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Madeleine McCann: Possible Evidence Against Brueckner Now To Be Analysed

Posted by Peter Quennell


Possibly, just possibly, this 2007 crime might be days, weeks, or months away from being cracked.

Whatever was found, possibly a video camera and some soil, is now to be analyzed in Germany. This search was based on a tip from a credible witness whose identity has not yet been leaked. Not the first.

Exactly why such huge efforts and expenditures have been expended seems to relate to the pervasive notion that this crime might be part of a bigger whole, though Brueckner all by himself, serving time in Germany, is a proven one-man crime-wave.

Also that the Portuguese police (who essentially shrugged and blamed the McCanns; media that parroted that were successfully sued) might have got it wrong, causing British and then German police to swing into the act.

Massive resources were thrown into the gathering of massive evidence after Meredith’s murder too; it continued full-speed for eight months. Foreign media have consistently under-reported that. Dr Mignini’s book rubs this in.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/26/23 at 06:39 AM in Hoaxes Sollecito etc


The tip was said in a couple of reports to have come from some vigilante who raided Brueckner’s house after one of his arrests and it was they that dumped several items at the lake. They knew Brueckner and said he liked the lake.

Now the Daily Mail etc have this claim from a British couple; they may well have found something and reported it but there seems to me no obvious direct tie to Brueckner himself. Flowers etc are often placed here and there by well-meaners for victims.

A great pity that nothing exists online like the hundreds and hundreds of documents in Meredith’s case released by the very open Italian investigators and put online on our Wiki - surely the biggest and best Wiki ever assembled for a single crime and a good model for the whole world.

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