Will Frank Sforza Show In Seattle Court? If Not Arrest Warrant And Freedom Revocation Probably Next

[Above center: Frank Sforza with close acquaintances Curt Knox and Michael Heavey]

1. Skeptical Bystander reports:

Live from the Seattle Municipal Court: Sforza a no show this morning.

Attorney requests one week delay, says Frank is having customs problems and interpreter is not available this afternoon.

Judge asks if Frank’s English is good enough to function without interpreter and then resets for 1:30 today.

Will he show? KING 5 cameraman was there.

2. Fly By Night reports

Frank Sforza is a no show this afternoon as well. This time, there’s no KING camera to record the non-event. Waiting for Judge McKenna to make an appearance.

If there were supporters in attendance, they were being very discreet.

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I’ve just posted this on PMF:

Before the afternoon Seattle Municipal Court session began, Frank’s court appointed lawyer and the court bailiff informed interested parties that he would not be making an appearance. The KING5 cameraman decided to leave before hearing the adjudication. With court in session, the lawyer apologized to the judge for wasting the court’s time on her no-show client in requesting the half-day delay.

In the morning session the lawyer initially requested a one week delay due to Frank having “customs” problems. The judge gave her only a few hours to sort things out. In the afternoon she could provide no further information for the court regarding Frank’s absence. The judge was aware of Frank’s legal issues in Hawaii, but could find nothing in Frank’s record that would have prevented him from making it to court, and therefore disregarded the claims of “customs issues”.

The judge was willing to entertain any additional excuses or suggestions on Frank’s behalf, but unfortunately there were no supporters to be found, leaving his lawyer to state “I have no further suggestions, your honor.”

The judge then asked the prosecution for a recommended course of action. The response was, “issue a bench warrant for Mr. Sforca’s arrest”, and the judge agreed, issuing a bench warrant for Frank’s arrest on this New Year’s Eve, 2012.

Posted by Fly By Night on 01/01/13 at 01:19 AM | #

Very much appreciated Fly By Night. The report now appears as part of the post above.

I did think he’d show or at least supply his lawyer with a good reason why he needed some delay. I’m slightly surprised at this.

I’m a lot more surprised that no-one from the Sollecito/Frank/Fischer nexus turned up and also no-one from the Knox-Mellas tribe.

Owww. That must hurt. Still he rained hurt himself and his good times are past.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/01/13 at 02:15 AM | #

Well.  What a liability he is, ain’t he!  I am stunned reading all this (I have been away and out of it) rather belatedly. 

Kermit - handsome job.  Thank you!

So, if I have understood correctly, this man has been assaulting (!!) his benefactors in and around the USA? 

Can’t be right.  Makes no sense whatsoever to me.  He must have a screw loose.  Biting the very hand that feeds him.  I expect he just can’t help himself.  It was all bound to unravel sooner or later and lo and behold it has begun.  Good.

King5 there?  Now why didn’t Edda and Curt – or, better still, Amanda herself -  take the opportunity to a) appear on TV and b) spring to his defense and accuse the US judiciary of railroading him?  Only fair, I would say. 

Anyone heard from them on the matter?  No, s’pose not.  What a missed opportunity.

If there are any investigative journalists out there wanting to make a New Year’s bang, opening and analysing this can of worms would be a good way to go!

P.S. Pete, I realised I missed your answer to my question some time ago.  Thanks for explaining.

Posted by thundering on 01/01/13 at 10:34 AM | #

Hi Thundering.  Two of the people he assaulted (in Hawaii and Canada) were indeed benefactors, having provided him with free tickets, lodging, and in one case - a large amount of money. The ones he assaulted in Seattle are not associated with FOA, as far as we understand - probably roommates he found on Craig’s List or a similar site. 

The Knox-Mellas clan had no reason to defend him because he didn’t treat them much differently.  He stayed with them for about 2 months (instead of the 2 weeks they had planned to host him), mooched off them, and made a pass at Amanda.  At that point, they asked him to leave. I think that’s when he went to Canada, but I’m not 100% clear on the timeline. Chris Mellas referred to him as a moocher and made it obvious that they didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

One of the victims, when handed his cellphone by the police, made some calls to his contacts to let them know he’d been arrested.  Apparently, most or all of them had had similar experiences with Frank - being mooched off, made to feel uncomfortable in their own homes, possibly fearing for their own safety, etc.  Not every single person Frank has assaulted has come out about it, so his trail of assaults is longer than his arrests indicate.

The top FOA will not come to his defense at this point because he’s too controversial.  They’ve left his defense to Bruce Fischer and a handful of cronies, who’ve been busy bullying the victims and making preposterous excuses for Frank’s behavior - like the fact that he has a “unique” personality.  Sound familiar?  It’s the same people who solicited donations for Frank and who make a point of insulting and berating the Kercher family.  The people who made fun of John Kercher’s white feather, the sort of thing which brings tears to normal people’s eyes, are the same people who are now defending a criminal.

Like I said before, if these are Amanda’s friends, she doesn’t need enemies.  Despite the fact that we believe in her guilt, we have treated her with more respect than the people who say terrible things in her name or have attempted to peddle private pictures of her.

Posted by Vivianna on 01/01/13 at 07:47 PM | #

Hi Vivianna,

Thank you for the information.  He really is a liability for the FOA if they have to take care of his defense as well as everything else.  Is that why he has ‘disappeared’, I wonder?  Sweep him under the carpet and hope for limited damage to Amanda’s public image. 

Really they only have themselves to blame for starting the ugly PR campaign off in the first place.  Now it has come back to hit them in the face as could only be expected.

Same old tactics.  Meddling with the course of justice and, yes, ‘unique’ does ring a bell.

So he stayed at the K/M homes and made a pass at Amanda? Where was her boyfriend then?  She may be keen to return to the relative tranquillity of an Italian jail and escape all this madness.

Who would have thought that Amanda’s defense would end up like this? 

And how terrible that Meredith’s name has to be linked in with all of this.

Posted by thundering on 01/02/13 at 05:14 PM | #
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