Sollecito’s 2012 Book: Context & Developments

Posted by Peter Quennell

1. The Book’s Legal State Of Play

Raffaele Sollecito and his shadow writer Andrew Gumbel were taken to court in Florence for the numerous defamations in the 2012 English-language book Honor Bound.

Subsequent to a whole lot of red herrings and false excuses, their legal teams had to concede that the book IS in numerous ways both untrue on the hard facts and malicious toward professional Justice staff.

The teams were forced by the court to arrive at a settlement, which includes a signed statement conceding that the book is indeed in many ways untrue.

2. Other Book Related Developments

1. There was more DNA evidence against Knox but otherwise the evidence against both was very strong.

2. Francesco Sollecito frequently showed anger toward his son, who in turn frequently showed anger toward Knox.

3. Sollecito has never solidly backed Knox’s final alibi even to this day and his team often went their own way.

4. Guede was not at their trial except for one brief show; both teams tried incessantly to make him fall-guy.

5. That failed at trial; so at appeal in 2011 bizarre theories by convicted criminals Aviello and Alessi substituted.

6. It seems Andrew Gumbel essentially wrote the entire book, channeling conspiracy theories of other US crackpots.

7. Upon publication in the US (only) Francesco Sollecito on the national Italian Porta a Porta show rejected parts.

3. Other Book Related TJMK Posts

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