Judge Heavey Admonished: So Another Knox PR Puppet Hopefully Retires Humiliated


Click above for Levi Pulkkinen’s report in the Seattle Post Intelligencer and a PDF document of the findings.

Judge Michael Heavey - Mr Michael Heavey, maybe we should say, as he concedes he’s a mere private citizen in this case - may prove to be the last of a kind.

The long list of silenced sock puppets - those resolutely naked on the actual facts of the case so searingly exposed by a spotlight on their claims - has maybe now finally stopped growing.

A few named commentators did try to question the verdict of 6 December of last year, but it has been months now since ANY prominent commentators have sought to come out naked under that same spotlight. And in that time Judge Massei’s report has created an entirely new ballpark.

Our first post on Michael Heavey’s claims nearly two years ago was a pretty benign one. We really thought he had been unwittingly set up.

We frankly hoped Mr Heavey would sit down and check out the points in that post and then say to Seattle “Okay, let’s cool it”.  What a valuable service to all concerned, not least Amanda Knox and the Mellas-Knox family and Anne Bremner and others, that might have been.

Instead both Michael Heavey and those he so encouraged just listed above all continued to dig themselves in deeper.

Amanda Knox, with a strong expression of contriteness to Meredith’s family and the court, and an attempt to explain possible mitigating factors (see Janus just below), might have drawn a sentence not much longer than Rudy Guede’s sixteen years.

Instead, she might now be facing more than thirty.

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By Storm Roberts (Innai)

Well, I am glad he had received some kind of slap on the wrist for writing those letters - from the comments under the article it seems like a large number of Seattle PI readers think he deserved the slapped wrist or deserved more because what he did was inexcusable.

Of course there are some comments where the commenter can’t see further than the pretty, young American who couldn’t possibly have done anything let alone commit a murder (the trial and large quantity of high quality evidence are totally irrelevant, of course).  There is even a comment indicating the commenter hasn’t seen past WW2.

Posted by Nolongeramember on 09/28/10 at 06:36 PM | #

Hi Innai. Yes many commenters are being very tough on Mr Heavey Mr Mignini has to be respected maybe 10X more in Perugia and for that matter Italy than Mr Heavey now seems to be around Seattle.

Why? Well Mr Mignini goes passionately after real targets, and he is passionately pro victims and their families. He is not simply a Don Quixote out there tilting at windmills and straw men.

We have heard it said, within the Justice Department of the United States Federal Government no less, that Mignini is one of the more impressive and interesting prosecutors they have ever observed.

His fearless attempt to get to the bottom of the Monster of Florence sect which Doug Preston did so much to mischaracterize (big check from the sect was it Dougie?) is put on a plane with the FBI’s Elliott Ness, who did so much damage to Al Capone and his gang.

(For the record here, that Monster case had been widely characterized as the probable work of a satanic sect years before Mignini ever got drawn in by an apparent murder in his jurisdiction.)

Anyone who hasn’t seen Kermit’s wonderful Powerpoints comparing a relaxed Mignini with a paranoid Doug Preston really should take a look. Mr Heavey is especially invited.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/28/10 at 07:14 PM | #

I’m glad he admitted misconduct, and I’m very glad they ruled against him. However, he seems to be parsing his words very carefully and keeping on with his talk of “injustice” in the Knox case:

“In a statement issued following commission’s decision, Heavey apologized for using his office to aid Knox while continuing to advocate for her.

“‘As a husband, father, and member of this community, I believed that stepping forward regarding the injustices in Amanda Knox’ case was both ethically and morally required,’ Heavey said in a statement. ‘But I also understand that it is inappropriate for a judge to lend the prestige of judicial office to a private interest.’”

Is he still a sitting Judge? If so, I think he should keep quiet absolutely about cases outside his jurisdiction, even as a citizen. Seems to me that judges should avoid all appearance of impropriety. (Caesar’s wife and all.)

At least he received this admonishment by the ethics board. He richly deserved this slap on the wrist.

Posted by Earthling on 09/28/10 at 09:49 PM | #

Hi Earthling. Yes, he is still talking of injustice.

Less vigorously perhaps than he is quoted on our first post linked to above, which was really quite explosive… but, still talking. It is as if he fell asleep for the Micheli Report, the entire Knox-Sollecito trial, and now the Massei Report.

Bill Edelblute in The Examiner described his various claims several months ago. That report carries some good comments.

Anyone who follows the Italian media on the case knows that its reporting - his main beef - has been mild and objective. Most of the things the Italian media printed about Knox in the early days turned out to be true. And Massei shows no signs of influence by the media.

We can say with almost complete certainty that no-one in the Rome Embassy or on the Italy Desk in the State Department, or Hillary Clinton herself, or federal lawyers in the Department of Justice share his mindset on the case.

He seems very alone and isolated. Several kinds of damage seem to flow from his stance, and here is a suggestion on just one.

Unlike Mr Mignini, who had to make it to his appointed position the hard way, through endless groups of peers, Judge Heavey is simply elected. His post is apparently up for re-election soon, although there is no sign yet that he is campaigning. 

It has been proposed by concerned Seattlites in other comment threads on Seattle media sites that perhaps he should be fired or put on ice and all of his past cases checked for his rulings.

He seems never ever to have mentioned Meredith’s name and quite possibly doesn’t even know it. He obviously doesn’t give a damn about her family.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/29/10 at 02:55 AM | #

Judge Michael Heavey’s “apology” smacks of Amanda Knox’s veiled apology to her former employer, Patrick Lumumba whom she attempted to frame for Meredith’s murder.

As the above Seattlepi article title suggests, what else could we expect to hear coming from a ‘Friends of Amanda’ judge?

Posted by True North on 09/29/10 at 03:50 AM | #

And one more goes in the paper basket…

Posted by Patou on 09/29/10 at 07:28 PM | #

Yeah. Steve Moore has been fired for endangering students in Italy from the elite Pepperdine University just north of LA with his inflammatory anti-Italy bigotry. That and other problems still emerging.

As we already knew from Washington, he had a pretty low level security job there at Peppperdine, far from the elevated levels of the FBI which he has been implying with this “agent” stuff. 

We have a post on all this already in the works, probably to go up tonight. He really thinks he’ll make a living riding this one on TV? With HIS skills? Though TV is not exactly picky on this case.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/29/10 at 07:46 PM | #
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