senator Cantwell, was warned by her own staff to shut up. 

(3) For many there was the possibility or reality of big bucks. The Knox PR was known to spend heavily to get some of those named above and others like Nina Burleigh in line. Bruce Fischer developed a huge money-grubbing campaign where folks heartbroken over Knox could be asked to pledge tens of thousands of dollars to help with “the campaign”. There’s no sign that I know of though that Knox herself has ever shelled out to any of them, not even a dime.

(4) There were enormous waves of barbaric defamations and of barbaric stalkings,  each of which could have landed such perpetrators as Knox, Sollecito, Doug Bremner, Bruce Fischer, Karen Pruitt, and various others in prison had either the case happened in the US or UK or had any of them been resident in Italy.

(5) Knox herself turned her back on her non-dream-team from soon after she came back to the US. She is not out of the legal woods herself - for example Dr Mignini and others can still sue for the many defamations and demonizations in her book, as the statute of limitations has not run out.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/24/20 at 11:06 AM | #

Put one quite typical FOA specimen under the microscope, and this is typical of what you will see. 

Frank Sforza (the former “Frank Sfarzo” of the blog Perugia Shock) mentioned above once had respect around Perugia, but he was said to have been never the same after he hit the cocaine before this case even began. We were all eagerly reading him back in early-mid 2008; but then we saw him do a 180-degree and become a Knox PR shill after Anne Bremner met with him.

He might have been on the Knox-Mellas payroll for years, he lied about being a real journalist harassed by Dr Mignini (who was not on the case of his beating up his own mom), was evicted from the Mellas residence after he began to zero in on Knox like a wolf, and fell afoul of the law in N-W Canada, Hawaii, and Seattle. He skipped a trial for violence in Seattle, and so will be arrested or barred if he tries to re-enter the US. He was found guilty of diffamazione in a trial in Florence, and his blog Perugia Shock went AWOL after the hoster (Google) was threatened with a suit.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/24/20 at 11:26 AM | #

In the early days, there were just two blogs about the case: Candace Dempsey’s reader’s blog on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website and Frank Sforza’s Perugia Shock. It was clear there had been contact between Amanda Knox’s family and Dempsey and Sforza. Apart from the photo of Frank Sforza and Chris Mellas together, their articles were always slanted heavily in favour of Knox and constantly critical of the police investigation. It was no surprise to see both of them at the FOA party.

Incidentally, there’s a photo of Knox’s hardcore supporters at this party sneering and making an offensive gesture with their middle finger, presumably at anyone who thinks she’s guilty. It perfectly encapsulates what these people are like i.e. obnoxious and loathsome. Birds of a feather flock together.

Candace Dempsey is an odious woman. She refused to let anyone question Amanda Knox’s innocence. She deleted countless comments and banned numerous people from commenting on her reader’s blog. She persuaded whoever was in charge of the website to ban a number of PMF posters from commenting on any article on the Seattle Post-Intelligence websiter. You weren’t allowed to question the hometown’s girl’s innocence. It was the type of behaviour you’d expect to see in China, North Korea and Russia where there’s no freedom of speech.

With the exception of The Stranger, the default position of all the media organisations in Seattle was Amanda Knox is innocent. The journalists assumed she was innocent just because she was from Seattle. Their partisan articles about the case were also always slanted heavily in favour of Knox. There wasn’t the slightest semblance of neutrality or objectivity. The mainstream media organisations in the US followed suit. You would have thought she was representing the US at the Olympics - not charged with and later convicted of sexual assault and murder.

When you read articles about the case from 2007 to 2011, you’ll notice they are riddled with the PR lies that had been widely propagated in the media by Anne Bremner and David Marriott. He was the sly puppet master who had been pulling strings from the shadows.

The PR lies were spread far and wide. You still see people mindlessly regurgitating them on YouTube, Twitter and in the comments section under articles about Knox. However, it’s heartening to see so many different people correct these false claims. TJMK and the Wiki website have made a bigger difference than people realise. I’ve seen some really informed comments from people who clearly have a detailed knowledge of the case and taken the time to read the official court documents.

Posted by The Machine on 04/25/20 at 07:41 AM | #

I second the motion: “TJMK and the Wiki website have made a bigger difference than people realise.”—The Machine.

Yes, Yes they really have. These sites are beyond valuable. It’s hard to know the extensive impact they have all around the world where people are concerned about this case.

Where else can you find links to books like James Raper’s that show the evidence against Knox, Guede, Sollecito?

Where can you find any truth except here and Meredith Kercher Wiki?

It’s hard to discover basic facts about the case anywhere else!

Like the Luminol photos above in this post about Guede’s bloody footprints, with map of the cottage. Where could you find that on the internet? It’d be like digging for diamonds.

What an ocean of information is on TJMK and the Wiki and ONLY here.

No fly by night site. This was amassed over a decade.

Without doubt many journalists and researchers have used this site to see both sides of the case, for guilt or innocence.

The facts are the main thing. The phone records. The changing stories of Knox. Raf’s admission he lied for her. You don’t get this from a smarmy “Knox is a sweetie” article or book. Or movie with Hayden Panettiere.


Her early frightening pranks of roomies at UW, pretended thefts, were leakage despite Steve Moore claiming none. As possibly were her early creative writing stories about “Baby Brother”. Her rock throwing at out-of-control going-away-to-Italy party. More leakage?

Her one night stand with Italian guy after arriving in Italy, while her poor bewildered sister Deanna waited and wondered. Her drug dealer in Perugia on speed dial possibly trading drugs for “favors”.

Her smoking pot in the cottage downstairs, attracting the attention of Guede. Her quick move into Raf’s house upon first meeting him. Her small quarrels with her roommates over cleaning and bringing unknown men into their home. Exposing embarrassing and intimate item in shared bathroom.  The October entry in her journal in Perugia torn out of notebook.

Knox stood with mop and bucket on porch of cottage as police arrived to find a cleaned up crime scene and dead roommate.

Raffaele’s drug use and interest in violent Manga. He stabbed a student in school with scissors in a small fracas in Bari in his youth. He carried a knife into the police station after the murder. Had a knife collection. Posted photo of himself wrapped in toilet tissue as mummy holding sharp cleaver and a bottle of disinfectant. His urologist father was concerned about his drug use, called him constantly to prod him to complete his university degree.

It goes on and on, with these the most general facts that led to suspicion, affirmed by science of Knox DNA mixed in blood of victim in Filomena’s bedroom.

a broken window, clothes strewn on top of its glass not underneath it, so which act came first? 

Where can you find the testimony of Toto who saw Knox and Raf looking at the cottage roof from Grimana Square on the night of the murder engaged in an argument?

TJMK is a vast ocean of fact, debate and official documents translated from Italian to English that can guide anyone seeking truth and not biased opinion. Assess the facts then make a judgment.

Not to mention the entire history of 10 or more years of the legal case is right here on TJMK.

So many links, so much knowledge is found NOWHERE else in easy to navigate form.

Posted by Hopeful on 04/25/20 at 11:11 AM | #

Re The Machine on 04/25/20 at 07:41 AM on Candace Dempsey.

Yes, a real weirdo. Women generally tend to see through Knox, the few other exceptions (all also weird) included Ann Bremner, Karen Pruitt, Michele Moore, and Madison Paxton). Her family had originated in poverty-stricken southern Italy and she carries a huge anti-Italy chip on her shoulder because of that (Doug Longhini of CBS too). She had been blogging on cooking for the Seattle PI and took a suspicious wrong turn.

She was chummy with the Seattle PI editor who gave her her head. (Not long after, the print version of the Seattle PI went out of business; to its credit it did carry Andrea Vogt as well.) Much later it came out that she was groveling to the Knox-Mellases, and her claims to have been a travel reporter (or any kind of reporter) were shot down.

Dempsey did go to Perugia and met the PR shill Frank Sforza (who she used again and again as a main source) and was photographed there stalking the Kerchers in their hotel (she was staying elsewhere). She did demonize the investigators and prosecutors and prosecution witnesses at every turn, mangled the evidence and locked out the Machine and others who attempted to set her readers right.

The one-star reviews on Amazon of her heavily biased book are good fun to read.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/26/20 at 09:51 AM | #

Re Posted by The Machine on 04/25/20 at 07:41 AM on Seattle media and the PR.

Yes, David Marriott ad Ann Bremner moved fast (starting days after Meredith was killed) to turn all the Seattle media and thus all of Seattle into a political machine. In some cases it was a question of whether the reporters and editors were pushed or happily leaped but like TV crime reporter Linda Byron they sure went the extra mile.

We saw all the TV stations and the newspaper Seattle PI (except for Andrea Vogt) and the newspaper Seattle Times (fanatical editor Jonathan Martin) and the local rag West Seattle Herald (Knox is married to the son of the owner now) all misrepresenting the case and the real Knox. Tom Wright, associated with Knox’s high-school, and Seattlites Timothy Egan of the NY Times and Peter Van Sant of CBS also wielded big megaphones.

Having said all that, I should add this. They were not a united band and now all seem to have gone their separate ways, especially as Knox tellingly avoids all of them like the plague. We had enormous encouragement from other Seattlites, many of whom still read here and some of whom long posted here and on the PMF forums, and organized the lion’s share of the translation, bless their hearts . Some were outed and harrassed and legally threatened, but we never saw even one become pro-Knox.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/26/20 at 10:17 AM | #

Re Hopeful on 04/25/20 at 11:11 AM about TJMK

Yes, this site and the extraordinary Wiki do seem to have evolved into juggernauts which have gone the extra mile on detail and backed the PR and the Innocence Project and many pro-Knox talking-head wannabees into corners, showed up their hoaxes and sheer nastiness, and largely silenced them. More to come.

Favoring us of course have been such factors as (1) Italy being such a gentle, likeable and interesting country, (2) with a justice system the world really could learn from, (3) the extreme and perhaps unique level of documentation by the Italian courts and the investigators, (4) several dozen excellent translators, (5) nearly 100 main posters, many posting multiple times, (6) tips and posts by Italian, UK and US lawyers and crime-science experts, and (7) a trio of perps who have resolutely (and quite helpfully to us) kept themselves in the news, often bashing one another and compounding things.

If TJMK has an afterlife as “True Justice” it should perhaps continue to side with victims against incendiary pro-perp PR, frauds and hoaxes (many of them money-grubbing), against the pro-mafia trashings of the good aspects of justice systems, and against the stalkings of victims’ families and the defamations of investigators and court officials. Perhaps associating itself with the UN’s glosal justice centers, an effective way of leveraging. Grant funding could probably be found for something of a payroll.

Any takers?! At minimum the Wiki and TJMK will move into steady-state and be available online for years to come. Both sites run on very stable, very secure software.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/27/20 at 10:22 AM | #

“At minimum the Wiki and TJMK will move into steady-state and be available online for years to come. Both sites run on very stable, very secure software.” This is music to my ears.

Posted by Hopeful on 04/27/20 at 01:44 PM | #

Coronavirus alert. The NY Times has just run two stories that expand on past tips here.

(1) This report by a NYC lung doctor treating COVID recommends that everyone should be using an oximeter to check their oxygen levels daily as low oxygen is the most reliable first warning.

(2) This report (on today’s front page) says that the vaccine being tested by that Oxford group while simultaneously mass production gets under way may really be out later this year.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/28/20 at 08:39 AM | #

Coronavirus alert. Hopeful has suggested having oxygen in the house. FWIW this is my own current take.

Yes COVID IS a low-oxygen (and low glutathione - essentially the same thing) disease. The more oxygen the safer we are, and high oxygen will help us get well.

Yes I have some canned oxygen at home (unused) and did check out prices of oxygen machines ($300 gets an okay one at 7 liters a minute) a month ago when it seemed all NYC-area hospital beds might fill up.

However, you might consider this.

(1) Low oxygen is now seen as a vital first symptom (see point (1) in comment above), it should make you head to a doctor or ER for a test.

(2) Then, if you are not given a bed, and have to ride it out at home, your own oxygen sure would get you well again.

So smart to have some on hand for (2). US eBay has some Boost cans with fast free delivery (in NYC area) at less than $10 a can.

Long-term I dont think it will go to waste. For example oxygen is newly found to work well against many migraines, one Boost can has enough “gulps” for 3-4 migraines if it works for them.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/28/20 at 08:47 AM | #

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