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Comments Under US Media Reports Almost Universally Scathing Of Rome Killers Defense

Posted by Peter Quennell

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- Prisoner: “I didn’t know he was a cop, your honor, so I should get mercy” Judge: “you stabbed him 11 times in “self defense” while trying to buy cocaine because you didn’t know he was a cop?”

- Just don’t commit a crime, I don’t care if the person they killed is a cop or drug dealer, one who commits crime like this has to pay the price, in this case they took a life, and have to serve life behind bars.


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- WAKE UP Parents. Your kids dont need friends who carry BIG KNIVES.

- The American News will put on the perpetrators family and friends, who will let you know how great they were, or some other type of excuse they will use. They never get the person who will say they were too crazy, America News never interviews that person because he’s too honest.

[Already proven correct: see comment on Associated Press report below]

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- “We didn’t know he was a policeman”......because it would be ok to murder a civilian????????? Are these parents for real?!??

- “there are questions whether they properly identified themselves as police”. Yeah right, because if they did identify themselves as police, then it would be ok to kill them???

- I usually find an angle against the cops, but stabbing someone 11 times over a bad drug deal for $80? Take the loss and keep moving. The streets don’t play fair. This kid was well off, $80 was nothing. I mean, come on.

Seems promising for our cause?

Although (surprise, surprise) most of the 1300 or so American media-owners of the Associated Press have posted this misleading AP report.

None of Hopeful’s helpful takeaways on the two guys from the ABC7 video posted below were included and nothing about the illegality of the knife except for the mention of the guilty count for not leaving the knife at home.

And no mention of the fact that, like Knox, illegal drugs seem to have been the main reason for the trip.

The primary judge and all of the jurists that can been seen in the videos were women. Perhaps they were beaming a message: “American drug-takers and killers, keep away.”

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