Knox Was Actually A Fake Exchange Student In Europe

Misleading NY Times interview here, original of this post here.

A Damning Question For Knox

Your book contains myriad easy-to-disprove false claims.

One repeated incessantly throughout was that you were a legitimate student, on a well-funded exchange program, on the same basis as Meredith. 

As always, I had gone to my mom first. She’s a free spirit who believes we should go where our passions lead us. When I told her mine were leading me 5,599 miles away from home, to Perugia, Italy, for my junior year of college, her unsurprising response was “Go for it!”....

Now I had to convince my dad. He’s a linear thinker who works in finance. He’s into numbers and planning. As practical and organized as he is, he’d have a lot of questions. So I approached him armed preemptively with the answers….

“Dad,” I said, trying to sound businesslike, “I’d like to spend next year learning Italian in a city called Perugia. It’s about halfway between Florence and Rome, but better than either because I won’t be part of a herd of American students. It’s a quiet town, and I’ll be with serious scholars. I’ll be submerged in the culture. And all my credits will transfer to UW.”

This mantra of earnest intentions appears again and again throughout the book.  You would return from Europe academically far down the road, and only one more year at college away from a dazzling career of some kind.

What total nonsense. How absurd.

  • First, to those fellow students who knew you in Seattle and Perugia, all of this comes as a very big surprise. See the quote at the top above. You were mainly known for voraciously chasing boys and drugs, and any academic ambitions and career ambitions came a distant third and fourth. Perugia at the time had the reputation of being one of Europe’s easiest drug cities; was that as some acquaintances think the real reason you made a beeline to it?

  • Second, you were utterly underfunded for a full academic year in Europe which costs Americans on average maybe $20,000. Why did your accountant father and math teacher mother not do the sums, see the huge shortfall,  and absolutely insist that you apply for the grants and scholarships that are readily available? How did you propose to work legally in Europe to make up the shortfall, as all Americans working in Europe require a work permit? (And what of your fingering Patrick for the murder, after he took a risk of losing his bar business in hiring you illegally?)

  • Third, there is no way that your “study year” in Perugia (if it was to be a year, which is highly doubtful)  could represent your junior year at university. There is no way “all” your “credits” could be transferred to the University of Washington, because (1) the School for Foreigners (a non degree issuing junior arm of Perugia University) does not even issue credits that count for American universities; in fact it is only a glorified language school (nice, but no better than several in Seattle) which allows in anyone who wants to study there. And (2) unlike Meredith you were not even enrolled at the main university, so zero prospects of transferring credits from there.

Your status was in fact that of a loose cannon and quite the opposite of a typical American studying abroad. You had almost zero study load to keep you out of mischief and off drugs; compare that to Meredith’s 40-50 hours a week. You were really, while denying it, taking a year off from your studies and career in Europe, as this account  by an academic counselor makes quite clear.

The media have now repeated countless times that Amanda Knox was on a “study abroad program”.

In fact, as these things are defined, she was not. It is precisely that she was NOT on a study-abroad program that she was able to adopt a lifestyle that seems to have led her to where she is now.

To go on a study-abroad “program” means that you attend an organized and SUPERVISED curriculum and agenda, most often with peers, faculty and/or at the very least a local administrative staff person assigned to periodically look after the participants’ behavior and well-being.

In fact the University of Washington does not even have a study abroad “program” in Perugia.

It merely suggests to UW students that the Universita per Stranieri is a possible destination and place for students to go on their own, and if asked helps out with some administration.

Knox took the “non-conformist” path to study abroad. I recall reading that she did not want to go on a program so as to not follow the herd, so to speak. So she did study abroad, but cheaply, and outside an organized program by the University of Washington. She was basically in Perugia on her own.

This is characteristic of at least two type of people, those who are adventurous, exploratory and want a true full-immersion experience into the cultural side of the host country (usually Italian majors), and those who want to be untethered and to have total freedom and no one to answer to so they can do as they wish.

Her casual attitude to her studies and other strong hints in her behavior and writings suggests that she was the latter type.

And presumably her biological parents understood all of this and signed off on it, even before Amanda Knox ever left Seattle.

Parents especially should know that if Knox had attended a UW-operated or US-University run study abroad program with supervision, her attendance in class would have been monitored, and any behavior that would upset roommates may have been reported.

In these programs for the most part there are strict housing rules such as no overnight guests, let alone bringing guys home to sack up with. Most of the time roommates will complain on the spot or get back to the American administrators that they have an out-of-control roommate bringing guys home, drinking excessively, or doing drugs.

In addition, programs with the proper supervision have enough of a presence to let the participants know that someone is at least checking up now and again. And as a result they watch their behavior.

Furthermore, in well-run programs, students are given significant preparation about living in the specific host country and city with pre-departure materials and perhaps meetings, talking with ex-participants, and attending an extensive multi-day orientation where staff and even local police lecture them about the many pitfalls of living in a foreign and new environment away from home.

They are reminded that the laws are different in other countries, and more importantly that there are some bad people walking the streets. They are told to enjoy themselves and learn, but also to be careful, stay alert, stay out of trouble, and so on.

I myself work in study abroad and we know what unleashed unsupervised colleges students get themselves into. We are trained to look for potential problems and we visit all students accommodations at least once per month and speak with everyone there.

We have open-door counseling and professionals with years of experience on staff. We watch out for all our students regularly”; we know what behavior to look for, and when to intervene, at least most of the time.

Yes, it costs more to attend the Universita per Stranieri or any overseas university through a US-college or US-university monitored program with local on-site staff and supervision.

But the situation Amanda has created, or at least found herself in, is much less likely to happen to students on a supervised and accredited study abroad program.

Let’s face it, at the age of 20, 21, or 22, many young adults are still really more or less kids. Naive and vulnerable, especially those who have yet to explore their “wild side”, they sometimes see this as an opportunity to make up for lost time.

This is exemplified in the fact that many pass out from drinking in the days after they arrive. Bottom line, they need guidance, and no more so than when they are 8000 miles from home and on their own.

Knox took the “I am too good to go on study abroad program with fellow students” route and the cheapest way overseas.  And it is not proving so cheap anymore.

Her biological parents really should have known better. All parents should either make sure the students are mature enough, or make sure they have a structured environment that can assist them while abroad. It is well worth the extra cost and peace of mind.

So the media should please get this straight from now on.

  • Amanda Knox was NOT on a study abroad “program” while in Perugia.  She was at most “studying abroad” as that term is used very loosely.

  • She took a leave from the University of Washington to study Italian at what is essentially a glorified language school which anyone can attend.

  • She was totally unsupervised in a high-risk situation where it would have seemed obvious to any supervisor that she was looking to break away.

  • And she most likely would have had a very difficult time getting any credit for her studies from the University of Washington at the conclusion.

So. The worst possible deal for any student abroad. The parents signed off in advance.  It seems to have exploded on Knox. And poor Meredith died.

In fact so scary was your semi-connection to the University of Washington with its zero control and potential huge liabilities that SINGLE HANDED your irresponsible and dangerous arc in Perugia sparked reforms in universities throughout American

Mirroring a nationwide trend, the University of Washington is overhauling how its students and professors interface with foreign countries….

The UW study abroad experience today involves much more oversight than it did two years ago when Amanda Knox left on an unsupervised European adventure that quickly degenerated into a nightmare.

When Knox, who is on trial for murder in Italy, left her familiar U-district environs in late summer 2007, she embarked on her own independent study in Umbria with very few guidelines or institutional oversight.

She arrived in the tolerant student melange of Perugia, a vibrant college town with temptation at every turn and many paradoxes (drug deals and party plans are often made on the steps of the cathedral).

A month later, the honor student’s pub-crawling, pot-smoking college shenanigans had taken a very serious turn and she was being hauled off to the Capanne penitentiary, where she remains today, pleading her innocence as the trial and controversial accusations against her plod forward.

Once her troubles began, the university tried to offer support, but had very few official guidelines to follow for responding to the kind of complicated legal-judicial matter Knox faced.

It’s different now….

In the wake of several negative overseas episodes, officials are busy raising awareness about the positive impact the UW is having worldwide and taking steps to improve communications, regulation and emergency preparedness for its students abroad.

Compared with two years ago, international education officials are more closely tracking who, where and what study-abroad programs involve. The university has new rules:. The department chair has to sign off on the program. Insurance is required. So is a cell phone. No program money can be used to buy alcohol, just for starters.

“There’s a much more formal process now,” said Taso Lagos, a UW professor who teaches international communication and manages a study-abroad program in Greece. “With administrators that are very aware, with lines of communication open and policies in place if something happens.”...

The UW’s growing commitment to international education—- even in a budget crisis—is reflected in some developments. [UW Vice Provost for Global Affairs Stephen Hanson] was named a vice provost in January, and in the spring, the UW dedicated an entire wing of the Gerberding Hall administration building to growing an international mission and profile.

This year, a travel security and information officer is coming on board to oversee emergency response and preparedness, as is Peter Moran, a new director of international programs and exchanges who previously worked at the Fulbright Commission office in Katmandu, Nepal.

New guidelines are being put in place to streamline communications, ease financial transactions and institute mandatory training for faculty taking students abroad. The Global Support Project, a rapid-response team with one person from each branch of the central administration, takes on cross-disciplinary international challenges.

Such reforms aren’t unique to UW.

Universities across the country are examining how better to organize study abroad to meet blossoming demand from students (and prospective employers) for foreign experience. Many are turning to independent service providers whose business it is to contract housing, health care or niche risk management services dealing with legal, financial or public relations crises when things go haywire abroad…..

Though the university bore no responsibility for any of the events Knox became entangled in, media across the world continued to mention the University of Washington—whether it was because of character witnesses who were her college buddies, reports of wild off-campus parties Knox attended in Seattle or her studies while in prison.

And it gets even worse. Page 14 of Sollecito’s book says you were not even staying in Perugia for more than one semester or term.

This was maybe three or four days into our relationship. The night before we left [for Assisi], I noticed she was chatting on Facebook with an American friend. I asked who he was. Right away, she explained that she, like Meredith, had left behind a boyfriend when she came to Italy. His name was David Johnsrud, known as D.J., and… they chatted or e-mailed almost every day. D.J. was spending his junior year in China… As the conversation went on, I learned she had just bought a ticket to China to visit D.J. later in the year [this was in October] and my suspicions were confirmed.

That intention to quit Perugia so soon is missing from your own book. Strange.

Your fake front of a diligent, serious, demanding year in Italy appears again and again throughout your book.  It is the whole basis for why you were at least the equal of Meredith and her circle and the others who lived in your house.

For why you would have little time off for irresponsible partying. For why there was no way you could possibly feel jealous or over-competitive toward Meredith.

In fact, both you and your foolish parents acted grossly irresponsibly. And as a direct result, Meredith died.

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To be fair, most students are responsible and are aware of their own limits. We see such (or similar) incidences only once in a blue moon. But then the administration (if there is one) can do only so much. We certainly cannot monitor every move of every student on the campus.

But then American students are more mature and “adult” compared to the European students of the same biological ages. Yes, even British. By all measures, she was an exception.

Posted by chami on 07/16/13 at 05:45 PM | #

Mediocrity and lack of due diligence are often present as characteristics in Narcissism.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 07/16/13 at 09:24 PM | #

To comment on the headline.

People with low self esteem in general and Knox in particular elevate themselves by either exaggeration in some cases or outright lies in others. Some pad their resume while others lie to the extent that they don’t care even if the lie is so obvious as to defy all credibility. All they care about (Knox + her mother and father) is that they believe it themselves because they can’t admit to their own mediocrity.

That was the difference because Meredith who merely by her presence showed Knox just what a total nothing she was and still is. Sollecito….... same tar and same brush. In a word “Low Breeding Stock”

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 07/16/13 at 10:48 PM | #

TJMK Main Posters have got it exactly right. Knox wanted no supervision, no restraints, and no responsibilities. I think she was naive about her self-discipline and the power of addiction. She might have had good intentions of wanting to elevate her mind with art, sculpture, history, and scenic Italy, but she refused to control or respect herself along the way.

It’s eerily akin to the plot of “Taken”, the movie with Liam Neeson where a foolish young woman begs permission to go abroad but she lies to her dad about the itinerary.

Poets like Shelley, Byron, and the writer of Frankenstein, Mary Wollstonecraft, all went to Italy fleeing social conformity. Amanda resisted social conventions. Maybe she has an artistic temperament poisoned by aggression. She must have read of the tragic lives of such writers. Shelley drowned off Italy.

I wish Knox had gone the fully wild route and been honest about her intentions. She could have used youth hostels and done hippie backpacking. She might have learned more that way and avoided murdering anyone. If a roommate irritated her she could simply move on. She might have ended up in Spain among the gypsies, or in Amsterdam among the free love and drug cults. Perhaps her proposed trip to South America to visit the former drug-mule cellmate “Laura” is more of the same wanderlust with a sneaky endgame.

@SeekingUnderstanding, it’s succinct the way you explain it: mediocrity and a lack of due diligence is a trait of narcissism. Thanks, I really do learn a lot from you.

@TJMK Main Posters, I agree with every word of your post. You have Knox pegged and the lies in her book made visible.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/16/13 at 11:59 PM | #

Hi hopeful

Not just that but I believe that Knox had such a high regard for her powers of seduction that she could pick up anybody and use them to her one ends. Trouble was she hadn’t encountered anyone as sophisticated as Meredith before who saw right through her little game and called her on it.

For Knox there could be nothing worse than having her entire cover blown by someone far more intelligent than she was and till is. It sticks in her throat that even now there are people such as ourselves taking this analysis from an academic point of view who see through her lies and watch her twist in the wind knowing she is guilty. For her there can be no escape from mediocrity and guilt.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 07/17/13 at 02:09 AM | #

Another lie. Exposed. Thanks.

Posted by Bettina on 07/17/13 at 02:24 AM | #

Great. I remember reading these way back and then they sort of got subsumed with the avalanche of PR-inspired press articles on the Internet.

It is good to gather everything up like this, sort it out and present it coherently in a chronological sense.  TJMK really does serve as a resource centre for this case and it is reassuring to know that people come to read up and inform themselves of the facts. 

PMF, too.  The Machine has just observed that the Massei report has been downloaded 200 times in the last 2 weeks.

Well done to all of you,  and particularly Pete, for maintaining the ante!  The Truth will be revealed.

Posted by thundering on 07/17/13 at 02:50 AM | #

P.S. Isn’t that Knox in the photo - bottom right?

Posted by thundering on 07/17/13 at 02:52 AM | #

If Knox gets pregnant in the next few months, could that delay her extradition?

Posted by Spencer on 07/17/13 at 08:08 AM | #

Remember Knox helped out her fellow-inmates with their small children at Capanne ............

Posted by thundering on 07/17/13 at 08:25 AM | #

Ah yes indeed… thanks for the reassurance thundering.

But from the US side, with her several months pregnant, would they still send her over in that state, to have the child in prison?

Posted by Spencer on 07/17/13 at 08:43 AM | #

Well, I think she may try that one on and her doting entourage certainly will so there may be a delay during the scuffle but not for long. 

Just think about the US prisons - no breaks for maternity leave there, I would say. 

Anyway, AK’s child will have an adoring grandmother who would certainly look after him / her (iMO).

Posted by thundering on 07/17/13 at 08:48 AM | #

What a grizzly thought!

I wasn’t aware of any prison/extradition policy on it, so thanks for that.

Posted by Spencer on 07/17/13 at 08:58 AM | #

It seems that education was secondary to Knox when she went to Perugia although her PR company and family and friends would have us believe she is a near genius.

She herself said she was “intoxicated by freedom” - whatever that means or caused her to do.  Unfortunately poor Meredith outdid Knox on every level without even trying - just by being herself.

From looks, intelligence, charm, class and sophistication right down to appearing in a slick and professionally made music video, while Knox was reduced to the level of inanely strumming one chord over and over again much to everyone’s chagrin.

Knox must have been seething inside.

Posted by DF2K on 07/17/13 at 12:43 PM | #

As we know all too well by now Knox creates a fantasy world and then happily proceeds to live in it. Alice in Wonderland. It matters not if her created world bears no relation to our consensual reality, as I think SeekingUnderstanding has pointed out here before. If it’s her “best truth”, so be it - she thinks. Unfortunately that leaves everyone else to deal with the consequences of her ignorance.

It would be interesting to know more about her life pre-Perugia. It’s hard to believe that she only began to totally unravel when she got to Europe. I’ve read a few reports that she was considered “quirky”, “dippy”, etc by acquaintances in her home city but never more than that. I can’t help feeling a lot of people may be keeping schtum out of a sense of loyalty to the family, chivalry or heaven knows what else.

Posted by Odysseus on 07/17/13 at 01:01 PM | #

Hi Chami

Agreed. A study year abroad is a terrific idea in a world where living elsewhere for a while is getting harder and harder. When I managed a Europe-wide program for the United Nations (Italy was an eager part) for developing various managerial and technical systems the primary carrot for the thousands involved was study tours and fellowships at colleges elsewhere in Europe and in the US.

Here Knox has chilled REAL study abroad programs somewhat for US students by falsely claiming she was on one, a mantra picked up by a dozen or more foolish student journalists who then wrote warning fellow students about those nasty furriners and maybe dont go.

The FOA tried to claim Perugia University was seeing foreign applications drop, but we checked it out and found all Italian universities had slightly less foreign applications because of the 2009-2011 economic downturn.

There is one phenomenon among some American students abroad that lands some of them in trouble, and even facing murder charges in their host country (including several in Italy since Meredith died):

The reforms Andrea Vogt described have somewhat stopped some students falling through the cracks (unintentionally or intentionally). They now either head out with a formal arrangement which would include some monitoring at the other end or they are totally detached from their college at home. Their choice and their parents choice. Either/or.

If Knox had been monitored as all other American students in Perugia were, at maximum Meredith might still be alive. Meredith would have been interviewed (or sought an interview) if the monitor picked up that Knox was becoming too much of a handful for most people to take and Knox would have been leaned on to shape up.

But how to transform foolish parents like Knox’s? Having sent a known loose canon to Europe, their denial and blame of others only seems to rise and rise.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/17/13 at 02:45 PM | #

Interesting many comments on London just recently on PMF, Meredith’s home city. “Provincial” according to Nina Burly (where does she live?).

I too lived in London (Camden Town) in my twenties and I know all the places mentioned very well - especially the Coach and Horses where when I visit my brother we still meet up for a couple of scoops there.

I remember the Cook writing a kind of travelogue on London, it was laughable at best and before she jumped on the bloodmoney bandwagon to make a living out of Meredith’s murder.

On reading the Cooks scribblings on London the reader would think as soon as they set foot on the tarmac of Heathrow airport they would be instantly slaughtered.

She must have been reading up on Charles Dickens to try and get a perspective on things before she published her piece.
I was left thinking she must have been ‘bewildered’ by things just like Knox was when taking drinks to customers in Patrick’s bar.

Posted by DF2K on 07/17/13 at 11:00 PM | #

London is one of the most sophisticated cultural and literary centres in the world, and has been for a thousand years.
You have to know where to look of course, (it’s large) and someone without subtlety in their nature might miss it…

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 07/17/13 at 11:06 PM | #

Another excellent article as usual. Well done for exposing another lie. I think at some level Knox herself realizes that it is difficult to pull this one off. I remember her spouting some nonsense about not enrolling in the University because she was not aware of it or something (Something on the lines of “damn if only I had known there was a university here, I would have attended too”). This was in reference to the difference between Meredith and her own programs. This is actually very telling in more ways than one. She realizes that her program was way inferior to that of Meredith’s and so she tries to put it down to her lack of awareness rather than any real lack of capability, ambition or talent. This shows that she was very aware of the differences between herself and Meredith, and is desperately trying to cover the fact that she could not measure up. Otherwise why all this pretense? What is the harm in admitting you wanted to explore a bit? As if someone who tries to go abroad for an year on their own money and has done all this “research” wouldn’t know about the most famous University in the place. Come on already.

Posted by Sara on 07/19/13 at 06:54 AM | #

… ci sono battaglie che non abbiamo scelto …

Posted by ncountryside on 07/19/13 at 07:22 PM | #

It would be very interesting to see Knox’s transcripts from the Univ of Washington before she went to Perugia.

Just an opinion, but I think her transcripts will prove the complete opposite of an “honor student,” which the public has been led to believe.

IF Knox were an “honor student,” you can bet her transcripts would have somehow gotten into the hands of the U.S. media, and they would have used it to their benefit.

I know it is very unusual for someone’s transcripts to be made public.  But Knox and her groupies are a very desperate bunch and they would resort to anything necessary.

Have a nice evening everyone !

And True Justice for Meredith !

Posted by MissMarple on 07/20/13 at 05:32 AM | #

Well it seems to have been corroborated in some statements and reports.

This is taken from the second article above:

“A month later, the honor student’s pub-crawling, pot-smoking college shenanigans had taken a very serious turn and she was being hauled off to the Capanne penitentiary, where she remains today, pleading her innocence as the trial and controversial accusations against her plod forward.”

What does ‘honor student’ actually represent in UW terms?

Posted by thundering on 07/20/13 at 08:40 AM | #

I thought this is an interesting link, perhaps not directly in relation to the above posting, but generally with the relationship of AK and RS, and also AK and her mother, and perhaps both her parents together too :

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 07/20/13 at 11:07 AM | #

Here’s another link with some very interesting tips on recognizing lies.
Note Tip 3. This micro expression I have frequently observed in AK’s interviews.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 07/20/13 at 11:22 AM | #

And this is about the way liars use words to obscure the truth (the verbal as well as the non-verbal signs) :

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 07/20/13 at 11:30 AM | #

Thank you SeekingUnderstanding. Very interesting.
I’ve also noticed the asymmetric sneer on our heroine’s face.

She also has a way of holding her jaw when answering emotionally affecting questions as if to suggest the topic is very poignant for her - thus evoking sympathy in the listener, but it actually suggests (to me anyway) repressed anger, which seems to be a family trait - certainly with father Curt anyway.

Sometimes (as in the Dianne Sawyer interview) she could almost be a child manipulating a parent after being taken to task for some misbehaviour. Is this where AK learnt her canny (sometimes) skills of deception, at her mother’s knee?

Posted by Odysseus on 07/20/13 at 01:02 PM | #

Such behavioural patterns are highly likely to be entrenched in childhood/immature times, and with the primary caregiver.

At some point (and one can only guess, though hopefully with some accuracy), childish lies and dissembling must have been allowed to pass without correction, and possibly it became a ‘game’ of sorts to see just how ‘clever’ she could be to pull the wool over adults’ eyes.

I remember my parents would become quite solemn and serious if we so much as told the tiniest lie - it wasn’t so much what the lie was about, but we were made to understand the principle of being honest, and why it matters.

I feel uneasy when I read, above, ’ my mother was a free spirit,who believes we should go where are passions take us.’
Anywhere they take us? How close is this to pure indulgence and lack of moral discipline ?

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 07/20/13 at 03:37 PM | #

Seems to me that Knox could not except her fathers rejection. So she blamed her mother and so it all began. I have to admit that her ‘new’ sic: father must have left a very negative impression since he looks like Oliver Hardy of Laurel & Hardy fame, not much to write home about. So she went out of her way to hurt them all by proxy. If I’m right then this is where the slutty behavior started.
Interesting case history though where the anger is never far below the surface. I’m not comparing her to Jody Arias for example. Arias is just mentally deranged.
Knox did all of these things of her own free will knowing full well what she was doing. Add Sollecito and drugs and the end is pretty predictable. If it hadn’t been Meredith it’s quite possible that it would have been Antonio Curatolo, sort of a scene from a clockwork orange.
Be that as it may, Knox and Sollecito and their families will even carry, and to quote Knox directly.
“The Mask of the Assassin”

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 07/20/13 at 04:47 PM | #


Grazie. Che tragedia!!

Posted by Miriam on 07/20/13 at 07:24 PM | #

Students who play and stray, using school as a cover for their real goals, here’s another example: Christopher Porco. He was also born on July 9th, like Amanda Knox. He was enrolled in the University of Rochester (NY) and showed sociopathy there, lying about his income, bragging about relatives’ nonexistent wealth and throwing parties for his frat brothers, while forging his dad’s name on loans and lying to his mom and dad about everything.

In November 2004 he sneaked into his mom and dad’s bedroom and took an axe to both of them. His mom survived, though with serious head injuries.

And remember Peter Van Sant of 48 Hours CBS? He played devil’s advocate, questioning the proof against Chris Porco.

Like Amanda Knox, Chris Porco agreed to go to the police station. He said, “I wanted to be as helpful as I could. I knew that in cases like this, you know, the quicker the better. So I wanted to give them what they needed to figure out who did it.” (He himself had done it!)

His alibi was that he slept in the lounge of his frat house. His frat brothers testified otherwise. Then he tweaked his alibi when his yellow jeep was seen leaving campus on surveillance cameras. He said he moved it to park off campus, and then wandered around until sometime after 3:30 a.m. when he returned to the dorm lounge and fell asleep.

Prosecutors said Chris was broke and desperate and his sales of stolen goods on Ebay were being discovered. He killed for an insurance payout. His mother defended him at trial, but she was brain damaged and nobody took her seriously. They gave Porco 50 years.

Peter Porco, this villain’s father, was a marvelous man. The family lived near Albany, New York.


Posted by Hopeful on 07/21/13 at 02:24 AM | #

With respect to the issue of extradition, I would like to hear some informed discussion about how the cases of Mr.Snowden and former station CIA station chief Mr. Lady might give us any indication of how Italy and US might deal with the issue if Ms. Knox is ever sought for extradition by Italy.

On the one hand, the US has been pushing European countries to give up Snowden.  That might suggest that the US might feel an obligation to honor requests from other countries.

On the other hand, Italy has wanted Mr. Lady for a few years and the US has basically told Italy to go take a flying leap in a rolling doughnut (just trying to be polite here).  That might suggest that the US might not give up Amanda either.

It probably comes down to who the President and Secretary of State are when the request comes.  I doubt that even with slow Italian Justice that the request would not come well before the new President takes office in January, 2017.

Posted by Gonzaga on 07/21/13 at 09:07 AM | #

Hi Gonzaga

You could be right, it might come down to who the President and Secretary of State are when the request comes. Still, I wonder if such quid pro quo deliberations come into issues regarding extradition? I suspect as Peter Q. has said here (if I remember correctly) governments don’t typically exercise their minds over extradition for murder charges especially at the cost of damage to international relationships. However, whistle-blowers and Intelligence personnel do concern them deeply and no doubt they bring pressure to bear internationally in these cases.

Incidentally, this might be of interest:

Posted by Odysseus on 07/21/13 at 02:18 PM | #

Hi Gonzaga and Odysseus

I don’t believe it’s ‘European Countries’ per se; really it’s just Russia. Snowden is some sort of idealistic innocent similar I would suggest to Burgess Blunt and McLean with Kim Philby pulling the strings. However time has moved on since then so for Snowden to even try to get to Iceland or Bolivia might take some doing. But as Odysseus has suggested murder is another thing altogether and as the USA becomes less xenophobic (If that’s at all possible) then Knox will stand less and less chance as time goes by. The Italian courts will not let this one alone due to their view (rightly so) that a foreign national was murdered on their turf by another foreign national. Bad for business. Even then Knox will only be free when she finally dies.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 07/21/13 at 05:33 PM | #

I would say Amanda Knox has absolutely no political value at all to the US government.
Of course, her family and fans think she is the most important American of the 21st century - which to most if not all normal people is (to borrow one of Raffy’s oft used words) absurd.

To think the US government is going to enter into some kind of political battle/tug of war over a convicted murderer is equally as absurd.

Posted by DF2K on 07/21/13 at 06:04 PM | #

Yes you’re right of course. However I can’t help saying that Knox has no value as a human being anyway. (Sorry can’t help the comment) Her inner circle sic; is getting smaller by the day only to reappear after the P/R bunch gets going again. Speaking of which they must be at the very least pissed off by now since the cash keeps on running out. The only way to revitalize Knox from their point of view is to send her back to face trial. Make no mistake it’s all about the money. As to her family I’m reminded of an old English phrase used to describe such people….
“Inferior Breading Stock.”

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 07/21/13 at 06:14 PM | #

There is no shortage of gullible people. I read last week that Joran van der Sloot is engaged (in prison) to one of his last victim’s countrywomen. Or is it just an attraction to danger?

Posted by mimi on 07/23/13 at 12:49 AM | #

Oh, come on folks. Anyone is entitled to go and study abroad, freelance or in an organized program as long as they can afford it. It is not as if Knox was getting taxpayer funds for her independent study, and the best way to learn a language is total immersion with natives of that country.

The problem is that Knox got mixed up in a murder. That is what she is on trial for.

Posted by Domingo on 07/23/13 at 09:28 PM | #

In my experience it requires self-discipline and a reasonably structured, secure lifestyle if one really wishes to master a language.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 07/24/13 at 12:17 AM | #

@Domingo, the problem is not that she was learning language in a foreign country without a structure. Nobody is judging her for it. She or anybody is, as you say, free to learn whatever they want, in whatever way they want. The problem is that a lot of her supporters try to present a false picture to the world in the hope of making it appear as if she was a linguistic scholar trying to save Italian language from extinction. I am sick of idiotic people presenting the same argument “an honor student who was on a serious study program cannot commit murder”. I cannot comment on whether or not she was an honor student, but as this article proves, she most definitely was not on any serious scholarly mission, and so the argument does not hold any water. If she and her supporters stop pretending and trying to use it as another weapon in their shield, then nobody would be bothered with it.

Posted by Sara on 07/25/13 at 05:09 AM | #

Hi Domingo

Sure, a year off for total immersion can be a good thing. But as Sara observes, Knox herself doesnt claim that is what she was doing. See the first quote at the top.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/25/13 at 03:56 PM | #

“She told the Italians she planned to stay until December or January, but when the girls insisted that would be too short for a real contract, she said she would stay until June.” (Burleigh p.67-68) - I wish Burleigh would have followed up on this.

Seemingly on a whim Knox signed the lease through June, when most likely her visa/residence permit expired at the end of December or at the latest the end of January (although Autumn quarter ended in December, students had a gracious one month period to pass their exams).

Of course in her book, Knox claims she was planning to study there one year, then spend the summer in a creative writing course in Rome.

I think exposing the lies about her academic intentions goes a long way to identifying Knox’s motive. Knox was living on lies in Perugia, funded for one academic quarter but representing to others to be there for a full year, perhaps longer. At the time of the murder, the legs on those lies were growing short.

ps Does anyone have a copy of Knox’s visa or residence permit?

Posted by louiehaha on 08/02/13 at 05:44 PM | #

All of this seems rather spooky ,though. A girl with a troubled past decides to severe all ties with her home, family and university temporarily and drift to Europe under the pretense of studying something she doesn´t actually care about. She achieves nothing and disrupts the lives of Meredith and all the other students who wre genuinely committed to pursuing their careers in Perugia. She doesn´t enjoy herself and stops others from enjoying themselves . Then she angrily murders her roommate about whom she never really cared ,either. Knox was headed for nothingness in 2007 and she still is six years later.

Posted by aethelred23 on 10/18/13 at 07:03 PM | #
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