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This Manhattan Architect Was Charged Today As A Suspected Serial Killer

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LI crime spree overview as suspect’s self promoting video now awol


Rex Heuermann was charged today with three deaths. There could be ten at least.

Search these coordinates in Google Earth for where he lives.  40°41’3.82"N 73°26’50.85"W To drop down to street view, wave the mouse pointer around at top right, and drag the little brown man to the blue line on the street. It’s the dark brown bungalow to the east. 

Oddly for an architect, it’s a run-down house both inside and out - in a quite pricey neighborhood. He seems to be still married and his daughter apparently works at his firm.

DNA matches seem to be the most compelling evidence. Prosecutors today had this to say:

Based on the serious, heinous nature of these serial murders, the planning and forethought that went into these crimes, the strength of the People’s case, the length of incarceration the defendant faces upon conviction, the extended period of time that this Defendant was able to avoid apprehension, his recent searches for sadistic materials, child pornography, images of the victims and their relatives, counter-surveillance, conducted online as to the criminal investigation, his use of fictitious names, burner email and cellphone accounts, and his access to and history of possessing firearms, the only means to ensure Defendant Rex A. Heuermann’s return to courts to remand him without bail.

So they had been observing him for quite some time.

Despite what some commenters on YouTube fear (“What is the world coming to?”) the number of serial killers has been in decline in the US over the past 50 years. Most usually they are now caught fast.

And New York is regularly rated now as among the safest cities in the US. Dumb place to commit any crime.

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The lakes 200 yards west of his house are top spots for a variety of winter ducks and I’ve been there quite a few times.

Even more-so along the Ocean Parkway where the girls’ bodies were found. It’s a divided highway along the Jones Beach barrier island, which has great birding in winter at each end.

Such a disjunction between that and the sad loss of life right there.

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Second crime with standout investigation aspects we have noted involving Long Island.

Gabby Petito who was murdered in Wyoming by her boyfriend grew up in Blue Point, which is about 30 miles east on the same south shore.

Around fifty years ago there was a similar case there of a hard-to-catch serial killer.

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