After 6 Years Heavey Is Still Heedless Of His Errors Pointed Out Again & Again & Again

1. Overview of this post

Michael Heavey has a considerable record of interventions that seriously mislead.

He makes false claim after false claim after false claim. Often corrected, he heedlessly gravitates no closer to the truth.

This post corrects a misleading and dishonest letter from Heavey to President Obama copied to Congress of 16 May 2011.

1 Misleading interventions in 2008

During this year Heavey (then still a judge, though one who was merely elected - nothing compared to the rigorous process Italian judges must go through) sent three erroneous open letters (posted on the web and widely copied) to senior justice officials in Italy about the case.

TJMK posted on the errors in December 2008.

2 Misleading interventions in 2009

By way of interviews in the media, Heavey continued his campaign. He has claimed that his motives really are noble: in effect, Knox could have been his own daughter, though his daughter has distanced herself from this campaign.

3 Misleading interventions in 2010

One of the 2008 letters to Italy was sent on official judicial letterhead, as if he was speaking for the State of Washington. In 2010 the Washington State Commission on Judicial Conduct disciplined Heavey although it was only for an illegal use of the official letterhead, not for wrong claims.

The initial announcement was posted on here. The details of the charges were posted on here. The disciplinary penalty was posted on here.

4 Misleading interventions in 2011

In April 2011, one month prior to his misleading letter,  Heavey was a droning presence on a panel before an audience of 35 at Seattle University. His familiar talking points were again repeated.

It is cross-posted from my own website here.  Links to previous posts about Heavey on TJMK for the period 2008 to 2011 appear at the bottom of this post.

2. The 16 May 2011 letter to President & Congress

On May 16, 2011, Judge Heavey (now retired) apparently sent US President Barack Obama a letter regarding the Amanda Knox case. 

This document was retrieved from the news site under a search result for “Amanda Knox.” The subject of Judge Heavey’s letter was “Re: Failure of Rome Consular Officials to protect the rights of U.S. Citizen Amanda Knox.”

The new Heavey letter was written on letterhead “From the chambers of Judge Michael Heavey.” The address given is his house address.

The Judge charged that the State Department absolutely failed to look out for the rights of Amanda Knox. Nowhere in the letter does Judge Heavey actually address any of the evidence in the case.

Ten times in his letter, he charges consular officials failed to take action when they should have.

However, many of his points are false or misstate the events. In many instances, Judge Heavey is proven wrong by statements from Amanda Knox herself.

This letter, full of errors, was carbon copied to Members of Congress AND the Secretary of State (at the time, Hillary Clinton).

These mistakes would have known at the time Judge Heavey wrote his letter by using the interviews and documents available at that time.  This did not stop Judge Heavey from writing an error-laden letter to the President and Congress. These errors are detailed below.

Additional signatories to the letter (on letterhead from “from the chambers of Judge Michael Heavey”) include Friends of Amanda representative Thomas L. Wright, and author of “The Framing of Amanda Knox” Dr. Mark C. Waterrbury.

Judge Heavey had been admonished for using court resources and stationary as a part of his advocacy in the Amanda Knox case, as well as his public speeches while he was a sitting judge. 

The admonishment only covered the letters written to Italian court officials and prosecutors, using court stationary and court staff. The letter he apparently sent to Obama and congress was not included in the admonishment.

The following is a point by point review and rebuttal of the by-now admonished Judge Heavey’s Letter to President Obama and Congress

1. False brutal interrogation claims

The letter opens up with a summary of the argument- that this case was a prosecutor’s vendetta against Amanda Knox, and that her rights were violated, and Consular officials did nothing. The letter is arranged as a series of points, which are discussed below.

Judge Heavey writes: “Amanda Knox was arrested for the murder of her roommate after an all-night interrogation [...]. The Perugian Police denied her food and water, cuffed her on the back of the head, and, most importantly, prevented her from sleeping.”

However, Amanda Knox was not the one called into the station. Raffaele was; and they went right after having dinner!

A UK based paper had published the day before an article with quotes from Raffaele. Raffaele said he and Amanda went to a party on the night of the murder. Police were likely calling in Raffaele due to the conflicting stories.

Amanda’s “interrogation” didn’t start until at least 11pm. Police have testified she was offered food and water. She went to sleep after signing her second statement, at 5:45 am. There was a break between signing her first statement at 1:45 am and signing her second statement (after being warned by Dr Mignini to say nothing further without a lawyer) at 5:45 am.

Here is Amanda Knox:

“Around 10:30pm or 11pm Raffaele and I arrived at the police station after eating dinner at the apartment of one of Raffaele’s friends. It was Raffaele who the police called, not me, but I came with him to the Questura anyway while he was to be questioned for support, as he had done for me many times.” -Amanda Knox, letter to lawyers, 9 Nov 2007

“I signed my second “spontaneous declaration” at 5:45 AM [...]. I asked permissions to push two metal folding chairs together, balled myself into the fetal position, and passed out, spent. I probably didn’t sleep longer than an hour before doubt pricked me awake”¦ “  -Amanda Knox, Waiting to be Heard

To this day, Raffaele Sollecito has not corroborated Amanda Knox’s alibi in court.

2. False no-lawyer claim

Judge Heavey writes: “When a witness becomes a suspect, the police are obligated to appoint a lawyer”

Knox was not a suspect and the interview was merely a recap/summary session with someone who might have information as the defenses themselves agreed. Knox herself twice declined a lawyer before insisting on writing three statements out.

Prosecutor Mignini was interviewed by CNN ten days before Judge Heavey wrote his letter. In the interview, Mignini describes the questioning of Amanda:

“And thus her interrogation as a person informed of the facts was suspended by the police in compliance with Article 63 of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure [c.p.p. - Codice di Procedura Penale], because if evidence appears that incriminates the person, the person being questioned as a person informed of the facts can no longer be heard, and we must stop. “Everyone stop! There must be a defense attorney [present]”. And thus the police stopped and informed Amanda” -

Prosecutor Mignini, CNN interview, May 6 2011 (Ten days prior to Judge Heavey’s letter)

Thus, it was known on national television in the US what the sequence of events was. This did not stop Judge Heavey from writing an error-laden letter to congress.

3. False no-recording claim

Judge Heavey writes: “Article 141 of the CCP requires that every interrogation of a person in custody (for any reason) must be fully recorded by audio or audiovisual means”

However, Amanda Knox was not in custody during her questioning on Nov 5th & 6th. She was not a suspect, and this was not a suspect interview. She merely eagerly listed seven names. She was only at the station because Raffaele was called:

“It was Raffaele who the police called, not me, but I came with him to the Questura anyway while he was to be questioned for support, as he had done for me many times. “

-Amanda Knox, Letter to Lawyers, 8 Nov 2007

4. False no-interpreter claim

Judge Heavey writes: “Amanda spoke little Italian, yet was not allowed to have an interpreter to assist her with understanding the questions put to her, the charges against her, or anything else.”

Two sources refute Judge Heavey’s point- official court records of the questioning, and Amanda Knox’s own statement on trial and in her book:

From Court documents

“...assisted by the English-speaking interpreter Anna Donnino” -Signed 1:45 AM statement.

“....assisted by the English-speaking interpreter Anna Donnino” -Signed 5:45 AM statement.

And from Amanda Knox:

November 2nd: “”¦they brought in an english-speaking detective for hours two through six.”  -Waiting to be Heard

November 4th: “AK: So, it seems to me that Laura and Filomena were there, but they had arrived with other people, while I was in the car with the police and an interpreter, that’s it.” -Trial Testimony

November 5th/6th: “The interpreter, a woman in her forties, arrived at about 12:30 A.M.” -Waiting to be heard

5. False vengeful prosecutor claim

Judge Heavey simply engages in a character assassination of Prosecutor Mignini:

“[...] Mignini was well known in Italy for a bizarre theory [...] under investigation for abuse of office [...] previously driven American journalist, Douglas Preston out of Italy[...]”

Judge Heavey, Dr. Waterbury, and FOA representative Thomas Wright conclude point five with:

“Consular officials knew Mr. Mignini was prosecuting Amanda Knox. They knew he had been charged with abusing his office. They knew of the bizarre theory that he pursued, from which the charges arose. They also knew he was under tremendous pressure to achieve some vindication to save face. Why did consular officials do nothing?”

The trumped-up charges against Prosecutor Mignini pursued by a rogue prosecutor ad rogue judge in Florence were overturned by the Florence appeal court and sacthingly roasted by the Supreme Court. Dr Mignini (now Deputy Attorney General for Umbria) was under no pressure at all. See this post here.

6. False satanic myth claim

Heavey and others raise the satanic ritual myth quoting Prosecutor Mignini as stating at the October preliminary hearing, “the crime was a sexual and sacrificial ritual in accordance with the rites of Halloween.”

The ONLY source for this quote is a defense lawyer for Sollecito who made it up. Judge Heavey then turns around and uses this metaphor himself:

“these and other statements should have shouted to consular officials that Amanda was a defendant in what had become a witch trial, being prosecuted by a delusional prosecutor. Why did consular officials do nothing?”

7. False US Embassy claim

Despite Heavey’s claims, US consular officials WERE monitoring the case, as revealed in FOI-released documents requested by journalist Andrea Vogt. She released these documents in a May 2013 post on her website.

This is clear: consular officials regularly visited Knox and tracked case developments. The following diplomats’ names appear on the cables: Ambassador Ronald Spogli, Deputy Chief   Elizabeth Dibble and Ambassador David Thorne, U.S. Embassy Rome.

The US Embassy cables that were released were dated: Nov, 07; Dec 08; Feb 09; May 09; Aug 09; Nov 09; Dec 09. No other documents were released.

Consular staff visited Amanda Knox on November 12 2007, and noted her lawyers had already visited with Knox.  The charges against Amanda Knox as stated by the US Embassy were:

  * Participation in Voluntary Manslaughter with aggravating circumstances of cruelty
  * Participation in sexual assault
  * Simulated robbery
  * Slander
  * Possession of weapons
  * Aggravated theft.

Over four years from late 2007 to late 2011 we estimate that the US taxpayer paid $400,000 for the Embassy’s monitoring of Knox.

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The Comment by the Prof:

For Boise State University professor Greg Hampikian, there’s no mystery at all about what happened to 21-year-old Meredith Kercher, who was found murdered in 2007 in Perugia, Italy, prompting charges against her roommate, Amanda Knox of Seattle, and two others, who later were cleared. “I know what happened,” Hampikian told an audience of about 200 at Boise State University today. Kercher, he said, was sexually assaulted and murdered “by one guy - Rudy Guede.”

I looked into his list of publications and saw that he has one publication in a forensic journal. But then it was published in 2013!

List of publications of Prof Greg Hampikian:

Adamopoulos, L., Montegna, J., Hampikian, G., Argyropoulos, D. S., Heitmann, J., & Lucia, L. A. (2007). A simple method to tune the gross antibacterial activity of cellulosic biomaterials. Carbohydrate Polymers, 69(4), 805-810.  Retrieved from
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Posted by chami on 11/16/13 at 10:11 PM | #

Sorry, the last line got cut.

I know you are talking about the Judge, but forgetting the Prof!

Both are but small cogs in the big wheel called the “PR Machine”.

How about the motivation? Italian Judges provide a report card: I liked it. We need a motivation report for the Judge and also for the Prof.

Posted by chami on 11/16/13 at 10:16 PM | #

Hi Chami

No, the Prof is not forgot. See the box at top on Andrea Vogt’s new report. Hampikian is to be the next post; we are still gathering stuff. This certainly helps, I for one did not know that. 

Both are big PR cogs.  Hampikian is the only US expert on [something] still lending their scientific credibility to the PR campaign.  Heavey is the only [ex] senior official trying to gain some traction for Knox at top levels of government and lending legal credibility to the campaign.

If they are both on the skids, both the science and the political/legal thrusts may be done.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/16/13 at 10:49 PM | #

Hi, pat_az,

Great piece! I hope there will be a part II to Judge Heavey, including how he promised the disciplinary committee he wouldn’t lend his judicial office to defend Amanda Knox then broke that promise by advocating endlessly afterwards.

Heavey also traded on his daughter’s supposed friendship with Amanda Knox to promote her ‘innocence’, only to have her publicly repudiate that through writer Steve Shay.

Posted by Ergon on 11/16/13 at 11:26 PM | #

Thank you pat_az. Great stuff…

Posted by Bettina on 11/17/13 at 01:29 AM | #

God he’s weird and rather pathetic this Heavey character.

If ever there was a picture of someone refusing to retire/grow old gracefully it’s this self-important ex-judge. Does he realise how stupid he sounds?

He begins his missive “US citizen Amanda Knox is a neighbour and classmate of my eldest daughter…” Well that is supposed to seal it I suppose. (Cue Obama to his secretary - “just another old man finding it hard to come to terms with being someone of no special importance anymore and with no future role - bin it”).

It must be very difficult to spend the best part of your life acting and being seen as an all-wise judge and then to have that life-time role taken from you abruptly on retirement. How to make the transition from someone of importance to someone of zero importance? With extreme reluctance and difficulty it seems in Heavey’s case.

Posted by Odysseus on 11/17/13 at 01:49 AM | #

Some people only just begin to face up to deeply entrenched psychological issues when they retire.

An ambitious and successful career can actually be a way to avoid difficult psychology, and hide from issues in childhood or upbringing that have been too painful to previously acknowledge.

Retirement can actually resemble a mildly traumatic time for some people, and certainly requires adjustment.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 11/17/13 at 02:33 AM | #

The retirement age for judges in Washington State is 75. I believe Heavey did not actually retire; he decided (ostensibly for health reasons) not to face an election again.

See his vilifying remarks on Dr Mignini in the letter? Dr Mignini is considerably more senior, as the Deputy Prosecutor General of Umbria, than Heavey ever was as a mere elected county judge.

Dr Mignini has had a much more distinguished career. He is one of the relatively few who accepts the risk of taking on the mafia. He is admired throughout Italy and thanked daily on the streets of Perugia.

My guess is in due course Heavey and some other malicious defamers may have to eat their words.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/17/13 at 03:20 AM | #

@ SeekingUnderstanding

I agree with that wholeheartedly. A life well-lived has no need for position/status - the latter is a petrified life-denying state that betrays deep insecurity and fear of change. All too common though. In fact one is considered something of a failure in our culture if one can’t display the necessary degree of petrification and consequent attachment to material goodies -:)

As you say, retirement can bring up all sorts of issues that have been kept from conscious awareness (like a poor marital relationship, suddenly exposed by having to be together 24/7).I wonder how the long-suffering Mrs Heavey is getting on with the grumpy and role-less ex-judge mooching around the house all day?!

Posted by Odysseus on 11/17/13 at 03:27 AM | #


Interesting that Heavey decided not to face election again so he hasn’t officially retired as such but he’s given up his role and that will have the psychological consequences that Seekingunderstanding mentions.

Dr Mignini - now you’re talking! Can’t imagine him writing to the Italian President with special pleading for an Italian woman facing a murder conviction overseas, for no better reason than she just happened to go to school with his daughter!

Posted by Odysseus on 11/17/13 at 04:01 AM | #


I wonder how the long-suffering Mrs Heavey is getting on with the grumpy and role-less ex-judge mooching around the house all day?


Must be true for 1000s of women whose 8 hr/day freedom is being taken away by the retired husband.

They are retired but not tired!

I have suggested to many, and many have accepted, that they pick up some voluntary community work after their retirement. I often get interesting feedback from several sides!

I concur with SeekingUnderstanding: he needs to learn to adjust.

But he cannot beat the Prof!

Posted by chami on 11/17/13 at 05:48 AM | #

Excellent post - again.

Let us continue to expose the rot.

Is there a direct link to your blog, please?

Thank you.

Posted by thundering on 11/17/13 at 05:55 AM | #

Just seen the link:

Posted by thundering on 11/17/13 at 05:57 AM | #

I am really glad Pat Az unearthed this. He must have been surprised when it showed. Pat wrote that it was “apparently” sent and I can see why.

It doesnt show up on Google at all except for one archive website which however proves it did leave Heavey’s “chambers” (the address given is that of his house).

Maybe it was only sent out on paper? Did all the FOA get copies? Are whole forests being cut down in Knox’s vain cause?

The letter was apparently copied to members Congress (all 535 of them? really?) and the media (who obviously universally ignored it or it would show up more on Google).

This self-important mode of sending “letters to top people” copied to hundreds (whose crank incoming mail usually goes straight in the garbage) is repeatedly used by Heavey and others like Joel Simon in the CPJ.

Heavey surely must know now it is pretty ineffective, as not even one Congressperson showed up for his panel.  The mode looks to me primarily like a way of asserting one’s importance to peers rather than actually getting through to top people and having a real effect.

We may see here Heavey’s attempt to leapfrog the other white knights and head the parade, ostentatious also in Rocco Girlanda, Hampikian, Steve Moore, Bruce Fischer, all of them with so-called careers that must have left them mega-frustrated.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/17/13 at 02:43 PM | #

Chami said “How about the motivation? Italian Judges provide a report card: I liked it. We need a motivation report for the Judge and also for the Prof.”

Writing those amazing reports (well maybe Hellmann’s was not so amazing) must take weeks but I agree, they are likable. I do wonder what Heavey’s and Hampikian’s would look like.

One thing Heavey the law & politics guy and Hampikian the science & DNA guy have in common is they both espouse the Lone Wolf Theory. This requires a lot of nasty demonizing of Guede and a lot of burbling about the sheer amazingness of Knox.

How to nail that zombie theory once and for all?! Judge Micheli tried in 2008 and yet it still keeps coming. Here is a link to about two dozen of our Lone Wolf posts, with one of James Raper’s excellent posts presently at the top.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/17/13 at 03:21 PM | #


I was simply wondering what they saw in our lovable foxy knoxy!

Or, is it the sweet smell of money, that also comes in various incarnations (e.g., favor and power being the most imporatant of them).

Guede comes later, in fact much later. He is the proverbial lamb around which any theory can be made to fit.

Two possibilities jump to my mind:

What would have happened if AK were British and MK American?

Or, this is more interesting,

Guede were white and Raf were black!

Posted by chami on 11/17/13 at 03:53 PM | #

Speaking of Report Cards: Judge Heavey was rated very low in a survey of 1500 attorneys of the King County Bar association:

“Other judges at the bottom of the list include Michael Heavey, Carol Schapira, Laura Middaugh and Mary Roberts.”

Posted by Ergon on 11/17/13 at 05:17 PM | #

Point with Heavey’s junk mail. Seems your right in that he wants to assert his legal muscle. (That’s the one he keeps in a box under his bed.) In order to jump the queue and make himself more important to the FA crowd. Same as Hampikian. Sad really, pathetic old men trying to retain some semblance of past glory, not that Hampikian ever had but there you are.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 11/18/13 at 04:53 AM | #

I do wonder increasingly how far the letter to the President got. It reflects what Heavey has said many times before and since and its on the web and Pat Az found it on King5.

But some cooler heads among the Knox crazies (which does not of course include Fischer) were backing off Heavey’s self-promoting rants in 2011 when the appeal seemed to be going their way.

Even some of the crazies might have found this part of the letter seriously weird.

On November 6, 2007, at 5:4.5 a.m. 20 year-old Amanda Knox was arrested for the murder of her roommate after an all-night interrogation performed by a dozen poljzia officers who operated in “tag team” rotation.

The Perugian police denied her food and water, cuffed her on the back of the head and, most importantly, prevented her from sleeping.

After her arrest, she was paraded as a trophy through the streets of Perugia.

Yes, well…

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/18/13 at 08:59 PM | #

  The Perugian police denied her food and water, cuffed her on the back of the head and, most importantly, prevented her from sleeping.

  After her arrest, she was paraded as a trophy through the streets of Perugia.

It only shows that the PR team never forgets the entertainment value at every step.

Posted by chami on 11/18/13 at 09:25 PM | #


Re: “she was paraded as a trophy through the streets of Perugia”

All part and parcel of the beyond-dumb portrayal of Italy as ‘mid-evil”, a country which seemingly has a few statues and monuments of passing interest, which any self-respecting (?) American wants to say they’ve seen, that they’ve got the T-shirt, etc (hello Obknoxious), but actual immersion in the culture… forget it.

For a certain tranche of America a trip to ole Europe is kinda fun but there’s nothing like the return home to the unpretentious, total moderness of America and the joie-de-vie, cough, of eat-on-the-run at fast-food joints, mass drone-killing worldwide and the right to bear arms against a sea of troubles (often the local primary school), all without the fussy encumbrance of tradition.

Mid-evil? If I didn’t have many intelligent American friends who generally agree with me, some of whom would never go back to their homeland, I’d be tempted to generalise here but the xenophobic basket cases that are attracted to FOA are something else. The only seriously worrying question is how much of the demographic do they represent?

Posted by Odysseus on 11/18/13 at 11:25 PM | #

Regarding Hampikian … Andrea Vogt’s bio used to state that she spoke “Idahoan,” which I thought was a clever and entertaining thing to say – elaborating on the joke about every state speaking a different language. 

How appropriate that she had the opportunity to investigate Idahoan antics – I can think of no better person to do so.  If only her FOIA appeal time limit hadn’t expired – we would know so much more.  Two statements from the Orrick article are very informative ( 

1.  “In the four years following circulation of that letter, Hampikian gave countless presentations and made numerous statements to media outlets, explaining why he believed the DNA evidence from the crime scene conclusively proved that Knox was innocent.” 

2.  “But when Vogt plowed through Italian court documents to find the evidence to back up Hampikian’s public statements about his direct involvement influencing the process, she came up empty. According to Trade Secrets Watch’s own review of the Italian court records, that’s because Hampikian did not submit any expert reports or provide written or oral testimony in any of the Italian appeal proceedings.”

Thus Hampikian is a Public Relations agent, another carnival worker barking outside the defense tent. 

A “shill” in common parlance (from Wikipedia):  “Shill can also be used pejoratively to describe a critic who appears either all-too-eager to heap glowing praise upon mediocre offerings, or who acts as an apologist for glaring flaws. In this sense, the critic would be an implicit shill for the industry at large, possibly because his income is tied to its prosperity. The origin of the term “shill” is uncertain; it may be an abbreviation of “shillaber.” The word originally denoted a carnival worker who pretended to be a member of the audience in an attempt to elicit interest in an attraction.”

Posted by Patrizio on 11/18/13 at 11:57 PM | #

Regarding Judge Peevish – oh, I’m sorry, did I misspell that? – I meant Drudge Heavey. I imagine that I must have imagined it differently.  County Judges are always competing with television personality Judge Judy for ratings. 

This topic is a perfect introduction for a description of the county level judge/jury process, which I had wanted to write about previously, in response to inquiries here about how that process works in the United States. 

First of all, county judges are elected, which in effect makes them no different from politicians.  Federal judges are appointed, but they are appointed by elected officials (i.e. politicians), so they too are no different than politicians.  Juries are selected randomly from voter registration records, that is from the very proof that they vote for politicians.  Obviously the voter suppression in the United States consequently results in jury suppression. 

For each case, scores of potential jurors are notified by mail to arrive at the courthouse on a certain time and date.  There are some methods of deferring this, but if called, sooner or later one has to go.  These scores of jurors wait in some meeting room, typically a windowless subterranean room ,while randomly selected subsets of them are called up to the courtroom to be questioned by the prosecution and defense lawyers. 

Once in the courtroom, the judge compares him or herself to some TV judge personality, and then turns over questioning of prospective jurors to the lawyers.  So at this point there are three groups of potential jurors:  those sitting in the jury box, being questioned; those waiting in the courtroom to replace jurors whose answers do not please the lawyers and who are removed from the jury box, and those still waiting down in the waiting room. 

In a trial involving a handgun, for instance, a prospective juror might be asked if he or she owns a handgun.  If one answers “No I do not own a handgun and I believe citizens should not be allowed to own handguns,” then congratulations! You will be removed from the jury pool and be allowed to leave the premises.  If one answers “I don’t own a handgun yet, but I’ve been thinking about buying one,” then you may get on the jury, while the response “I own a handgun – it’s in my car – do you want to see it?” will certainly get you a seat on the jury. 

By the way, even if you answer the questions to the satisfaction of the defense, the prosecution can always come back later and have you removed from the jury, and vice-versa for the prosecution, in both cases for no stated reason.  In other words, there is a lot of subtle communication going on, and one is being judged on a number of intangibles.  In short, it seems more “public relations” exercise – choosing suitable consumers - than jury selection. 

Based on the arduous process above, jury selection can often take many, many days.  Each day, prospective jurors must return to the courthouse and go through the process over and over, until the lawyers are happy with the jury selection, at which point the trial can commence.  In the end, however, it usually comes down to money:  the side with the most money is likely the side that will win.

Posted by Patrizio on 11/19/13 at 12:53 AM | #

Statement from Nigel Scott, Lib Dem Councillor in Haringey, London: LondonSupporter » Sat Nov 16, 2013 7:12 am

” I have just seen the comments above. (I am Nigel Scott and I post here as LondonSupporter.) I am an advocate for Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito because they are innocent and because I am appalled at the travesty of justice that has been visited on them by the Italian legal system and some of its practitioners. Like most people I do other things as well. I have a day job, working for a health charity and I am a local councillor in a London borough (US equivalent = councilman) and a school governor. These are all separate activities but the fact that I may do one does not impinge on the other. What they all have in common is that they involve trying to help people and trying to make a positive difference. Sometimes I have succeeded. I have never mentioned my local government position when campaigning for Amanda and Raffaele nor would I do so. My other activities have been publicised by crazy people following internet searches. They have also sent me emails threatening to ‘report me’ to the council. Naturally I have advised the council’s legal department of their activities.

As an elected councillor I am free to engage in other activities in my spare time as long as I do not bring my office or the council into disrepute. I contend that campaigning for innocent people who have been framed for a crime they had no connection with, is a valid use of my spare time and I do not intend to be intimidated by a bunch of numpties, most of whom are not even prepared to support their beliefs by using their real identities.

This case has been overwhelmed and derailed in part by the activities of haters and I intend to stand for truth for as long as they continue to spread lies.”

Aside from the fact I am glad he is finally using his real name, it might be suggested that taking an accused murderer to the gravesite of his victim against the expressed wishes of a grieving UK family is something he has neither excused, nor explained, nor does he seem unable to understand how this might bring his council into disrepute, if anyone were to challenge him on that. Truly, the actions of a “numpty”.

Posted by Ergon on 11/19/13 at 01:40 AM | #


Hmmm Interesting… first though.
What’s a ‘numpty’?

And second. Nigel Scott tips his hand by calling anyone with a contrary view ‘Haters’ Mind you in that he’s definitely got me pegged because I hate the destruction of intelligent people such as Meredith Kercher over unwashed bottom feeders as represented by Knox and her brood. Or as my mother used to say. “Inferior breading stock.” Of course as everybody knows the only word you will hear when somebody mentions Haringay is “It smells of the local gas works and is too close to the railway line to be of any importance.”

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 11/19/13 at 03:13 AM | #


Scottish usage:
a) Someone who (sometimes unwittingly) by speech or action demonstrates a lack of knowledge or misconception of a particular subject or situation to the amusement of others.

b) A good humoured admonition, a term of endearment

c) A reckless, absent minded or unwise person

a) “No. That wisnae wit she meant, ya big numpty!”

b) i.e. “Silly billy”, “You big dafty”

c) “That numpty’s driving with no lights on!”

Nigel Scott is a numpty 😉

Posted by Ergon on 11/19/13 at 03:46 AM | #

Or as Billy Connolly used to say. “It’s a Beigism” That means the only colour is zero just like these self styled purveyors of filth.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 11/19/13 at 04:11 AM | #

I am learning something new everyday.

Today I leant about numpty.

Posted by chami on 11/19/13 at 03:57 PM | #

They say ‘numpty’ in Yorkshire a lot…

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 11/19/13 at 05:12 PM | #

Really! Never heard it on Lancashire. Must be the War of the Roses.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 11/19/13 at 05:25 PM | #

Hampikian is not reliable, hence the Boise-Stonewall, but otherwise, not unversed in DNA tech.-speak.

Posted by Cardiol MD on 11/19/13 at 07:35 PM | #

Excellent report. Thank you Pat Az for the point by point rebuttal of another senseless attempt at logic by the clueless.

The stupidity of these so-called experts continues to astound me. “The Perugian Police denied her food and water” - she had just had dinner for god’s sake. Both she and RS have admitted that. In fact, RS even made the police wait for him while they finished dinner. Who the heck needs food and water right after dinner?

They “prevented her from sleeping”. Are you seriously telling me that a 20 year old college student, living in a foreign country on her own and by all accounts making the most of it, found it so hard to stay awake till 4-5 am? Isn’t she the same one who was so desperate to join Meredith for the all-night halloween party just a few days ago? Suddenly very conscientious about bedtime, aren’t we?

“Amanda spoke little Italian, yet was not allowed to have an interpreter to assist her” - not only is this untrue as has been pointed out, it is also likely that even the best interpreters in the world wouldn’t have been able to help much, given AK’s attitude. In her book, she talks about how the interpreter was a “useless woman” and how she decided to take charge. Even if there was some amount of miscommunication, it is more than likely that AK herself caused it by not letting the interpreter do her job.

Posted by Sara on 11/19/13 at 07:45 PM | #


Both Halkides and Hampikian are well versed in DNA tech-speak. And both are active researchers with decent lists of publications.

But like many of us, they have strong opinions and often their passion is clouded by their judgment (or, perhaps, it is the other way!). And that affects, as you rightly say, their reliability.

It is a very common disease. Boise is just trying to rehabilitate a good scientist who has strayed into limelight.

Posted by chami on 11/20/13 at 05:53 AM | #

Interesting blog on Patrick Moore’s All Things Crime site

where the author, a man, I presume, but his name there is ‘Pitchforks’, states that most of the ‘hate’ against Amanda Knox (and Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony) is directed by women, because that’s the way they are. Do drop by to see such misogyny in action, also some replies 😊

One comment from a Knox supporter is peripherally interesting:

“Joan James”:
Recently there has been a concerted and fairly fruitful effort to ferret out their actual identities as well as some info on who they are and why they’re stalking Amanda online. It’s been, to put it mildly, very interesting to put names, faces and personalities to these tags. (I think Ergon might vouch for that?!) The main reason for this effort is that some of these people, in some of their more virulent posts, have made very precise, very lethal threats relative to the life and safety of both Amanda and Raffaele, as well as their families and friends!!!

What can you say to such people?

Posted by Ergon on 11/20/13 at 04:51 PM | #

Dr Hampikian’s work on the Amanda Knox case was part of the product of Ms. Knox’s criminal defense and was conducted within the bounds of an attorney-client relationship. As such it appears that the records you are requesting are exempt from public records act disclosure.

This is from the BSU response taken from Freelance Desk.

Even if I assume that he is working pro-bono, why does he not admit his part?

The case is becoming curiouser and curiouser.

Posted by chami on 11/20/13 at 05:16 PM | #

Apologies: the site above is at

Posted by Ergon on 11/20/13 at 05:20 PM | #

Interesting, chami. First they say it is research and a ‘trade secret’ and now it’s protected under attorney-client privilege?

Our Amazing Armenian is an attorney as well? Wow.

Posted by Ergon on 11/20/13 at 05:23 PM | #

Looks like Steve Moore has got some serious competition for this years ‘baffoon’ award.
Heavey needs to get himself a hobby, gardening or gnome painting, something like that. As an artist, I can assure you, not only will painting keep his mind active, his wife will appreciate it too.

When I first read postings by Nigel Scott, I honestly thought it was the same guy who claimed he lost his virginity and fathered a child to an alien. Alas, after a quick google search, the ‘alien lover’ turned out to be Councillor Simon Parkes, not Councillor Nigel Scott.

Quote below from Councillor Simon Parkes, which is in the same context as something Amanda Knox would say:

“I think I am fairly clear in my head that I am being monitored [by aliens] very closely and if there is anything that’s seriously about to happen or does happen then I am fairly confident in my own mind that they will intervene, they have in the past”.

Posted by Urbanist on 11/21/13 at 12:25 AM | #

Thanks for this excellent article Pat. Judge Heavey’s stupidity and ignorance have been laid bare for all to see. He presents himself as an expert on the case and gives presentations arguing that Knox and Sollecito are innocent. It’s embarrassing that he didn’t know that Amanda Knox was provided with an interpreter. You don’t expect a Superior Court judge to act like a dunce. Somebody should explain to him that he’s not in a position to provide a definitive eyewitness account of what happened when Knox was questioned on 5 November 2007 because he wasn’t there.

Posted by The Machine on 11/24/13 at 12:35 AM | #

@The Machine

“Somebody should explain to him that he’s not in a position to provide a definitive eyewitness account of what happened when Knox was questioned on 5 November 2007 because he wasn’t there… “

I am told that justice is blind (whatever that may mean) but I now see that the delivery-boy (with due respect to the ex-justice) also appear to be blind.

But he has complete faith in the guide-girl, who was there.

Posted by chami on 11/24/13 at 05:57 AM | #
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