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A Reader Draws A Contrast In Sites Following The Case; Mean Perugia Shock Blog Disappoints

Posted by Peter Quennell

TJMK versus Perugia Shock, compared. Below, a reader’s comment, lifted from yesterday’s post.

It reflects emails from readers who seem frustrated at the Perugia Shock website. Many followers of the case, we included, remain deeply grateful for its excellent and dispassionate early reporting on the case.

Since then, its tone seems less certain. It appears to be frustrated at being held more at arms-length now by some of those really in the know on the case.

Seems a pity. We really still need that earlier kind of on-the-spot reporting.

To the Administrators of this site, and the bloggers here,

I found your website through an article that was published at The Croydon Guardian Newspaper. Ever since then, I’ve been regularly visting this site, reading the highly informative articles, and which have helped me settle my mind on what I think happened the night of 01.11.2007 to the poor victim.

I was always (and continue to be) intrigued by the professionalism, and sound manner in which these articles were written, and the investigation behind them was conducted.

A few days ago, I read something here about a website called Perugia Shock. I thought I’d give it a go (you know, get both sides of the story and hear other voices). I misleadingly believed that that the quality of blogs at the Perugia Shock website would be somewhat equivalent to this website. I was greatly disappointed!

I’ve since made only two blog postings there and been reading what the bloggers have to say. I was truly ‘shocked’ (more than the Perugia Murder itself) by the language, anger, spite and venom that dominated a lot of the bloggers postings there. I have therefore made my third and last posting there and sworn never to visit that site again in risk of wasting my time & breath.

To this effect, I would like to congratulate both the administrators and the bloggers here for their wonderful, calm, professional, polite, and very informative views - what a difference this marks, in comparison to the ‘Perugia Shock’ type of discussions! I am glad I found this website first.

Please continue the excellent work!



Hi Socartes42,
I understand what you say, it’s amazing isn’t it?
I look on in disbelief quite often - as people seem to think I make posts that I can quite frankly say I haven’t.
I emailed Frank Sfarzo about this and told him he has my full blessing to check the IP addresses and post his findings, but alas he never had the human decency to even reply to me.

People insult me there over comments I haven’t even made, which I guess is a good indicator of the type of people the Knox clan are.
It is all very juvenile and a mommas basement type scenario - with people saying things like “it sux” and so forth.
But nevermind, it will all come out in the wash and truth will prevail like it does always - but get ready to see even more evil bile coming from the Knox clan as their ship sinks.

Posted by Deathfish2000 on 11/28/08 at 08:35 PM | #

Hi Deathfish2000,

Thank you for your comments - it’s very reassuring to know that I’m not the only one who thinks things are getting out of hand.

Some of the Perugia Shock bloggers claim to be close to individuals in this case (whether in the form of people claiming to be Chris Mellas, or people claiming to be friends of the girls who lived in the cottage where the murder took place). I don’t know if these people are for real, or if they are imposters.

What I found interesting is that the majority of abusive remarks (whether from people who want me to be angry at Amanda and hate her, or people who hate me because I find her actions suspicious) are directed at anyone who tries to take an objective position. They don’t want to hear what rational grounds you have for having chosen the side you’re on, but instead, they want to say that this doesn’t matter. They seem to be saying that taking sides has nothing to do with forming an objective judgement.

Instead, they want to say “look, we don’t care how you arrived at your judgment, or whether it was rational or irrational; all that matters is which side you’re on, because this by itself is enough to prove that it is inevitable, totally natural, and completely justifiable that you should swear, hurle insults and abuse people from the opposite side”. It is, as if, unless you behave and respond in this agressive manner, you have somehow failed to demonstrate your true support for the side you’re on. This is what I find unacceptable: that they are refusing to think, and accept that they need to explain to others WHY they’ve chosen the side they are on, and which they then go on to zealously fight for. What’s more striking is that they want to silence with all their might and force anyone who wishes to think, or to rationally explain WHY they’ve chosen the side they’re on. They want to silence the Truth by using force. This is a form of fanaticism. Most fanatics don’t want to think, discuss, talk or listen, they just want to find what they believe is a just and important cause, and then fight for it. No one, and no side is of course immune to this.

At Perugia Shock I was told I was “childish” and “go back to your mother, you crying baby” (among other very jeuvenile comments)by people who claimed to be from both sides (the Amanda friends and the Anti-Amandas) - not because of the side I chose, but because of my objection to the agressive method they employ in order to demonstrate their support for the side they take.

You point out, quite correctly, that these people are not interested in any such notions as Truth, or Justice. They just need to find a side to belong to, and feel that they are a part of some thing important; then they think that because what they are part of is so important, they are justified in destroying anything that undermines or threatens their security. But their sense of self-importance and security is totally imaginary and mnisguided because they can’t explain to you or to me how they got there! The harder they hit, the more we know that their fear is growing bigger by the day, and that the threat of realising the insignificance of their cause (including their own insignificance) is slowly beginning to unfold before their eyes.

You’re right, it’s going to get much worse between now and January 16th. As William Shakespeare puts it ” ‘Tis better playing with a lion’s whelp than with an old one dying”. So the closer the lion gets to his death, the louder his roars will get.


Posted by Socrates42 on 11/29/08 at 04:23 PM | #

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