To Create Points With More Traction For His Yawnfests, Mr Heavey Convenes A Mock Court…

“Right” said Mr Heavey “I have convened this mock court to replace some of our failing arguments against the mountain of pesky evidence implicating our little cherub, Amanda Knox”

“Amanda of course is innocent. We all know that. Guede was the sole attacker, and Amanda and Sollecito were not there, and all of Italy has got it wrong.

“Let’s begin with some of the pesky items we have not yet shaken, and see if we can explain them away.”

(1) The numerous DNA traces in the cottage itself that were a mix of Meredith and Amanda.

(2) The DNA of Sollecito strongly showing on the bra clasp.

(3) The imprint of the murder weapon in blood on the bed sheet that matched exactly the knife found in Sollecito’s kitchen carrying Merediths and Amandas DNA. The same knife Sollecito claimed that Meredith cut her finger on even though she had never been to his apartment.

(4) Sollecito’s small knife matching the small wounds on Meredith neck.

(5) The shoe imprint under Meredith’s body which matched Amanda’s shoe size.

(6) The bloody imprint on the bathmat which was proven to be Sollecito’s.

(7) Knox’s lamp in Meredith’s bedroom with no fingerprints, and only one fingerprint of Amanda’s in the entire cottage, which proved once again that there had been a cleanup

(8) The break-in with the glass on top of the clothes in the bedroom, proving that the room was ransacked before the window was broken.

(9) The break-in through the window even though it was an impossible wall to climb and the soil outside had not been disturbed even though it had been wet outside.

(10) The extensive cell phone evidence.

(11) The extensive computer and internet evidence.

(12) Sollecito saying nothing had been stolen even though he could not know for sure as the room been ransacked.

(13) Amanda knowing the precise position of Meredith’s body even though she could not see into the room where Meredith died.

(14) The many witnesses against Knox including the girls who lived with Meredith.

(15) Amanda accused an innocent man, her kindly employer Patrick Lamumba, and let him languish for two weeks.

(16) Amanda and Sollecito each change their stories three or four times; each chip away angrily at the other.

(17) Amanda voluntarily writes a list of other suspects for the police without coercion; includes maps and phone numbers.

(18) Amanda writes out several so-called confessions without coercion, they were her choice.

(19) The autopsy definitively proves more than one attacker;  the 47 bruises and knife wounds on Meredith’s body could not have been made by a single attacker.

(20) Our DNA contamination claim totally unsupported.

(21) Amanda not actually interrogated at all, let alone for over 50 hours by teams of policemen, which she confirmed in her book.

(22) The numerous lies about justice officials from Amanda and Sollecito which they repeated in their books.

(23) Sollecito accused Amanda of making him lie and denying her alibi; whereupon Amanda broke down and screamed and admitted she was there covering her ears.

(24) Amanda’s and Sollecito’s pallid demeanor the next day.

(25) Amanda has sex with a drug dealer in exchange for drugs up to day of arrest.

(26) Amanda smells like rotten eggs the next morning indicating possible use of cocaine or crystal meth.

“Right!” said Mr Heavey.  First, thanks to our audience which consists mostly of Michelle Sings Easterly Moore and Edda Mellas.

“And now we hear from our experts, Steve Moore, Bruce Fischer, Curt Knox, and Chris Mellas.

“After we have these ones nailed there will be a couple of hundred more.

“I will be writing to the Italian President again soon, to set all of Italy right, as that worked so well for us before…”

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 02/03/15 at 02:33 PM in Hoaxes Knox & team20 No-PR hoaxHoaxers from 2007Heavey, Bremner

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Absolutely. A case of “the man who knew too much”. Amanda knew the precise position of Meredith’s body. She knew Meredith had not died fast. 

Foxy’s boyfriend knew nothing had been stolen. She knew mops were carried across town yet couldn’t recall where she had been that night, neither could he.

They knew way too much about the crime and way too little about what they themselves were occupied doing.

Knox also confusedly recalled that Lumumba killed Meredith. She knew he fancied her. Oh she knew so much, in the way of fantasies and excuses. First she knew she was in the kitchen earwitnessing the entire crime. Then she took the opposite stance, said she was nowhere near the cottage.

Judge Heavey would laugh these two lying clowns out of court if similar characters with preposterous lies had come before him. Somehow with Amanda across the ocean he can’t see as clearly. Needs glasses, and less influence from his daughter’s friendships and carpools.

Amanda and her boyfriend knew nothing about a man called Rudy Guede yet witnesses had seen them together walking in Perugia and Amanda later confessed that she had met Rudy, when he had visited her own cottage downstairs.

She knew nothing about how to get drugs. She told police that friends or somebody else procured them for her. Yet a drug dealer is on her speed dial.

Would Judge Heavey buy such a story in his own jurisdiction? His son must cringe.

Posted by Hopeful on 02/04/15 at 04:54 AM | #

For the Heavey mock court #2:

AK walks past a broken window, to shower in a blood soaked bathroom, then hops on the bathroom mat, and leaves the other toilet unflushed
AK is such a great friend she skips the MK memorial
AK is such a great friend she says MK had her f***ing throat cut
AK writes that Lumumba murderered Meredith, RS was gone
AK writes that Lumumba murdered Meredith, RS may be there
AK writes that Lumumba murdered Meredith, not sure about RS
AK tells her mother PL is innocent, but lets him sit in jail
AK claims she only lied about PL because the police beat her
AK testifies (June 2009) she can’t remember a lot of things
AK cannot remember who hit her, but 6 years later, remembers it was Rita Ficarra
AK book contradicts many of her testimony claims
AK refuses to return to Italy for her own appeal
AK refuses to return to Italy for Cassation appeal

RS says he was at a party (not sure which)
RS says he and AK were at his place
RS says AK went out, and he was on his computer
RS (Nov 5th) says AK asked him to lie for her
RS (Massei trial), refuses to say where he was
RS (Massei trial), refuses to testify
RS (Hellmann appeal) says he and AK were at his place
RS doesn’t seem to know what is in his own book, and it contradicts him
RS (Nencini appeal) refuses to testify about where he was
RS plays hookie at his appeal to suntan abroad
RS (Feb 2014) says he has questions about AK
RS (July 2014 P.C.) Says AK was with him in the evening, but not the night.

Actually, Hopeful, this pattern sounds pretty consistent with innocent to me.  Not sure why you are such a doubter.

Posted by Chimera on 02/04/15 at 05:39 AM | #

Wow. Nicely put Hopeful and Chimera. The ironies and contradictions seem to go on forever. Mr Heavey’s Mock Court, Part Deux.

The RS and AK books added a whole new level of difficulty for them. More soon on those, we are expecting more reactions from the RS camp. Clearly nobody told them that Gumbel, Moore, Fischer and Frank Sforza, the real writing team, was stuffing the book with myriad false accusations of crimes.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/04/15 at 02:14 PM | #

All our posts that refer to Heavey are here:

Heavey was an elected judge, for which there is no training requirement and no threshold other than convincing some voters and fundraising.

Mignini and the Italian judges he arrogantly puts down - he sure is not short on arrogance - follow an incredibly demanding career path; a problem with Hellmann was that he was well trained, but as a business judge.

In his seven years of attempting to deny justice for Meredith, Michael Heavey seems to have had a terrible batting average.

1) Like Moore and Girlanda and some others, he sounds all slobbery and weepy over Amanda Knox, which is never a good thing.

2) He has written pretentious, strident and misleading letters to the Presidents of the US and Italy - both of whom ignored him.

3) He was disciplined by a peer group of judges, and we know of judges who despise him for the shame he brings to their profession.

4) He was on a panel at the University of Seattle, and even those on his side complained that he and Steve Moore sounded as if they were in a bubble.

5) He was on a “congressional briefing” panel organized by Sharlene Martin, and the only person from Congress was Sen Cantwell who scuttled in and out again, embarrassed.

6) He wrote one of the seriously misleading chapters in the book Preston edited called The Forgotten Killer - which failed to explain how Guede was forgotten. (We will fact check that book soon.)

7) He paid out major money to Frank Sforza, who turned out to be a violent shakedown crook evicted from Canada and Hawaii and on the run from Seattle police.

So. Zero traction, and Heavey comes across as a legally incompetent xenophobe. He really wants all of this as his epitaph?!

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/04/15 at 03:10 PM | #

Cali has written a very good article about Amanda Knox’s most disturbed supporters on Twitter:

Posted by The Machine on 02/04/15 at 08:23 PM | #

Thank you for this post Mr. Rhodes. We haven’t heard much from Michael J. Heavey since he discredited his entire career by advocating for convicted murderers and retiring in disgrace. Well he has made some youtube videos and rotary club appearances. But for sure, his former associates now regard his admonishments and ludicrous claims as being attributed to borderline dementia. I think that it is safe to assume that we have heard the last from him.

Posted by Johnny Yen on 02/04/15 at 08:25 PM | #

I hope it is ok to repost this, I just love this countdown graphic.  It helps me to remember that surely time will run out for Meredith’s murderers.

Posted by Mark on 02/05/15 at 02:08 AM | #

Just an update on Amanda Knox’s appeal to the European Court of Human Rights re her calunnia conviction. Some FOA had claimed it had been accepted, we on the other hand doubted it ever would be, on grounds of admissibility.

Sent e-mail whether Knox v. Italy application no. 76577/13 which was lodged with the Court on 24 November 2013 had been accepted?

Just got reply from ECHR:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email.

The case in question will be examined by the Court in due time. No decision as to its admissibility so far.

With best wishes,

ECHR – Press Unit

Posted by Ergon on 02/05/15 at 02:28 AM | #

Thanks for this great article, Grahame!  And to everyone - I’m enjoying the comments, too.  This all really condenses the b.s. smoke screen of the FOAKers into the preposterous vapour of the obvious obfuscation that it has always been to anyone who reads the evidence & decisions, and is not on the murders’ payroll.  obKnoxious & Manga Knife Boy are guilty by any reasonable standard of justice.

Thanks (Mark, wasn’t it?) for the countdown timer.  It reminds me of Grahame’s sign-off: Roll On Justice.  Yes!

Posted by all4justice on 02/05/15 at 07:07 PM | #

Yes, thank you, Grahame (and others), for the thorough post. When you see it all laid out like that it is compelling. The supporters just cannot be reasoned with.

I can’t wait for March. It seems everything comes down to this. Way back when, I used to think Raffy would crack and spill all but I was wrong. I wonder what will happen…

Posted by Wascana on 02/06/15 at 01:21 AM | #

Thanks Grahame, Heavey nicely lampooned as a typical meddlesome retiree searching desperately for a role. Poor man, he really wants to feel useful for something, anything.

Posted by Odysseus on 02/06/15 at 02:09 PM | #
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