1 The Italian Justice Hoax

1. False Claims

1) USA

US & world comparisons
elected judges
strong prosecutors
weak oversight (tho Heavey)
black box juries, no qualifications
few sentencing reports
few automatic appeals
unpopular, lack of trust
trial via PR endemic
media talks but neautral

2) Italy

Few or none at end of day wrongly locked up
career path
restricted prosecutors
CSM & President
open juries, quals
always sentencing reports


2. Hard Truths

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Click for Post:  The Florence Palace Of Justice Where Sollecito And Knox Are Expected To Be Seen In Court Soon

Click for Post:  Tips For The Media: In Fact Knox Extradition Is Likely To Be Readily Granted

Click for Post:  The New Palace Of Justice In Florence Where The Repeat of The Appeal Will Take Place

Click for Post:  Supreme Court Appeals: A Good Briefing On Tomorow’s Court Proceedings By Italy-Based Andrea Vogt

Click for Post:  FBI Reporting Close Co-operation With Italy In Arresting And Soon Extraditing A Fugitive Swindler

Click for Post:  Some Homework For Curt Knox/Marriott/FOA: How Leaning On Italian Judiciary Can Seriously Misfire

Click for Post:  Italy’s Advanced, Effective, Humane Law & Order System Also Adopted By City Of New York

Click for Post:  Reasonable Doubt In Italian Law: How Sollecito, Hellmann, And Zanetti Seriously Garbled It

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