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Walled City North: Second Way Down To Meredith’s House (2)

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That’s still Via Bartolo above, as in the previous post.

These steps below, the Via Scorcesa steps, which lead off, are a real surprise. They’re a shortcut, from the lower section of Via Bartolo to the gelateria, the basketball court, and (especially) the final famous steps down to the t-junction near the girls’ house.

By not having to walk all the way down Via Bartolo, where it curves toward the School for Foreigners, there’s a saving of nearly two hundred meters, and several minutes.

So why the surprise?

Well, neither from below or above do they look PUBLIC. If you just glance at them, from above or below, you’d almost certainly think, that is somebody’s courtyard.

Meredith and Knox and many other temporary residents would have dropped to the fact that they are an excellent shortcut. A very compelling route to take.

So. The secret steps! Hiding in plain sight!

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