Amanda Knox Is A Fake Advocate For The Wrongfully-Imprisoned

Fake hysterics

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1. Lies Of Omission, Ignored Judicial Facts

Amanda Knox is making a grim and despicable profession out of being a self-styled advocate for the “wrongfully imprisoned” while demonizing Italian justice and numerous Italians.

That is seriously bizarre when you consider the fact that she herself tried to frame an innocent black man for rape and murder and wrongfully imprison him.

She was sentenced to three years in prison for this crime and is a convicted felon for life.

And now?

Now serial-liar Knox is attempting to blame Meredith’s death entirely on another black man.

She brushes such inconvenient facts under the carpet whenever she speaks at Innocence Project events or speaks to journalists. The list of her lies of omission has become enormous now.

Chief among them #1: Knox never mentions the Italian Supreme Court’s most damning findings against her: ie, it’s a proven JUDICIAL FACT that she was at the cottage when Meredith was killed, that she washed Meredith’s blood off in the small bathroom, and that she lied repeatedly to the police.

Chief among them #2: Knox pretends that Rudy Guede was the lone killer, who broke into the cottage alone, even though she knows that the Italian Supreme Court ascertained as JUDICIAL FACT that there were multiple attackers and that the break-in at the cottage was staged.

It’s easy to understand the reasons why Knox doesn’t want people to know there were multiple assailants and the break-in was staged.

The fact there were multiple attackers implicates Knox and Sollecito in Meredith’s murder because the Italian Supreme Court places them at the cottage when Meredith was killed. There is no evidence that anybody else was at the cottage that evening. 

The JUDICIAL FACT of the staging of the break-in at the cottage is a seriously inconvenient fact for Knox for these two reasons:

(1) it completely debunks the PR-sustained myth that Guede ever broke into the cottage; and

(2) the only person who could have had the motive and means for staging the break-in was Knox.

She and Sollecito were convicted of staging the break-in by Perugia Trial Judge Massei and as confirmed by Florence Appeal Judge Nencini.

Chief among them #3: Amanda Knox repeatedly makes the false claim she was “exonerated” by the Italian Supreme Court.

In reality she was acquitted only “due to insufficient evidence” (a finding by the way that the court illegally made, as it is forbidden by law from judging issues of evidence; they must all go back down to the appeal court).

Unfortunately that claim is unquestioningly accepted as fact by naive and credulous journalists and the attendees at Innocent Project events because in their haste to demonize Italy they don’t bother to do any due diligence - any simple fact-checking, any calls to Italy.

Knox minutes after Meredith’s body discovered

Amanda Knox’s book Waiting to Be Heard, her manipulative speeches at Innocent Project events that leave gullible dupes teary-eyed (and short on cash), and her media interviews are all part of an elaborate confidence trick.

She serially promotes the cynical lie that she had absolutely nothing to do with Meredith’s murder, Italy framed her,  and accordingly make as much money as possible from it.

Chief among them #4: No sentient human being capable of intelligent thought can conclude Amanda Knox had nothing to do with Meredith’s murder once aware of the Italian Supreme Court’s most damning findings against her:

The Italian Supreme Court ascertained there were multiple attackers. They placed Knox and Sollecito at the cottage when Meredith was killed. Another JUDICIAL FACT.

It is not difficult to work out from this who Rudy Guede’s co-assailants were. They couldn’t have been anyone else other than Knox and Sollecito.

Gleeful Knox buying scanty underwear, day after (CCTV)

Chief among them #5: Judge Marasca concluded Amanda Knox lied repeatedly to the police and falsely accused Diya Lumumba of murder - which makes her guilty of perverting the course of justice and assisting an offender at the very least.

The only people who could have staged the break-in at the cottage are Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.

Judge Marasca’s illegal claim that the DNA evidence against Knox and Sollecito isn’t reliable evidence is ridiculous beyond words and self-evidently untrue.

For example. Renowned DNA experts such as Professor David Balding and Professor Giuseppe Novelli have ruled out environmental contamination at the cottage.

Sollecito’s DNA on Meredith’s bra clasp was identified by two separate DNA tests. Of the 17 loci tested on the sample, Sollecito’s profile 17 out of 17. In other words, there was too much of Sollecito’s DNA on the bra clasp for it to have been caused by environmental contamination.

The suggestion that Sollecito’s DNA could have ended up on Meredith’s bra clasp due to tertiary transfer is just laughable.

Judge Chieffi noted in his Supreme Court report that even Conti and Vecchiotti who he otherwise impugned had ruled out contamination in the laboratory. This means the bra clasp couldn’t have been contaminated.

Meredith’s DNA on the blade of Sollecito’s kitchen knife wasn’t due to contamination either.

Judge Micheli ruled out contamination during the collection phase because the knife was sequestered from Sollecito’s apartment on Corso Garibaldi by a different police team to the one that collected evidence from the cottage on Via della Pergola on the same day.

2. Others With Similar Tendencies

Anna Sorokin

She managed to con hotels, banks and a jet company out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by pretending to be a billionaire heiress from Germany and spinning fantastical fairytales that Hans Christian Anderson would be proud of.

Anna Sorokin is not the only pathological liar who has pretended to be somebody that she isn’t and obtained money by spinning fantastical fairytales to gullible people who don’t have the common sense and “nous” to realise that they are being taken for a ride and defrauded.

The West Memphis Three

Damian Elchols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin were convicted of the murders of Steve Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore in West Memphis in the US State of Arkansas in 1994. However, they were freed in August 2011 after taking an Alford plea. This is a deal which allowed them to maintain their innocence while agreeing prosecutors had enough evidence to convict them. Jessie Misskelley repeatedly confessed that they had killed the three boys and he also knew precise details about the murders.

Brendan Dassey

Brendan Dassey was convicted of the sexual assault and murder of Teresa Halbach in 2007 after repeatedly confessing to the police. She was murdered on 31 October 2005 in Manitowoc County. The US Circuit Court of Appeals analysed Dassey’s claims that he was tricked by detectives into confessing to taking part in a crime he didn’t commit.

Howevever, in a four-to-three ruling, the court concluded that Dassey wasn’t manipluated into confessing. Brendan Dassey repeatedly confessed to the police and he also confessed to his mother in an telephone intercepted conversation. He knew multiple specific details about the murder of Teresa Halbach.

Rodney Reed

Rodney Reed was convicted of the abduction, rape and murder of Stacey Stites in 1998. Rodney Reed’s semen was also found in five rape victims, including a 12-year-old child.

Reed’s claims of innocence have been rejected by the trial jury and every other court to have considered it without dissent (two state district-court judges, nine state appellate judges, one federal magistrate judge, one federal district-court judge, and three federal appellate judges). His execution is on stay but despite celebrity pleas he is still on Death Row.

(Note: Tomorrow Friday 11 December in the US ABC’s 20/20 will air a two-hour investigation of his case.)

Daniel Holtzclaw

Daniel Holtzclaw is the Oklahoma City police officer who was convicted of raping and sexually assaulting a number of black women in 2015. He was sentenced to 263 years in prison. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States have rejected his appeals.

The main reason why the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States have rejected his appeals is that his victims’ stories are consistent - they described the same modus operandi i.e. the questions he initially asked them, the way he exposed himself through the fly of his police uniform and the way he took them to remote locations.

The clincher is that the GPS data from Holtzcalw’s car and the mobile phone records verify many of the geographical and timeline-related details.

In court, prosecutors produced DNA evidence that was found on a spot on the inside of Holtzclaw’s uniform trousers close to the zipper. It matched the DNA profile of one of his accusers.

Michelle Carter

Michelle Carter sentenced to two and a half years in prison for encouraging her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself through texts and phone calls. Carter was convicted in June 2017 of the involuntary manslaughter of Conrad Roy.

The prosecutor told the court that she has not accepted responsibility for her actions and that she has shown no remorse.

Knox at trial

4. Knox And The Multiple Enablers

Defending people who have been charged with and/or convicted of sexual assault and murder is a lucrative niche market for some lawyers and DNA experts. Payoffs for wrongful conviction can be enormous.

Greg Hampikian has represented a number of people who who have been convicted of sexual assault and/or murder such as Dennis Dechaine, Bradley Roberts, Carlton Gary and Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. Bradley Roberts and Dennis Dechaine are child rapists.

Professor Gill always wants a piece of this kind of action. He also defends people who have been charged with and/or convicted of sexual assault and/or murder e.g. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito and a serial rapist Daniel Holtzclaw. He also cast doubt on the DNA evidence against Sean Hoey who was charged with 29 murders in Omagh in 1998. Hoey was acquitted of all charges.

Everything Amanda Knox does is motivated by self-interest. She speaks about these high-profile cases to stay in the limelight, and to make sure she keeps getting paid to speak about her experiences on the US college circuit and at Innocent Project events. She gets paid up to £7,000, plus expenses, for each speech.

She has learnt a mercenary lesson from her former PR consultant David Marriott i.e. she makes sure she writes an article or creates a podcast about high-profile cases when media interest is high, ensuring that she also gets mentioned in the media.

By supporting and championing the causes of the West Memphis Three, Brendan Dassey, Rodney Reed and others, she can propagate the idea that people are being wrongfully convicted of murder all the time.

The idea that Amanda Knox lies at night awake worrying about alleged wrongful convictions is hard to believe.

There is hard proof that she couldn’t care less about any of these people. She didn’t retract her false and malicious allegations against Diya Lumumba the whole time he was in prison, despite the fact she knew he was innocent. She was quite happy to let an innocent man face life in prison.

It speaks volumes that Amanda Knox doesn’t show any empathy or express any concern for the victims or their families of the WM3, Brendan Dassey and Rodney Reed.

It’s not surprising either when you consider the fact she was convicted of not only murder but sexual assault by multiple experienced judges at her trial in Perugia and her appeal in Florence.

Knox doesn’t display any high-order thinking skills such as analysis or evaluation when she speaks or writes about these cases.

There’s no substance to any of her comments. She completely ignores most of the evidence that led to the convictions of the WM3, Brendan Dassey, Rodney Reed and Daniel Hotlzclaw.

But no-one should be surprised because Knox isn’t concerned about truth and justice - she’s just concerned about self-promotion and portraying herself as an advocate for the wrongfully imprisoned.

Knox fleecing the sheep

4. Advice For New Readers

Anna Sorokin’s ruse that she was a billionaire heiress unraveled once her lies were discovered.

Amanda Knox’s ruse that she’s an advocate for the wrongfully imprisoned would have long ago unraveled too if people had actually bothered to read the official court reports. They would have long ago discovered that she’s a brazen charlatan and a compulsive liar.

The next time you see Amanda Knox on television dabbing the crocodile tears from her eyes and speaking with her quivering Larry the Lamb voice, it should be a stark reminder she’s a terrible actress who deserves a Rasberry Award for playing the role of someone who was wrongfully convicted.

The real Amanda Knox was at the cottage on Via della Pergola on the night of the murder washing Meredith’s blood off in the small bathroom whilst Meredith’s mutilated body was lying in a pool of blood in her room.

The real Amanda Knox was laughing and joking with Raffaele Sollecito at the police station on 2 November 2007 as if she didn’t have a care in the world whilst Meredith’s devastated friends were crying.

The real Amanda Knox was repeatedly telling the police a pack of lies in the days after Meredith’s murder.

The real Amanda Knox was trying to frame an innocent man for rape and murder on 5 and 6 November 2007 and refused to retract her false and malicious allegations the whole time Diya Lumumba was in prison.

It’s no wonder she omits to mention these details when she speaks to audiences at Innocence Project events and talks to journalists. They would soon realise what type of person she really is if she told them the simple truth.

5. Sugested Further Reading

These are on the theme of the duped groups.

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Posted by The Machine on 12/10/22 at 08:41 AM in

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Every word of this is true. Knox latches on to high profile crime cases to keep herself in the news. The more controversial the better. The more extreme and distasteful, the better.

Knox’s purported goal of supporting the wrongfully convicted is a total sham. She couldn’t care less about the wrongfully convicted and even less about the victims of vicious crimes. She will defend any monster if it gets a media spotlight pointed right onto her at a podium.

It’s all for money, money, money. Plus now maybe it’s for attention, maybe she is addicted to fame in the form of notoriety.

Knox believes “Any publicity is good publicity.” She will sell lies. She’s no good at the truth. Innocence Projects ought to be concerned with the truth. They are blinded by the media snowstorm and Knox’s audacity. Why don’t they have Lorraine Bobbitt on their programme?

Thanks, The Machine, for a fact-filled overview of the hard facts that contradict the convicted and chronic liar, Amanda Knox.

Thank you for a list of other dreadful cases that echo the “wrongful conviction” clamor, where the defendants are naturally saying they were wrongfully convicted but really they are guilty guilty guilty. They were found guilty in court by plenty of evidence.

It’s only corrupt or emotionally blind and biased people who are chasing the wrongfully convicted dollars, maybe some twisted effort at their own redemption a la Steve Moore. For money of course they get interested in trying to overturn the honest verdicts, if it gets them outlandish payouts and ill-gotten fame. Obstructing justice.

They are greedy wolves in compassionate sheep’s clothing. Deceiving and being deceived.

Welcome them to the Knox Club aka Liars Unlimited.

What a shame the Illinois Innocence Project is hosting Knox, paying for her lies. They’re simply giving a con artist a once dignified platform. Shame and disgrace.

Knox as paid guest speaks very poorly for their judgment, but loudly for their naivety.

Posted by Hopeful on 12/10/20 at 06:22 PM | #

The con artist’s best work is carried out by his/her victims.

What a piece, Machine. So agree with you too, Hopeful.

I listened to Larry The Lamb’s podcast and there was cognitive dissonance aplenty. She thought that prison did not change anyone and in the next breath thought that Rudy G had very likely undergone a transformation in jail.

Anyway looking forward to Peter’s analysis of the essay.

Posted by pensky on 12/11/20 at 05:56 AM | #

I went to The Machine’s link (see above in bold typeface and underlined at “entirely on another black man”) The link led me to Knox’s essay where she blames Guede alone for the murder. There it links to her podcast Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth audio starts off with Edda Mellas on telephone with Knox. Edda says she is turning down the Christmas music to speak with Knox. Knox is asking her mom (Edda) what she thinks about Rudy Guede’s early release from prison to do community service. Edda won’t commit to much but seems to say that she’s not sure what to think. She says she is worried that Knox will be upset by the news (something to that effect).

Knox’s husband Chris Robinson is on the podcast a lot (when his wife isn’t interrupting him) expressing his righteous indignation that Rudy the real killer of Meredith has never clearly confessed to the crime.

Robinson sounds like he has been totally brainwashed by his wife, Amanda Knox. Like Raffaele he has bought her act. He seems to believe in her innocence a lot more than she does.

The main crazy bleat of the podcast is Amanda saying over and over words to the effect of:

“Confess, Rudy. Confess to the murder. Confess, confess it was YOU ALONE who killed Meredith, now confess to it so that I won’t have to live under the shadow of your crime.” 

The entire crazy podcast with Knox sighing and acting distressed, despondent, confused and worried about Guede being free now, is just a long open statement to Rudy Guede to “Confess to the crime. Confess to the world. Get me out from under the shadow of suspicion”. (my words) is so weird.

Then Knox and hubby talk about all the pain Rudy’s actions have caused so many people, pain that could be eased by one word from him: a confession that he alone killed the woman in Perugia.

Rudy alone did it, that’s what Knox begs him to say.

Chris talks in almost a bullet point list of all the evils Rudy did, all the harm he caused.

The COWARD talk:

Then both Knox and Chris chime in together about how much of a COWARD Rudy is.

Knox says he’s a coward to not face his responsibility for the killing or to confess openly to other people about his killing.

She hoots and laughs at one point in the “COWARD” accusations that a person can be a coward his entire (expletive) lifetime.
Both of them keep calling Guede a coward. Almost like they’re trying to provoke him. You coward, Rudy. You coward.

A coward? Knox wants to talk about courage? what a hypocrite. Words fail me.

I believe it was Knox who was the coward who enlisted 2 males to help her subdue a little roommate with knives and strongarmed her when she was alone and helpless in her own bedroom. Knox needed a drug and alcohol high to even do that.

Knox was the coward who fingered her innocent boss for the crime in a moment of fear at the police station.

Knox was the coward who talked out of both sides of her mouth, then denied everything, enlisted distraught parents to fund her legal defense, got her freedom back and then ran from one TV talk show to another denying any involvement in Meredith’s death. She wrote a book saying how innocent she is, not confessing to a thing, not even sorry she wrongly attacked her boss and accused him of murder. Nor will she pay him the money he won against her in a court case. Fotunately she’s out of the country where the crime occurred. She could barely go back to Modena, Italy many years later to speak at a convention. Shaking and demoralized she was a wreck, despite her claims of innocence. Yet she calls Guede a coward.

And funny how Knox stayed quiet as a mouse about him and dared not speak against Rudy Guede for a long long time.
She didn’t lambaste him, nor show much anger to him or call out Guede for the crime during all the years of trial and appeals when she was in legal jeopardy. Oh, no.
She pretended not to know him, pretended nothing was wrong between them, pretended she was OK with him for years. She did all that act of being mute all the time in the early years of her incarceration as she awaited trial. She was quiet as a tomb toward Rudy because she dared not OFFEND him since he knew too much about her evil doings.

Yep, she was mute for awhile when she was waiting to see which way the wind would blow. Would she get convicted and sent to prison? Would he? Would Raffaele? Would either of the guys tell on her?

When it mattered to Knox’s legal defense, she stayed quiet about Guede.

She seriously didn’t want to rile him, but now that she’s on the outside and free of prison, now safe back in Seattle, she yells at him that he’s a coward, that he’s the lone killer and should confess.

Yet she lies every hour about her night in Perugia.

That was my takeaway from the podcast, Labyrinths. “CONFESS, RUDY! Get me off the hook once and for all. Validate my book.” (I added the last part.)

It was a humongus podcast cry from Robinson and Knox for Guede to rescue Knox from the infamy of the crime.

Then Chris asked her what her dream would be. Would it be to become anonymous again?
(Of course Knox wasn’t having any of that, not the anonymous part).

She wavered around in her answer, her usual double talk. She said she wouldn’t want to change the past but as for the future she would like to be free from the notoriety of the murder.

Confess, Rudy. Confess to being the lone killer. Confess to the world. Stop being a coward.

That is the meat and potatoes of the entire crazy podcast.

Rudy’s release from behind bars has suddenly got Knox in a stew.
She is boiling, raging, seething but trying hard not to show it. Yet her poker face is slipping. “CONFESS, RUDY!!!!!!!!!! CONFESS!!!!!!!!!! TELL THE WORLD IT WAS YOU ALONE WHO KILLED MEREDITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET ME OFF THE EMOTIONAL HOOK OF THIS.”

did she really mean confess to “Verify my innocence so I can keep raking in the dollars from Innocence conventions. Give me back my respectability. They’ve humanized you, the media demonized me. It’s not fair. CONFESS to it all, Rudy.”
This is my speculation. Warning: this is sheer speculation but could Knox possibly have said: Hey, remember that reward I offered to you so long ago in Perugia? Let’s make a new arrangement if you’ll CONFESS to the crime as a lone wolf crime. If you confess I promise you 10% of my next 5 years’ earnings and a cut of all my speaking engagements$$ for next 10 years if you’ll just CONFESS to doing the murder alone.

could she mean: Confess so Chris will truly believe me, so that Dad will believe me, so I can win back Deanna’s respect and Mad Pax, David Johnsrud, all my old friends.

If you confess openly to the crime and say you did it all by yourself, then I can keep my husband happy with me, make my Mom believe I’m innocent. Remove all doubt. Makes life easier for me around here, even w/ the Kovaks who co-own my house.

That’s in your power, Rudy. Help me, Rudy.

I gave you that money from Meredith’s purse, remember?
I told you to get out of Italy. I’d have sent you money in Germany like I promised if you’d only stayed there but you reneged on our deal when we all panicked.

But now you’re safe from prison, or will be soon in March 2022. They can’t try you again, you’re not going to be given any more prison time. So please,  just confess to being the lone killer even though the Supreme Court said that’s not the case. { the above “conversation” is sheer speculation}

(could the speculation be a possibility? in paragraphs above. Or has Guede been offered anything by Knox to confess?) The above paragraphs are pure speculation, not true fact.
Knox also claims in her essay from the podcast that she wouldn’t want Guede to suffer.

She says he created a constellation of pain, by his crime. I guess he’s a star.
Knox says that she is for extreme leniency in punishing killers (wonder why?).

She believes prison does not rehabilitate anybody, that it is “second chances” that rehabilitate people.

She seems to mock Ballarini, Rudy’s lawyer, and doubts Ballarini’s words that Guede is now socially well adjusted and calm. Knox’s tone seems to scoff at that.

The podcast is bizarre.

Chris Robinson the duped husband sounds a lot more convinced of his wife’s innocence than she sounds.

Posted by Hopeful on 12/11/20 at 10:59 AM | #


Good to hear what Knox is up to on her innocence project circuit. You’re right, she’s not interested in their actual innocence as some of the cases are open and shut guilt. I find her interest in Jens Soring particularly compelling- a nerdy young man is asked to kill by a more attractive young woman, it’s a remarkably similar case. She thinks he is innocent but is agnostic about the woman, despite his story being that she did it. Go figure, no is guilty, that’s her real aim with all of this.


Your post made me laugh. Her podcast sounds deranged. I think you are right, she is trying to taunt Rudy into taking the blame (not a tactic likely to work but such is her childish grasp of psychology). Interesting that Edda demurs about Rudy, I always wondered to what extant she really believes her daughter is innocent.

I listened to another similar interview she did earlier in the year on with Kary Antholis just now. She came out with this extraordinary quote I wanted to highlight in case anyone missed its significance-

ostensibly talking about morals and trying to forgive Mignini for his supposed animus to her, she says the majority of people..

[They’re not sitting there going, “Ha ha ha, I’m hurting another person. They’re thinking, like, “I’m entitled to do this,” or, “I don’t understand the consequences of my actions to the point that I, I recognize that what I’m doing is hurting someone,”]

I find it hard to believe that she is not talking about the murder here and trying to justify it to herself. Im not bad because I didn’t mean to hurt Meredith. I believe this is true, sort of, that she may not have understood the pain she was inflicting. One of the Manson killers once compared a victim to a mannequin. When you lack empathy in the first place, it’s easy to misplace it altogether, even if just for a crucial moment.

A few moments later in the same interview she says she is pleased that the Netflix film explored whether she was a psychopath or a normal person, and then says the main issue is the ‘othering’ that we do of these types of people. The problem is not the behaviour, it’s us for judging it in other words.

She also says her favourite author is Jon Ronson because he looks at every issue from both sides. His most famous book is ‘the Psychopath Test’, a very readable if not very serious non fiction exploring the inherent issues with trying to label mental illness from the outside.

She wants the world not to judge or label murders too harshly, this seems to be the message she is pushing in all of her media work. Sympathy for the devil indeed.

Posted by HotAir on 12/11/20 at 01:32 PM | #

Guede will not want to risk a return to prison until his time is well and truly served. By my calculation that will be December 2023. Any book written by him will be bound to deny his involvement in the murder and, for the State, that will not sit easily with the fact that he is still doing time. I also think (as, I believe, do Knox and Sollecito) that he will try to point his finger at them more conclusively than he has to date, when and if he does publish. Tricky as they, according to Italian law, are definitively acquitted whereas he is still doing time. So I think he will hold off for the time being.

Talking about speculation, Hopeful, I think that Knox going overboard on the Cowardly Rudy business is in part because they can, for now, because of the above. But Knox (and Sollecito) are definitely rattled.

I also think that Guede was well aware of Raffaele’s family connection to the Ndrangheta. Being black he will also know quite a bit about racism in Italy.

I am pretty sure that immediately after the murder he was given a quick lecture on keeping his trap shut and that if he did not he would be got at by Sollecito’s mafia mob relations.

So I think Knox is actually gloating and taunting him by calling him a coward, knowing that this threat, of that involvement, which Guede will know actually helped get her and Raffaele off, is still there, and Guede knows it, or at least has now been reminded of it should he be paying attention to her podcasts.

Knox is an unpleasant woman, no doubt about it. And no, I don’t think that Chris Robinson is in any way deceived by all this. He and Amanda are a double act.

Posted by James Raper on 12/11/20 at 02:06 PM | #

If Rudy Guede repeats the transparent lie that he had a secret date with Meredith in his book, no sane person will believe him and the media will pay little or no attention to it. However, if he tells the whole truth about what happened that night, including his role in Meredith’s murder and the fact he sexually assaulted her, the media will sit up and take notice.

I believe Amanda Knox bumped into Guede by chance in Piazza Grimana after she had received Diya Lumumba’s text message, telling her not to go to work that evening and asked him to get some drugs for her and Sollecito.

I agree with Barbie Nadeau that they turned off their mobile phones because they wanted to get high on drugs. They wouldn’t have needed to turn off their mobile phones if they were just smoking cannabis. I suspect they wanted to take Class A drugs e.g. cocaine.

I think they arranged to meet up later in Piazza Grimana. It would explain why Knox and Sollecito were sitting on a bench in Piazza Grimana on a chilly November evening.

Antonio Curatolo said they were in Pizza Grimana for quite some time and that he saw them having an animated conversation. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were arguing about waiting for Guede. One of them, presumably Sollecito, was probably fed up with waiting for such a long time on a chilly autumnal evening.

They could have gone back to Sollecito’s flat or Guede’s flat, but they chose to go to the cottage on Via della Pergola instead and there must have been a specific reason why they went to the cottage.

Amanda Knox claimed Diya Lumumba was infatuated with Meredith. She was clearly referring to Guede in her witness statement and it would explain why they went back to the cottage. I think Guede agreed to get some drugs for Knox and Sollecito on the condition that she took him back to the cottage, so he could make a move on Meredith.

Knox claimed she couldn’t remember if Meredith was threatened - which means she was threatened. Meredith had knife wounds on both hands. There clearly was a confrontation between Knox and Meredith as evidenced by their mixed-blood in different locations in the cottage.

Guede fled the cottage almost immediately after Meredith had been stabbed as evidenced by the trail of his bloody footprints and the testimony of Nara Capezzali. He didn’t know anything about the staging or the clean-up at the cottage. He didn’t take Meredith’s mobile phones either. They were taken out of the cottage shortly after midnight.

Knox and Sollecito were happy to let Guede take all the blame for Meredith’s murder. Guede has consistently played into their hands. The only way for him to cause them some damage is to tell the whole truth.

Posted by The Machine on 12/12/20 at 09:24 AM | #

How Guede got involved on the night has always been one of the big open questions for me. A couple of important points for me-

Guede’s Motivation

- Guede was sexually interested in Knox, as verified by the boys downstairs and Mignini, but no one can verify his interest in Meredith

- Guede showed a tendency to show up at the house uninvited. Nick Van Der Leek reported that he did so the night before the Gran Prix 10 days earlier only to find they were all out (at the Red Zone)

- Guede had no phone for 5 days before the murder. Arrangements would have to made in person with him.

- Guede’s initially tried hard to protect Knox to the police, presumably in an attempt to avoid the conclusion that she had let him in and motivated him to abuse Meredith.

- Guede’s dna at the scene of the crime supports the view that he was acting casually though at the house when he first entered it (using the toilet and drinking juice). He describes events as ‘explosive’, I.e. escalating quickly/suddenly, as does the unflushed toilet (although he had form for this)

How premeditated was the murder?

- Knox knew this was the last night Meredith was alone in the house

- Knox took a large kitchen knife from Sollecito’s flat to the house

- Knox and Sollecito’s phones went off at the same time, thus removing any trace of their movements. They’d taken drugs before but never turned their phones off like this before.

- Knox and Sollecito acted immediately after finding out they were both free earlier that evening than expected with phones off and Knox caught on cctv near the house not long after Meredith arrived home, suggesting they were acting on a somewhat prearranged idea (perhaps originally scheduled for much later in the night)

- Popovic reported that Sollecito looked unhappy/not himself when she saw him around 6pm and that Knox was very happy when told he would be free around 8.40pm

- Knox had an approx 20min window of time in town after Patrick texted that she was free, but when she also thought Sollecito was not free until much later. Was Guede contacted as a stand in for Sollecito at this point?

- Nadeau reported that Knox was bugged saying to Sollecito about an unnamed third person ‘I want to know who his friends are because he didn’t have many friends. He didn’t leave the house much. He didn’t talk much’. If this is Guede, it implies she had a much more intimate relationship with Guede than we otherwise know of, and that she had visited his house, probably more than once either for sex or drugs.

My conclusion

Knox’s quick actions that evening after realising she was free support the idea that she was putting a pre arranged plan, originally for later in the evening, into action, as do the knife and the phones. Popovic’s testimony somewhat supports this too with Sollecito looking uneasy earlier in the day, having been briefed by an excited Knox about the plan. Did she plan to kill Meredith or merely play a prank? The knife and the phones suggest a serious intent to harm and also cover tracks afterwards. This was premeditated, if likely decided on the day or previous evening.

The evidence on Guede suggests that he may well not have known what was planned, as demonstrated by his casual behaviour in the house, and could have conceivably met Knox and Sollecito by chance near the basketball courts or the house given he showed a tendency to find people at both locations without prearranged plans and would have been particularly likely to do so at that point because he didn’t have a phone. But if Knox’s bugged conversation is to be believed she could also have asked him at the last minute to come to support her, possibly because she initially thought Sollecito wasn’t free. Guede’s motivation, either in a loosely arranged plan or chance encounter, was his sexual interest in Knox.

Were drugs involved? They were probably taken. Was a drug deal involved? It may well have been but no reliable evidence for it and it seems to undermine Knox’s plan by inviting unknown third parties to the murder scene. It’s conceivable that’s why Guede was there (and the Albanian he had worked with perhaps) but Guede’s interest in Knox is more strongly supported for me.



Posted by HotAir on 12/12/20 at 11:54 AM | #

Hi HotAir,

You wrote:

“Guede was sexually interested in Knox, as verified by the boys downstairs and Mignini, but no one can verify his interest in Meredith”.

Guede’s DNA was found inside Meredith’s vagina and on her bra - which clearly indicates that he had a sexual interest in her.

Posted by The Machine on 12/12/20 at 03:01 PM | #


That’s a good point. He clearly had some interest in her sexually on the night of the murder, at the least.

I suppose I meant that I didn’t believe any of Guede’s story afterwards about how he had a long-standing interest in Meredith culminating in their ‘date’. It sounds like a contrived narrative to create an innocent reason for his dna being on and inside her, and was part of a larger story about him meeting Meredith on Halloween which was contradicted by other people. Whereas in contrast his interest in Knox was noted by the boys downstairs and even directly to Mignini afterwards, supposedly he said he ‘still wanted to do her’ or words to that effect.

I think it was his interest in Knox which ties him into the story that night. The other possible motives for him, like an interest in Meredith or a drug deal, are certainly possible but I think we have less evidence to support that motive, that I know of at least?

Why Meredith was killed and by three people who appear to have known each other by a maximum of 10 days is the big mystery though of course and it’s certainly an open question, but I think Knox is the key.

She was the only one who had any sort of relationship with Meredith or with the other two. We have repeated evidence of tensions between the two women and, most importantly, in Knox an incredibly immature individual who was and is very fragile. In the day or two prior to the murder we have two events which could have set Knox off- being ignored/abandoned by Meredith on Halloween; and Meredith saying that she would never do what Knox was doing in seeing two boys at once in front of the other housemates. Neither would matter much to normal people but it’s hard to underestimate how hurt wounded people get by these types of things- being abandoned, being told one isn’t a good person etc. particularly by someone who she may feel have felt attached to at first.

Crime writer Nick Van Der Leek put it well when he said that in this case when looking for motive people tend to look for a rational, adult motive but these weren’t adults, they were barely out of their teens and their emotional lives operate on a very different level- jealousy, being thought of badly by another person- these are the types of things that hurt people like Knox.

The two guys were under her direction even if they may have gotten carried away in the moment, sex/attraction is a very powerful motivation for young men particularly these two who both had lost their mothers.

Posted by HotAir on 12/12/20 at 05:30 PM | #

@James Raper @The Machine @HotAir, Great great comments from all of you. It gives much to ponder.

James Raper, you believe “(Chris Robinson) and Amanda are a double act.” WOW, so you think her husband realizes and somehow accepts Knox’s guilt? That was a wow moment for me, but it’s very possible. Thanks for that from a male viewpoint. I think sometimes it takes a man to figure out a man. It just amazes me that he would knowingly marry a murderess, how dumb can you get? I wonder if she would take a lie detector test for hubby?...em, never.

(which leads me right to HotAir’s comment that Knox is trying to justify criminals and make excuses for them, the “they don’t realize the wrong they’re doing so somehow that makes them not culpable” theme of Karolis interview? and the Ron Jonson? sociopath book, a Knox fave.”) But I digress

I think you’re right in your conclusion that Knox and Robinson taunted Rudy as a coward now at this time while they can still get away with it before Rudy can retaliate with his book due to his legal jeopardy. That reasoning is very apt. Yes, the coward talk to upset Rudy was most likely Knox subtly reminding him of the threat of mafia action against him if he does anything in his book or media that might tarnish Raffaele Sollecito’s golden boy image, which would in turn tarnish hers as well….oh yes, that is the devious Knox way. Your theories ring true.

And Guede’s book may as you thoughtfully suggest, be delayed for his legal safety. His book may be held back a year or two longer. No doubt he’s taking advice from Ballarini on that. Rudy may one day be in a Netflix movie of his own.

@The Machine, about Rudy’s book, I couldn’t agree more. Rudy needs to come clean 100% in any book he writes. Otherwise he’s wasting his time. Rudy is well known as a proven liar so the only force his book will have is if he is willing to reveal all, to speak the entire truth, to lay it on the line and reverse course from his former lies. THAT would be a big reveal.

It would sell like hotcakes if he unveiled the full truth about Knox and Raffaele and himself and what really happened in Perugia.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

If he publishes a flowery collection of lies and self-serving tripe, he’s wasting his time. Sales will be slim, it will not go anywhere.

Maybe he’d do well to move back to the Ivory Coast the moment the book comes out, escape retaliation? Doubtful he will but…

Sadly I see Rudy as another Amanda Knox, a natural born liar. I think Rudy learned to lie from childhood and he can’t change his coping strategy of dishonesty, so I wouldn’t bet on his book being the unvarnished truth. However, it’s possible for those who know the case thoroughly to read between the lines and tweeze away the lies to some extent. 

@HotAir thanks, it was news to me that Rudy was without his phone for 5 days before the murder. Very interesting, was his phone lost? he hadn’t paid his bill? Yes, I bet that did change his behavior, probably sent him on foot to find friends to talk to, maybe to borrow their phones.

Thank you for your input. Also I had not heard of Knox’s overheard phone intercept about a friend she knew whom she described as a guy who didn’t have many friends, who didn’t talk much, who didn’t leave the house much and this unknown “he” was a friend she really wanted to know about.

Very suspicious if these words referred to Guede. If so it suggests Knox knew his ways rather well and possibly had been to his apartment in the days before the crime, for sex or drugs….and maybe she knew him a whole lot more than she cared to admit.

You provided new details such as how Guede worked with an Albanian, that Popovic said Raffaele looked distressed when she went by his apartment about her suitcase?
I wasn’t aware Amanda knew it was the last night Meredith would be alone in the cottage (maybe I forgot).

Guede did act very familiar and casual in the cottage if he was drinking juice and using the bathroom. Thanks for emphasizing the significance of those acts, especially the juice from fridge. He must have felt mighty “welcome” in the nearly deserted cottage and it was most likely he was welcomed by the giddy, risk-taking foolish Knox. Meredith was much more cautious about men, I believe.

@The Machine:  EXACTLY, you nailed it: if Knox said she couldn’t remember whether Meredith had been threatened or not, that means Meredith absolutely HAD been threatened.

Thank you for pointing out Knox’s habitual lying style, her prevarication, the upside down lie. 

So Meredith had been threatened.

No doubt, and it would not be at all unlike Knox to wave a knife around in front of Meredith to threaten her, intimidate her or for attention and false bravado.

She’d been seen in the dark Perugia street one night sitting near or looking like trash cans. That night she was waving a knife around at him, if Hekuran Kokomani can be believed.

That night she was acting all tough and thuggish. Then Kokomani threw olives at her and her boyfriend and drove off afraid.

Posted by Hopeful on 12/12/20 at 06:17 PM | #


I’m afraid I’m probably not providing you with many new details you didn’t already know! The Albanian that Guede worked with was Kokomani, who you refer to, I’d forgotten how to spell his name. Thank you for reminding me! They worked together on a Agro tourism complex in the months previously by coincidence

Guede’s phone was confiscated by the police in Milan, supposedly. I thought this might be important because it helps explain why even if he had arranged to meet Knox that night or other times that week there wouldn’t be a phone record of it like you would expect.

& the intercepted conversation where Knox supposedly referred to Guede was recorded by the police when she and Sollecito came in for questioning and they bugged a room they were given. I’m not certain about the veracity of this happening though since I’ve only read it in the book ‘Angel Face’. It may have been ignored elsewhere because it’s somewhat ambiguous as to who she is referring to, but it does sound very much like she’s referring to Guede, and the description that he didn’t talk much actually matches how other people describe him too.

I too find it a chilling thought that Christopher Robinson may know his wife is a murderer, you’d have to be pretty understanding and non judgemental to get over that one! Although he does describe himself as a moral nihilist so it’s possible. I also agree with you though that from the brief bit I’ve heard of him I thought he sounded more adamant about her innocence than her which reminds me of the FOA crowd- I find it hard to determine if they are being knowingly dense about her innocence or are just completely cynical, I think it’s the former, people believe all sorts of stuff that isn’t true- look at Trump!

Posted by HotAir on 12/12/20 at 09:59 PM | #

I have long thought that the Knox family and, by extension, hubby, have been recipients of Amanda’s “best version” of the truth, a version that they can internalise as forgiveable and which, as they see it, justifies her lies, and to which, as a result, they are as committed as she is. She is, after all, not really a bad person. Not the person they know, adorable and fun loving. Whatever she did, it was really out of character, a blip in fraught and emotionally charged circumstances.She should not have her life, nor they, their’s, ruined in perpetuity, by this.

The “best version” would run like this, and let’s face it, there had to be a such a version as they must have had their suspicions given the evidence.

Yes, Amanda was at the cottage with the other two, in high spirits, on drugs and wanting to party, with Meredith to be roped in to the mood for good measure. Everything would have been fine but for the fact that Meredith was not in the mood at all.In fact Meredith was being really stroppy, wanting them out of the cottage, bringing up all the things she disliked about Amanda and her rowdy friends, threatening to use her influence with Filomena and Laura to have Amanda barred from the cottage.

In an atmosphere such as this it was not surprising that Sollecito and Guede rushed to her defence, particularly when the pushing, grabbing and exchange of blows commenced. It was just like Meredith to show off her karate skills! It was all Meredith’s fault, the stupid stuck up cow! And then the knives came out, but only so that Meredith could be warded off Amanda. What then happened was something of a blur but in a clinch with one of the other two Meredith and he fell and Meredith sustained the fatal knife wound. Panic stations all round.

Nothing was really Amanda’s fault. Surely you can see that?! What’s wrong with being a party girl? Who knew this could happen?

Why would not any parent, sibling or boyfriend go with this? Trouble is, it’s all (well, in the crucial parts) baloney, as they all know, deep down.

On the subject of threats, there were no doubt plenty flying around. Remember that Sophie Purton told John Follain about Knox’s behaviour at the Questura and that she overheard Knox use the word “minaccia” (translation : threat) with Sollecito, and then laugh. I don’t think that actually came out in evidence in court. Pity, because it raises a motive.

Posted by James Raper on 12/13/20 at 05:22 AM | #

Really good article and interesting comments.
Loathe though I was to listen to their podcast I did.
As Hopeful says it is truly bizzare.
I do wish they’d both just f off.
Amazing that she can get away with saying Guede did it all by himself and also tell the world that she wasn’t there.

I think Knox is just having a good time in goading Guede. Just like her supporters do to anyone who points the finger at Knox.
God knows about CR.  I agree with Hopeful that he sounds like he believes in Knox’s innocence more than she does. 
But weird that he puts out these podcasts of sh*te.  I’m bamboozled by him.

Posted by DavidB on 12/13/20 at 03:00 PM | #


Sorry, I didn’t meant to shoot your theory down earlier btw! I agree with a lot of it. I just think the fact that Knox specifically took a knife with her to the house indicates that she was planning to harm Meredith.

In Barbie Nadeau’s drug deal/party gone wrong idea she, I think, tries to explain the knife as something Knox just had on her as defence for walking home alone at night. I don’t think this is particularly plausible, it’s hardly a practical knife to carry on you even if you give her the benefit of the doubt that she did carry a knife for that reason.

Like you said, the mixed blood seems to suggest an initial fight between the two women. Sollecito we can assume got involved in defend/help Knox. Why Guede did? In his own words from his prison diary-

‘This story, put together with what has happened in my childhood and adolescence until today, is an explosive mixture, for me‘

He seems to allude to the idea that his past traumas, of which there were many (inc being abandoned by both parents), contributed to a sudden, unexpected reaction when faced with this confrontational situation at the house.

Hodges who wrote the ‘As Done Unto You’ book about this case gives some very strange details about Guede’s past traumas- apparently his father used to lock him up in the bathroom while he went out to work all day. It may explain Guede’s habit of passing out on the toilet, and it’s interesting that he was quite likely using the toilet when events kicked off at the house. He also had a severe sleep walking disorder and would sometimes lecture people like a teacher or bark like a dog when he was clearly asleep. This is very unusual dissociative behaviour, often the result of significant trauma, and I don’t think it’s unrealistic to think that whatever happened at the house, a violent fight for example, could have triggered him to act out similarly- in a way he never would have planned to consciously.

Posted by HotAir on 12/13/20 at 06:29 PM | #

Hybristophilia: being sexually aroused by a person knowing that they have committed a violent or offensive crime, such as murder.

Posted by pensky on 12/14/20 at 05:47 AM | #

Hi HotAir,

I don’t exclude the possibility that Knox armed herself with Sollecito’s kitchen knife with the intention of threatening or harming Meredith with it. One of the judges at Italian Supreme Court thought the murder was premeditated.

Barbie Nadeau’s scenario in her book is ridiculous, especially her claim that Guede and Sollecito wielded the knives and Meredith impaled herself on one of the knives. I don’t think she really believes this. I suspect she put forward this scenario to make it more palatable to her friends in the US media who are convinced Knox is innocent.

Posted by The Machine on 12/14/20 at 07:28 AM | #

Hotair, I bet Knox couldn’t believe her luck when she found out CR was a moral nihilist.

Posted by DavidB on 12/14/20 at 08:37 AM | #


I hadn’t remembered those details about Nadeau’s theory, yes not very convincing about the knives! You may be right about the American audience angle. I wondered whether she could not imagine the idea of something darker and sadistic going on, or misunderstood the effects of recreational drugs. I think she suggests that they may have woken up after a drugs binge not realised they’d killed her which, as well as ignoring the phones being carefully discarded shortly after, sounds like something someone with little first hand experience of recreational drugs would come up with!


Haha, yeah big time! It sounded like Knox may have convinced him of the moral nihilist idea tbh- ‘wrong is right, night is day…I didn’t give you herpes’ etc etc

Posted by HotAir on 12/14/20 at 09:39 AM | #

HotAir, absolutely right. Anything is possible in their land of make believe.

Posted by DavidB on 12/16/20 at 11:35 AM | #

This ABC News video explains some of the reasons why Rodney Reed was convicted of Stacey Stites’ murder:

Posted by The Machine on 12/18/20 at 06:33 AM | #

Coincidence is a strange thing, but not unusual. But one of the strangest occurs in this case.

On the night of the murder Mrs Lana (in whose garden Meredith’s phones were subsequently found) received a hoax telephone call telling her that there was a bomb in her toilet. Presumably she took it as a hoax but nevertheless she called the police out. They found nothing but clearly they decided to investigate the call, because eventually they traced the call to in individual in Rome.

So, on the very night that the murder took place this individual tried to hoax another individual (presumably chosen at random) many miles away. What are the odds that he would have picked on her, and at that time, who would just subsequently happen to be critical to a murder investigation?

It frankly does not make a lot of sense. Who was this guy? Did he have any connection to Perugia? Was he charged with an offence? If the call was from a mobile phone could the explanation be a stolen SIM card? But even then surely the police could trace the location of the call? Surely they would have checked to see if there was any connection at all between Knox, Sollecito,or Guede, and this guy?

It is truly bizarre, so much so that one would think there ought to be an explanation other than mere coincidence.

Posted by James Raper on 12/18/20 at 06:43 AM | #

There’s probably a name for the inbuilt cognitive bias we have as human beings where we tend to look for a sense of intentionality between two events retrospectively and find it hard to accept the times when like you said there is an eerie coincidence.

A much less important but equally weird coincidence was that a man in Florence received a text message two days before the murder from a number he didn’t recognise. It read,

‘For me, tomorrow or tonight, Meredith dies’

The man deleted the message and only remembered it several days later when reading about the news in Perugia. Eventually it was discovered to be concerning the tv program Gray’s Anatomy whose lead character, Meredith, was about to be killed off. Another spooky foreshadowing in a case teeming with them,

Posted by HotAir on 12/18/20 at 07:18 PM | #
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