How With Myriad False Claims Steve Moore Pushes To Forefront Of Pro-Knox Crackpots

Steve Moore

1. Steve Moore’s Interrogation Hoax

You can see proofs of mafia poodle Steve Moore’s multiple misstatements of the case in Part 2 below.

What Moore is really, really short on is hard proofs. Instead he makes things up. No court has ever sided with him. Not even the defense teams sided with him. Some claims are at flat-out variance with what Knox herself conceded on the stand.

Moore has never released his curriculum vitae, despite prodding, and we have questioned before whether he has any training or experience at investigations. Tellingly, he seems to know nothing of the extensive FBI/Italy cooperation he puts at risk. See the posts below and previously.

Here is a key claim from Steve Moore. 

Amanda Knox was interrogated for 8 hours.  Overnight.  Without food or water.  In a police station.  In a foreign country.  In a foreign language.  By a dozen different officers.  Without being allowed a lawyer…

The Inquisition Amanda Knox experienced in Perugia was no more legally or morally defensible than the Salem Witch Trials.  No rational person should believe that the results of what she went through are reliable evidence.

What 8 hours? What dozen officers? She was there against the wishes of police. She had an interpreter. She refused a lawyer.  And at trial (long before Moore wrote) she confirmed she was given refreshments, and treated well.

So none of those claims is correct. Moore made them all up.

To nail this hoax that Moore has propagated hardest, one of our truth promoters (we are not sure who) has kindly put together this timeline for Knox at the Questura the first week.

It is now being tweeted. Greatly appreciated.

However, from recent translations, we can now with great confidence go beyond that on the first week.

We know more of the four session timings, and precisely what was discussed, and precisely who were the few investigators that were present at each of the four.

And that Knox signed every page of the record of all four sessions, so every one of those quite short discussions of leads WAS recorded.

And that Knox’s status along with that of many others was a simple “person with possible useful information”. She was not even a witness, let alone a suspect, as the defenses conceded at trial.

So, day by day, despite the numerous contradictory claims first initiated by Knox herself, this was her highly provable situation at Perugia’s central police station.

  • Only on the first day was Knox and the others in the house asked to hang on late at the Questura until the questioning of all of them was done

  • On the second and third days Knox was asked to be there for the questioning periods and visits to the house but at all other times she was free to leave.

  • On the fourth day Knox was not even required. She turned up very late with Sollecito and then, contrary to police advice, insisted on remaining there.

  • The ONLY officer in discussion with Knox when she framed Patrick was Rita Ficarra - and she is smaller than Knox (see posts 2 to 4 and 12 here).

All the Italian courts had those same documents. They had THAT picture. Not one, including the Supreme Court, accepted Knox’s version or Steve Moore’s.

Accordingly Knox is a convicted felon for life for maliciously framing Patrick, with no chance of reversal, and she rightly served three years.

Those translated documents blow right out of the water Moore’s endless shrill promotion (see also numerous YouTubes) of “54 hours” and “tag-teams of interrogators” and “premature targeting of Knox” and “forced confession” and “no sleep” and “no bathroom breaks”.

Moore always leaves out Sollecito’s arc that led to him turning against Knox on the record at least twice in the early days. Media should push him to explain that.

2. How Steve Moore Misleads

These posts are in chronological order over more than seven years, pointing to how unaccepting of numerous corrections Steve Moore has been in his unsound flame wars against Italian justice.

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Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/15/18 at 04:52 PM in

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Those forced plea deals that have landed 200,000 innocents in American prison while Steve Moore collaborated or turned a blind eye (he’s made zero protest against them so far)?

Here’s James Owens in Baltimore, who resisted a forced plea deal, and sued, and has now been awarded $9 million, with of course zero help from the “Innocence Project” (soon to be renamed “Pigs at the Trough Project”?)

Well done to the two publications that did help.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/16/18 at 07:35 AM | #

Hampikian and Judge Michael Heavey are on tv tonight in the CBS “48 Hours” show.

The case is about 18-year-old Angie Dodge who was stabbed and cut 14 times, found partly nude in her apartment in Idaho Falls, Idaho in 1976. A suspect named Chris Tapp confessed to holding her down while his friend killed her, and was sent to prison.

Tapp’s DNA did not match a sample from the scene. Angie’s grieving mother, Carol Dodge, asked Greg Hampikian to help with the DNA. He suggested they search a public DNA database for “familial” DNA. They found a certain Mr. Michael Usry Senior whose son matched 34 out of 35 alleles.

Hampikian and Heavey both believe Tapp’s confession was coerced. Heavy focuses on wrongful use of 7 lie detector tests. Heavey has been working for 4 years to help free Tapp. See Heavey’s website, “Judges for Justice”.

Tapp’s story kept changing. He implicated a “Mike” but refused to say more. Then he said it was Ben Hobbs (a former friend of Angie) who did the crime. then he said it was Jeremy Sargis. Hobbs and Sargis were no match for the DNA.

Now Angie’s own mother believes Tapp was wrongfully imprisoned. Due to pressure and several post-conviction petitions, a deal was struck and they dropped the rape charges on Tapp who walked free after having served 20 years.

Mike Usry, Jr. received a letter in 2015 that cleared his DNA. Idaho Falls police published a statement in 2017 that said Usry was cleared, that police were 87% certain the unknown DNA was not from any member of the Usry family.

Searches for familial DNA are no longer allowed by except under court order. Mr. Usry Senior had submitted his DNA when his church did a project together, after which time his DNA ended up in the database of and became their property.

Mike Usry, Jr. says now that he “loves” Carol Dodge, the victim’s mother, and has turned his erstwhile slasher murder film-making hobby (at which police cast a jaundiced eye) to a better purpose of trying to find the real killer.

Posted by Hopeful on 06/17/18 at 05:19 AM | #

Hi Hopeful

So the Heavey & Hampikian involvement was a mixed bag?

Unfortunately they are far from alone in the US in wrongly naming “the real killer” a phenomenon pretty well unheard of in Italy because the slander & libel laws are so strong and forced plea bargains don’t occur.

CBS News/CBS 48 Hours is also mixed a bag. For years from 2007-08 they acted as an arm of the Knox PR and some highly biased reports were aired.

That 2008 team was all 1st-generation crazies. Moore & Fischer & Hampikian & the Netflix team were 2nd generation from 2010. John Douglas and Clemente were third generation from 2012.

All were always at sea on Knox 1.0 and the real case. The 2008 team were so anti-Italy so very fast in part:

(1) Because Doug Preston, the first of the first-generation crazies, often appeared on camera for them.

(2) Because Paul Ciolino also did some work for them; as KrissyG reported he is now in strife in Chicago - for naming the wrong killer, surprise surprise. See part 7 here.

(3) Because the family of main producer Doug Longhini (like the family of Candace Dempsey) come from Calabria, a poverty stricken region where many have chips on their shoulders, and the launching pad of the Ndrangheta mafia. 

(4) Because Peter Van Sant, a main anchor there, is from Seattle and was in a network with the several main apologists there - as was Timothy Egan of the New York Times. The Seattle network included Marriott, Heavey, Anne Bremner, and Tom Wright.

(5) Because ethical standards were low. Another main producer of pro-Knox pieces, Joe Halderman, was sent to prison for blackmail in an unrelated case..

(6) Because yet another producer there, Sara Ely Hulse, fell in love with Knox.

So. A strong foundation for objective reporting? Sure thing!!

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/17/18 at 03:22 PM | #

Here is another main way Steve Mooore misleads in addition to everything above.

Hopeful’s comment mentions a forced plea bargain. One of over 200,000 in the US resulting in the wrong person in prison, sometimes for life.

Perhaps the only effective measure against is proving to be the recording of interrogations & bargains with suspects. But it is not universal even now.

You’d think from Steve Moore’s thousand claims that Knox was not recorded that this was nefarious, and in particular out of line with the US. But note:

(1) No country in the world that we know of insists that interviews of mere “persons with possible useful information” must be recorded on audio tape or CCTV.

The US does not require that. As in Italy investigators simply type up reports.  Almost alone, Italy requires that they all be signed.

Along with numerous others interviewed, Knox signed every page of every report of every discussion prior to her arrest.

(2) Moore and his posse imply that it is routine or mandatory that all jurisdictions in the US capture SUSPECT interviews on audio tape or film.

But it is not.  Thousands and perhaps millions of Americans have been misled by him and his posse. ONLY IN 2014 was such recording made mandatory in the FBI.

For decades, criminal investigators have known that the best way to obtain and preserve reliable information is to electronically record interviews and interrogations.

And yet agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation have continued to rely on handwritten notes taken during interrogations, which they later type onto so-called 302 forms.

In an era of ubiquitous iPhones, the nation’s most advanced law-enforcement agency has been using a technology that, in the words of one official, “dates from the time of Hammurabi” [see note below]’.

That will finally change. In mid-May, the Department of Justice issued a memo instructing all federal investigative agencies—including the F.B.I., the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Marshals Service, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives—to use electronic recording while interviewing witnesses and suspects, except in cases involving national security. The new policy goes into effect on July 11th 2014.

The officlal knew his stuff. Some 3000 years ago Hammurabi was a Mesopotamian king who (along with Moses) helped the practice of justice to make a quantum leap.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/17/18 at 04:00 PM | #

Steve Moore wrote a scathing 85-page critique of the Idaho Falls police department’s investigative work in the Angie Dodge case. So says The Charles Smith Blog, Sept. 22, 2016.

Private detective Stuart Robinson made a report that concluded Chris Tapp was guilty as a participant and had witnessed the murder. Robinson said Tapp said Angie Dodge was wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants. Robinson found that the rest of the information in Tapp’s confession was fed to him during police interviews, but that in no place had police told Tapp the clothes she was wearing. Judge Heavey argued with Robinson about the report. Moore did, too.

The Idaho Innocence Project helped spring Chris Tapp from prison due to finding none of Tapp’s DNA on Dodge’s clothes, or the teddybear he said he moved, nor did his semen match. However, Tapp landed back in handcuffs October 2017:

“Christopher Tapp was arrested Monday after police were called to his home over an altercation with his wife.” Seems his wife tried to call police on him, he grabbed the phone from her and slightly injured her, she lied about it and wanted to not press charges, he was arrested but sentenced to 90 days probation.

The headline was:  “Idaho Innocence Project’s Tapp in jail after altercation”.

Ben Hobbs whom the police also suspected for Angie’s murder, ended in a Nevada prison for committing a similar crime on another woman and was incarcerated before Idaho could arrest him. However, I think Hobbs’ DNA did not match the mystery DNA all over the crime scene. Chris Tapp always said he held down the victim by the arms but another man assaulted her, that there was more than one assailant.

The stories I saw online said the apartment of Angie Dodge had been spotlessly cleaned after the crime which was why the police turned the apartment back over the landlord so fast.

I have no clue who killed Angie Dodge, but I doubt Chris Tapp is innocent at all and may have been there with others, as he first confessed. Angie was 6 feet tall and roughly 180 pounds and had defensive wounds. She had cried to her mom right before the murder and said “I’ve done something stupid and need to leave town.” Tapp iirc was involved with drugs along with his friends, so maybe Dodge witnessed some serious drug activity and was a potential witness? She worked at a beauty supply store at the time and had only moved to her apartment in the house a couple of months before she was killed. She had wept and told her mom “It’s so hard to grow up.”

Seems strange to me how Steve Moore and Judge Michael Heavey can desire to give Chris Tapp the benefit of the doubt but not give it to the investigators.

Also Steve Moore is now on Netflix as an expert commentator on a crime show about “Murderous Affairs.” As talking head for that dramatized crime show he doesn’t quibble with the police who investigated the crimes he is commenting on for pay. For big pay, probably.

Posted by Hopeful on 06/18/18 at 12:28 AM | #

Steve Moore made the following claim:

“When Amanda Knox goes home to her family, you will never hear from me again.”

Amanda Knox went home to her family in October 2011, so why are we still hearing from him?

Next he’ll be promising that he’s not writing a book. Oh wait…

Posted by The Machine on 06/18/18 at 02:27 AM | #

You can see in the post how Moore rages on about the Inquisition. Really?!

In her bizarre email to Judge Nencini Knox herself ranted on about torture. Who planted THAT seed in her head when she had confirmed just the opposite at trial?

You can often catch Moore barking on his numerous YouTubes. 

None of the professionals who read here have ever been able to explain Moore’s incessant furious ranting, and their mirror-image, his incessant self-glorification.

Unquestionably he has committed real crimes in attempting to bend court outcomes.  He himself has had a clear run with his rants only because they emerge from him in English, safely half a world away from his Italian targets.

When he was frogmarched off the Pepperdine University campus for putting their exchange students in Italy at possible peril (he has claimed we caused his firing) we were directed to the concept of Security Guard Syndrome.

There are a million or more security guards (rentacops) in the United States and generally no-one pays them any attention or even looks at them. Dozens get in the news every year for over-reacting.


Is this also Moore’s problem?

He was retired from the FBI at the earliest date so they could see the last of him, he then went into that kind of “invisible” occupation at Pepperdine, and now he is barking at others and self-aggrandizing all over YouTube and numerous websites.

A walking time-bomb? Certainly very suggestive. As they are, to say the least, inaccurate and offensive, he should retire those posts and videos before we do press releases.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/18/18 at 07:26 PM | #

Moore gets bounced around like a mouse gets bounced around by a cat by those posts in our first several years. Entertaining stuff.

Even those in the FOA have been known to groan as he thumps his chest and drones on. At the Seattle panel half the audience tiptoed out.

Here’s a challenge still not taken up which was posted in our Comments exactly seven years ago.

A Mission Impossible, should readers choose to accept it?

Please find ONE piece of analysis that Steve Moore has actually got right. Or (let’s not make this too difficult) ONE piece of analysis that he actually concedes that the Italian experts got right.

Experts from the Italian equivalent of the FBI of course. Though Steve Mooore seems uncomprehending of even that hard fact.

Don’t hold your breath… Here is a quick way forward for anyone who picks up the task. Make your way through this, a list which seems entirely unknown to Moore.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/22/18 at 10:14 PM | #

It defies belief that someone as thick and uneducated as Steve Moore appeared on CNN to speak about the case. The fact that some people take him seriously is one of life’s enduring mysteries.

He’s not in a position to assure anybody that Amanda Knox is innocent because he wasn’t with her on the night of the murder and there is no exculpatory evidence. He’s not in a position to provide a detailed eyewitness account of Amanda Knox’s questioning on 5 November 2007 because he wasn’t there.

Unfortunately, none of the presenters who interviewed Steve Moore on television has read a single page of any of the official court reports and court testimonies, so they couldn’t expose him for being a fraud when he lied through his teeth and mindlessly regurgitated the PR lies.

Here are 12 of his false claims:

1. The large knife doesn’t match the large wound on Meredith’s neck.

2. They want you to believe that Amanda Knox inflicted all three wounds on Meredith’s neck.

3. Meredith had no defensive wounds on her hands.

4. Rudy left his hair and fluid samples on Meredith’s body.

5. Amanda and Raffaele didn’t step in blood and that can’t be avoided.

6. None of the luminol prints or stains contained Meredith’s DNA.

7. The prosecutor through fierce interrogation coerced Amanda into implicating someone else in the case.

8. Amanda Knox wasn’t given food or drinks when she was questioned by the police.

9. Amanda Knox was interrogated in Italian on 5 November 2007.

10. Amanda Knox recanted her accusation against Diya Lumumba as soon as she got some food.

11. The independent experts proved Meredith’s DNA wasn’t on the knife.

12. The DNA they said was Sollecito’s was actually a woman’s DNA.

Posted by The Machine on 06/24/18 at 02:44 PM | #

Hi Machine

Great list. He is at real peril if he get near main media again on this.

Security Guard Syndrome explains him for me (see above) but even within the FOA crowd there were those who thought he has White Knight Syndrome - a lust for Knox, showing off, which would certainly explain his rattled wife.

When Knox returned to Seattle in 2011 Moore rocketed up to Seatlle and appointed himself her security detail. He was pictured with her grinning like a wolf. The Knox-Mellases sent him packing after a few days.

They did the same with Frank Sforza, and possibly Bruce Fischer as well.

Nice crowd…

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/24/18 at 03:51 PM | #

Steve Moore certainly doesn’t think with his head when it comes to Amanda Knox.

Posted by The Machine on 06/24/18 at 04:19 PM | #

“Lying lips are but for a moment…” Knox is not getting away with crime, the proof is out there for all to see, and more will turn up. I saw on TJMK twitter the Op Ed on under HarryRag twitter link. It’s a great summary of the case for guilt.

Sollecito’s DNA is on the bra clasp. Meredith’s DNA is on a blade of his kitchen knife. These facts are indisputable.

Knox lied even in the first phone call to Filomena.
Knox lied and lied. Rafaelle lied. They cleaned, they lied, they got their daddies to pay big bucks to throw shade on the prosecution. Finally they slithered home free when a March 2015 Supreme Court in Italy gave them a backhanded goodbye, saying in one breath there was insufficient evidence and in the same breath, “they were there at the scene of the crime” as Kercher’s DNA mixed with Amanda’s DNA proves.

For anyone in despair that justice has not been done take comfort in the Proverb that “Truthful lips endure forever (like Meredith’s lips of kindness and gentleness). Truthful lips endure forever but a lying tongue is but for a moment.” (English Standard Version Bible).

Proverbs 19:9 “A false witness will not go unpunished and one who pours out lies will perish.”

Knox lied to Filomena, to Mignini, to the Perugian police about her boss, about sleeping late when she and Raf were awake at 6:00am playing music and on Raf’s computer. She lied about going to Quintavalle’s shop, her mother lied for her on the witness stand about a phone call. Knox asked her boyfriend to lie for her.

“Truthful lips will be established forever, but a lying tongue is only for a moment.” (New American Standard Bible)

Prov. 12:20 “Deceit is in the hearts of those who devise evil…”

It has seemed a long time since the lies began in 2007 but in the long run of life it is but a moment.

Meredith’s good nature was real and was established in truth. Unfading truth.

Posted by Hopeful on 06/24/18 at 05:54 PM | #

Nicely put Hopeful.

I occasionally have my lunch at work in the staff canteen. I work for a large financial institution and we employ a great many young people, many of whom were too young to have any real interest in or memory of Meredith’s shocking murder.

Last week I heard a group of young late teens/early twenties types on the table beside me discussing the latest Netflix stuff that they were watching. One girl asked the group if they had watched the Amanda Knox documentary. Several nodded in agreement. I waited with bated breath to hear what they thought of it.

I was slightly surprised, but delighted, when the girl who broached the subject said “she’s guilty as sin, you can see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice when she talks”. She then said she had looked more into it on YouTube and that the videos she found on there of Knox interviews just confirmed what she thought after watching the documentary. Those who had seen it were in agreement and they moved on fairly swiftly to other stuff that they had watched.

I mention it only because, if even that piece of pro Knox propaganda isn’t convincing people new to to the case of Knox’s innocence, then it appears the pro Knox lobby grows ever weaker. I appreciate that it was just a snapshot but this was four or five intelligent young people who knew nothing of the case and were unaffected by confirmation bias who came to the conclusion that we on this site came to many years ago. It certainly encouraged me somewhat.

Posted by davidmulhern on 06/26/18 at 02:26 AM | #

@davidmulhern, Good to know the teens/early 20s age group are discerning, not fooled by Netflix Knox, nor by YouTube. Knox looks very sly, very shifty. She could never hide her body language and nerves in tv interviews. With practice and time she got smoother but the truth in the eyes is hard to hide. Hard to hide tones of voice. Disdain reveals itself by tone and word choice, the shifting body. A sensitive listener can pick up clues.

Your fellow employees or young people you overheard seem probably much like the Italians in Perugia courtroom. They saw and heard the real Knox. They knew she wasn’t honest. 

Verrrry interesting you overheard current reaction to Knoxy’s new act.

Posted by Hopeful on 06/26/18 at 02:52 AM | #

Hi davidmulhern

Yes belief in Knox does seem to be largely contingent on relatively low socio-economic class. Unfortunately for reasons we often discuss those on the lower rungs are only likely to see their situations becoming worse. Exuding anger and buying into conspiracy theories is not exactly a fast way to get ahead. Some good pointers are on this site.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/26/18 at 04:38 PM | #

Hi Hopeful

“Italians in Perugia courtroom. They saw and heard the real Knox… “

Right. Knox 1.0 the unvarnished Knox. She won some sympathy as someone in over her head but lost it through her contempt for Rudy, Patrick, and especially Meredith.

I guess there really are 4 Knoxes?

Knox 1.0 in 2007-09: callous sharp elbowed Knox.

Knox 2.0 in 2010-12: sniffling widows weeds Knox.

Knox 3.0 in 2012-13: absentee freaked-out Knox.

Knox 4.0 in 2013-18: bitter stalker Knox.

Knox 3.0 was so freaked-out she didnt show at the Nencini appeal. So what happened?

Prosecutor Crini managed to put a zombie Knox 1.0 back on the stand.

She lost all the corrupting of Hellman had gained.

Memo for the imposter Doug Preston. Don’t ever end up in front of Crini!

He is 10X as scary as Mignini! He would really have you wetting your pants.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/26/18 at 04:53 PM | #
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