The Prosecution’s Case Is VERY Formidable - Oops, It Makes No Legal Sense

(1) Ted Simon’s objective and accurate statements on the strength of the case against Amanda Knox (Dec 2008)

(2) Ted Simon’s shrill and misleading statements on the strength of the case against Amanda Knox (Feb 2010).

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Hi Peter,  Just a thought, as I believe it would be inappropriate for the Kerchers to appear on Oprah, and probably way too painful for them - is there any possibility that you yourself, as well as some American legal experts and some journalists recently mentioned on this site - is there any possibility that you people could appear on Oprah to set the record straight? Or would that just be a waste of time?

There is a saying here that “you can protect yourself against a thief, but you cannot protect yourself against a liar “. The Knoxes and their supporters would not know the truth if it jumped up and bit them on the ass.  If Oprah is interested in truth and honesty then she’ll have to look beyond the Knoxes and their supporters - And she certainly owes it to the Kerchers, the Italians, and the TRUTH itself, to hear the truth and expose the Amercian public to it, on her show.

No matter what way she disguises her show - she has openly given her name and support to a killer, and the family of that killer, in an effort to set that killer free, and all that that involves.

On the other hand all these efforts by the Knoxes and their supporters are merely alienating all decent, right minded people, and no matter how many people they are able to fool in America, their fooling no one outside America. I think they are only making people outside America even more disgusted with them. The village idiot can see through them. For people who obviously think they’re highly intelligent - they would be laughable, if this didn’t involve the murder of an innocent young girl, and the continued brutalizing of her family by these scumbags.

What they and their supporters are doing to the Kerchers should be a crime in itself. Being Irish, all I can say is I don’t know how things work in Seattle or Oprahland or elsewhere in the US, but here in Europe, politicians cannot interfere in the legal system. The courts are independent of politics. And as far as public opinion is concerned, most people believe that justice should be for everyone. It should be the same for a poor as for the rich.

The efforts of the Knoxes to BUY the verdict in this case - together with the outspoken support of Donald Trump and now with the support of Oprah, who is an extremely wealthy and influential woman - only serve to strengthen the resolve of the people and the courts to ensure that they do the right thing, and ignore all such pressure. ( From my understanding ” The Monster Of Florence ” case indicates to me that Miginni is not a man who kisses ass with money or people in positions of power - thank you Mr Migninni )

The Knoxes are in a hole and they keep on digging. This is just my opinion but I think they are their own worst enemies. If my memory serves me correctly it was Napoleon who said something to the effect “when your enemy is making a mistake, it would only be rude/bad manners to interrupt them”. He may not be the best man to quote, but I do think he had his moments.

At the moment their strategy may garner some support in the US but it is doing the complete opposite everywhere else, especially in Italy. How stupid!!!!! With friends lIke her parents and her supporters, Amanda doesn’t need any enemies. I hope I’m right.

Posted by Paddy5000 on 02/26/10 at 08:58 PM | #

I live in Sydney, Australia.

It is mandatory for a legal practitioner here to be a member of the Law Society of NSW (or whatever other State).

The Law Society governs and oversees ethical and professional conduct amongst other things.

ALL solicitors would KNOW that lack of MOTIVE does NOT make you innocent. It is not a condition precedent to be found guilty.

Simon says, and with a straight face, that it’s unimaginable that such a sweet college student could turn into a murderer in 3 months.

Mr Simon, EVERY murderer was a SWEET, INNOCENT something or other 3 months prior to committing their first murder!

It’s a good thing for Mr Simon that he does not practice in Australia. Had he said those statements here, he would have been called up before the Disciplinary Committee for reckless and misleading conduct and directed to review Criminal Law 101.

Where are all the so called ethical US legal fraternity? Are they not embarrassed by all of this nonsense?

And when oh when, is some journalist/TV network going to set the record straight?

Posted by Chan on 02/27/10 at 12:59 AM | #

Hi Chan. As Bill Edelblute showed in the post down below this, what Ted Simon said on the Oprah show was highly misleading, to say the least.

And these YouTubes sure show how he is speaking out of both sides of his mouth on the case.

We have heard from our own team here that Simon could be in violation of the ABA code of ethics.

They certainly seem to feel there are grounds for initiating a complaint.

Stay tuned. Meredith might land one for truth and decency here against the ultra-sleazy Knox-Mellas campaign.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/27/10 at 01:25 AM | #


it’s one thing to be pro/against Knox - that’s called freedom of choice; it’s quite another to deliberately and knowingly sow untruths, nonsense, lies, deceit - that’s called deceitful arrogance - unparalleled in all my experience.

And we wonder why there is no resolution in the Middle East?

Posted by Chan on 02/27/10 at 02:33 AM | #

I love your posts, Chan. I completely agree with you.

Posted by Nell on 02/27/10 at 03:24 AM | #


The Knox/Mellas clan isn’t fooling that many people here in America, either.  It’s just that they have managed to get the untrue version heard by celebrities and high visibility people, who unfortunately in turn did not do their homework before jumping on the bandwagon.

As Oprah seems to carry weight with so many people, it is distressing that her fact-checkers didn’t do their job, and to me it seems the only way to counter with some damage control is to somehow get Oprah to air the truth, by having people who know the extent of the evidence on her show. 

I emailed her show via their website and strongly suggested this (and chastised her lack of fact-checking), and I hope that others will, too.  If we get enough people to do so then perhaps Oprah will concede and give fair play.

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 02/27/10 at 05:54 PM | #

Hi Mo-in-Mass

Remain those exotics talking the opposite after checking facts . . .

Posted by Helder Licht on 02/27/10 at 06:28 PM | #

Hi all

I have been a lurker here for a long while now and I would like to now commend Peter and co for giving us all a brilliant site and giving us honest and accurate information regarding True Justice for Meredith.

I come here to read up and absorb on all the latest news etc..I have read all the accurate evidence leading up to the trial and after and it seems this is most probably one of the only sincere places to come to get that.(apart from PMF).I really can’t stand reading on other biased sites to hear about how the Knox/Mellas camp keep harping on how AK is innocent,(yawn) and TBH it goes in one ear and out the other.

I know its a bit late in the day,but I would like to still give my condolences to the Kercher family,I can feel their pain when I see them on TV. I have a son who is the same age as Meredith, it breaks my heart to see them going through that pain.

I am totally gob smacked about Ted Simon, is this the same man who spoke in 2008? who is this person? Is he an imposter? what have they done with the real Mr Simon? Was it a lobotomy job carried out by the FOA? Seriously tho,he has done a complete major U-turn. Hope they are paying him well! Changing stories,contradictions,misleading statements must be catching on from Amanda. Shame on you Mr Simon.

The same goes for Oprah, I am completely stunned how she let that happen.How can she listen to all that tripe? I thought she stood for the truth, well obviously not. I have watched Oprah for many years when her shows are shown here in the UK and nearly all of her shows have been about the truth,victims rights etc. This was such a disappointment.

Do Curt and Edda have to keep insisting on that for Amanda it was ‘trial by media?’ If this was the case,then they must take that to mean Rudy’s trial was the same? was it not? Surely you can’t have one and not the other? For the defence to plead contamination with regards to Amanda and Raff’s DNA and all the other forensic evidence pointing to them, this definitely does not work out right, for example: AK’s DNA=contamination and trial by media,but on the other hand RG’s DNA=guilt, lets blame the black guys (Patrick Lumumba) hello? I don’t think so.

In the words of Ali G,“is it coz I is black?” to my mind,I can’t think of any other reason, but I would love to be wrong.

All three have been caught out and convicted because all three were present in Meredith’s room at the same time at the time of her death. It’s irritating to watch Curt and Edda being the ‘guests’ of so many TV shows, while the Kercher family have so much dignity and grace and choose to stay behind the scenes.

The Knox/Mellas camp could do well in learning some of that dignity from the Kerchers….

Posted by perfumedflower on 02/27/10 at 09:29 PM | #

I feel more and more un-at-ease. I haven’t seen the Oprah show, but I learn here all I need to know about it. And it is more and more obvious that Amanda’s parents KNOW she is involved.

At this point, they cannot even have any doubt left.

You can imagine that they asked her the questions we are asking, even if less directly because they are afraid of the truth, they also fear to upset her. But it is impossible that they do not know for sure now. If not, they would not keep coming with all those stupid lies they repeat like a mantra and that are losing more sense each time ...

I know they cannot just declare “we were wrong, we now feel that Amanda might be involved, but it is not her fault and blah blah blah” but how dare they going ahead with this humiliating campaign?

Posted by Patou on 02/27/10 at 10:38 PM | #

Hi Patou,

As far as I am concerned from the first day they initiated a PR campaign it was obvious Curt and Edda knew that Amanda is guilty.

As far as a humiliating campaign is concerned - Curt and Edda have no shame - they are pure scum. Sadly some high profile Americans have given their support to them, which for some Americans may give the Knox campaign some credibility.

For me this campaign is a crime in itself, in its own right - because it is re-butchering Meredith, and continuously brutalizing and torturing the Kerchers continuously ( please forgive me ) sticking the knife in and twisting it as long as it continues.

The Kerchers have enough to contend with, without all of this. And what makes all of this sicker still is the Knox/Mellas camp are planning to profit from Meredith’s murder, and the torment of her family, from books and movies - thereby adding to the Kerchers distress, simply for their own selfish financial benefit.

Curt and Edda are pure shit, and at the end of the day they are in truth, far more guilty than their daughter. ” Monkey see, monkey do “. Amanda is truly the product of her parents.

They’re all sick!

Posted by Paddy5000 on 02/27/10 at 11:58 PM | #

Hi everyone.

Thanks for keeping people in check.

Apart from the courts defending justice for Meredith we have the duty to defend people like her ‘publicly’. This person that was lost to us was very special and needed among us to breed love, hapiness, laughter and goodwill.

You know her type; a person who people want to be around and cherish as a friend, someone who can put a smile on your face just by being in the same room.

This type of person is the sun that radiates light to the trees and flowers- an energy that makes things grow warmly.

How many people like this do you know? Not many i presume. These are the people in life we have to look to for guidance. Their example can guide the rest of us, without a single word spoken.

And when we lose one of these leaders we should make a big fuss indeed! Why? Because we need people like Meredith to breed their goodness in this world or else we are doomed.

How do we know who they are? Well I’ll answer by asking: How many people felt Meredith in their souls and understood who she was without knowing her? How many will forget her?


Posted by Dennis on 02/28/10 at 02:20 AM | #

Personally, I have no problem with Amanda’s parents, I would only pray if I ever fell into a similar situation as Amanda, guilty or innocent, that I would have someone on the outside fighting for me with all they have. I would think most parents would react the same way, and I don’t believe for a moment that they know or believe Amanda to be guilty either, love is blind.

My take on the evidence is that Amanda was not in the room when Rudy killed Meredith and RS was not even in the house at that time. Amanda is guilty because she initiated the attack and fled while Rudy carried out the crime. I also think that she left, she thought Meredith was only being raped, she went back and got RS, told him what happen and the two of them went back with the kitchen knife in case Rudy was still there, which he was.

Amanda stayed outside, Rudy met RS for the first time, and RS ran out with Amanda to the court, waiting for Rudy to leave and then the breakdown car. Had they just called the police they wouldn’t be in this mess, but Amanda had started the altercation with Meredith, and maybe even be responsible for the slash to Meredith’s neck that sent Meredith running to the bathroom where she left the blood traces in there, when Meredith threatened to call the police and ran into her bedroom, Rudy grabbed her in a choke hold and Amanda took her phones and fled.

Because of that and the fact that she was the one who let Rudy in, they decided to just fake the break-in, clean up their traces and stage the rape that Amanda knew about anyway. Anyway, I’ve tried to piece this together for a long time and the likeliest I’ve come up with is that all three have told the basic truth so far in their stories, only each have left out what involvement they actually had in the murder.

Take Amanda’s confession, and just change Patrick’s name with Rudy and you have her involvement basically, RS statement could be true as well, except his involvement once Amanda comes back and tells him what happened at her place, and even Rudy’s likely story could be basically true, minus the parts that incriminate him, the rape and murder.

Posted by John on 02/28/10 at 09:50 AM | #


you have heard the old adage that you DON’T have to remember when telling the ‘truth’; only when when telling lies?

my take on the evidence is that Rudy would have been given assurances by ‘some one(s)’ that the place was going to be cleaned.

And what a coincidence that Know points to Lunumba as the murderer.

What I find amazing is that if Knox had truly been ‘framed’ and ‘coercerd’ by the police, you would have thought that Knox would have said something to Sollecito, having a lieutenant sister in the police force.

Anyway, in a few days we’ll have the 150+ pages of motivation report to refer to.

Posted by Chan on 02/28/10 at 01:06 PM | #


Your alternative scenario doesn´t change much about the responsibility of each of the three convicted murderers. Ordering, planning or covering up a murder and providing the actual murderer with an alibi is just as serious and had all three convicts been telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth since the discovery of the murder, their sentences probably would have been similar to the ones they ended up with.

Watching the Knox campaign performing their show makes me sicker every time. Besides the fact that they are hurting everybody that loved Meredith, they are seriously hurting the healthy development of their other three daughters, especially the two little ones. What they teaching those two young girls is to twist the truth to your own benefit no matter what.

On one hand I understand Curt Knox and Edda Mellas. Their lives will suck until the day they die, knowing their daughter is a murderer. They may not even seen her leave jail ever, unless Amanda receives a reduction like Rudy Guede did.

Financially they are ruined, unless they turn their suffering into a reality show and that is exactly what they are doing. Sister Deanna may also be benefitting from that, but by the time the younger sisters are adults the audience will have gotten sick and tired of their pathetic show and those two girls will only have some crumbs left to eat.

I also despise all the US lawyers and PR people that just like to be involved in this deceptive campaign, just to get their name out there with financial gain as a motive.

I guess what it all boils down to is that in American society, people have become products and products are perceived as people. You just need to put the right wrapping around a pile of sh¨t and people will gladly swallow it.

Posted by saskia on 03/01/10 at 08:50 PM | #


If my scenario were correct only Amanda’s sentence would be correct - Rudy would deserve several life sentences if that is allowed in Italy and RS’s should be reduced to probably 10 years, but regardless, yes they are all guilty. I don’t know what it is about this case but I feel such a need to find out the truth as to why and how this happened. I know that is very unlikely to happen though.

Here is what I suggest they should do. A judge or a panel of Judges get all the lawyers for Rudy, RS and Amanda together. They tell them that on a certain day, all three of them will be taken to a secluded room in their respective prison, given a pen and paper, and asked to write down everything they can remember on that Nov 1st night that they did and said between the hours of 9:00 pm and noon the next morning.  They can tell the truth, lie whatever, hand in a blank page if they like, but each one of them has to believe that the others may just be writing down the truth, if their stories match, which I think would be impossible unless they actually did tell the truth, they would be taken into account during their appeals and could result in sentence reductions, if they don’t match, they will be simply put through the shredder.

Posted by John on 03/02/10 at 05:40 AM | #
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