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Tomorrow Could See The Beginning Of The End Of The Rampaging “Public Relations” Campaign

Posted by Peter Quennell

Tomorrow the court probably wont touch directly on issues of Sollecito’s and Knox’s innocence or guilt.

Instead the court under a Supreme Court requirement will get into the myriad dirty tricks of the defenses, why such campaigns had to be run if the accused perps had no blame, how the mafia is infiltrating its way in, and maybe some hard evidence of real crimes.

The three shown above are of course defense lawyer Giulia Bongiorno, Judge Hellmann, and Francesco, Sollecito’s dad.

Bongiorno may have offered bribes for false testimony, tame judge Hellmann may have attempted to cover up evidence of crimes (those bribes), and Papa Doc may have been over-eager to get his son out of prison by any means fair or foul.

Except for Luciano Aviello’s photo, which has never yet appeared on the web, as he had that protection as a jailhouse snitch, we have had a pretty comprehensive series of posts about him starting back in June 2010. These seven are perhaps the most key.

Note that NOBODY knows exactly what the prosecution has up its sleeves. The FOA wannabees still don’t realize what a huge jump the prosecution has on them. It plays its cards very close to the chest.

Going back a very long time the prosecution appear to have set a number of traps. Back in 2010 it knew Hellmann’s presence at the appeal had been quietly organized by the defense. It knew that the Supreme Court understood that Guede could not have killed Meredith on his own.

And it knew that Aviello was a walking time-bomb and knew how to set him off.  And all of the three above seem to have unwittingly walked into that trap.

Of course there is no way that the court closes the book on Aviello tomorrow, because his own trial in Florence under the same prosecutor’s office is still going on. There is immense pressure on Aviello to come clean and not end up inside yet again.

All three above could be called to give testimony at his trial. And he could pave the way to all three facing trials of their own.


Hmmm. The Italian news service TMNews referred to him as “Luciano Spaviello”. Simply a mistake?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/04/13 at 11:14 AM | #

@Peter Quennell

Peter if this report is correct then it would appear that the prosecution have played a very long and deep strategy in this case. Getting to the bottom of the truth of what Knox,Sollecito & Guede did has led to uncovering so many vipers nests..apologies for the metaphoric language but how do you refer to families who cover up murder and then resort to using the worst kind of criminal to help them do it.

Here’s hoping the prosecution succeed in all its aims.

Posted by Olliebear on 10/04/13 at 11:46 AM | #

Hi Olliebear

It did play a long game. The prosecution relied heavily on the Supreme Court to make things come right after it had its case strongly reconfirmed with the final appeal of Rudy Guede.

One thing is for sure: it never leaks. It answers questions and does a few interviews but these are always on the record.

It actually did announce in court papers what the investigations into the Sollecito and Knox books are targeted upon. It was the overseeing judge in each case that yanked this and took everything behind the scenes.

I sorta see the point of that (no edge to the lawyers or PR) but it did not help us here. There is a vacuum of information on what in the books is wrong. Hence AK and RS can get on TV and face no hard questions on the books.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/04/13 at 01:07 PM | #

@Peter Quennell

Thank you Peter. However there is no vacuum of information here on what is wrong in the books.I think you did a previous post on a judge holding fire on defamation claims that are sure to be heard at a later stage.

Still it has always been difficult to watch Knox and Sollecito whine in the court of public opinion using PR connexions and the media’s hunger for ratings to act the innocent.

The appeal court seems to be extremely focused on the scope of the appeal and the soundness of the original reasoning behind the initial conviction.

Posted by Olliebear on 10/05/13 at 12:43 AM | #

Hi Olliebear

Fair point. I should have written “vacuum of information on what the prosecutors are zeroing in on”.

We have done our own analysis of Sollecito’s book; right now it is on a hidden page while we reformat it. It’s easy to pick the defamations and the wrong claims. We have done less work on Knox’s book although we will get there. The main defamations are quick to spot, uncontroversial,  and as you say we have posted on several of them.

How much does this coincide with the official prosecutors’ analyses in Perugia, Florence and Bergamo? We dont know yet.

Normally we have no problem getting court submissions but in these rare cases as we agreed the judges took them behind the scenes so the defense lawyers and especially PR attack dogs have no advance warnings.

There are official deadlines to prosecutor analysis and the findings and charges should emerge any time now. Conceivably there wont be separate trials for the books; the findings and penalties could possibly get bundled into the main appeal. Stay tuned.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/05/13 at 01:33 AM | #

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