DUPLICATE Hoax 31: The Aviello Arc 2010-2018

At trial in 2009 the ascription of the entire attack to Guede proved a defense disaster. At year’s end (1) Knox and Sollecito had been found guilty and (2) Cassation had rejected Guede’s final appeal - but also ascribed the attack to THREE PEOPLE.

So from 2010 a defense hunt was on for any two or three possible attackers other than RS and AK. They leaped upon two contradictory possibilities, both claims by men in prison: (1) Alessi said Guede told him Guede did do the attack, with two others; (2) Aviello said Guede, RS and AK were not involved, and the attackers were his brother and an Albanian.

Both testified at the Hellman appeal. Alessi’s claim collapsed instantly, but Aviello’s reverberated on for seven years, because of (1) two U-turns, and (2) strong hints, still unresolved, of witness tampering via a large payment. 


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Thirteenth Appeal Session:  It Looks Like The Defenses Have A Real Friend in Court - Judge Hellmann



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Post pending: Aviello is put on trial in Florence for perjury at the annulled Hellman appeal.

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