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Kidnapper Of UK Model In Italy Gets 16 Years, His Claims Kidnapping A Hoax Don’t Sway Italians

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Prosecution recording of re-enactment entered into evidence

More hoaxes bite dust in Italy

Kidnapper Lukasz Herba’s intent according to model Chloe Ayling was to auction her for $300,000.

He claimed otherwise, and that she was complicit. Numerous English-language YouTubes probably not watched much in Italy (see one below) attempted to poke holes in her story and bash Italian justice again.

The Italian court and media simply brushed this aside as attention-seeking. In Italian (surprise, surprise) it got to hear about many more holes in Herba’s story, including recordings from jail of his calling his mother to get her to destroy evidence.

The court heard how Herba portrayed himself as a “mythomaniac adventurer” who claimed to have kidnapped and killed before in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the email he sent to Chloe’s agent he attached pictures of her lying semi naked on the floor in an unconscious state.

The court accepted that Chloe had acted smartly, in ways most proven to see kidnappees gain freedom and come out alive from their ordeals. Case closed for Italians.

In ways reminiscent of Elizabeth Smart she has repeatedly been interviewed explaining this in English.

in June the court sentenced Herba to 16 years and 9 months.

With opinion seemingly strongly behind her, Chloe Ayling is a popular draw on UK TV now, and she may sue some of the hoaxers.

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