33 The Guede As Sole Perp/Lone Wolf Hoax

1. False Claims

It is unquestionable that Rudy Guede was a part of the attack on Meredith. But as the Supreme Court ruled (“in concorso”) he was not ALL of it.

Numerous posts discounting the Lone Worlf theory can be found here.

Numerous myths have been concocted in an attempt to frame Guede for ALL of the crime in the minds of gullible, ill-informed people.

One of the myths was that he was a proven drug dealer.

Another was that Guede had broken into someone’s house. The police and Judge Micheli did not believe Christian Tramontano and he never testified in court or was cross-examined. 

The only comprehensive and accurate Wiki on the case includes these two rebuttals:

Myth: Rudy Guede was a drifter and a convicted burglar

Not true. The drifter allegation is a product of the Gogerty Mariott firm. Guede had lived in Perugia since immigrating there when he was five, was raised by a well-to-do family and had his own apartment 100 metres from Sollecito’s. Guede was known to the police, but never charged or had a previous conviction, however minor. All three defendants had had minor brushes with the law. In 2003 the Carabinieri found Sollecito in possession of 2.67 grams of hashish. Amanda Knox had been issued a ticket and fined for a rowdy party where students were throwing rocks at passing cars. Guede had been found in a Nursery School in Milan, where he had apparently spent the night, but had not broken in, and the police were called. They found him in possession of a laptop computer which had been stolen from a Perugia law office (which he claimed to have bought) and other items that might have been stolen property. He was questioned by police, but released. A charge of possessing stolen goods was eventually brought in February 2008, by which time he was in custody for Meredith’s murder. Still, if we accept the allegation of Guede’s experience on its face, the illogicality of the alleged break-in becomes even harder to understand.

Myth: Guede cut a deal with prosecutors

Not true. While Knox and Sollecito have recently been alleging deals being offered or deals being made, deals of the sort Americans are accustomed to are not allowed in Italy. All three accused were initially meant to be tried together, and likely were advised of all of their options at the outset. One of these options is what’s known as a fast-track trial, usually involving a not-guilty plea but with less evidence presented from either side. For this a one-third reduction in sentence is automatically granted in the event of a conviction””and life sentences are reduced to 30 years. Guede elected to sever his case from Knox and Sollecito, fearing they would gang up on him in a joint trial, and to take the fast-track option.

At Guede’s trial Judge Micheli imposed a 30-year sentence, the fast-track equivalent of a life sentence, and the harshest sentence that the court could award. By the time of Guede’s appeal, Knox and Sollecito’s trial had been concluded, with their being given the benefit of generic mitigating factors, such as their young age””hence they were given 24 year sentences for the murder charge. At Guede’s appeal, he was credited with the same mitigating factors (he is, for example, younger than Sollecito). The fast-track tariff (one third reduction) means that his equivalent sentence is two thirds of 24 years, which is 16 years. That is the sentence that he is currently serving. Under Article 176 of the Italian Criminal Code, he will be eligible for parole (libertà  condizionata) when he has less than five years remaining of his sentence, which will be in 2018. Prior to that, in 2014 Guede will be eligible to leave the prison during the day on work release (semilibertà ).

Guede has thus received no reductions in his sentence other than the generic mitigating factors also enjoyed by Knox and Sollecito, plus the automatic fast-track reduction of one third””an option open to Knox and Sollecito which they chose to reject.

Paolo Brocchi

The building was equipped with an alarm system but that night was not activated, because, I also ricostruii the story, had just been installed. Quella sera io uscii verso le venti e trenta e ricordo perfettamente che non attivai il sistema di allarme. That evening I went out to half past eight and I remember perfectly well that I activated the alarm system.

La cosa strana che posso evidenziare al riguardo è che notai che il sistema di allarme il giorno dopo, quando entrammo, non venne danneggiato perché la cellula luminosa era sempre in funzione, anche se è disattivato, e la persona o le persone che sono entrate non hanno danneggiato l’allarme, ma hanno solo disattivato il combinatore telefonico, quindi con ciò manifestando una minima competenza, comunque una certa competenza in materia di allarmi, di elettronica perché disattivare un combinatore telefonico senza danneggiare l’allarme io non sarei in grado, pur essendone proprietario, quindi non avrei questa competenza.

The strange thing about it is that I can show that I noticed that the alarm system the next day, when we entered, was not damaged because the cell light was always on, even if it is turned off, and the person or persons who had not have damaged the alarm, but they just turned off the phone dialer, and thereby manifesting a minimal competence, though a certain expertise in the field of alarms, electronics because disable a phone dialer without damaging the alarm I would not be able, even essendone owner, so I would not have this expertise.

So, that window looks out onto a private courtyard that is protected from the then state-owned, municipal, by another gate. Quindi è probabile, non lo so se questo possa essere… perché poi vicino a quella finestra ci sono altre finestre di altri appartamenti, che sono… c’è una finestra che dista circa un metro dal balcone del mio studio, quindi tutto può essere. So chances are, I do not know if this can be ... because then close that window there are other windows of other apartments, which are ... there is a window that is about a meter from the balcony of my study, then anything can be.

Ma comunque questa persona o queste persone, se fossero transitate dalla pubblica via, avrebbero dovuto aprire un cancello che dà  su una proprietà  privata e poi, con l’ausilio non so di quali mezzi, arrampicarsi per circa tre metri, quattro metri, su una parete verticale per poi arrivare sul terrazzo del mio studio dov’era collocata, dov’è collocata tuttora questa finestra e poi attraverso questa finestra entrare all’interno dello studio, se fosse questa la via.

But anyway this person or these people, if they were transited from the public highway, they would have had to open a gate that opens onto a private property and then, with the help I do not know what means, climb to about three feet, four feet, on a vertical wall and then get on the roof of my studio where it was located, where is this still placed through this dialog box and then enter the studio, if this is the way.

2. Hard Truths

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Remember Meredith’s room was thoroughly dusted for fingerprints (none were found) meaning it could not be comprehensively tested for DNA. It is untrue that only one sample of Sollecito’s DNA and no sample of Knox’s were there in the room, end of story - had the room been comprehensively tested there might have been dozens.

The recreations at trial pointed to three attackers and Cassation accepted that was full proved. The Sollecito defense put the imprisoned child-killer Alessi on the stand in 2011 to say Guede confessed he did it with one other, but Alessi was so desperately nervous about a perjury charge that he was sick and perhaps the least convincing of all witnesses.

[Above: the 2009 Massei verdict that still stands that the defenses will try to overturn]


[Dalla Vedova and Ghirga] guessed that Guede had probably been in the middle of robbing the villa when Meredith came home, and he had attacked her. As soon as they suggested this scenario, it made perfect sense to me. I hadn’t been able to put all those pieces together before. Meredith’s murder had been so horrific, and my arrest too absurd, it had been impossible for me to think logically about it.





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