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Some Images Relevant To The Murder Of Anni Hindocha And The Extradition Of Shrien Dewani

Posted by Peter Quennell

Please see the post above for the narrative. All images expand when clicked on.

[Image above: Anni Hindocha and Shrien Dewani before their ceremonial marriage]

[Image above: the ceremonial marriage in India; they were never legally married]

[Image above:the mother of Anni Hindocha who lives in central Sweden]

[Image above: the father of Anni Hindocha who lives in central Sweden]

[Image above: Stockholm HQ of telephone giant Ericcson, Anni’s employer]

[Image above: residential compound in north Bristol of the Dewani family]

[Image above: house in north Bristol where Shrien Dewani is under house arrest]

[Image above: Shrien Dewani with his father addressing the media]

[Image above: Shrien Dewani’s father and Shrien’s older brother]

[Image above: Shrien Dewani’s public relations manager addressing the media]

[Image above: downtown Cape Town where Anni and Shrien were in a hotel]

[Image above: Daily Mail recreation of the crime published December 2010]

[Image above: discovery of hijacked car and Anni’s body in Gugulethu township]

[Image above: car driver Nongo at his trial where he plea-bargained for his testimony]

[Image above: a memorial for Anni in her home town in central Sweden]

[Image above: her family scatters Anni’s ashes on the large lake near their home]
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I like all the smiling happy photos of the happy couple together.
In the bizarre world of Amanda Knox they would be offered up as slam dunk evidence of Dewani’s innocence because they are proof that they are “friends”.

Posted by DF2K on 03/27/14 at 08:19 AM | #

What a strange story - what possible motive would the husband have to kill his lovely wife of a few days?  He was the one with all the money it seems.  I have heard of a lot of murders on those roads through poorer areas in South Africa but apparently there is a lot more to the story and I don’t have enough time now to read through all of the information.  It wasn’t a jealous rage sort of thing - if he did it, then it was all coldly preplanned and in a short amount of time.  Odd.  I will have to read more about this later.

Posted by believing on 03/27/14 at 06:08 PM | #

Hi believing,

I recommend looking at the evidence when it is presented at the trial rather than trying to make sense of a senseless murder. Perhaps in Utopia nobody does anything that doesn’t make sense. However, in the real world there have been numerous high-profile cases where people from respectable backgrounds have committed murders with little or no motive. 

Dr Harold Shipman murdered his patients for no obvious reason.

Karla Homolka was convicted of the rape and killing of three teenage girls - including her own sister.

Rachel Shoaf and Sheila Eddy killed Skylar Neese because they didn’t want to be her friend anymore.

Posted by The Machine on 03/27/14 at 07:02 PM | #

There’s an article on the ABC website about a woman who has been convicted of killing her husband of eight days:

Newlywed Gets 30 Years in Cliff-Push Murder

Posted by The Machine on 03/27/14 at 10:55 PM | #
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