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A Major Media Hoaxer Saw No Career Benefit From Parroting Knox PR

Posted by Peter Quennell

Associated Press HQ Manhattan (pending upgrade)

Colleen Barry ex Associated Press

Remember Colleen Barry of the Associated Press in Italy? Seemingly a total captive of Knox PR?

And a perpetrator of frauds on up to 2,000 media websites, as this 2013 post explained in detail.

Well here she is again very far down in the media pecking order as a lowly copy editor.

You’ll see that her AP stint and why it ended are not mentioned.

Remember Steve Shay? Linda Byron? Peter Popham? Andrew Gumbel? Michael Heavey? Ann Bremner? Francesco Sforza? Rachel Sterne? Jonathan Martin? Bruce Fischer’s gang at Ground Report? All missing in action.

And all stiffed by Knox as explained in this 2019 media overview.

In fact almost all of the once pro-Knox media gang stiffed by Knox seem down on their luck these days. Surprise surprise, it wasn’t a fast track to continued prominence.

Here’s a list (click for larger version) of most of those hapless reporters, other than the 600 or so who posted effusive reviews of the Netflix “documentary” produced by Knox PR for which we have a separate list.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/26/21 at 11:39 AM in


We’ll check the status of all of the above in coming months.

The Machine etc etc have nailed most of those in past posts here, please search TJMK to see them.

Anne Bremner has had a book in the works for two years now, its release date has been pushed back yet again to July 6 of this year.

She was nailed again and again on CNN by the great Wendy Murphy.


Read this ludicrously exaggerated claim about her so-called role on the Amazon page.


This is the inside story of how Anne Bremner had to call upon all her experience—with Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, and Mark Kay Letourneau—to save an innocent girl’s life.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/26/21 at 12:23 PM | #

Oh yes, so many names familiar. Anne Bremner and brother Doug of “Before you take that pill” blog. Steve Moore and Doug Preston go without saying. Candy Dempsey with her book about the case and “Fatal Gift of Beauty” by Nina Burleigh. Ciolino tried to discredit the ear witness who heard scream and multiple people’s footsteps crunching gravel and running up metal stairs. Nathaniel Rich for Rolling Stone…

And think about some of the mini-tragedies that followed the Knox nightclub:
Steve Moore’s wife having to be escorted out of Perugia courtroom for shouting insults at the Judge. Doug Preston fleeing Italy after he was questioned by police about his link with Mario Spezi; Frank Sforza of Perugia Shock who chased the fox to Seattle only to end in disgrace there, and Anne Bremner’s DUI episode in her vehicle, an incident which revealed her lifelong bipolar disorder (correct me if I’m wrong) and the meds she was on for that and exposed her unhappiness and envy of Nancy Grace. Then her brother came alongside to defend her with his blog, “Don’t Touch That Pill” by Doug Bremner.

None of these Knox supporters knew her well or the case facts. The David Marriott PR machine misled them. He was a hired gun paid by embarrassed daddy, didn’t they know better? And of course Judge Heavey who got in trouble using his legal letterhead stationery to try to lend weight to his private opinion and who wrote Mignini telling him stuff about Knox’s innocence, some of which he got from his daughter who shared carpool with Knox? Heavey went all around to Rotary Clubs talking about the injustice done to sweet little Amanda.

Then many of them posed at Salty’s and a few “shot the bird” finger as their elegant pro-Knox message. She has bluffed many, but only those who want to be deceived.

Posted by Hopeful on 01/26/21 at 06:22 PM | #

Very interesting to hear about all of the sad realities of the pro Knox group, and not surprising given the clip Peter posted of Anne that she has personal problems.

Peter you posted a series of articles recently about the insurrection and drawing parallels between Trump and Knox conspiracy theorists, thank you for this, very interesting. I recently read something in the ‘Letters from America’ email circular (free & worth subscribing to) which described how Trump employed lots of fifth rate people to the White House, who all knew that they would never be anywhere near these jobs in a proper merit based system and so were extra loyal to him as a result. It’s a clever way of garnering fealty, even if you end up with some terrible people working for you.

It reminded me of the pro Knox group of writers, lawyers and media people….they are all objectively inept at their jobs and would never get any public attention, or perhaps even earn a living, of it wasn’t for their Knox association and they know it, so they’ll never back down on it! What a terrible way to earn a living. The brutality of the American economy seems to encourage these sorts of niches for dishonesty (if American readers don’t mind me observing!).

Posted by HotAir on 01/27/21 at 06:49 AM | #

Pfizer vaccine shot today, no feeling, no effects yet. Depth of planning, organizing, equipping and training at a NJ state vaccine megacenter (which I waited for) was really amazing.

The 100 or so national guard soldiers and 20-30 nurses were busy though all very cheerful. Checks outside and inside front entrance, then 15 minutes sitting at one of a number of tables with cute fringes to the floor in a huge room while another soldier puts dozens of answers in a laptop and chats away.

Then into another huge room with 20 cubicles and nurses, then after more chat the shot, which came in a preloaded syringe. Then to a seating area to wait 15 minutes with a timer, and then 2 checks that the appointment in 3 weeks for dose 2 is made.

Those in US maybe know they will have to do 250 million x 2 before we are out of the woods, meaning 4-5 million a day if to be done by midyear. Today’s megacenter will soon be up to some thousands a day if vaccine production allows, at a guess they did 600 today.


Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/27/21 at 05:42 PM | #

@Peter, thanks for describing the vaccine center with nurses, national guard, quite an experience.

Best to you on the health benefits of the vaccine. I hope you have mildest reaction, if any, and it protects you well.

Posted by Hopeful on 01/27/21 at 06:04 PM | #

Thanks a lot Hopeful. Anybody else with such good systems experiences?

These 6 NJ megacenters are essentially military operations. I’d not understood that prior to my arrival yesterday. Everybody was treating the guardsmen with appreciation and gratitude, and that seemed something novel and really nice for them.

My own nurse in booth 17 was a retiree, born in the Bronx, who was also thrilled to suddenly find herself so important.

As I implied above the obvious quality of systems was awesome and I’m still wondering who figured it all out. There were scripts for every guardsman, big posters on the walls with tips and explanations, very clever guidance through the maze they had set up.

On arrival, one is given a credit-card-sized card with a square bar code, and at every phase a guardsman scans that with their ipad. Almost all the guardsman had ipads so there had been major software developed or pre-ready to make all of this hum.

We have a state governor (Murphy) who may be the best governor in the US now. He is warm and friendly and he thinks teams and boosts everybody. He is worth some hundreds of millions because he was a wildly successful dealmaker when Goldman Sachs went public.

For myself today, I feel lovely! Come on, Canada, open up the New Brunswick & Nova Scotia border! They have real fish & chips in Canada (haddock).

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/28/21 at 10:17 AM | #

One of the most famous sources of conspiracy theories as well as guesses at scientific explanations has been the mystery deaths of 9 Russian hikers, the full team, back in 1959.

The conditions of the dead hikers was seriously weird, not many real murder sites yield anything even more weird. There are hundreds of YouTubes, some with millions of views, arguing possible explanation and points of view, some also seriously weird.


Okay. Cut to just a few months ago when the results of a Swiss scientific study were announced. It’s not definitive proof that a rare form of avalanche (probably caused by the climbers themselves in preparing a flat spot for their tent) but it seems the scientific frontrunner for now, and all others have been put on hold.




Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/29/21 at 09:22 AM | #

@HotAir, keep chiming in. Only good word I have today is a cat joke: what do you call a Persian cat and a Himalayan cat smoking cigars?
answer: Fluff and Puff

What did one star in the galaxy say to the other?
Just glow with the flow.

The cat joke reminds me of Catnip a former poster on PMF, from Australia. It’s hot summer now in the land down under, while we in U.S. are freezing.

Posted by Hopeful on 02/01/21 at 05:22 PM | #

The great Catnip is still a frequent presence here.

His last great work was the recent translation of the early 2009 Judge Micheli report, a real sleeper which will soon serve us well.

We never did Micheli in total back then (we posted summaries) because the autopsy section reduced the translator to tears, it showed what a barbaric crime this really was.

Catnip also thankfully provided us with this.  https://tinyurl.com/y63bmvcf

All our annihilations of Marasca/Bruno would be themselves fill a small book.

No non-Italian media outlet ever even reported on Marsca/Bruno in full, let alone translate them, let alone pull them apart.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/02/21 at 11:56 AM | #

Knox praises Saul Kassin. See The Mirror.co.uk Jan. 31, 2021. She says Kassin, a psychologist, “gave me a gift unlike any other I’ve ever received.” He gave her “the knowledge that I was not crazy;..I was not at fault for what happened during the interrogation (where she accused her boss of the murder) and that she was “not alone in my suffering”.

Knox is now pushing support for Bill S324, legislation in New York which would ban police from using deception in the interrogation room, says The Mirror.

Mirror reports that Knox in a “fiery Twitter” accuses the Italian police of tapping her phone, gaslighting her and coercing her to sign a false confession. Kassin who has studied false confessions for decades, told Knox to write down everything she recalled about her interrogation and send it to him.

She said she had blamed herself for making the false statement for a long time and that people online accuse her because of it of being “self-serving” and “rotten” and worse. Kassin has relieved her of guilt about the matter.

The Mirror online article is headlined “Amanda Knox says ‘worst moment of her life was interrogation not murder conviction”, Jan. 31, 2021.

“People often assume that the worst moment of my life was that first guilty verdict where I collapsed in the courtroom or that nothing could be worse than those years trapped in a cell. They’re wrong.”

“The worst moment of my life was my interrogation.”

And then in the Mirror article she goes on to say all the usual guff and exaggerations and falsehoods about a 5 day persecution of 53 hours interrogated, no interpreter is implied, and that she was young (20 years old, you’d think she was 12), says she was 3,000 miles from home, the mean Italian police wouldn’t let her answer her cell phone during the questioning when it was her Mom calling who had arrived in Italy. They wore her down, gaslit her into submission, so she signed a document they wrote for her.

She claims that she recanted it afterwards as a product of confusion, told police she couldn’t stand by it, it was all a jumble but they ignored her; she was shaking and tired, they’d robbed her of sleep. She signed it after great pressure and the police congratulated themselves, threw her in a cell and rushed off to arrest her boss.

Much of the article seems to be taken from Knox’s book, “Waiting To Be Heard.”

She complains that the police “made me feel insane. Like I couldn’t trust my own thoughts, my own memories.”

They suggested she had amnesia from trauma of seeing the crime. They said she was a witness, that she was helping them, all lies Knox calls it.

She resents them yelling at her to “REMEMBER!! She says they hit her. They told her, “If you just remember, everything will be fine.” They told her “You were there.”

Knox claims the police told her Raffaele had contradicted her alibi. A lie, according to Knox.

The article in The Mirror seems to reveal a capable liar (Knox) angry at being upstaged by better liars (Italian police) who used deception if at all for positive motives, to get to the truth. We know why Knox uses deception.

Knox wants the whole world to hate the police as she does.

She hates them because they got to the root of her little pretense of “not remembering”. She hates them because they saw through her shabby act, that’s why the interrogation was so destabilizing to her. Her magic had failed.

Can you believe an interrogation (if you were innocent) would be more horrifying to you than a conviction in court for murder (if you were innocent)? I believe she knew she deserved that court’s conviction, and is still hacked off about the interrogation because her lies there were her downfall.

She hates the police and now wants to tie their hands (via the legislation she is promoting re: interrogation rules) because they are on the right side, wise about liars of her ilk and know how to ferret out the truth.

They were trying to catch a killer and bring offenders to justice and she was not trying to do that at all. 

Posted by Hopeful on 02/05/21 at 06:33 PM | #

Thank you, Hopeful. I was unaware of the article, which seems rather old now.

Did she mention the following points?

I calculate that the crucial part of the interview proper lasted for 35 minutes, or at the outside, 50 minutes. It started with the arrival of the interpreter, which both Knox (in her book) and the interpreter (Anna Donnino), timed at 12.30 am.

Her initial statement, blaming Lumumba for the murder, was timed at 1.45 am. There is thus an hour and a quarter between the two events, but of course she had first to explain herself and then the statement had to be typed up for her. I doubt if there was any great rush over the latter. There never is in the police station. There is always the report and conference stage. And then, of course, as Anna Donnino herself testified, the statement had to be presented and explained (in english)to Knox.

Did she mention that when she fingered Lumumba she was alone with the only male officer involved with the interview, Ivano Raffo, as confirmed by Knox herself in a letter she wrote to her lawyers on the 9th Nov and in a tape recorded meeting with her mother in prison? That, in itself would have involved a break whilst Raffo reported to the others, giving further credence to the 35 mins.

Did she mention that the critical part of the interview was over an exchange of texts with Lumumba recorded on her phone? She could not, or rather would not, remember with whom. How long did she flaff about over this? This undoubtedly would have frustrated the police.In her book, and even now, she tries to claim that it was the police who put the notion of Lumumba into her mind, but in her court testimony she admitted, directly to the judge, that the police had not done that at all - that it had all been because of images swirling around in her mind.

Does she mention that in her statement she says she met Lumumba on the basketball court in Piazza Grimana before going to the cottage with him at the time of the murder, which is not featured in the evidence until Curatolo came forward much later to confirm this?

If, by gaslighting, she means the “hard evidence” she claims she was told by the police that they had, this really is rather feeble. Did she ask them what this hard evidence was? Of course not. Would anyone who was not there, who was innocent, not ask?

Does she mention that she made another statement to the police at 5.45 am in which she repeats, without prevarication, what she had said in her earlier statement, but this time adding that she had put her hands over her ears when Meredith screamed? Two witnesses testified that they had heard such screaming.

6 years later, in her book, but not in her Memorial, nor in her court testimony, she tried to claim that it was Mignini who had mentioned a scream to her and not the other way around.

She had 4 hours between her two statements to think about recanting. She did not, which tells you all you need to know about why she made the false statement in the first place. She had thought that as a traumatized but innocent witness it was her get-out-of-jail immediately card.

In the article she proffers a conspiracy theory about when Sollecito told the police that she had not been with him all the time on the evening of the murder. Napoleoni would appear to be at the heart, if not the sole source, of the conspiracy. Sollecito had signed his statement at 3.30 am but Napoloeni had told Knox about Sollecito recanting before Knox was interviewed. So, had Napoleoni lied to Knox? If so she had also lied to Inspector Ficarra, who testified that she had been told by Napoleoni about the contradiction in the joint alibi, and had been asked to seek an explanation from Knox on the issue during the subsequent interview.

The conspiracy nutjobs will love this but it is all baloney. One would expect the police to first seek Knox’s explanation before taking a signed statement from Sollecito as to what he had told them earlier.

Kassin, of course, will never have received the full facts from Knox and her entourage, nor have done any research or fact checking.He can be discounted as having any worthwhile opinion as it pertains to this particular case.


Posted by James Raper on 02/06/21 at 07:04 AM | #

@James Raper, You’re so right, and why would Knox have all those crazy thoughts swirling around in her head about the murder if she was across town asleep and nowhere near the sad event?

You mentioned how she somewhat saw Patrick in visions and imaginations of her mind as she claimed, how she PUT HER HANDS OVER HER EARS AS MEREDITH SCREAMED. Didn’t she say she imagined she was right outside the bedroom where all this violence and killing was taking place, kneeling in the kitchen with her hands over her ears?

Please correct me if not, but where in the world did all these wild ideas come from as if by telepathy into her mind if she had nothing to do with the crime and was elsewhere?

Why would she later at Questura for police questioning start hitting herself in the head over and over?

Why does a person slap himself in the head? Take your hand and slap yourself in the head, on the side or directly on the forehead. What does that action express? Anger at the self? Self-hate? A desire to PUNISH the self. Self disgust?

We should not underestimate the power of suggestion. Maybe Meredith in her defensive struggle had slapped Knox on the side of the head? so Knox repeats the gesture, retooling it to her emotional need.

Also that thing of covering her ears to block out Meredith’s screams and suffering, that may stem from a real action Knox took that night before.
Maybe she exited the room where the fight was taking place to go tend to a bloody nose in the kitchen and left the two guys holding the screaming Meredith. Maybe it all unnerved Knox for a few minutes but she pulled herself together and returned to finish the fight? Who knows?

To hit oneself in the head seems to reflect a desire to physically slap out of the brain some horrific thought or image that is tormenting the mind. Or perhaps it means, “How could I have been so blind, so stupid?”

Why should Knox hit herself in the head and be so terrified and distressed about what was in her mind or about what she had said or done? Hadn’t she been quietly resting at her boyfriend’s comfortable apartment on a school holiday with no work to bother her and happily planning a trip the next day with her newfound boyfriend to Gubbio to see the sights?
Weren’t they snuggling and happy while Meredith was being attacked and killed?

They claimed to have nothing to do with it, so why was Knox so addled and defensive during questioning?

So how could Knox have such bizarre thoughts swirling in her head, disjointed thoughts, untrue thoughts even about her boss?

Why all this dramatic imagery in Knox’s innocent mind?

Meredith’s other female friends across town like Robyn Butterworth and the English girls she liked so much also came down to the police station in Perugia. They had no such visions or evil thoughts. They were frightened but mostly sad, and didn’t imagine what had happened, but asked to be told what had happened.

Their minds weren’t full of gore and terror like Knox’s mind.

No, Knox will never tell the truth about the police interview, it’s all edited for her purposes to make a case for coercion and abuse.

If anyone doubts Knox is above lying, recall that her loving new boyfriend outright told police, “She told me to lie for her.”

She has appeared in one of my dreams recently where she was getting very thin and whiter and whiter, thinner and thinner. Then I realized she was trying to get skinny enough to squeeze through the prison bars and escape. There were other elements to the dream, even Edda Mellas was in it. I assure you I awoke in a surly mood, but soon shook it off.

You mention Curatolo, God bless him. He was collateral damage in this needless murder. When they took him out of his beloved open air park and threw him after he testified about Knox seen near the crime, he died. Now John Kercher is dead, Arline Kercher is dead, Meredith Kercher is dead, and that makes 4 people whom I consider fallout from the dreadful deed.

Posted by Hopeful on 02/06/21 at 06:57 PM | #

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