Developments On The Fake News Front In The US: We Hope That These Reports Are Truthful!

Posted by Peter Quennell

1. The team that created the video above explores whether fake news is killing the Internet. 

2. The influential activist Noam Chomsky is reported as denouncing the fake-news aspect of the Internet as a “cult generator”.

3. And the serious and most diligent media seem to be profiting from a media market suddenly increasingly hungry for news that is trustworthy.

Profitable’ Washington Post adding more than five dozen journalists

... Now, come 2017, the Post seems to be doing something unique in daily journalism: It is adding journalists early in the year.

“We’re adding dozens of journalists,” Fred Ryan, the Post’s publisher and CEO, told me late last week. Ryan, in a recent memo, said the Post was “profitable and growing.”...

The Post newsroom will number more than 750, third among the national newspaper-based press and moving it closer to the Times, with which it increasingly competes for high-end talent.

The Times complement stands at about 1,307, the company says. USA Today’s newsroom stands at about 450, while the Journal, after its recent buyouts, tells me it employs 1,500.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/02/17 at 04:00 PM in


I really do not know but I suspect that there is some truth in what is being said in the video above. Most media houses should be able to recover all their expenses from the ads alone.

And that is the key. Here in India government ads are the most profitable and they have a fat budget. Anybody not kowtowing the government line does not get government ads. Fair enough.

We are crippled but can still crawl.

Posted by chami on 01/04/17 at 11:33 PM | #

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