Monday, October 19, 2020

Many Hundreds Of Posts On Italian Social Media Now Directly Accuse Sollecito Of Murder

Posted by Peter Quennell

Sollecito lies further. (YouTube subtitles are now auto-translatable.)

New Facebook And Twitter Developments

This is “part deux” of last monday’s post, reporting that Sollecito’s suit against 20 magistrates had bombed out.

You may recall that this was a real sleeper, two and a half years in the making.

The suit against 20 magistrates (under a strange new Berlusconi-era law) was filed in mid 2017 in the Genoa courts after the Supreme Court failed (in blistering language) Sollecito’s final appeal for damages for “wrongful incarceration”.

This judgment comes at a time when the Italian economy is hard-hit due to COVID and many are wondering how to pay their own monthly bills.

Sollecito’s attempt to get Italian taxpayers to fork up for his E1.2 million in legal debts has resulted in a wave of rage, ridicule, and accusations of RS and Knox being the cause of Meredith’s murder.

You can see many taunts in the 500-plus Facebook comments translated and posted in this 90-page Acrobat document.

Our main poster Machiavelli kindly pointed us to that Facebook thread, one of several.  This one is truly enormous: these 500-plus comments are just a small part of the huge whole.

These are only those posted last thursday and friday. Even so, they amount to 100 pages in Word Docx format, not counting the numerous Reply subthreads.

Italian anger was especially inflamed by Sollecito’s tin-eared announcement that he would be appealing the Genoa verdict.

With what lawyers? Bongiorno and Maori did not take on his Florence diffamazione trial as he had such weak prospects (Sollecito lost that too).

And with what funding? He’s mortgaged up the gazoo, and has probably cleaned out even his own dad.

Among good lawyers, the 2017 suit (believed urged by Bongiorno) was hubristic and harebrained, and any appeal is considered to have zero prospects.

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