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Crime Of This Self Adulating Killer Is As Horrific As Self Adulating Knox’s Killing Of Meredith

Posted by Peter Quennell

When Knox is not salivating over her own sheer amazingness, she salivates over the sheer amazingness of other crimes and other criminals.

Knox would find much to salivate over in Pakistan, where hundreds of women are being brutally killed annually by relatives in honor killings - and some of those relatives get to be on TV gloating over their own sheer amazingness.

The strangulation of Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch 10 days ago by one of her six brothers initially inspired much praise for him among twisted “traditionalists” but this is being overtaken by shocked reactions worldwide and to an increasing extent in Pakistan.

Made more-so because the brother and the father have been claiming on TV they did the right thing.

The brother fled but is already captured and faces a probable death sentence. Pakistan’s government could now have to move much more strongly to stop all these honor killings.

There are already over 100 YouTubes, many in remembrance and protest, with combined views totaling several millions.

Below, an outraged commentary just posted, by Pakistani-Canadian Giana Sim. Terrific statement, Giana.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/16/16 at 10:00 PM in Various hypothesesThe psychologyThe legal followups


In part what makes Giana so angry is that the current law (which has nothing to do with the Koran) actually says that the killer in these cases walks free if the relatives say they forgive him.

That bizarre law was exactly the subject of the short documentary [see now below] that won the Oscar just a couple of months ago. The girl married for love but was shot in the head by her father and uncle and dumped in a bag in a river. Somehow she got herself out of there, with a wound from her mouth to her ear, and in short order a lot of people helped her.  She now lives with her husband and his family.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/17/16 at 02:02 PM | #

Here it is below. I have just watched it. Brilliant. The town (about in the middle of Pakistan) looks like somewhere I’d like to visit, some of the scenery shots are beautiful and I am a real sucker for deserts.

Everybody explains themselves to the filmmaker, who never says anything. First the police, then the doctors, then the (very impressive) girl as she gets off the operating table with her cheek sewn up, then her husband (who says he would die without her) and really nice in-laws, then her estranged family including angry sisters who then had no prospects, and her father and uncle, who are behind bars, then two lawyers and some elders.

She formally forgives the father and uncle in court, but only because they are sole providers, and she says in her heart there is no forgiveness. She says she is having a baby and hopes it is a girl so she can teach her to be strong and stand up.

At core, not the Koran, but the poverty that has only got worse for too many in recent years and makes people super-angry. In my experience those who really know the Koran tend to be less militant. Mohammed was actually trying to build a society more caring (for the Arabs) than the Christian ones back then.

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Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/17/16 at 03:40 PM | #

The primitive man and his primitive honor.

I know some of these people. They are within us and I am often afraid of them.

Posted by chami on 07/19/16 at 03:15 AM | #

Hi Chami

When I first cruised India and Pakistan (and kept going to Istanbul) the only scary people were in east Turkey and I was chased for some miles through the mountains; luckily their big old car could not keep up. (Then my car was looted in Ankara!) Pakistan was looking good and Islamabad new and prosperous. Afghanistan was way back there but everybody was aimiable anyway.

Since then though India has been the only one with real growth and that is not yet wall to wall comprehensive.  I think the sooner we get everybody in cross-cultural groups and building something the sooner the steam dissipates. I found more people eager to better themselves in Saudi and the Gulf States especially Kuwait than anywhere. I ran a workshop at the Ministry of Planning in Kuwait on a Friday and expected maybe two dozen but the room was absolutely packed and half of them were women.

Help me on the India component of the new website? It should be ready to show shortly.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/19/16 at 10:10 AM | #


Several years back I was in Turkey, in Izmir to be specific, for a conference. The mood of the teachers and the spirit of the students were remarkably European. Two years back, I was transiting through Istanbul and I took a taxi for a general sight seeing trip. The political and social picture I got from the driver is completely different- the driver was very talkative and comfortable with English. I think there is a great intellectual divide and that was confirmed by the recent coup.

It is true that India has progressed but part of it is by number manipulation by the officials. We really do not what is the real progress but everybody agrees that both social and economical class divide has increased in the last 20-30 years. We are really in a very precarious position at this moment.

I used to meet several Pakistanis at Trieste (but that was several years back) and I really doubt their social condition is much different.

Just take a look at the middle east- the cradle of civilization and tell us where we are going!

Posted by chami on 07/20/16 at 12:30 AM | #

Hearing talk of Turkey on this comment thread evokes wonderful memories of half a dozen holidays taken in that beautiful country. From Gumbet to Marmaris to hiring a car and travelling for an hour into the mountains behind Icmiler to have dinner with the family of a Turkish waiter who befriended my then partner Lynne and me; I have nothing but fondness for that country and its people.

Watching from afar now as the theocratic iron fist of Erdogan gradually subsumes the secular nature of Turkey is heartbreaking. It is still possible to holiday there but who knows for how long this will be possible safely. I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to the Roman ruins at Ephesus or the snow white natural rock pools at Pamukkale (means ‘cotton castle’ in English) as being worthy of being on anyone’s bucket list.

Anyway, I’ve had my bi weekly look at Knox’s blog and the self obsession gathers pace. Her penultimate effort is more self indulgent tripe, this time an attempt at a sonnet using eggs as a metaphor for life and death, amongst other things. She truly believes she’s a writer this imbecile. I won’t waste any more words saying what it appears to be about but needless to say there are not so subtle references to Meredith. Although, at this stage, it’s easy to read that into everything she writes.

In her last effort, she meets someone (from Kazakstan no less) from her time in Perugia who just happens to be in the same restaurant as her in Seattle. What are the chances of that happening eh?

She can’t wait to tell us that this person was a friend that she taught a song on guitar to (must have been done on one chord by all accounts) and who has just informed her that she spoke on Knox’s behalf to the Police in Perugia about. Everyone else who hated her and pegged her for the murderer she clearly is, is wrong. Little Foxy has found one non family person who believed in her and who I’d suspect, if the blog entry is accurate, is probably suffering from some mental impairment or other. Or is just a fan girl desperate to bask in some reflected ignominy.

Anyway, the blog is notable because she also finally names her new partner as Chris, providing the first concrete proof that Colin was jettisoned for a new model. With a few rappers and other desperadoes thrown in before she settled, black widow style, on her latest victim.

I wonder if she’s ready any time soon to blog about why Madison hates her now and no longer wants anything to do with her. Or is she afraid that if she rocks that boat too much, Madison may just inform the world of whatever dark secrets Knox told her when she was out of her skull on drink or drugs? The question is rhetorical.

Posted by davidmulhern on 07/20/16 at 11:11 AM | #

An interesting post David.

Myself, I wouldn’t even know how to find the blog of the murderess Amanda Knox.

I have wandered before who actually reads it and found my own conclusion that it is just us - Meredith’s defenders.

I spent a few years in Kazakhstan (my career was in the oil and gas industry worldwide)
and the first thing that sounded an alarm was her meeting with a Kazakh, was she a Russian Kazakh or a 100% Kazakh Kazakh?
I was based in Atyrau - the oil capital and equivalent of Aberdeen in the UK and Texas in the US. I was also in Tengiz,on the Caspian coast and out east near the Chinese border in the former capital, Almaty.

Sounds like the possibly imaginary Kazakh she met was a very amiable type of person - even open to guitar lessons from the chosen one!

This is why I know Knox will surely shoot herself in the foot someday as ordinary people know she spiels nothing but utter bullshit and lies and other people will recognise things from their life experience that quite simply expose Knox for what she is - a total fraud.

It is only a matter of time, and I hope that we do not give Knox enough warnings so as for her to cool things down and shut her stupid murderous mouth.

Posted by Deathfish on 07/20/16 at 03:21 PM | #

Good stuff Deathfish.

In a previous role in the environmental sector, my then employer had close links with BP in Azerbaijan. I used to send consultants over there to provide consultancy advice on the environmental impacts in the region. Although they were paid substantial bonus to go, it was a devil of a job convincing people to do it as the life there was very dull and pretty basic.

I was fortunate to find a guy who was single and loved rock climbing so he became my go to guy. Even he got sick of it after two years though. I’m sure my successor is finding similar difficulties to me. It was hugely profitable for the company but I had to extend my budget on occasions just to get someone to go. India was the same and Malaysia even worse!

I think you’re right about Knox’s readership. I usually read the comments and it is inevitably the same group of sycophants who massage her ego. Even a dullard like Knox can see that her fan base is tiny these days. It must torment her.

Posted by davidmulhern on 07/20/16 at 06:21 PM | #

The interesting point here is although anyone is quite free to post negative comments on her blog (I have to confess that I am guilty of this) Any negative comments in the local rag she scribbles for will block anything at all. That tells me that
she welcomes my nasty comments on her blog since that keeps her small group of sodomites interested After all she could block me if she so wished. However, any comments to said local rag which has a wider readership of course than her pathetic little blog will be blocked. So therefore she is between a rock and a hard place.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 07/21/16 at 04:27 PM | #

If Ada had been concerned for Amanda then she could have easily found her via the Internet.

Posted by DavidB on 07/22/16 at 08:59 AM | #

@ DavidB…. Ada? Colantone? Aida?

Posted by Cardiol MD on 07/22/16 at 02:36 PM | #

Cardiol,  I was referring to the ‘chance meet’ AK had with Ada from Kazakhstan.

Posted by DavidB on 07/23/16 at 10:16 AM | #

Speaking of the local rag and Knox"s verbal vomiting, the latest entry has Knox comparing herself to Diana, Princess of Wales.

Diana is “Princess Di” (in other words, “die,” a not very subtle play on words, and a nickname Knox couldn’t possibly remember).

According to Knox, she (Knox) and Diana are both victims of the creation of celebrity culture by the public.

Posted by JohnQ on 07/26/16 at 02:52 PM | #

You can listen to the Serial podcasts about the Adnan Syed/Hae Min Lee case here:

Posted by The Machine on 07/26/16 at 03:04 PM | #

Just had a read of Knox’s latest literary effort after reading your post JohnQ. I’ve run out of adjectives to describe this wicked and talentless little trollop.

The final sentence of her penultimate paragraph is quite instructive when she says “There was nothing I could do to stop people from defining me as a man-eater, slut, manipulative witch and psychopath”.

Except, perhaps, not act exactly like that for the greater part of your life, eh Foxy?

She’s quite brazenly telling us that’s exactly who she is in my opinion. Tellingly she doesn’t deny that this is a perfect description of her, just that she couldn’t stop people forming that opinion. All part of her hiding in plain sight act methinks.

Posted by davidmulhern on 07/26/16 at 08:22 PM | #

I should note Knox’s story of how Diana died is fiction. The British inquest went right over her head. Knox would be taken straight away to an asylum and left there if these were the days of my childhood.

Posted by JohnQ on 07/31/16 at 10:44 AM | #

Moving portrait of the Pakistani-American GI who gave his life in Iraq, now so much in American political news.

I was watching the Convention when his parents appeared, unwarned except for a brief film, and wow I would not have missed that.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/02/16 at 12:58 PM | #

@Peter Quennell on 07/17/16 at 04:40 PM

The video has stopped working. It is so sad.

Posted by chami on 08/06/16 at 01:51 PM | #

Does this explain why the video has stopped working? :

Posted by Cardiol MD on 08/06/16 at 06:11 PM | #

Does this explain why that video has stopped working? :

Posted by Cardiol MD on 08/06/16 at 06:17 PM | #

Very interesting link @cardiol. I had a feeling that I couldn’t put my finger on that Mr Khan might not be all that he is portrayed to be. That something was hidden just below the surface.

The comments, as is often the case with articles such as this one, are illuminating. The author rebuts at length a negative comment from someone called Andre Phillips. An excellent and fulsome reply.

I’m reminded of a chap called Mehdi Hassan who was political editor at The Huffington Post online (and the New Staesman prior to that) but who now resides in Washington working for Al Jazeera. I think he is making a name for himself in America as the face of moderate Islam, much as he did in the UK. You are welcome to him USA; please don’t shed him back!

I used to think he was a reasonable fellow and he appeared as a talking head on numerous political programmes in the UK. He is articulate, intelligent and always came across as reasonable.

Then someone sent me a video of him preaching in full Arabic robes. Describing non Muslims as cattle and decrying western hedonistic lifestyles. Proper mullah type stuff. I’ve since been sent another video of him decrying homosexuals and various other hate filled stuff. This second video is now unplayable and appeared with a message saying it’s the property of some Islamic group or other before disappearing completely.

My opinion of Mr Hassan has been revised completely. He is no moderate. He is dangerous and because he has a platform and is accepted by the mainstream media as a moderate, he is double dangerous. Do some googling folks, his true self isn’t too difficult to unearth.

We live in a world where nobody appears to be what they portray themselves to be. Paradoxically, Donald Trump might be the exception to that rule. He truly is as ignorant and foolish as he portrays himself. I’ve got no doubt that he lies as well but he appears to make no attempt to cover up the worst of his personality traits.

Perhaps it’s this level of honesty, even if it’s only skin deep, which has seen him rise to become the Republican nominee for POTUS. Or perhaps people truly are just sick of political correctness now and the liberal left’s complete abandonment of common sense in favour of dogma. I know we’re getting there in the UK too.

Interesting times indeed.

Posted by davidmulhern on 08/07/16 at 08:03 AM | #

Hi, David. Just came across your comment about Mehdi Hassan. I don’t condone what he said, but here he is admitting his remarks and issuing an apology

Posted by Ergon on 04/08/17 at 12:00 AM | #
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