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Netflixhoax 25: Omitted - Epidemic Of Hazing Deaths In United States No Different From Meredith’s

Posted by Peter Quennell

These hazing deaths in the videos are among many others in the United States news these days.

Bullying deaths and school shootings and teenage suicides (4400 a year) often caused by cyber-bullying are all also at all-time highs. Deaths annually are up in the many hundreds.

We first posted early in the trialthat something was being lost in translation.

Investigators and prosecutors were seeing here the same type of group dynamic as in hazing, bullying and “lets teach her a lesson”. Death was probably not the intention but eventually in the 15-minute attack the logical outcome. Key parts of the trial were behind closed doors, but the only jury ever to hear all the evidence voted unanimously for this kind of dynamic.

Many hazings start being voluntary and cooperative. But many others are forced and often sprung unannounced. Knox herself at the University of Washington got joy out of a surprise attack. Alcohol and drugs are almost invariable. Investigators were quite sure Knox was on cocaine on the night of Meredith’s attack, and that she was on an extended high or new high when she had her surprising conniption on 5-6 November 2007. 

Here we should also take into account that (unique in student circles in Perugia) Knox was not a well-funded exchange student with a heavy study load at the main university. She had zero supervision. She had little money, and no work permit, and was working illegally. By the end she had pretty well no friends. Patrick had not yet fired her in favor of Meredith, but it was already in the cards. Knox raging at that is not farfetched.

Knox in those days was essentially a sharp-elbowed, lazy nuisance with “issues” and her three flatmates were praying for the day when she would move out. In fact it is very hard to know WHAT Knox was doing in Perugia, other than booze, boys and drugs.

And killing people.





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