Michelle Moore Lets Slip How Conspiracy Nut Bruce Fischer Brainwashed Steve Moore

1. The Rabid Moores

Michelle Moore is a vocal member of the Twitterati and blogging wife of Steve Moore, claimed FBI helicopter pilot.

Judgement has not been the Moores’ strongest suit. Steve Moore has been punting his “expertise” around the media for quite some time. One could pick numerous examples of wild exaggeration, such as:

  • Examples in The Machine’s fine post rebutting numerous false claims; see also the many great comments there.

  • Steve Moore’s frequent hyperbole that Amanda Knox was “beaten” - though she cant name by whom and Knox herself at most claims she was clipped twice over the head, her own lawyers and the courts did not believe her.

  • And that her interrogation was “just short of waterboarding”, and of course his proud boast that he didn’t need to read Judge Massei’s 425 page judgement of the case - he could divine the answers himself… 

2. Steve Moore’s Phony “Conversion”

Michelle Moore has revealed their true cynical colours online.

Note how Michelle Moore responded to an elaborate wind-up on Twitter from someone posting as “Archangelogab”.  In response to repeated tweets, Michelle let rip that she believes the tweeter is “sick and perverted” just like, in her opinion [prosecutor] Mignini.

Note the folksy god-fearin’ props the Moores put up behind them for a recent television interview, which were, to name them: a Bible, an ammo-clip and a mortgage statement (no seriously),

Note especially how Moore is fond of telling interviewers that he believed in the prosecution of Amanda Knox - until his wife challenged him to look at the evidence again because she was concerned about the case having watched a CBS documentary on the case.

This homely story has been repeated at various times. Except for that’s not actually how it happened at all. 

What actually happened as Michele Moore has let slip (see image below) how thrilling it was that Steve Moore was approached by one Bruce Fischer who runs the conspiracy website Injustice In Perugia.

What nice people! It was a thrill huger than anyone can imagine to be able to populate their empty lives with Fischer’s absurd conspiracies and anti-Italy bigotry and enter into years of defaming people!

This slip was quickly spotted and posted publicly on the pro-justice PMF forum. At which point the Michelle Moore blog mysteriously disappeared for the day.

It was returned to the net only after the damning screen-captures had already been posted on PMF. Therefore making the taking of the website down rather ineffective.

The blog limped sheepishly back under a new title.  Under a changing alibi, if you like. And Bruce Fischer confirmed that he had addled the Moores in getting them to join him.

3. Some Conclusions

Steve and Michelle Moore debased themselves by not checking out Fischer and the case better.

They might like now to reflect that credible supporters of people with strong causes have zero need to exaggerate and use hyperbole and rain invective.

The fact that they do so all the time raises serious questions about their judgement.  Their attack on Prosecutor Giuliani Mignini on false grounds is just another unveiling of the true colors of the people Knox attracts.


Posted by SomeAlibi on 12/15/10 at 06:46 PM in Hoaxers from 2007Knox-Marriott PRHoaxers from 2009Steve Moore

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What Michelle Moore leaves out or fails to realise is the enormous number of people their slashing and burning antics (apparently she claims that they are being carried out with the blessing of god) are affecting for the worse.

Some are in fact being seriously hurt.

Just before Steve Moore came roaring out of the woodwork with an apparent extreme case of Security Guard Syndrome to stake his claim as yet another Amanda Knox White Knight (she saw nothing weird in that?!?!)  the conspiracy theorists cause in the US was dying a slow death on the vine.

Nobody of importance was listening and their weird theories all failed to make a coherent whole.

Then Steve Moore with his self-important claims to FBI expertise arrived to rev it all up again.

Who have they so far accidentally or deliberately hurt in their campaign?  Well, here is a first short list, and we could certainly add more.

Meredith’s hurting family and Meredith’s hurting friends who knew the REAL victim here and disbelieve all the conspiracy theories and truly despise Michele Moore for trying to make Meredith her own in her posts while subtly sliming her family. .

Amanda Knox herself (who really doesn’t need all the animosity and faux facts), her own lawyers (who have asked for it to stop), and other lawyers in the case (who have ridiculed Steve Moore).

In addition, the Perugia police, the Italian equivalent of the FBI in Rome, the crime scene investigators, the laboratory professionals, Judge Massei, the many other judges, the prosecutors in the case, and most stridently Giuliani Mignini (if anyone ever pulls a gun on him, Steve and Michelle Moore might be considered as inciters of hate).

In addition, American students in Italy, including Pepperdine students, who don’t need this xenophobic ranting against their host country in the context of two other American students recently committing murders of Italians.

In addition, officialdom in the US government are believed not to like it at all, including those in foreign affairs and those in federal law enforcement.

In addition, the general populations of the US and of Italy, who generally get along extremely well, and really dont need this divisiveness and polariziation driven by two daffy conspiracy theorists all at sea on the facts.

Maybe in particular Italian-Americans, who have been trying to wind down this kind of misguided sliming of their fine ancestral country for many years.

And in addition the staff and students of the quiet, conservative, respected Christian university of Pepperdine where Steve Moore should have been competently preserving the security of those on campus, many women like Meredith included, and the good name of Pepperdine, not incompetently misconstruing the evidence half a world away to cozy up to a convicted murderess.

Steve Moore and Michelle Moore really should get to grips with the facts of the case. Read Massei and THEN talk. They may sound a lot less weird, and wind down the un-Christian hurt.

Steve Moore has his lawsuit against Pepperdine University for his peremptory dismissal and eviction from the campus coming up in the New Year. What in the above will inspire Pepperdine to offer him a nice settlement or to have him back in his job?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/15/10 at 07:41 PM | #

Thank you for the excellent post, SomeAlibi. Very revealing.

Wish the Moores would at least be honest on how they were procured for the Knox/Mellas PR team, instead of making it appear like they floated out of nowhere as concerned citizens.

Why don’t the Moores admit and describe what their actual roles are on the Knox PR team (and what amount of money, if any, are they being paid?).

Posted by giustizia on 12/15/10 at 09:54 PM | #

This below is from Michelle Moore’s Twitter page. It may not stay up there for very long. A wild and very silly claim.

There is no sign that Steve Moore or Michelle Moore have actually ever read the Massei Report, or that Judge Hellman or Judge Zanetti actually said anything like that


Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/15/10 at 09:55 PM | #

Thank you, SomeAlibi, for this insightful post. I have never had any doubt that Michael Moore is directly linked to the PR campaign. For what other reason would someone step up for a murderer who has been convicted based on solid and overwhelming evidence?

It is not clear what exactly was he doing when working with the FBI. I wonder why nobody told him to stop? He brings the FBI into disrepute with his childish claims about the (according to his statements non-existent) forensic evidence.

The only thing all vocal Knox supporters have in common is that they are not too bright. That seems to be a requirement. I remember Judge Heavy, Maria Cantwell, the drunk driving lawyer (forgot her name), Frank Sfarzo, Bruce Fisher etc. Michael Moore and his wife are more of the same.

@Peter Quennell

What we are witnessing here is Chris Mellas starting a rumour (not one, but two). First he claims that half of the jury was in tears and secondly he claims that the judge established reasonable doubt by saying “The only thing we know for certain in this complex case is that Meredith was murdered.”.

These words have never been confirmed by any reputable source and it is doubtful if the judge ever said anything like that in the courtroom. So he is starting the rumour and two days later the press has echoed his words and they become a virtual “fact”.

We could all witness the same thing happen with the famous “the-knife-has-been-thrown-out”-claim. They are drumming up supporters for the next round of donations, because their worry is, who donates for a lost cause? They have to give the people hope. No hope = no money.

Posted by Nell on 12/16/10 at 12:34 AM | #

Thanks Nell.

Yes Andrea Vogt reported that Madison Paxton was in tears, but no-one else. She emailed in response to an enquiry from someone on PMF that she was particularly watching for judge and lay judge reaction and there was none. So Mellas lied there.

The second judge made a superficial comment which was in line with the law, and this saturday the court will announce what it actually wants to examine. And even if it wants to examine everything that may be a good thing. So Mellas lied there too.

His claims were not reported though, except by Steve Shay the West Seattle shill for the PR effort and one news aggregating website in London which simply mirrored it.

Someone on PMF said that if the lay judges are shown first all of the luminol evidence it is so convincing that they would probably demand to see very little else.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/16/10 at 02:22 AM | #

Hi Peter,

I believe the Knox supporters are focussing too much on the bra clasp and the murder weapon that implicate RS and AK respectively.

From the physical evidence left at the crime scene, they dismiss the footprints made in the victim’s blood as irrelevant, because the tests revealed that no blood was found. But they fail to acknowledge that the judges motivations report explains in great detail why it is safe to assume the footprints were made in the victim’s blood.

The cleaned footprints revealed by Luminol are the most incriminating pieces of evidence besides the mixed DNA samples, the staged break-in and the lies.

There is absolutely no way they are going to walk. Amanda’s desperate plea to the court makes me believe she already knows she doesn’t stand a chance, no matter what they are going to examine or not. Game over.

Posted by Nell on 12/16/10 at 03:22 AM | #

Hi Nell. Yeah… it sure helps to have read the Massei Report. Presumably Michele Moore’s bizarre reaction in the image above was the equivalent of a big sigh that she doesnt have to actually read it.

But the Massei report goes straight into evidence. The judge who made the remark Mellas misquoted did not throw it out.

The new judges and lay judges are going to retrace the same steps - and they are not going to come up with an entirely different scenario. They would be laughed out of town.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/16/10 at 03:44 AM | #


Steve Moore, your motives for promoting Knox’s innocence are sketchy. I have nothing against you personally, but you need help. I could say worse. I don’t enjoy this, as you and your wife are fellow Christians, but you asked for it…

Get out of the quicksand that is the Knox nightmare. Amanda is guilty. Her people dismiss Luminol footprints as turnip juice or suggest they were made by droplets of cleaning product from the shower that adhered to wet feet. Lame.

A bloody woman’s tennis shoe left a mark on the pillow underneath the dead girl’s body. A WOMAN’S shoe, and it wasn’t Laura’s or Filomena’s. It was Amanda’s shoe size. I guess you think the “real killer” is some girl walking around Perugia today wearing a similar size, rather than the girl who lived right in the apartment and left other traces of her DNA (not proven to be blood, but very possibly blood) mixed with the victim’s blood in several other areas of the murder scene - which is the entire cottage, not just one bedroom. We don’t know where the fight began.

So we’ve got a bloody tennis shoe matching Amanda Knox’s shoe size in the murder room on a pillow underneath the body, so much for “no evidence of Amanda in the murder room”. Yep, she forgot that one little detail, didn’t she, in all the haste and mess. You said once, Mr. Moore, that blood is God’s way of pointing out who held the knife, or did the evil deed. You said words to that effect. I agreed with you then and I do now.

So Guede wasn’t there alone. He had on tennis shoes, too, but of a different size. His bloody shoeprints were clearly visible heading out the front door. Police found Raffale’s bloody bare footprint on a rug in the bathroom. That makes 3 participants.

That cottage was not tumbled and ransacked like a real burglar would do it. Thieves tear a place up. Police sized up this fake burglary scene immediately. What makes you think you know more than the Perugian police and investigators who saw the cottage immediately after the event? I’m not saying they did everything perfect, but neither does the FBI. 

Mrs. Moore, many believers do see things differently. God is truth, we are all searching for it. Keep your faith but don’t lose your mind. I respect faith but all Christians must grow in knowledge. I believe in Jesus Christ with all my heart and soul, and I have to admit I could be wrong about Amanda Knox. I will accept the will of the courts, what else can we do? and I may be wrong, or you may be wrong about Amanda. Shouldn’t the proper courts decide, the police of Italy? I agree with the duly constituted authorities in Perugia.


Your strange attempt to get your husband healed emotionally by drawing him into this hopeless hamster cage of a case so that he can dance attendance on the defense of a pretty white woman half his age with blue eyes like yours, a surrogate Michelle, makes me wonder.

Ahhh maybe it’s because this Amanda is several thousand miles away at least. Now I see. Girls at Pepperdine too close for comfort? what self-destructive guilt is working on both of you? You should be able to read another woman like a book, Mrs. Moore, and realize what Amanda is. Her social networking site (now removed of course) stated her chosen religion as WICCAN. Ask Edda about that, ask Deanna. Don’t expect an honest answer.

Although she attended a Jesuit-founded high school, WICCAN was on her website. Do you know if Amanda came from an unchurched family, nominal believers? devout family? Be careful what territory you’ve wandered into because of a husband’s boredom or your own boredom or empty nest syndrome or midlife crisis or having been drawn in by deception and “an angel of light”.

We all get scared and do crazy things. Look at St. Peter, he got scared and denied the Lord but he got back on track and went on to greater things.

Pepperdine was a great Christian college. Why should good Christians want to butt heads with them, after they had given Mr. Moore a good job? Did you want to get Steve off campus for certain reasons? pretty young coeds? What went on? Are you that insecure?

I admire your marriage and your loyal children, hold onto all of that with both hands and dump this useless FOA bandwagon of the blind leading the blind. I’m sorry to have to address you publicly like this but you have chosen it with your public stance for a bloody murderess who is duly condemned.

What’s to love about Amanda Knox? did you buy that rambling appeal speech which was a paen to her delicate mind and fragile sensibilities such that she’s pitifully unable to “stand up for herself”; this long spiel all about Miss Amanda the Misunderstood coupled with sobs, tears, overdue apologies and every other form of insincere word airbrushing as a gambit for clemency after lying and killing her harmless peer?

She lies constantly. She even lied about calling her own mom the morning of the murder crisis. Who would forget such a call? the drugs had worn off by then, the alcohol faded. Her mother has been forced to deny things to save Amanda’s life. I can see Edda slogging through years of this defense fog, but why should you?

Look who you’re supporting: a wild wanton college girl jumping from male to male, working at a bar, known for wild partying, crude enough to say, “My people killed your people” as she loudly laughs to a Jewish boy.

In Italy she’s now far from home without parental restraints (didn’t Pepperdine teach you anything?), she’s linking up with an oddball college senior who smokes joints, loves knives, violent yet childish comics, occasional animal porn, says he admires a serial killer, holds a meatcleaver as he stands wrapped like a mummy with a bottle of disinfectant in hand, posted this photo online—do these two people strike you as reliable or godly, either alone or together?

Strange how a girl one of them knows well, ends up dead on the night after Halloween within a few short months of her introduction to Amanda. Wiccan,liquor,drugs,parties,knives…nothing to do with it.

Posted by Hopeful on 12/16/10 at 06:41 AM | #

I enjoyed reading your comment, Hopeful. Michele and Michael Moore should grow a heart. Every time I see comments from Knox supporters, I have to think about the Kercher’s. It’s inevitable. They focus on the murderess and glorify her and forget about the poor victim who paid with her life.

Posted by Nell on 12/16/10 at 08:34 AM | #

Powerful stuff from hopeful. “I am the way, the truth, and the life” said Jesus. Truth is so powerful - and if you are around a murder scene then even a single lie shows great cruelty to the victim - innocent people will go out of their way to throw any light they can on the truth.

Posted by PK777 on 12/16/10 at 09:51 AM | #

great post hopeful…just one lil request?  please learn about wicca…it has nothing to do with violence or hatred or the like 😊  it is a loving caring set of beliefs.  one that amanda obviously has never put into practice…“Harm none”— that is Wicca 😊
no disrespect at all intended…

Posted by rach on 12/16/10 at 04:53 PM | #

I am a ‘newbie’ to this sad case, having recently read posts on other sites,, one especially that was written by Steve Moore. His list of credentials and absolute assurance of his complete knowledge of Amanda’s innocence, piqued my interest, and further googling led me to this site, and then to the Massei Report.

It has taken me hours to sift through this report (occasionally skimming over measurements and some scientific explanations that were, frankly over my head).

I have not yet come to the total conclusion that she participated in the actual murder, but there is no doubt in my mind that she participated in the clean-up. Is it possible that, in cleaning the scene, she transferred her and Meredith’s blood to the bathroom? And down the hallway?

Her behaviour at the police station after the fact, playing for RS’ attention could have been her way of showing him “Look what I’ve done for you?” See how I protect you? See how clever I am? I wonder what her behaviour would have been if he had not been present.

However, these are just guesses, maybe no-one will ever know what happened in it’s entirety, but it certainly, in my mind, is not a ‘botched’ and staged investigation. Which, of course, causes me to really find Steve Moore’s ‘professional comments’ totally suspect and without merit.

Good luck with this site, and thanks for letting me vent.

Posted by grandma on 12/17/10 at 01:44 AM | #

A great comment by Thoughtful indeed. 

I am sure I speak for all at TJMK that we would fully welcome Michelle Moore’s reply to this article which we would publish in full here.  For Twitter users (responsibly please), I would be grateful if you could invite her to do so. 

If she will not, could you please tweet her nicely and ask her why Steve Moore has said several times on television he became involved in the case after she watched it on TV when it is in fact the case he was approached by Bruce Fisher.

Posted by SomeAlibi on 12/17/10 at 04:09 PM | #

Hi grandma,

The prosecutors believe that Knox and Sollecito stabbed Meredith. Judge Massei and Judge Cristiani agreed with them. Judge Borsini and Judge Belardi, who presided over Guede’s appeal, and seven judges at the Italian Supreme Court also believe that Knox and Sollecito stabbed Meredith.

Posted by The Machine on 12/17/10 at 05:33 PM | #

To The Machine:

Thank you for your response. As I stated before, I am new to all of these readings, and you would agree, there are volumes of information to sort through. I was trying to explain where I was in terms of reading and understanding the evidence as presented. In terms of law at least in America, her participation to the level that I can mentally place her at this point would require the guilty verdict that she got. I guess what I was trying to vocalize was that, even to a person who newly reviewed what was presented I can see what a bunch of gobbledy-gook Steve Moore was handing out. No way was I questioning the verdict, and I realize that I need to read more.

Posted by grandma on 12/17/10 at 06:12 PM | #
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