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Facts Of Melania Rea’s Stabbing Death In Italy Last April Are Also Proving Hard To Get Straight #4

Posted by Peter Quennell

This post: events in April 2011

Above is Melania Rea’s husband, army corporal Salvatore Parolisi, with his sister Francesca, when he was riding a national wave of sympathy back in April and May.

Could this equally prominent case not so far from Perugia in turn come to impact upon the final appeal outcome of Meredith’s case? There seems a distinct chance of this. 

What may become obvious as we illustrate events starting from April is that, given a level playing field and no vigorous PR campaign, the dedicated work of the different components of the Italian police is impressively good.

They come across as highly trained, competent and well-organized, and they leave very few stones unturned. Here four arms of the Italian police - the Carabinieri, the Scientific Police, the Ascoli police, and the Teramo police - have worked together notably smoother than say the FBI and the CIA before the New York trade towers came down.

This has been in face of a pro-defendant justice system, possible attempts at intimidation, two main motives and scenarios and several others, a confusing crime scene re-arrangement, a time-and-resources-consuming alibi, little DNA, no fingerprints, no weapon, four or more mobile phones to be analyseds, Facebook messages erased (and un-erased when Facebook HQ in California obliged), a possible charming psychopath, hints of a possible satanic sect, and no eye-witnesses at all.

Tough case. Still, this has lead to an approval rating for the investigators now through the roof, and the endorsement (post directly below) of the Supreme Court. 

These shots pick up from the previous main post on the geography of the house, barracks and two parks and the layout of the San Marco park where Salvatore claims Melania disappeared. 

This shows the temporary operations headquarters set up in the Colle San Marco park on 19 April, the day after Melania disappeared, where her husband claimed he last saw her.

The investigators were first trying to find her, and then when her body was found in another park to the south trying to unearth any evidence that she was ever there. 

The police swept for fingerprints and DNA (no luck) the playground where Salvatore said he and Victoria were at play while Melania headed off for a restroom in a bar and to bring back two coffees.

The police used dogs trained in several kinds of search (no luck) to cover the whole park. They were initially looking for a body or a grave, and then any evidence proving Melania was there.

As we mentioned in the previous post. a large number of people in the park that afternoon were lined up for interrogation, and over the next month were called to police HQ in Ascoli. 

This is the road along the side of the mountain which is the short way to get from Colle San Marco park to Casermette park seven or eight miles south, where on the 20th a tip led to Melania’s body being found.

This is the east side of the “mountain of flowers” where in Casermette park, in the center of that dark green swathe near the top, Melania’s body was found. Salvatore’s regiment trains up there.

That park is used almost daily by the army trainees at the Ascoli barracks where Salvatore primarily trained newly enlisted women soldiers in among other things weapons techniques.

These two shots above and below show Meredith’s body being removed, to be transported to the morgue in the palace of justice several miles to the south in the large town of Teramo. 

Melania’s body was photographed and examined in the park, and then two autopsies were carried out. Salvatore never saw Melania in the park, though he later identified for a reporter the precise spot.

These three shots above and below show the large Carabineri and Scientific and local police presence on the mountain at Casermette park which remained there in force for most of the next week.

This is Colonel Luigi Ripani from Ascoli who was in charge of co-ordinating the police investigation in the two parks and issuing the few rather cryptic reports to the media of what was going on.

This shot above and the one below show the Casermette refreshment kiosk, not yet open for the summer season, next to which Melania’s body had been arranged.

This shot and the three below show evidence of a considerable struggle. Melania was a tall strong girl. She was attacked and stabbed from behind, it is now believed when she was relieving herself and unable to run.

That fact in particular which emerged at the second autopsy has incensed those in Italy who have been following the case.

A wedding ring was found lying in the dirt, the same one you can see here on Melania’s ring finger. Several other items were also found, but not (then) her bag or wallet or keys.

This is Teramo in Abruzzi province (larger than Ascoli in Marche province to the north) which now has primary jurisdiction. Since July Salvatore has been locked up in prison awaiting a possible trial there.

Melania’s first autopsy was carried out here at the palace of justice morgue in Teramo. A main interim conclusion was that Melania (later reversed) had been killed some place other than the park.

The police released this graphic and the one below when requesting leads. They show a syringe in Melania’s chest which had male and female DNA on it; and cuts like a swastika on Melania’s upper left leg.

The police graphic below is (perhaps out of kindness) misleading. Melania’s pants were down around her ankles, which prevented her running (she did get up, but then fall again) as it’s believed the killer intended.

This is an image of the Teramo coroner who carried out this autopsy and also a second one in mid May which put the place of death back by the kiosk in the park. He found two foreign DNAs on Melania’s body.

One was Salvatore’s DNA, inside her mouth, which was ruled as placed there maybe by a kiss, maybe only minutes before she died. The other was a small trace of an unknown woman’s DNA under the fingernails of one hand. 

This image above and the two below are of Melania’s family: mother Vittoria, father Gennaro, and brother Michele. All often appear on TV. They were very supportive of Salvatore early on.

This image above and the two below are of Salvatore’s family: mother Vittoria, loyal sister Francesca (a good friend of Melania who was very distraught), brother Rocco, and Francesca with Salvatore. 

Salvatore’s father has kept in the background, and he has made few or no willing appearances on TV. Early on, Rocco and Francesca often appeared on TV, supporting Salvatore but also lamenting Melania’s death.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/30/11 at 12:24 AM in The legal followups


I hope the investigators are able to find out the motives and circumstances of this case. Was it a premeditated act of murder? Is Parolisi a psychopath and was there some deeper satanic background or was that an attempt to mislead the investigation?

There’s an interesting sidebar to this in the case of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. There’s a discussion going on at PMF.Org whether the murder of Meredith Kercher was premeditated or just happened.

My take:

Do psychotics just get up and say “I’m going to kill someone today”? I don’t think it’s that clear cut, since the first murder often comes as a result of a series of events. I think many psychopathic pairs feed each others psychoses, and in the sado-masochistic sexual frenzy that erupted as a consequence of Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox getting together, yes, the inevitable consequence was that Meredith Kercher was tragically killed.

They left Raffaele’s apartment that night perhaps not with a conscious intent of murder, but all the tools, motives, and circumstances were there to lead to it. They had already made that subconscious decision the day before.

If they had gotten away with this murder, I truly believe they would have killed again.

And one more observation: in looking at the similarities between them and two other famous pairs, Ian Brady/Myra Hindley and Paul Bernardo/Karla Homolka, I note it is Amanda Knox that appears to be the sexually sadistic psychopath, and Raffaele Sollecito the thrill seeking acolyte that tags along, a gender bender that confuses and fascinates us still, since we are wired to excuse the female and assign the initiatory role to the male.

Posted by Ergon on 12/02/11 at 05:57 PM | #

Upon seeing that her wedding ring was on the ground at the scene I’m going to state that there are really only two possible scenarios here, and both of these scenarios could be TRUE.  I doubt you can rule both of them OUT.

One scenario is that this is about infidelity and jealousy.  The wedding ring off, the woman’s DNA, the excessive and seemingly very vindictive stabbing to the HEART region, the husband’s creepiness and changing stories….all point to this scenario.

Then there is the prosecutor in Rome and the allegations of satanic activity in the barracks, the so called swastika, the syringe (typical MO in satanic torture killing).  Was Melania onto this network and did they kill her?

The fact that this seems like such an “inside job” and she almost certainly knew her killer means EITHER scenario above or both combined could be true.

ONE or BOTH is true, that’s all I can say for sure at this point.

What’s ironic in this case is if only one is true, the scenario is designed to make it look like the other.

If this is a satanic ritual killing, or motivated by a network who wants to hide the truth and cover their tracks, it would make sense why they found more than one person’s DNA.  It would also explain the syringe and the swastika.  My problem with that as the ONLY scenario here is that…ahem…the swastika isn’t very clear.  It’s obviously what it is, but it looks like a rushed amateur job.  The syringe seems to me like they drugged her to move her and kill her, but it could also be so they could question her. 

BOTTOM LINE: If it’s a satanic killing they are trying to make it look like a crime of passion.  Why else mess with the wedding ring and declothe and humiliate?

My take is the opposite is more likely and it’s a crime of passion trying to look like a satanic nut(s) killed her.  The sloppy swastika and role of the husband (and his past affairs) indicate this is the likely truth. 

Yet they could both be true, and the husband and/or mistress are involved in the network.  SURELY the police are looking into all that.  Past emails, whatnot, internet searches…I could tell you in a few minutes flat after looking into a person’s belongings as well as their communications whether they are a REAL occultist or not,  and of what sort. So IF this were a satanic sect it’s obviously a Nazi one, and they are in Italy, but again I doubt they would have cut a swastika that way.  No, they would have been satisfied for this to look like a messy crime of passion and doubt they would have carved a disjointed swastika (more likely it would have been very well drawn, surgically even.

I think this was the husband with an EVIL girlfriend and they killed her, maybe even with a third accomplice.  I think that’s the main motivation here.  It’s possible they are involved in the “satanic” stuff, but if this were that kind of hit do you really think the body would have been found ANNOUNCING it with a swastika?

These networks thrive on secrecy.  They don’t draw attention like this on purpose, which is what this murder did.  It’s trying to point to “satanists” in order to divert attention.

No, that swastika is not real.  It’s a prop, IMO.  Serious occutists would have done this cleaner.  If this is the work of satanists in the barraks they are waaaaaaay more amateur than any I have seen. 

The irony, if it was just a crime of passion, is that it HAS brought more attention where it wasn’t wanted.  They tried to shut the prosecutor down as quietly as possible, why would they make so much noise with Melania?

The magistrate’s car bombed out MAY actually be this satanic sect.  My guess is they are pissed they are getting unwanted attention over this murder.

Posted by JenE on 12/02/11 at 07:18 PM | #

@JenE : I’ve seen my fair share of swatiskas all over Europe, and this one is among the most correctly done I’ve seen : all the legs do turn the same way.

Besides, carving something with a knive in skin rarely gives good results, because the skin stretches while carving and then goes back, and the end result is not what you think you’ve carved.

So I don’t think that the aspect of the swatiska alone can disprove the “satanists” hypothesis.

Posted by Sylviane on 12/04/11 at 01:20 PM | #

Swastikas are very common in India, related to religion (rather tantrik cult) where it is often drawn on objects for good luck.  I think it is usually drawn in the other way (the mirror image). 

Anyway, the symbol is old but the modern origin is India. Relation with sex is somewhat remote but I think it is also associated with fertility.

Practically every house has the symbol on the door frame (often with “good luck” spelt out in words).

Posted by chami on 12/07/11 at 07:17 PM | #

You are right of course, Chami, the Nazis lifted the symbol, flopped it to a mirror image and utterly perverted its meaning. Still, because of that latter-day connotation, it is difficult not to feel some alarm at seeing the icon, even in its original form.
Whatever the reason for its appearance in this case, to me it would be equally horrifying if they had carved a smiley face into her skin. We can only hope she died quickly.

Posted by mimi on 12/08/11 at 03:30 AM | #
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