Heads-up: Netflix's "Amanda Knox" is in possible line for a TV Emmy award in category 28. Via hundreds of key facts omitted that production, by longtime Knox PR flunkies (which Netflix kept secret), convinced millions globally that Italian justice sucks, and that Knox had zero role in Meredith's death - not even the Italian Supreme Court said that.

Netflixhoax 18: Omitted - Any Mention Of The Toxic Public Relations Assaults On Italian Justice

Posted by The TJMK Main Posters

Paul Ciolino and David Marriott in Kermit’s extensive debunking of the PR, link below

1. Nature Of The Excess

The huge public relations effort on behalf of Sollecito and especially Knox is entirely omitted from the film.

Perhaps because Netflix’s “Amanda Knox” was itself a toxic assault on Italian justice? Perhaps because the producers had themselves for five years acted as a nasty sharp end of that same PR?

Amazing omission, any way you look at it, as complete movies and books could dwell on this brutal attempt by non-legal means to set Knox and Sollecito free. The pro-Knox PR in particular, mostly in English in the US making it hard for Italians to know about, let alone respond, was taken to unique extremes.

Look at the giant scope of the PR as presented in Kermit’s masterful Powerpoint. That was created even before the 2009 trial was done, before the worst of the PR was set loose. 

Note the number of strongarming threats and false talking point and outright lies. The dishonest TV appearances and misleading books. The threats and personal abuse of officials and reporters who had no easy way to hit back. The myriad hapless professionals roped in as glovepuppets, many of which we will quote in the next two posts.

And the staggering moneygrubbing, surely a world record in itself.

2. Initiation of the Sollecito PR

It is pretty well impossible to affect court outcomes in Italy with PR. Contempt of court and defamation laws are too strong. Papa Doc Sollecito and his family tried a few things, but they ended up in court in Bari, and Vanessa Sollecito was fired from her job.

Giulia Bongiorno was then the head of the powerful justice committee in the parliament. She was hired as lead counsel and acted as the spokesman for Sollecito’s cause, often (like Sollecito) dropping Amanda Knox in the drink. Other actions moved underground.

3. Initiation Of The Knox PR

The Knox PR beamed at Americans was initiated by Curt Knox before he and Edda Mellas ever left West Seattle for Perugia. Before any lawyers had even been consulted, let alone employed.

Why so fast? Well one good hunch is that Curt Knox already KNEW with his family history of dangerous volatility that Knox really could have exploded and led a pack attack that left Meredith dead.

Here is a great book on how aggressive American PR too often helps clients with financial means to win while trampling on the law. 

Here is a good roadmap for what is known in the PR world as astroturfing, the techniques of which the ever-expanding Knox/Marriott public relations effort followed almost to a tee.

Prior to the start of the trial, the PR was becoming extremely shrill. Deathfish posted this. The Machine posted this.   After a crazed PR event in West Seattle was reported upon, even Knox’s lawyers wanted it toned down.

In April 2010 we were hearing things similar to this description of the PR from everyone who had tried to file honest reports.

Coverage of the crime began to diverge on the two sides of the Atlantic. From the vantage point of Perugia, it seemed as though the Knox family’s American supporters were simply choosing to ignore the facts that were coming to light in Italy….

The American press hung back, at first, objective and somewhat disbelieving that such a wholesome-seeming girl could have any connection to such a sordid foreign crime, and then, as the family stepped up its defense, increasingly divided between two camps that would become simply the innocentisti—those who believed she was blameless—and the colpevolisti, those who did not. In Perugia, these labels governed access…

Of the handful of American journalists in Perugia in late 2007 and early 2008, none got access to the Knox family without certain guarantees about positive coverage. Within months, the family decided to speak on the record primarily to the American TV networks, often in exchange for airfare and hotel bills. Most of the print press was shut out. And the TV producers learned to be very cautious about being seen with people like me, lest the Knox family should cut them off.

But as interest in the case grew, an odd assortment of American talking heads attached their reputations to Amanda’s innocence. An aggressive support group called Friends of Amanda formed in Seattle, headed by Anne Bremner, a media-savvy criminal lawyer who had cut her teeth as a tough prosecutor in Seattle’s King County Court…

Very quickly, [PR manager David] Marriott lost control of the situation. As he spoon-fed the Knox-approved message to American outlets that couldn’t afford to send correspondents to Italy, those of us on the ground in Perugia began passing his contradictory e-mails around as entertainment during the long days in the court.

[We reporters in Rome] began what would be a two-year battle against the Seattle message machine, incurring personal attacks and outright threats.

Newsweek said that the PR campaign was winning over nobody in Italy and doing some real harm.

More negative reports began to appear. See this on one PR shill. See another example here.

A media expert rated the PR counter-functional and likely to fail at least in part. There was soon the first hard proof of this when the PR landed Oggi in court.

The talking points became so extreme that you’d think they would be impossible to spoof. However Chimera did the impossible here.

4. Overview Of Where Next

This brings us to a halfway point with the Hellmann appeal court, first chambers of the Supreme Court, the Nencini appeal court and the fifth chambers of the Supreme Court still ahead. The first and fourth of those courts were bent and in each case the PR played some role.

But the outcome is not cast in stone.  Guede could spark a retrial for himself (we will know in a few days) in which the Knox and Sollecito teams will not even be present. A lot could be said that will set them back.

A dozen main media outlets and several hundred professional writers and TV commentators and so on came to swallow the PR bait without any checking of the truth. We will quote them at length. Netflix itself has clearly done this - it swallowed the assurances of thee cranks with axes to grind and did no due diligence in Italy before guying and airing a very unsafe product. 

Both Curt Knox and David Marriott have declared the PR to have been a success. We will asses that. The PR departed so wildly from the truth and did so much harm to those it lied about that it is easy to shoot down. Look at the comments on the media threads about the Netflix movie and you will generally see a majority denying that Knox did no harm or was framed. One of various signs of a huge fail?


Thank You. The truth will come out eventually and set them back 50 years. I remember the daggers they glared and spoke against Barbie Nadeau. The messed up Anne Bremner and her “Don’t Take That Pill” bro, and a judge in midlife meltdown who took his opinion on Knox from his carpooling daughter and sneaked his opinions on official letterhead to lend weight while Knox was tearing out October 2007 entries from her diary.

The Seattle Message Machine was much like Knox: loud and stupid. They called in every chit, every favor; then Edda tried to enlist Seattle Prep where a wiccan might take the veil to hear their fairytale. Liar liar pants on fire.

Yet despite their crazed cacophony (interrupted once by the astute blunt Nancy Grace who considered Knox guilty)

despite the Seattle song and dance about Knox being a sweet victim of misunderstanding despite her DNA mixed with a bleeding Meredith’s, it seems slowly ever since Knox flew back to her hometown on a pre-ordered airplane, after she was free to leave Italy due to a cautious “not enough evidence” decision of high court, the comments about her in media have been less and less favorable.

Somehow due to sites like this and maybe the journalists they influence as well as for unknown reasons, Knox is losing all the support somebody carefully paid for.

She didn’t realize much profit from her book, with debts to PR honcho and attorney fees to repay. However, it’s probable that somewhere she has received compensation for her story, which is Meredith’s story, from Netflix and from the Hayden Panettiere movie and maybe from TV appearances. Surely she has received money in some way from these things. Can someone with knowledge confirm this or clarify?

Knox’s paid-for PR has not held up well. The main issues of the case have slowly but surely permeated the media despite the Marriott spin. Remember Tom Wright who reserved the UW classroom for a panel discussion? Also the wigged out Mr. and Mrs. Moore who screamed at a judge and their blind cohort of moles overawed by Moore’s declaration of “no leakage” and metaphors about zebras. The erudite crime fighter John Douglas was sucked in to name one. The fiction writer Preston with his long list of grisly books. And Dr. Andersen influenced by all things anti-Italy, sharing his villa with the Mellas mob. Was Frank Sfarzo invited, don’t recall.

The excitable and frenzied flagwavers in U.S. that painted Knox as an innocent abroad, too bad so sad, they have lost ground, temporary ground they won by omissions and halftruths. They couldn’t quite win out, over the hard evidence against her.

Perhaps their heroine’s TV appearances post-release did not fill the public with confidence either.

On camera Knox’s tortuous obfuscating language and feeble statements of innocence coupled with guilty body language spoke the loudest. Dr. Andrew Hodges would agree, based on his theories of the super-intelligence and a criminal’s need to confess in the code of “thoughtprints”. Peter Hyatt of statement analysis said similar.

Even her attempts to attach herself to Ryan Ferguson and the Exoneree Gang have been a bust.

She’s moved from Raf to James to Colin to Chris, with a karaoke stop at microphone to belt out frightening lyrics and an odd cross-country trip by car. But she seems now to be fixed in Seattle (can’t believe she hasn’t joined her drug friend in S. America who shared a cell with her; possibly she’s getting restless to travel again)but she writes constantly in defense of the wrongly accused, murderers of every stripe who might possibly be innocent; while her erstwhile lover Raf Sollecito goes around Italy playing the farce of the injured honest man and growing a ponytail longer than the one Knox had.

Gosh, if it weren’t all true it would be the worst stage play.

Posted by Hopeful on 01/09/17 at 08:29 AM | #

An excoriating summary @Hopeful, linking many threads together. Bravo!

I watched the David Bowie documentary The Last Five Years tonight. It reminded me why I love this man’s work so much and just how utterly insignificant people like Knox and her weird paramour Chris, who both like to think of themselves as artists, truly are.

Bowie, loved and missed by millions. Knox, loved by half a dozen idiots at most and reviled by hundreds of thousands. Bowie, a splendid body of work and legacy that will endure for decades, if not centuries, to come. Knox, a legacy not yet written but one which will indubitably amount to no more than infamy and being synonymous with getting away with murder. Her place on the wall of shame with OJ, Casey Anthony et al is assured.

Posted by davidmulhern on 01/09/17 at 03:28 PM | #

Was Anne Bremner romantically involved with Judge Heavey at some point?

I remember seeing a historical list of the numerous and previous DUI charges against her which she remarkably managed to get away scott free from.
Of course it was Judge Heavey sitting on them in court.
I wonder how many innocent people he has sent down?

This from a man who believed Knox to be innocent of murder in Italy because his daughter once shared a school carpool with Knox back home in Seattle.

Having previously seen Bremner and Clemente performing as so called talking head crime “experts” on shows like CI I suppose it was easy for Curt Knox to recruit them into the misinformation team for team Knox.

Such was the clamour for the media exposure they would enjoy by attaching themselves to the toxic Knox, they both dived in offering their buyable opinions for free but all at the cost of the truth, for nothing negative was to be said regarding the Knox camp’s shining light and perfect human being, Amanda Knox.

Indeed, it doesn’t take much scratching at the surface to reveal the extraordinary number of weirdo’s, cranks and professional liars that make up the support team they have assembled.

Posted by Deathfish on 01/10/17 at 02:13 AM | #

Breaking: Rudy Guede’s request for a retrial has been rejected. http://corrieredellumbria.corr.it/news/cronaca/242577/inammissibile-la-revisione-del-processo-per-rudy-guede.html

Posted by Ergon on 01/10/17 at 04:06 AM | #

From LaNazione.It http://www.lanazione.it/firenze/cronaca/delitto-meredith-kercher-revisione-processo-guede-1.2808110
“On January 16, 2017, the Florence Court of Appeal will decide on Sollecito’s request for compensation (516 000 euro) for wrongful imprisonment for nearly four years in prison.”

Posted by Ergon on 01/10/17 at 09:49 AM | #

I’m not surprised by the denial to Rudy Guede. Correct me if I’m wrong, but he could have told the truth a long, long, long, long time ago.

Posted by DavidB on 01/10/17 at 11:06 AM | #

If he had, things would have been a lot better all around, DavidB. But since he was a willing accessory, he thought he could get away with lying. Still does.

Posted by Ergon on 01/11/17 at 08:34 AM | #


Posted by DavidB on 01/12/17 at 09:35 AM | #


“I’m not surprised by the denial to Rudy Guede”

Is it in the best interest of “the justice” and “the truth”?

Some has to be protected and it is better to stop further talks.

If RG were to talk at that time his observations would have been waived off; at the present time some may get up and listen.

Some lousy thing has been done to “the truth”.

Posted by chami on 01/12/17 at 11:31 PM | #

I agree with everything you say.  But he has made himself so discredited.
If he had been given another chance, then when would it ever end?
I could be wrong of course.

Posted by DavidB on 01/13/17 at 12:41 AM | #

I’m just in the door from a tough trip and I already see from the emails from Italy that as new evidence is mandatory for a new trial and Guede had none the outcome was simple and preordained.

Burt also it had many more people reading Marasca & Bruno and seeing how illegitimate they were in law. So in that sense AK and RS did lose some more in public eyes. And Guede is seen as even less of a sole perp.

Of the various shortcomings allowing for bent outcomes in a generally good system, one that I for one would like changed would be where there are multiple accused perps they must all take either the longform or the shortform trial.

What we saw was extremely unusual, and Micheli could have headed it off or required that Guede talk more. (He did give Guede the full sentence in law but knew it could later be pared down.)

Had we seen them all in a longform trial, the norm, my guess is we would have seen Guede & Sollecito v Knox, and a confession of sorts from the two guys with Knox painted as the sole cause of Meredith’s death.

But with Guede sentenced and locked up from 2008 and not even in court except for 1/4 of a day in 2009, Judge Massei could with zero proof label him the initiating perp so as to give RS and AK breaks from sentences of full life terms.

Hellmann and then Marasca & Bruno also used Guede as their scapegoat. If outcomes were bent, Micheli, Massei and the current law helped.

I’ll see what else the emails say.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/13/17 at 11:03 AM | #

Welcome back, Pete.  As I understand it, new evidence is just one of the several grounds for review.  Guede’s grounds for review was contradiction between the verdict for him and that of Sollecito & Knox. It clearly was contradictory.

As Sollecito & Knox were not actually exonerated in the true sense of the word and merely found to be ‘not guilty’ due to ‘insufficient evidence’ it was not, however, as contradictory as it would have been had they been found to have been innocent.

If the appeal court’s reasoning is wrong then there will be grounds for a further appeal.  Either Micheli is wrong, or Marasca is wrong.  The reasoning could be that there was no reasonable prospect of success in acquitting Guede, even if the verdicts are contradictory.

If Guede was the burglar and sole killer, then all of them are wrong.  On the other hand, had that been the case, Knox would not have had to conjure up a false accusation against Lumumba…Sollecito would have a straightforward story about his waterworks problems that night and neither would have an ever-changing alibi.

If all three had been tried together, it would have been interesting.  There would not be the situation that only one was imprisoned for the joint enterprise.  If the DNA evidence is flawed, it’s flawed for all of them.

Posted by KrissyG on 01/13/17 at 01:36 PM | #

Although a part of me is sad that Guede has had his appeal refused, purely from the point of view of it being a vehicle to shine a light in open court on the rank stupidity of the Bruno/Maresca reasoning, I think the larger part of me is quite content.

The thought of seeing this lowlife out and enjoying life earlier than he should is hateful. There is no doubt he would go down the Knox route of multiple interviews in a vain attempt to repair his reputation and make some money. Like Knox he would reiterate and add to the lies he has already told so that Meredith’s family would have to hear that she had made a date with him, engaged willingly in foreplay etc. All, as we know, black hearted lies.

If there was even a remote chance that he would tell the absolute truth, including his part in restraining and then defiling Meredith, then I would happily see him set free early. My guess is Meredith’s family would feel exactly the same.

Upon reflection, my hope is that no further appeal is allowed and that the scumbag serves out as much of his sentence as is possible before they parole him. I hope his reputation remains ever in the gutter and that he never escapes from what he has done.

In reality, I sincerely hope that a similar grisly fate awaits Knox, Sollecito and Guede, in that order, at the hands of an individual or individuals just as deranged as they were when they extinguished poor Meredith’s life force. A wee bit of karma always goes down well.

Only then will we see True Justice for Meredith Kercher. In my view, at least.

Posted by davidmulhern on 01/14/17 at 12:37 AM | #

Hello everyone Yes I am back on line Computer glitch. However onward and upward. It is my sincere wish that Amanda Knox continues to be hounded for as long as it takes.
Towards that end I will continue to provide any salacious info regarding the murdering bitch plus her family of course. It’s ten years people and we will not stop until true justice is served.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/14/17 at 09:48 AM | #

@davidmulhern, I agree with you on so many things. The lying scumbag Rudy Guede doesn’t deserve any more consideration. His “I am innocent” is made mockery of by his bloody shoeprints and his DNA on the victim. His lies are despicable and as you surmise, he will double down on them the moment he is released, in contempt of all truth. The liar has joy at foxing others, a small power the liar retains. He trades that for integrity.

The old adage was, “Speak the truth and shame the devil.”

A certain cockiness of killers, we have seen it in all 3 defendants. With Raffaele it is the hidden sneer and the muffled passive-aggression, but all 3 are liars. Justice will find them. We will pursue truth and peace.

Posted by Hopeful on 01/14/17 at 09:51 AM | #

Thank you all for your continued posts. I have followed on here for a long time. I used to have hope that one day one of the three would crack or something would happen to bring true justice for Meredith, but the years go by and these smug murderers have gotten away with it and continue to have the audacity to stay in the public eye and profit from what they did—it’s so infuriating. Is there any news on the compensation for Sollecito?

Posted by Wascana on 01/16/17 at 02:14 PM | #

Wascana, the years have indeed gone by and both Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito have never joined in with TJMK to find the truth.
There can be no doubt that both of them are more than aware of TJMK.
If they were innocent then surely they would make themselves known to us and also help to clarify points.
Surely this is massively suspect behaviour.

Posted by DavidB on 01/17/17 at 12:37 AM | #

It sure is suspect, DavidB, it sure is. Of course I never thought OJ would end up in jail so maybe there still is some hope left. For now AK gets to sightsee in NYC and RS gets to sue for compensation…so not fair.

Posted by Wascana on 01/17/17 at 05:20 PM | #

An avalanche has hit a ski resort in Italy with many feared dead. It was caused by earthquakes. The town is not near Perugia, but northeast of it.
So many tragedies lately with Italy and earthquakes.

Posted by Hopeful on 01/19/17 at 11:30 AM | #

Yes, Hopeful, yet another deadly quake. More than one a year. This one in the Apennines was across from Rome near the Adriatic coast. Italy has excellent rescue services so maybe some in the hotel might still be alive.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/19/17 at 12:32 PM | #

The damning post on the massive PR above has had a lot of views. Concerning the next post in this Netflixhoax series, we hope everyone can bear with us for another several days.

A lot of work hit several of us, and the next posts quoting reporters etc who got it wrong are taking a ton of work - because, well, just so many reporters got it wrong!

Fake news in spades. US main media is fighting back and it is a good time to show Netflix up. Ex PM Renzi beffed about fake Italian news. Prague acts:


Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/19/17 at 12:35 PM | #

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