Bad News For Knox -  Buzz From Italy Is Spurious ECHR Appeal Will Fail & Netflix Movie Not Pro Knox

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[The European Court Of Human Rights in Strasbourg France]

1. Knox ECHR “Appeal”

One major lie out of the Knox campaign in recent months was that the ECHR had agreed to entertain her appeal. See here and here and here (wow) and here (wow!).

We have posted repeatedly that the ECHR had “accepted” nothing - a processing clerk had merely asked prosecution and defense for actual hard facts “acccidentally” omitted from defense lawyer Dalla Vedova’s submission documents.

Had Dalla Vedova acted ethically and truthfully, there would have been no need at all for this stage.

We explained especially that Knox’s team had never lodged a complaint with any Italian court as Italian law requires and so due process in Italy prior to involving the heavily burdened ECHR had not even begun.

And that pre-emptively the Italian Supreme Court itself had already forcefully ruled that Knox had no ECHR case. 

All this was known to Knox and her lawyers and PR but they continued to lie to the world anyhow.

Now the buzz is that detailed Italian government submissions to the ECHR have killed all prospects for Knox’s fraudulent appeal.

The absence of any effective comeback to the ECHR from the hapless Knox lawyer Dalla Vedova is understandable - by not filing any complaint in Italy first on behalf of Knox he was in fact breaking Italian law.

With luck we will see him in court, perhaps along with Sollecito lawyer Maori who for doctoring DNA results may lose his law license and worse.

2. Knox Netflix Movie

Participants among Italian officialdom in the forthcoming Netflix movie about the “Knox case” who insisted on viewing the final version due to air late next month found it pretty okay, and not pro-Knox.

The only complaints we hear are that it lacks reporting on the muddled and ambivalent Maresca/Bruno report and lacks reporting that the Hellmann DNA consultants Conti and Vecchiotti were provably bent and were chastized - and that Hellmann’s appointment to the case itself was “defense-engineered”.

We have been discussing this production in the thread immediately below starting here (scroll down).  The suspect influence of the biased reporter Stephen Morse described by Ergon in that thread will be a late factor if it is at all.

We will be posting on the bias of Morse. Please keep eyes peeled. 

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