How With Myriad False Claims John Douglas Pushes To Forefront Of Pro-Knox Crackpots #3

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1. Post And Series Overview

My previous posts exposed John Douglas’s misrepresenation of the Amanda Knox “interrogation” and the personas of Knox and Sollecito.

This post exposes Douglas’s misrepresentation of Rudy Guede, and the next post will expose Douglas’s misrepresentation of the true crime scene and the hard evidence.

Douglas came late to the case and the “beautiful” Amanda Knox seems to have turned him into something of a whirling dervish. He has made false claims in several books, in postings on his own and other websites, in interviews, in a pitch to a near-empty room at the Congress, and in one or two forays into the State Department.

Peaking in 2013 before the Nencini appeal (the repeat of the annulled Hellman appeal), they were seemingly made to (1) poison the jury pool of an ongoing legal process and (2) inflame American public opinion to create pushbacks at the political level.

Note that Douglas again and again accused his Italian counterparts (counterparts the FBI trusts and heavily relies on) who he never once consulted or checked with.

And unsurprisingly for an obvious PR shill and mafia poodle, note that Douglas never mentions the Knox & Sollecito PR or the Heavey-Bremner FOA or the several blatant attempts to bend Italian courts.

2. WHY Rudy Guede Morphed 2007-2011

This quote from my previous post starkly revealed Douglas’s illusion about the real Amanda Knox.

Mark and I have spoken with many people around Amanda. It became clear to us that the Amanda Knox the prosecution and the media described did not exist in real life. She was a creation designed to serve their very specific needs and purposes.

No she wasn’t. As I showed, the prosecution and media (and around 30 judges)(and the Italian public) had a very clear-eyed and accurate view of the 2007-2010 Knox and Sollecito which John Douglas sure does not.

I noted that the PR had morphed Knox from loose cannon on drugs with zero work permit and zero academic intention in Perugia in 2007 to widows-weeds “I am the real victim here” Knox in 2010.

It was the infatuated Douglas who swallowed a PR creation as “the real deal” (as he did Steve Moore who like Knox had been practicing a fake act for several years). 

It was the same with Rudy Guede (and Giuliano Mignini which I will address later). Guede morphed - or was morphed - also.

And once again Douglas swallowed a PR creation.

From late 2007 to late 2008 Italians saw Guede as a mild quite popular basketball player with zero criminal record who had been enticed into a hazing of Meredith by two others whose close-ups were considerably less lovely.

In 2008 both the defense lawyers, and the Knox and Sollecito public relations (led by Curt Knox and the late David Marriott), and the Friends of Amanda (led by the mafia poodles Doug Preston and Michael Heavey from very early on) set about demonizing him.

The lawyers mainly demonized him in court (see below) and the PR demonized him in a huge onslaught in the American media (kept largely below the Italian radar).

Here are posts providing a good picture of the incendiary Knox & Sollecito PR campaigns.

Click for Post:  Knox PR Campaign: Have The Dishonest Talking Points Now Become A Trap?

Click for Post:  How The Strongarm Public Relations Resulted in Most Of The Media Getting It Wrong

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Click for Post:  From David Marriott’s Parrot: Latest Talking Points To Be Beamed At The Unbelieving

Profiler Douglas makes zero mention of all of this.

3. HOW Rudy Guede Morphed 2007-2011

From late 2007 after his return from Germany Guede sat in prison and assumed a fairly low profile. In the same period both Knox and Sollecito sought far higher profiles, not so much a team as frustrated mutual accusers. 

In November 2007 Knox framed Patrick. Then Sollecito damaged Knox, not only with police and prosecution but with the supervising courts.

In December 2007 Knox sought to win a major break from Dr Mignini but made no mention of Sollecito. Also in December 2007 each appealed to the Supreme Court for at minimum house arrest; in spring 2008 each appeal was rejected. Stays in prison continued. Tense relations continued.

Then in September 2008 the Knox and Sollecito defense teams both turned their guns on Rudy Guede. 

Claims have been made of a pact between Knox and her Italian former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, 24. It is alleged their lawyers have agreed to work together to blame the murder on Rudy Guede, 21, a part-time gardener from the Ivory Coast and the third accused.

Now, Guede’s lawyers are threatening to call for a separate trial for him alone - well away from the legal teams of the other two whom they fear could prejudice his case. It is a pact, says Guede’s lawyer Walter Biscotti, that can be traced back to July when Sollecito sent Knox a bouquet of yellow flowers on her 21st birthday which both celebrated in prison. “˜There is a clear desire to make Rudy the guilty party, and it’s clear they will try anything,’ Biscotti said.

There were three direct effects of this shafting of Guede.

    (1) Rudy Guede’s team opted for the separate fast track trial in which he essentially accepted all the evidence - helpful in commiting Knox and Sollecito to trial and not helpful to their case in court as the Micheli Report was a widely-read document. 

    (2) Judge Micheli forcefully concluded based in part on numerous interviews (1) that Guede was not the demon he was being made out to be, and (2) that in light of dozens of items of evidence (see my next post) Meredith had been subjected to a pack attack.

    (3) As Guede was away serving his sentence during trial and thereafter and not in the courtroom the PR and defense teams could demonize him almost daily with zero comeback (the prosecution thought it was fruitless grandstanding, and rode it out).

So much for “the forgotten killer”. How did that go again?

Here is an example of the incendiary tone now adopted by the public relations (and Michael Heavey) as channeled by the PR shill Peter Popham.

Two weeks after the murder, scientists found bloody fingerprints on a cushion under Mez’s body which belonged to a drug dealer and serial house-breaker called Rudy Guede, who had gone on the run right after the murder.

In contrast, here is the outcome of the Guede trial late in October 2008, note the cool-headed official tone not intimidated by the PR.

[Judge] Micheli agreed with prosecutors that more than one person took part in the sexual assault and murder, dismissing claims that the 47 bruises and knife wounds on Kercher’s body could have been made by a single attacker.

He upheld the testimony of a neighbour who heard more than one person fleeing Kercher’s house, adding that while footprints there might not definitely belong to Knox and Sollecito, they did indicate more than one attacker.

He stood by forensic evidence indicating Kercher’s and Knox’s DNA on a knife found at Sollecito’s house…. which investigators suspect is the murder weapon, and ruled Sollecito’s DNA on Kercher’s bra strap as reliable evidence.

He dismissed as “fantasy”, the claim that Knox, Sollecito and Guede planned to involve Kercher in an orgy inspired by “Halloween parties” instead describing the fatal encounter as unplanned.

In 2009 the prosecution laid out a vast array of evidence all of it pointing to several attackers: the autopsy, the DNA, the recreation of the attack, the obviously-adjusted crime scene, the computer and phone records.

The defense portion of the trial was loaded with anti-Guede innuendo but all their attempts to prove he was a burglar and lone-wolf killer failed markedly.  The “best” shot was the attempt to tie Guede to a break-in at a lawyers’ offices.

Click for Post:  The Serial-Burglar Arm Of The Rudy Guede Hoax: Testimony 2009 In Court Provided ZERO Proof

Late in 2009 Judge Massei set out at more length the very clear case for a pack attack, subsequently agreed-to by the Nencini appeal court (2014), and also three times by the Supreme Court of Italy (2010, 2013, 2015).

In 2010 as the previous post and this fine series by Cesare Beccaria shows, Knox and Sollecito were seemingly STILL blaming one another as much as they ever were Rudy Guede.

Click for Post:  How Each of The Three Subtly But Surely Pushed The Other Two Closer to The Fire

In 2010 the defenses finally split from the increasingly absurd public relations stance on Guede and they went their different ways.

(1) The defense finally caved in to the overwhelming proof of a pack attack. They dropped lone-wolf arguments with Guede as sole perpetrator and attempted other tactics, not successfully. 

Hellman appeal witness Aviello was a failed attempt of the defenses to prove that Guede attacked Meredith with others.

Hellman appeal witness Alessi was a failed attempt of the defenses to prove the attack was by another group entirely.

Neither could produce even an ounce of evidence. Never once in court 2007-2015 was the pack-attack evidence pointing to the three charged shaken.

At the outer edge of my timeline (when the PR was morphing Guede more and the defenses morphing him less) Cardiol wrote of the defense headache he represented. (Read also the 44 comments that Cardiol’s inspired, complex post sparked).

Click for Post:  How Much Or How Little To Blame Rudy Guede? The Defenses’ Immense Headache Coming Up

That was after the Hellman appeal but before his annulment by the Supreme Court. And even later, after the Nencini appeal (and the Douglas books) but before the bent Marasca-Bruno outcome (the macho Sollecito had made his second visit to the Dominican Republic at this point) SomeAlibi picked up the threads .

Click for Post:  Spitting In the Wind: Sollecito News Conference Backfires On Him AND Knox - What The Media Missed

(2) Meanwhile the PR and FOA crackpots are STILL denying the pack attack, as avidly promoted by, among others, John Douglas.

See Grahame Rhodes’s very telling sendup of Heavey on his quixotic mission to save his little angel, and PatAz’s Heavey expose.

Click for Post:  To Create Points With More Traction For His Yawnfests, Mr Heavey Convenes A Mock Court”¦

Click for Post:  After 6 Years Heavey Is Still Heedless Of His Errors Pointed Out Again & Again & Again

In their books Knox and Sollecito both demonized Guede and tried to sell him as a lonewolf killer.

In these posts Marcello explains just how far short they fall, and Chimera derides Knox at greater length in the huge Knox-book series.

Click for Post:  Questions For Knox and Sollecito: Why Claim Rudy Guede Did It Alone When So Much Proof Against?

Click for Post:    The 518 Lies In “Waiting To Be Heard” by Amanda Knox.

Profiler Douglas makes zero mention of all of this.

4. False Claims By Douglas Re Rudy Guede

1. False Claim By John Douglas on Guede’s Alleged Criminal Background

“Guede has the history; he was an experienced criminal”

John Douglas hasn’t substantiated the claims above and he can’t because Rudy Guede didn’t have any criminal convictions for breaking and entering or any other crimes at the time of Meredith’s murder.

Very extensive investigations by police of Guede’s past are described at length in the Micheli report on our Case Wiki.

Read those and you will know they had not heard of him before and he was not secretly working for them. They show him as mild, funny, popular, well-funded, and diligent in activities he liked.  The real Guede had zero reason to break in, steal money, deal drugs, or attack anyone. 

2. False Claim By John Douglas on Guede’s Alleged Criminal Background

“Rudy had committed other breaking-and-entering crimes and often used a knife.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean that Guede didn’t ever break into any properties, but as Judge Micheli noted, there is no proof that he ever committed any break-ins anywhere in his life.

On this Guede has been much lied-about. See more on this in Part 3 above and also this post, and this post.

3. False Claim By John Douglas on Guede’s Alleged Criminal Background

“He’s a sadistic individual with a violent past.”

John Douglas hasn’t substantiated his claim that Rudy Guede had a violent past. He can’t refer to any criminal convictions for violence because Guede didn’t have any at the time of the murder. Guede was only on the police radar because of a minor incident in Milan just before.

4. False Claim By John Douglas on Guede’s Actions At The Crime Scene.

“He put the blanket over her because he was wandering around the apartment and didn’t want to see her.”

John Douglas’ claim that Rudy Guede was wandering around the apartment is contradicted by the forensic evidence. His bloody shoe prints led straight out of Meredith’s room and out of the cottage. The Massei report, page 379:

“As a consequence, the shape of the bare footprint on the sky-blue mat in the little bathroom cannot be attributed to Rudy, who, on leaving Meredith’s room (according to what the shoe prints show), directed himself towards the exit without deviating or stopping in other rooms.”

5. False Claim By John Douglas on Guede’s Alleged Criminal Background

“You should be able to find other “canvases” of his like that ““ not necessarily homicide, but you should find a violent past in this person’s background. I know that he committed some robberies, but I’ll bet money there are more cases that he may have been involved in which remain unsolved. I don’t know, maybe before he came to Perugia ““ whatever he may have been escaping previously.”

Sure, do foolishly bet some money. John Douglas doesn’t seem to be aware of the fact that Rudy Guede came to Perugia when he was five years old and that he clearly hadn’t been involved in unsolved crimes before his arrival at that age.

John Douglas seems intent on over-egging the pudding in order to portray Guede in the worst possible light i.e. an experienced criminal with a violent past in order to persuade the public that he is the lone killer.

6. False Claim By John Douglas on Guede’s DNA At The Crime Scene

“On top of everything else, his DNA was all over the crime scene.”... “Rudy’s DNA is all over the crime scene in Meredith’s bedroom and Amanda and Raffaele’s is absent”

The claim that Rudy Guede’s DNA was all over the crime scene must be one of the widely-propagated PR lies in the media.

In fact there was only one sample of Guede’s DNA on Meredith body and just four samples of his DNA in Meredith’s room. In total, there were only five samples of his DNA at the cottage.

His DNA was found on a vaginal swab, on the sleeve of Meredith’s tracksuit, on her bra, on the zip of her purse and on some toilet paper in the bathroom that Filomena and Laura shared.

Judge Giordano sentencing report, page 5:

“”¦also a genetic profile, from the Y haplotype on the vaginal swab, in which no traces of semen were found; DNA on the toilet paper in the bathroom near the room of Mezzetti, where unflushed faeces were found; on the bag found on the bed; on the left cuff of the blue sweatshirt (described as a “zippered shirt” in the first inspection, discovered smeared with blood near the body and partly underneath it); and on the right side of the bra found by the foot of Kercher’s body”¦”

“No-one disputes that Rudy Guede was at the cottage when Meredith was killed. However, John Douglas exaggerates the DNA evidence against him. Saying Rudy Guede’s DNA “was all over the crime scene” sounds more damning than saying the Scientific Police found five samples of Rudy Guede’s DNA at the crime scene, less than Knox’s.

5. My Conclusions On This Area

The burden of proof is invariably lowered when it comes to Guede, and inevitably raised when it comes to Knox and Sollecito.

John Douglas clearly isn’t interested in hard facts - he just wants to lay all the blame at Guede’s feet.

As far as John Douglas and Amanda Knox’s supporters are concerned, the presumption of innocence doesn’t apply to Rudy Guede.

So there is no need for him to stand trial for the crimes he has allegedly committed. Straight to prison and case closed.

Posted by The Machine on 08/29/18 at 10:27 AM in

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Douglas is an embarrassment. A fraud. A flop.

Posted by James Raper on 08/30/18 at 03:04 PM | #

Hi James

We are pretty sure we know what got to John Douglas here. Major reveal by Cardiol and Machine coming up, The Machine has just the Evidence post first.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/30/18 at 04:02 PM | #

On the Machine’s “2. False Claim By John Douglas on Guede’s Alleged Criminal Background”

The Douglas quote: “Rudy had committed other breaking-and-entering crimes and often used a knife.”

Guede as serial burglar and break-in artist matters A LOT to the Douglases and Heaveyes and Fischers and Moores - and Burleighs too, and on and on.

They all imply dishonestly that that charge is definitive, as above, and they think that they have him cold. Case closed.

To show why IN COURT that demonization of Guede fell totally flat here is an excerpt from a 2015 post, with the “bold” emphasis added in.

[On the lawyers testifying (reluctantly and low-key) that someone broke into their offices which the defenses hope the jury thinks was Guede]

We have knocked chips off Guede in the past, but how this testimony (albeit mild) opened the gates to a wave of innuendo was simply unfair.


Neither he nor his lawyers were there to cross-examine the witnesses or call more witnesses of their own and the prosecution did not ask even one question. Nobody asked what legal documents may have been involved.

This has allowed supposition to grow unchallenged, though it looked like a red-herring by the defenses at the time…

Note what Guede if his team had been present could have brought out:

1. Nobody in Italy is given precautionary custody simply for possessing several items none of which were reported as stolen which conceivably could have been passed to him by another perp. When those were later proven stolen Guede was charged and he was recently sentenced in Milan to another 16 months.

2. The French window one floor above the ground in the dark around the back would have been easy to break into on a Saturday night according to Matteo Palazzoli by simply climbing up the grill over the French window below and then using the balcony to break through.

This is very far from the supposed scenario for Guede breaking into Filomena’s window

  (1) during Perugia’s late rush-hour on a weekday evening with a lot of cars and people still around,

  (2) under a great deal of light both from the street lights and the carpark lights above,

  (3) bypassing several other much easier entrances all of them in deep dark,

  (4) while leaving no prints and no DNA anywhere outside the window or in the room,

  (5) on a day when as far as he knew all four girls were in town (in fact three of them still were).

3. Zero fingerprints were found in the lawyers’ offices though a great many items had been touched.

4. What appear to be the tools of a habitual burglar were left at the scene.

5. The burglar alarm dial-out had been disabled by someone who knew the special trick to doing that.

6. The copier was switched on and some quantity of copy paper and several USB drives with legal data were gone.

7. A front window had been opened and then not fully closed, seemingly to pass things through to someone waiting with a car.

Payback or warning by a legal opponent? Such things are not unknown. Neither lawyer ever systematically reported a theft to the police. No comprehensive investigation was ever begun.

Paolo Brocchi claimed he didnt even know that one of his cellphones was gone. Matteo Palazzoli never gave the serial number of his computer to the police. Palazzoli could only weakly testify that Guede came by - to say he was not the real thief.

Each seemed embarrassed to be put on the stand by a flailing defense and simply anxious to move on.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/30/18 at 05:52 PM | #

Amanda Knox’s supporters raise or lower the bar for the burden of proof depending on the colour of the accused’s skin.

Hearsay and innuendo are taken as proof of Rudy Guede’s guilt with regard to the claims he was a drug dealer and petty criminal who had a history of breaking and entering. However, court verdicts and the Supreme Court’s definitive judgements are rejected when it comes to Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.

This implicit racial bias is evident when it comes to motive too. Many people assume the two white defendants couldn’t possibly have had a motive to kill Meredith, but they have no problem believing the black man had a motive to kill her.

Posted by The Machine on 08/30/18 at 06:41 PM | #

Hi Machine.

Yes. No sign of racial bias in the investigation or courts that I can see.

But huge elements of racism throughout the campaign of the PR. Douglas comes across as a rampant racist himself. So do Heavey and Moore.

The most peculiar racial happening in the case in the past 10 years was when the dishonest, and dangerous Knox-Mellases got the BLACK reality star and billionaire Oprah Winfrey to give them a huge audience to claim at length that the BLACK man did it.

I think we may be short of posts primarily on the racist dimension. We can take care of that.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/30/18 at 07:13 PM | #

There were lots of xenophobic comments about Italy in the US and UK media.

Timothy Egan:

“There was no way, based on forensic evidence that was a joke by international standards and a nonexistent motive that played to medieval superstitions, to find Knox and Sollecito guilty of the 2007 killing of Meredith Kercher, her British roommate in Perugia.” (Timothy Egan, The New York Times).

Deepa Babington

“The verdict, a severe embarrassment to the Italian justice system, came after independent forensic investigators sharply criticized police scientific evidence in the original investigation, saying it was unreliable.”

“The appeal trial gripped attention on both sides of the Atlantic, with an outpouring of sympathy and outrage from many in the United States who saw the American as an innocent girl trapped abroad in the clutches of a medieval justice system.” (Deepa Babington, Reuters)

Joan Smith

“Witch hunts grew from a stew of emotions, notably fear of female sexual power. They have no place in a modern Italian court

“Here are the news headlines for 1486: in the fair city of Perugia, a she-devil hath falsely accused an inn-keeper of murder most vile … Sorry, let me start again. This isn’t the 15th century, when “witches” were being hunted all over Europe, tortured into confessing and burned at the stake. In 2011, no one seriously believes that women go mad with lust and sell their souls to the devil – or do they?

“Astonishingly, exactly that accusation has been made in an Italian court this week by a lawyer called Carlo Pacelli. He used the occasion of an appeal by the American student Amanda Knox against her conviction for the murder of a British student to call her an “enchanting witch” and attack her in terms that would be instantly recognisable to a mediaeval witch-finder.” (Joan Smith, The Guardian).

Posted by The Machine on 08/30/18 at 07:44 PM | #

Okay, Machine, that is compelling. It does strongly suggest a new TJMK page.

“Raging Bigots”. Can anyone top that?

Quotes like those with some phrases in bold may be all we need.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/30/18 at 08:45 PM | #

RIP John McCain. The final service for him in the National Cathedral is live on TV now with three of the former presidents, Clinton, Obama, and Bush III.

I did a days work with him once.

It was at a workshop for Native American leaders in Washington DC. His interest was that about 1/4 of the population of Arizona he represented are members of the huge Navajo Tribe.

When be bounced in grinning and blazing energy the audience went wild.

We never talked direct. But I sat through his very encouraging talk, and he took strong note of Powerpoint slides. (I was doing about 100 Powerpoint presentations a year back then).

I dont think he’d had any real encounter with the working part of the UN and just how far down the road in technique we were compared to everyone else.

Very key, the part he really absorbed, is how we all NEED to get along, as all growth and development requires the combining of skills in groups, and the special ways to organize for that.

Kind of opposite to the stupid dog-eat-dog theories dominant in Washington DC now.

I think most reading here instinctively see and propound this (most people readily do) and see no merit in divisively trashing Italians and Italy on the lines Douglas etc do.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/01/18 at 07:45 PM | #

This excellent series of posts by TM is a brilliant aide memoire for recalling just how deeply and unpleasantly the Knox PR machine in all its guises has plumbed the depths of anti Italian sentiment.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed clicking on the links and rereading some of the old posts and comments from way back. I had completely forgotten about Grahame Rhodes’ post on Heavey. Haven’t heard from Grahame for a while, I do hope you’re well Grahame if you still drop by TJMK on occasions.

As Roger Waters said in the splendid song “Time” from Dark Side of the Moon:

“And then one day you find, ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun”

Have Pete and the team really been here all these years, relentlessly pursuing truth and justice for Meredith? Absolutely and it’s both humbling and inspiring to see that the efforts continue with just as much vigour and forensic detail as they did in the beginning.

Your final paragraph is spot on Pete. I’ve only visited Italy once and, apart from a dodgy taxi driver who dropped us 3 miles from our hotel, my ex fiancé and I found Rome to be staggeringly beautiful and the people to be warm, friendly and intelligent. Dodgy taxi drivers exist in all big cities unfortunately!

Posted by davidmulhern on 09/03/18 at 03:37 PM | #

Hi davidmulhern

Thanks. So many over the years put good stuff in. Here’s a comment from December 2008 that really resonates now as the Knox-Mellas-poodles castle of cards is fragile as hell.

As a lawyer myself, I think the Knox family have made a big mistake, not engaging a good American lawyer to talk for them. He would have advised them properly on this. The PR show is not only a charade, it is leaving them not well advised.
Posted by Hergitay on 12/18/08 at 05:51 PM | #

When all of the American media blazes about the role of Knox’s and Sollecito’s mafia chums, as they will do soon, the huge real cost of Curt Knox’s PR approach will sink in. Whither Knox then?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/04/18 at 03:52 AM | #

To the extent Douglas talks about Sollecito at all it is obvious that he is an awkward third leg or fifth wheel.

Douglas can wax on about this and that and the other medieval motive his wierd brain supposes that investigators had in persecuting his “beautiful” Knox (he terms her that a lot, shades of the obvious perversion of Heavey, Fischer and Moore).

But why persecute RS?!!!

Thanks to the Machine for again taking us into the very telling gamesmanship between all three of the three that went on.

For deep researchers: he links to two of our past posts (the first starts a series) that show the mind-boggling complexity this assumed:

(1) By Cesare Beccaria

(2) By Cardiol

And here is another, by Michael, way back in 2008:

And also see these lists from the Wiki which also drill down deep.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/04/18 at 04:05 AM | #

What davidmulhern said: Pete and team here 10 years “pursuing… justice for Meredith Kercher…with just as much vigor and forensic detail as in the beginning.”

Knox PR needs Rudy to be the bad guy to deflect from her horror. Douglas can’t knock Sollecito too hard because Sollecito’s holding all the cards to play against Knox. He’s more of an unknown factor to them than Rudy, with way more power and influence in Italy thanks to Daddykins.

Rudy was no saint, and he might have been a petty crook but Knox was the real wild hare and Sollecito the masked decepticon, hiding his core. I think he and Knox were more explosively angry and violent than even the poor orphaned Guede whose own father mistreated him badly.

Guede might have gone bad with or without Knox, but I doubt he’d ever have killed. The knife nut Raf and the swaggering Knox who was not above thieving herself (IMHO) were dire influences on Rudy.

They had nothing like Rudy’s excuse for drug use and bad behavior. They both threw away so much they had going for them while Rudy was struggling just to survive (although he had been given big breaks by kind hearted Italian foster family and loving teachers). Knox and Raf were just destructive and aggressive.

I think Douglas wants to paint Guede with that brush when it fits Knox and quietly seething Raf the passive-aggressive wonder, a lot more.

Well, folks, I hope all in the U.S. had a nice Labor Day.  I’m heading outta town a few days to see family and maybe paint a little. My painting is strictly “fun art, not fine art.” Check yall later….    😊

Posted by Hopeful on 09/04/18 at 04:25 PM | #

Hi Hopeful

Yes 10 years might well seem a geological timespan! But we saw all the time in the UN much longer timespans than that.

Look at the great betrayals of the back-to-colonialism after World War I and the after-effects we encounter everyday - the Israel-Palestinian thing, the militancy in Iraq, Saudi, Egypt, Algeria still playing out, countries in Africa designed to inflame things on tribal lines, the endless reverberations of Divide and Conquer where division was the name of the game.

We worked on development method in the UN for 30 years (its was the sciences that had to catch up) and though we got it right it still awaits being spread around (hence militant Americans and migrations to Europe now).

Everybody here with kids is hopefully showing them how to give things their best shot. Schools will be of little help. While its easy to show high school students how to “see” systems in a mere week or two, and how they handle systems will be THE main determinant of their success in life (ask Bill Gates), its still not on schools’ radar.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/04/18 at 05:58 PM | #

Headsups on our next posts.

The Machine has said he may wrap up on Post #4 Douglas’s hard evidence this weekend. It sounds like it will be a blockbuster thanks to Douglas’s serial bungling.

Cardiol next on why Douglas, once a reliable profiler, may have entered this world of complete fantasy when there were so many red flags showing.

And then James Raper next on the Knox lamp in Meredith’s room - some smoking gun that is.

Other major work is several new pages of overview posts (evidence, hoaxes, etc) with live links standing out in bold as in the post above.

Something like that will also be a final main project on the Wiki.

And PMF dot Net will be brought back quite soon in a static form to serve as another archive, one that shows well how the truths were zoomed in on.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/07/18 at 07:05 PM | #
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