Knox Frequently Smears Others On Drug Use, Severely Understates Her Own

Effusive Knox book team Robert Barnett, Linda Kulman (shadow writer) and Ted Simon

1. Previous Reporting

Please see our previous posts here and here.

Knox was discovered by police to have been sleeping with a dangerous drug-ring leader for drugs since she met him and had sex on a train to Perugia. That connection led them to capture him and directly helped to put him in prison.

2. Questions For Knox & Team

That hot potato of a book you put together and marketed for a rumored $4 million… did you exercise any due-diligence fact-checking?

What exactly did you tell the publishers to assure them? Hard truths or truthiness? Especially as the UK and Italian publishings were halted, for legal reasons, at the very last moment. And as Knox had already served three years for lying.

That Knox had been consorting with a drug wholesaler, Federico Martini, and sleeping with him (as she herself admitted in the diary her own team circulated) quite possibly in return for free drugs was right out in the open in court and in the Italian media way back in January 2009.

That was even before her trial really got under way and a full four years before you put together her book deal.

See our past three posts. Now new proof of Knox’s dangerous doings has emerged with a first published police report, and the Italian media are now all over this.

The release in Italy of police wire-tap transcripts of conversations between Knox and this drug kingpin she was instrumental in imprisoning is said to be only a matter of time.

So are Italian TV crimeshows featuring persons with personal knowledge of Knox’s shenanigans.

Please take a look at these key passages in Knox’s book - your book - where she drops a small army of others in it for drug use and for unsavory measures to hide it.

Knox heavily disguises here that her own drug doings were way, way worse. You were surely not a party to this serial misleading?

If not, this could be just the right time to put real distance between yourself and Knox. She will unquestionably be charged with other false claims soon, and you would surely not want to be called to court as a person of interest.

It seems only fair to warn, if you dont already know, that these Knox fibs are only a very, very, very small fraction.

3. Twenty Book Quotes That Hide The Real Story

They said I wasn’t the first roommate they’d interviewed. A guy they called “totally uptight” was interested in renting, until he found out they smoked””¬cigarettes and marijuana. “Are you okay with that?” Filomena asked. “I’m from Seattle. I’m laid back,” I answered. “I don’t smoke cigarettes, but I’ll share a joint.” A few minutes later they rolled one and passed it around. I inhaled deeply and relaxed.

Around our house, marijuana was as common as pasta. I never purchased it myself, but we all chipped in. For me, it was purely social, not something I’d ever do alone. I didn’t even know how to roll a joint and once spent an entire evening trying. I’d seen it done plenty of times in both Seattle and Perugia, but it was trickier than I thought it would be. Laura babysat my efforts, giving me pointers as I measured out the tobacco and pot and tried rolling the mixture into a smokable package. I never got it right that night, but I won a round of applause for trying. Either Filomena or Laura took a picture of me posing with it between my index and middle finger, as if it were a cigarette, and I a pouty 1950s pinup.

What I didn’t know when I arrived was that the city had the highest concentration of heroin addicts in Italy. I never heard about the high level of trafficking and drug use until I was in prison, bunking with drug dealers.

“Do you like marijuana?” I blurted. “It is my vice,” Raffaele said. “It’s my vice, too,” I said. I loved the phrase in Italian. Raffaele looked surprised, then pleased. “Do you want to come to my apartment and smoke a joint?”  I hesitated. He was basically a stranger, but I trusted him. I saw him as a gentle, modest person. I felt safe. “I’d love to,” I said.

When I first saw [flatmate] Laura, she was dry-eyed. She came up and hugged me and said, “I can’t believe it. I’m so sorry. I know Meredith was your friend.” Then she sat me down and said, “Amanda, this is really serious. You need to remember: do not say anything to the police about us smoking marijuana in our house.” I was thinking, You can’t lie to the police, but I considered this anxiously a moment and then said, “Okay, I haven’t yet. I won’t.”

When we finished, a detective put me through a second round of questioning, this time in Italian. Did we ever smoke marijuana at No. 7, Via della Pergola? “No, we don’t smoke,” I lied, squirming inwardly as I did. I didn’t see that [flatmate] Laura had left me with any choice, and I felt completely trapped by her demand. I could barely breathe until the detective moved on to a new topic, and when he did, I was hugely relieved. I thought that was the end of it.  Aside from what I said about our villa’s drug habits, I told him everything I could possibly think of.

I didn’t think I could take any more surprises, but they kept coming. Next, the police opened up a closet to reveal five thriving marijuana plants. “Does this look familiar?” they asked. “No,” I said. Despite my earlier lie about not smoking in our house, I was now telling the truth. I was stunned that the guys were growing a mini-plantation of pot. I couldn’t believe I had talked to them every day since I’d moved in six weeks earlier and they’d never mentioned it.

She led me through the waiting room and into the same office with the two desks where I’d spent so much time. As we were walking, she looked at me, narrowing her eyes. “You said you guys don’t smoke marijuana. Are you sure you’re being honest?”  “I’m really sorry I said that.” I grimaced. “I was afraid to tell you that all of us smoked marijuana occasionally, including Meredith. We’d sometimes pass a joint around when we were chilling out with the guys or with Filomena and Laura. But Meredith and I never bought any pot; we didn’t know any drug dealers.”

I replied to the message telling him that we’d see each other right away. Then I left the house, saying to my boyfriend that I had to go to work. Given that during the afternoon with Raffaele I had smoked a joint, I felt confused because I do not make frequent use of drugs that strong.

It was during this conversation that Raffaele told me about his past. How he had a horrible experience with drugs and alcohol. He told me that he drove his friends to a concert and that they were using cocaine, marijuana, he was drinking rum, and how, after the concert, when he was driving his passed-out friends home, how he had realized what a bad thing he had done and had decided to change.

We talked about his friends, how they hadn’t changed from drug-using video game players, and how he was sad for them.

That night I smoked a lot of marijuana and I fell asleep at my boyfriend’s house. I don’t remember anything. But I think it’s possible that Raffaele went to Meredith’s house, raped her and then killed her.

Their theory seemed to be that I knew Guede from the time Meredith and I had met with the guys downstairs in front of the fountain in Piazza IV Novembre””the night Guede told the guys I was cute. He hadn’t made an impression on me at all then. The prosecution hypothesized that, after that night, he’d gotten in touch with me, perhaps about buying drugs.

The prosecution’s simple story was absolutely false, but it apparently rang true for the authorities. They added flourishes in the course of the trial””Meredith was smarter, prettier, more popular, neater, and less into drugs and sex than I was. For some of or all these reasons, she was a better person, and I, unable to compete, had hated her for it.

Laura and Filomena had always bought the marijuana for the villa’s personal use. But when Filomena shrugged her shoulders helplessly on the stand, she made it seem that the only reason marijuana was in the house was because of me.

When Mignini brought up names of guys who’d come over, Laura replied, “Those are my friends.” When he asked if anyone in the villa smoked marijuana, she said, “Everyone.”

Carlo [Dalla Vedova], who’d never sugarcoated my situation, said, “These are small-town detectives. They chase after local drug dealers and foreigners without visas. They don’t know how to conduct a murder investigation correctly. Plus, they’re bullies. To admit fault is to admit that they’re not good at their jobs. They suspected you because you behaved differently than the others. They stuck with it because they couldn’t afford to be wrong.”

In Quito, where she lived, Laura [another Laura, in Capanne, not flatmate Laura] had dated an Italian who invited her to Naples for vacation and bought her a new suitcase. When she landed at the Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli, it was not her boyfriend who met her plane but the customs police. They arrested her for the cocaine they found sewn into the luggage’s lining. The boyfriend, it turned out, had not only turned her into a drug mule, but had lied about his name. He was untraceable. She was sentenced to nearly five years in prison.

Curatolo was recalled as a witness, but he came under different circumstances. The onetime homeless man was now in prison himself, on drug charges.... He confirmed that he was now in prison, adding, “I haven’t quite understood why yet.” Asked if he’d used heroin in 2007, he answered, “I have always used drugs. I want to clarify that heroin is not a hallucinogen.

Curatolo didn’t know what he was talking about, poor guy. If my life didn’t depend on his being wrong, I’d just feel bad for him,” I reported. ““The broadcasts here are saying that he’s a confused drug addict!” someone cried.

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It is reported that there was $2400 withdraw by AK in September.
Is there the possibility that she decided to invest some money with the drug dealers that she met? (for cocaine sales)
I sure would like to see her complete Sept. bank records.

Posted by DDPT on 08/02/14 at 07:56 PM | #

“Around our house, marijuana was as common as pasta. I never purchased it myself, but we all chipped in. For me, it was purely social, not something I’d ever do alone. I didn’t even know how to roll a joint and once spent an entire evening trying.

Oh dear, as if anyone will believe that. I know she likes to portray herself as Ms Innocent, charmingly quirky, daffy, etc but come on.

I know it’s all been said before but I don’t believe anything this creepy woman comes out with. If she told me the time I’d immediately ask if that’s “the best time” she has then look for a second opinion.

Posted by Odysseus on 08/02/14 at 09:09 PM | #

I see that Bruce Fischer has started to disassociate himself from Steve Moore…...Nice

If you want to check the negative statements then it’s on the latest installment of Ground Report where Fischer is responding to manfromasian .....Nice

I see also that Michelle Moore is making the usual bleating noises which nobody takes seriously anyMoore anyway. .....Nice

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 08/02/14 at 09:15 PM | #

From the quotes, it is rather obvious that her world revolves around drugs and drugs. And nothing but the drugs. That is the only reason, in my personal opinion, why references to drugs are sprinkled all over her book. There is no escape from this simple fact. After all, the world economy is ruled by drugs. She has to bring up the topic at every occasion just to say that she is better than others and not a real druggie.

The obsession with which she brings up the topic of drug use and her original style of presenting says a lot about her. I cannot describe it well but you get the message.

Posted by chami on 08/03/14 at 07:27 AM | #

My God!  I am completely dizzy now after reading all those variations on a theme.

What a depraved liar!

And I have never ever heard this one before:

“In Quito, where she lived, Laura had dated an Italian who invited her to Naples for vacation and bought her a new suitcase. When she landed at the Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli, it was not her boyfriend who met her plane but the customs police. They arrested her for the cocaine they found sewn into the luggage’s lining. The boyfriend, it turned out, had not only turned her into a drug mule, but had lied about his name. He was untraceable. She was sentenced to nearly five years in prison.”

I suppose it was in her book which I only skimmed.  Surely it isn’t for real?

Chami is right.  She:

a) is obsessed with the drug narrative (perhaps she was missing them back in Seattle where she had/has a need to play Ms. Pure and White)


b) is totally motivated by the need to create a narrative around the drugs which portrays her as an innocent bystander in case it should ever resurface (guilty conscience - she knew the real story).

What gets me is that the Knox admirers - e.g. the three above and others - are quite happy to promote the ‘virtues’ of their client without engaging in any fact-checking but, once the unsavoury truth really does hit them in the face - well, not a peep.

Either they still believe that the whole of Italy is conspiring against their little murdering darling or they are just plain cowardly.

Posted by thundering on 08/03/14 at 09:30 AM | #

@ thundering

The Laura referred to is not the same Laura who was AK’s flatmate. It’s a Laura AK met in prison.

Posted by James Raper on 08/03/14 at 11:57 AM | #

@ James Raper

OK - thank you.  Yes, I had forgotten about that one.  Thanks for enlightening me.

Posted by thundering on 08/03/14 at 12:06 PM | #

It seems this latest round of negative publicity regarding Knox’s drug use and association with a drug ring has caused her to become very shy.  Her little campaign must be cracking at the seams.  Good!

Posted by MHILL4 on 08/03/14 at 12:15 PM | #

There had been various Lisa-Basile-typ faux-feminist pro-Knox clones before the real one reared her head.  Katie Crouch was one.

Her trademark mode is sneering, and she has now written an exceptionally callous sneering book - sneering at Meredith.

We’ll carry a book review if we get one (hint) and here was our 2011 post on how this nasty little jerk got just about every fact of the case wrong.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/03/14 at 03:06 PM | #

“Do you want to come to my apartment and smoke a joint?”  I hesitated. He was basically a stranger, but I trusted him. I saw him as a gentle, modest person. I felt safe. “I’d love to,” I said.

“I’d love to,” I said.

Very suspicious airy fairy language.

Posted by DavidB on 08/03/14 at 03:12 PM | #


Radar Online posted the September bank records online. Are these what you want?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/03/14 at 03:18 PM | #

I’ve sent a number of tweets to King5 reporters. Please retweet. Thanks. It only a few moments. Everyone can make a difference.

Posted by The Machine on 08/03/14 at 03:19 PM | #

Hi James

Thanks. You have the power to edit as you know (!). Lemme add that clarification into the text.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/03/14 at 03:54 PM | #

As many of our frequent commenters here are devastatingly pointing out over there, there is a seriously foolish attempt at a rebuttal of Selene Nelson’s great piece on CNN.

For the record this box below is right now at the top of our home page and Selene (who is a commenter here) says she’d be happy to re-run the entire post here soon.

Cool well-argued CNN IReport article by Selene Nelson on why angry bigots with personal issues refuse to address the real case, and why they seem too cowardly and incompetent to tackle police and prosecutors closer to home on real injustices, preferring the defaming of foreign civil servants and a foreign victim’s family who have no easy way to answer back.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/03/14 at 04:00 PM | #

Peter Quennell-

The link to the WaMu Tranaction History which you provided indicates that AK made 10 withdrawals at the same amount of 250 Euros each time. The dates are 9/21 9/24 (again 9/24) 9/26 9/28 10/1 10/3 10/15 10/23 and 11/5. Including the transaction fee. Each of the withdrawals is approx. $355.

Are these cash withdrawals or are they in the form of checks, (endorsed by whom)? Is there a logical explanation or is this activity suspicious?  Thanks,

Posted by DDPT on 08/03/14 at 07:26 PM | #


The Knox Money Hoax… You address what is still not an open book. I sure would like to see it open for one. Please go on. Jump it to a main post if you like, or as soon as we have a suggestive pattern I or maybe Ergon can do that. Posting often brings in more tips.

Knox wrote no checks, there are no check numbers there. She was mostly in Europe anyway and ATMs work fine for US cash (I use them a lot).

You can see that she was down to below $4000 in that account soon after she arrived in Perugia. Wow. Without drug payments maybe enough for four months; with drugs, panic could have been setting in. (Sollecitos dad kept him deliberately close to broke).

Knox had been replenishing her WaMu account from another bank, account # ending in #0346. prior to Perugia. The only two deposits after she got there were from grandma (wow) for $2052 and one maybe from Patrick for $562. 

I will add here where what I know or suspect about the wider context here. Many posters here and on the two PMFs are very good at correctly “seeing” Knox. Ergon had a career of financial investigation and may join in.

For me, the large-scene extended scenario that has always fitted best (see right column link to many scenarios) is the one brought alive in this post:

1) Knox is a wild element at Washington University, having moved away from home for 2 years to escape a hard family gaze though the campus is not so far away. There are signs of tension previously with Curt (in her book; we long knew about that), with Edda (recently Knox showed contempt in something she wrote) and with Chris (her diary published by Sarzanini).

2) Getting on drugs could have been the real intent of heading out from home for those two years (or the result) and to Perugia too.

3) Knox’s academic/financial status in Perugia was EXCEPTIONALLY unusual if Perugia University was the goal, maybe 2-3 students in a year resemble that. The guy who wrote the first long quote in that post above is a student counselor and accountant. He told me that while she accumulated some savings waitressing before leaving for Europe, it was LESS THAN HALF what Meredith and other properly funded students need for one year: $20,000 is considered a safe idea.

4) See the quote from the book at bottom here. Seems Knox’s accountant father and math-teacher mother had been too ditsy to do the math or ask why she did not seek the quite-easy-to-get scholarship help.

5) Unlike Meredith, she enrols only at the language school, and only for one semester (term). Her claim that this was to be her junior (third) year was a lie, because she would get zero credits from the language school, which will take any student who can pay its bills.

6) She burns through money as you describe, maybe for the reasons these four drug posts describe, with drugs quite possibly her biggest item. She has no way to explain to Curt Knox or garndma why so soon she was in bad need of more, and could he give her a loan? She talked of leaving to go to China only a month after getting to Perugia; that would have been another big bill. 

7) She NEEDS that job from Patrick (an illegal job which very few others would have risked giving her) and in her paranoia and volcanic rage when Patrick texts she thinks that Meredith has just replaced her in that vital job.

8) As she wrote in Statement One of 4/6 Nov 2007 (a big mistake which she tries to backtrack) she headed right out, to see Patrick or Meredith, seemingly to pick a bone. Maybe she took the knife right then. Maybe Sollecito too, evidence is iffy either way

9) She hazes Meredith in the kitchen, hall and her bedroom and RS and Guede, craven to her, both join in (a classic Lord Of The Flies attack) but not knowing that a fatal stab would result.

10) As a result they both have been sulky toward her for close to seven years.

Here below is the only passage in Knox’s book which talks about her financial affairs; it is a discussion with Edda and Curt in Seattle before she left; the claim about “all my credits will transfer to UW” is a lie, so most of the rest could be too.

Meredith and others on scholarships (not hard to get, but Knox didnt even try for one of those)  would have had available from Erasmus etc THREE TIMES what Knox had saved - and that was for her two trips to Germany too.

At fourteen, I told Dad I was too busy with my extracurricular activities and friends to stay over with him anymore. The truth was that I was uncomfortable with the awkward divide between my life and his, so I widened the gap between us. Now I wanted to close it.

As I began researching programs in Italy, I realized that having my dad’s support was fundamentally important to me. I’d never rehearsed any part in a play as hard as I had this conversation in my head. I wanted my dad to be impressed. I wasn’t at all sure what I would do if he said no. Once we were seated, I couldn’t wait a second longer. I started making my case even before the waiter brought us menus.

“Dad,” I said, trying to sound businesslike, “I’d like to spend next year learning Italian in a city called Perugia. It’s about halfway between Florence and Rome, but better than either because I won’t be part of a herd of American students. It’s a quiet town, and I’ll be with serious scholars. I’ll be submerged in the culture. And all my credits will transfer to UW.”

To my relief, his face read receptive.

Encouraged, I exhaled and said, “The University for Foreigners is a small school that focuses only on language. The program is intense, and I’ll have to work hard. The hours I’m not in class I’m sure I’ll be in the library. Just having to speak Italian every day will make a huge difference.”

He nodded. Mom was beaming at my success so far.

I kept going. “I’ve been living away from home for almost two years, I’ve been working, and I’ve gotten good grades. I promise I can take care of myself.”

“I worry that you’re too trusting for your own good, Amanda,” he said. “What if something happens? I can’t just make a phone call or come over. You’ll be on your own. It’s a long way from home.”

Dad has a playful side to him, but when he’s in parent mode he can sound as proper as a 1950s sitcom dad.

“That’s the whole point, Dad. I’ll be twenty soon, and I’m an adult. I know how to handle myself.”

“But it’s still our job to take care of you,” he said. “What if you get sick?”

“There’s a hospital there, and Aunt Dolly’s in Hamburg. It’s pretty close.”

“How much is tuition? Have you thought about the extra costs involved?”

“I’ve done all the math. I can pay for my own food and the extra expenses,” I said. “Remember I worked three jobs this past winter? I put almost all of it in the bank. I’ve got seventy-eight hundred dollars saved up.”

Dad wove his fingers together and set them, like an empty basket, on the table. “How would you get around?”

“The university is right downtown, and there’s a city bus,” I said. “And Perugia is small. It’s only about a hundred and sixty thousand people. I’m sure I’ll learn my way around really fast.”

“How will you stay in touch with us?”

“I’ll buy an Italian cell phone, and I’ll be on e-mail the whole time. We can even Skype.”

“Will you live in a dorm?”

“No, I’ll have to find my own housing, but I’m sure I can get a good apartment close to campus. I checked with the UW foreign exchange office—they say the University for Foreigners will give me a housing list when I get there. I’d really like to live with Italians so I can practice speaking the language.”

I didn’t know what my father would think, but I was pretty sure we’d be going back and forth for weeks no matter what. To my astonishment, he said yes before I’d picked up my fork.

“I’m proud of you’, Amanda,” he said. “You’ve worked hard and saved a lot of money. I can tell how much this means to you.”

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/03/14 at 09:59 PM | #

Hi Pete et al.

This comment is off-topic for the article above (which is very illuminating, by the way).

On the internet and Facebook, I’m very involved in cat rescue efforts. One thing I’ve noticed is the huge number of Italians (particularly Italian women) who are involved in trying to save cats in America. They constantly share, post, and donate money (sometimes large amounts) to save cats and kittens. They even go so far as to start Facebook groups dedicated to saving cats in America.

I find this to be a truly touching tribute to the Italian character, to care, not just about their own animals, but those in a faraway country.

I think it may be something deep in their character, fostered by their religion, that cares for small, helpless creatures.

Just thought I’d mention this, as it contradicts the ‘brutish Italian’ meme the FOA often spouts!

Posted by Earthling on 08/04/14 at 12:10 AM | #

Hello Earthling

It’s not really off topic, as it’s rebutting myth and unfair projection.

I lived in Rome when my parents were there, and it is a fairly ‘macho’ city in some ways. But in spite of this, I found the Italians the kindest, most caring people I have lived amongst. The older women in particular seem to look out for everyone. They are/were protective to younger women - they notice things and are kind in little ways.

There is a certain amount of bravado from the men, but the way the women deal with it is precious! There’s a sense of proportionate humour in things too.

Near the Pyramide and the English Cemetery was a gathering ground for the stray cats in Rome - fitting somehow with pyramids being Egyptian. Every single day women devotedly came to care for these cats.

But so did they care for every bambino. I never saw a child ill- treated while I was there. That’s not to say abuse won’t exist there, as everywhere, sadly, but I would guess it is less.

I think most Italians are very, very shocked and distressed by cruelty. Meredith’s murder will have been utterly horrifying to them - most especially the abandonment ...and then compounded by such callousness as has been.

They will want justice - and they do not deserve to be maligned.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 08/04/14 at 01:10 AM | #

Knox talked of going to China within one month of arriving in Perugia. (Point 6 under Peter Quennell’s comment above). Within one month of arriving in Italy, she is restless. Wow. That is a loud distress signal. Knox obviously was uncertain of what she wanted or where. Maybe she secretly planned from the very beginning to skip out on the language school in Perugia and keep traveling.

No doubt she intended to link up with David Johnsrud in China with or without his permission. She would trust to fate and his gentlemanly protective streak for a bail out if she had financial emergency. She depended on him to let her live with him in China. She was already bored with the women housemates. She never did care much for females. They were a cover to keep her parents happy. Italy and the language course may have all been a lie for Curt’s sake, with Italy meant as merely the first leg of a much longer journey.

Perhaps in Skype or emails to David Johnsrud she saw he was cooling towards her. He had a Chinese girlfriend that Amanda pretended not to envy. That was probably a lie. His Chinese woman must have bothered her a lot since she really loved Johnsrud of all the males in her life.

One time she talked to Meredith about boyfriends and loyalty. In light of Kyle having ditched her, maybe learning that David had no need for her set off an undersea earthquake emotionally so that Knox began to get disillusioned with Perugia, too, and very very confused and angry. Raffaele wasn’t able to hold her interest long at all.

Had she flown on to China she would have been nearly broke, down to about one thousand dollars after airfare and train tickets and food if it took a few days to link up with David. Ah! land of the opium trade.

Once in China she may have planned to blackmail her family emotionally. If all else failed they would send her airfare to return home. (Maybe because she had visited Japan on a student exchange in a structured program, she carelessly assumed a mad dash to China would be just as successful. She may have wanted to relive her Japan experience. Maybe all the Manga at Raf’s got her thinking about it.)

Meredith Kercher may have been the rage outlet instead of David Johnsrud.

David Johnsrud or his Chinese girlfriend or both might have been slaughtered by Amanda had they insulted her in the least. That is if she had succeeded in wiggling her way into David’s Chinese lodgings by appealing to his friendship. Whew, did he ever dodge a bullet.

She went to Chinatown in Seattle almost the minute she left Perugia as if to finish her original plan.

Johnsrud may truly have Meredith Kercher to thank for his life.

Meredith became the focal point for Amanda’s psychosis and disappointment instead of him, through no fault of his own.

Amanda might not have been able to talk two Chinese guys into helping her kill a roommate as easily.

Is she living in Chinatown Seattle for drugs or anonymity or inexpensive housing? Is Johnsrud out of her life forever? If he’s smart he will be.

Posted by Hopeful on 08/04/14 at 05:24 AM | #


Just thinking about Curt for a moment. He has that permanently inflated ego. Chest out, shoulders back, etc. “The world is out to get you so it’s better to be rough, tough and on the ball”. Underneath meanwhile is a quaking mess that really has to be faced sooner or later.

Some compassion is due - by all accounts he had a tough upbringing.

Still, if he’s even slightly aware, he could get to the bottom of his insecurity very easily and cheaply via counselling. Obviously, it’s in the nature of denial to avoid this route at all costs until absolute rock bottom is hit and demons have to be faced. Thus meanwhile we have the engagement of a PR consultancy at enormous expense, in a vain attempt to keep both himself and his daughter from finding a modicum of self-awareness.

Who knows, a few hours of therapy for Curt earlier in his marriage and a total disaster for so many people might well have been avoided?

Posted by Odysseus on 08/04/14 at 08:42 PM | #

I always thought that hard drugs were somehow closely involved with this tragedy. Hard drugs (and even soft drugs) lead you to do stupid (criminal) things, and bring contact with very nasty types.

Even if Knox and Sollecito feel they weren’t to blame for whatever happened because they were both high on drugs, possibly ones they hadn’t tried before, they must still face responsibility for what they have done.

The groupies ask “what would turn an honors student (sic) into a killer overnight?” I think the pieces of that puzzle are falling into place.

Posted by bobc on 08/04/14 at 10:15 PM | #

Hi, Peter, we looked at her WaMu statements on PMF NET when they first came out (Jim Lovering posted them way before the Radar Online article)and yes, the large expenditures in just two months were indicative of cash drug purchases (I barely spent a fraction of that when in Perugia and Rome 😊 but that question is one that probably never will be answered.

What does interest me though is Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito’s obvious efforts to hide their assets. I know publishing contracts usually pay book advances in full upon delivery of a manuscript, and the quoted figures were $3.8 million for Knox, $950,000 for Sollecito.

Sollecito also received approx. $100,000 through his fundraising, Knox $500,000. Note: these are estimates, but reasonable since we know RS got $40,000 through his GoFundMe page, and they were getting a whole lot more under the table and from various front groups including Facebook and Bruce Fischer.

I ran a check on offshore accounts through public interest groups, but it looks like these funds were directed into corporate accounts, therefore untraceable unless we know the account names.

They both are deathly afraid the Kerchers will sue them in civil court to get the damages awarded them. Hence, the cries of poverty 😊

Posted by Ergon on 08/05/14 at 05:55 PM | #

The bank statement is definitely interesting. 

As I was telling Peter in an e-mail, Knox could have stretched her savings to cover her expenses over 9 months if she was extremely conservative with her spending.  Between her existing funds, the $2,000 her grandmother sent her, and her weekly earnings from the bar, she would had have enough to live modestly until the following summer.

However, her spending patterns do not match this kind of planning.  In 15 days, from October 21 until November 5, she took out €2,650 (10 withdrawals of €250 and one withdrawal of €150).

When asked about these withdrawals, she mentioned living expenses.  However, her living expenses couldn’t have been higher than €600-650 a month (€300 for rent, €200 for food, €100-150 for toiletries, household necessities, bus tickets, etc.). 

So what exactly was Amanda buying during these two weeks?

As far as I know, there is no evidence that she had been shopping extensively, since she had nothing to show for it (no new wardrobe, computer enhancements, sporting equipment, vast amounts of hard-cover books, etc.). She didn’t have a gaming or collecting hobby either.  She wasn’t going on trips every other day.  And she clearly didn’t make a large purchase (like school fees, a new computer, a fancy bike, etc.) or she’d have taken the money out at once and there would have been some evidence of it.

Another thing to consider, comparing the service fee for her underwear purchase and the ATM withdrawal fees, is that using your card in a store is a lot cheaper than taking out cash.  So someone who was simply on a manic shopping spree would have been using her card in an attempt to save some money on transaction fees (unless, of course, it’s somehow logical for a struggling student to hand the bank her lunch money every other day).

So that means that whatever she was buying could only be had for cash.  Now I’m not going to argue that she was buying hard drugs because I have no evidence, but it does beg the question.  Both the fact that she needed cash and the amounts she was spending seem consistent with either a gambling habit or a drug habit. 

Pretty much anything else can be documented.  I pay cash for my crafting supplies, for example, simply because the stores I buy from only do cash-on-delivery, but I have an online order history, a box of tools and leftover supplies, a pattern collection on my computer, and a list of people who have bought or received my items (plus a photo library of most of my projects).  Not to mention that I spend at most €30-50 per order and that it takes me 1-2 weeks to actually use those supplies. 

I don’t think anyone would have judged her if she was coming back with a pair of gently used Louboutins every other day if designer shoes were her thing.  Irresponsible given her financial situation and plans for the year, for certain, but obviously not criminal.  But there’s just nothing to document any sort of expensive interest or hobby.  I think the police should have pressed her harder on this subject because her potentially spending so much on hard drugs in the weeks leading up to the murder is a clear indication that she was out of control and not behaving in a rational manner.

Posted by Vivianna on 08/06/14 at 12:57 AM | #

Speaking of Curt Knox. If you examine any photos of him at all. He is never smiling Ever. Even when Knox was returned to Seattle . No smile, Nada, No happiness whatsoever. This can only be attributed to a deep seated paranoia since he is an obvious example of someone who is scared, primarily because he knows that Knox is guilty and he is just waiting for the axe to fall and just like all bullies anyone who stands up to him will make him wilt away. Underneath all the bravado there is a craven coward.

Therefore it is not outside the realms of possibility that he too has had more than a bowing acquaintance with drugs. Once again I drew your attention to the common denominator among these Knox supporters. Consider once more what they have in common. Simple they are all failures. Fischer twice the bankrupt. Moore fired from Pepperdine and all he could get was some rinky dinky little security job which he tries to inflate. Heavey lost his job as a judge. This is easy to see because of the commonality of their age. Moore in particular, at his age and under normal circumstances, he would now be well on his way in the FBI promotional scheme of things. But no. Don’t forget as well that it was Fischer who introduced Moore to the Knox brigade and now they are in competition with each other given their individual ego and similarity of web site. They both want to be number one. Fischer has started criticizing Moore anyway since he sees Moore as a threat.

The similarity between the Knox supporters in one of immaturity given their inability to read anything contrary to their own belief, rather like a cult since they are closed to anything which is contrary to their rabid belief. They identify with Knox since she too is a failure.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 08/06/14 at 05:52 AM | #

Re Curt:
Yes I had noticed he never smiles. I’ve never seen his face change.
Some people this-end-of-the-autistic-spectrum (i.e. Mild and functioning ) never smile, or show expression on their faces. They also are frequently prone to dreadful outbursts of anger, due to their emotional limitations, and inability to formulate how they feel, and negotiate and discuss things.
This isn’t to excuse him at all. He should have gone into anger management very seriously (as ordered to do by a judge) - and used some of his intelligence to try and understand himself, and his daughter, incidentally.
Instead we have Fear, writ large, and cowardice in both. And this expression which says ‘Oh no. What a disaster. It’s too late.’

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 08/06/14 at 08:29 AM | #

“That’s the whole point, Dad. I’ll be twenty soon, and I’m an adult. I know how to handle myself.”

Huh.  Think Diana Sawyer interview - “I was just a kid”

Posted by thundering on 08/06/14 at 02:51 PM | #

Sorry Vivianna but you have made a mistake. The 11 withdrawals to which you refer would be from the 21st Sept (not Oct) to 5th Nov i.e about 6 weeks, not 2. That said there was nothing conservative about her expenditure. She had started cutting back in October because clearly she could not continue as before but was still spending more than she needed to.

Posted by James Raper on 08/06/14 at 03:05 PM | #

@ Earthling and SeekingUnderstanding:

it was Italy that quietly flew to the rescue of the Sudanese lady who escaped hanging for apostasy.

Posted by thundering on 08/06/14 at 03:23 PM | #

Yes indeed

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 08/06/14 at 06:12 PM | #

Breaking news. Poster Nell here who is also a Co-Administrator of Perugia Dot Net is in an endgame analysis of Knox’s telephone records. Scroll to posts near the bottom of this page.

Nell is associating the numbers with names, and if he can be associated with a number the drug kingpin might be there among the callees.

Knox’s calls terminate after a flurry of phonecalls on 6 November, the same day as her three unforced statements pointing at Patrick and Sollecito. Were those from Knox or police analysts?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/06/14 at 06:29 PM | #

There’s a good possibility that drugs were involved that night since both K&S have admitted it.  I tend to agree with (especially) the judges who discount that as a motive in favour of mere revenge along with acting out some kind of fantasy in the cases of AK’s male accomplices.  As Pete has indicated in the past, there was some kind of connection between AK’s work regime and the events leading to Meredith’s murder.  We’ll never know *exactly* what that was and I don’t think it’s terribly important.

Knox remains unbalanced even without drugs.  Who can forget her self-described howling bouts while promoting her book?  Or the scraped knuckles from hitting things?

Interesting comment above about Curt not smiling.  He’s the kind of guy who feels that smiling conveys weakness and he’s desperately afraid of appearing weak.  The moustache provides the same kind of disguise as it conceals any sign of trembling in the upper lip.

Posted by Stilicho on 08/06/14 at 08:52 PM | #

@James - Thank you for pointing out my mistake; you’re perfectly right about the 6 weeks.  The amount is still twice as much as she would have needed for living expenses.

If we break it down, there are 3 periods: 21.09-03.10 (numerous withdrawals); 04.10-14.10 (no withdrawals); 15.10-05.11 (numerous withdrawals again).  It is during the second period that her grandmother sent her $2,000, so I think it’s a pretty clear sign that she was panicking.  But then receiving that money must have given her enough security to start overspending again.

Posted by Vivianna on 08/06/14 at 09:44 PM | #

There has just been a terrible murder of two high-flying British medical students, on placement in a hospital in Malaysia. They were stabbed to death with multiple wounds, after a dispute in a bar late at night.
4 men have been arrested and have confessed. 3 of them have tested positive for Crystal Meth.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 08/07/14 at 02:42 PM | #
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