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Pepperdine University north of LA which gave the illustrious Mr Moore the boot

Why This Recognition?

Greatness is not always recognized when it is among us. How many artists have been appreciated only after their death? How many authors become famous posthumously? John Kennedy Toole, for example, didn’t have any of his novels published until 11 years after he died.

Nowadays A Confederacy of Dunces is considered a classic.  And when one thinks of the book’s main character, Ignatius J. Reilly, it is not hard to also think of Steve Moore.

Whereas Ignatius stumbled about New Orleans wielding his delusional, hubristic opinions and poisoning the air around him with acid reflux, Steve Moore performs this very same trick on his blog and in his media appearances.

In my opinion, Mr. Moore’s performance is underappreciated. His online oeuvre far too unnoticed. A courageous and learned man is standing in the gap girded with an unquestionable intellect and wielding a delightfully pugnacious spirit. We mere mortals cannot afford to let this man pass through our lives without the proper appreciation.

Therefore, I will review Mr. Moore’s blog post-by-post from its very beginning. (I am a completest; especially where genius is concerned.) During this project, we will travel arm-in-arm through the on-the-spot reactionary flourishes and the make-it-up –as-you-go-along assertions and interpretations that only Mr. Moore would dare to offer up for public consumption.

I hope you will take this journey with me.

June 21, 2011: The Perils of the Presumptive Headline

In the beginning, there were words. And those words were: “According to the dictionary, to presume is:..”

Can you guess what comes next? That’s right, the definition of “presume”:

1. To act overconfidently; take liberties.
2. To take unwarranted advantage of something; go beyond the proper limits:
3. To take for granted that something is true or factual

Do I need to remind you that this man is a published author and you most likely are not?

This never-before-used preamble to an essay establishes the theme of Mr. Moore’s subsequent discourse on presumption by the media, specifically The Daily Beast.  After a brief lesson on the little known “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline published in error by the Chicago Daily Tribune (a lesson infused by deft overstatement that would later become one of Mr. Moore’s favorite arrows in his quiver), Mr. Moore launches into a bold attack on The Daily Beast.

Mr. Moore’s courage comes to the forefront when describing the Daily Beast as “well-funded and poorly regarded” and “the site displays every bit of the integrity and nobility of purpose that its title would have you believe. It appears to feed on sensationalism and makes its bones off of others (sic) misery.”

Well, then.

You can clearly see that sensationalism and stories of other people’s misery would indeed differentiate The Daily Beast from all other news organizations throughout the history of journalism.

Note to The Daily Beast: You might want to refrain from being the only news journal on the internet to contain sensationalist stories. “Jerusalem More Divided Than Ever”? I mean, come on!

Also, if you’re going to go to The Daily Beast and read a story at a website just mentioned in the blog you were currently reading, then Mr. Moore declares “You’re not going to ‘get’ this article, or even care if you did.”

Attaching yourself to the Meredith Kercher case, then insulting any reader of your very first blog post that may be interested in reading about Casey Anthony or Anthony Weiner? Genius.

It’s like Picasso just painted a portrait of a middle finger. That, my friends, is art.

A lengthy diatribe about The Daily Beast follows with the nuanced argument that the journal may have a reporter on the ground in Perugia who speaks Italian and attends court “every day” (as Mr. Moore mockingly highlights) but the whole thing is just a front for The Daily Beast to make a profit by promoting Amanda Knox’s guilt; because that obviously sells better than the story of an innocent, young damsel in distress being railroaded by a corrupt foreign judicial system that’s out to prosecute Americans (USA!USA!USA!).

Exposing The Daily Beast for doing journalism takes courage.

Condemning The Daily Beast for profiting from Amanda Knox’s predicament while at the same time you are taking advantage of the death of an innocent college coed to build a career for yourself by publicly supporting her murderer with the use of misinformation takes courage.

Testifying before Congress that Amanda Knox had been exonerated when she hadn’t yet, while being the exact kind of presumption that Mr. Moore condemns in his initial blog entry takes an epic amount of courage.

Mr. Moore has courage in spades.

Other Notes

The humor Mr. Moore derives from discussing the title “The Daily Beast” as if he doesn’t know where the name came from is priceless.

He will certainly NOT be accused of reading an Evelyn Waugh novel!

Final Rating: Three out of five zebras.

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