Netflixhoax 5: Is Director Rod Blackhurst Jumping Ship After SIX YEARS?

Posted by Peter Quennell

Netflix Director Rod Blackhurst has worked for Knox PR since 2010

See the image of Rod’s new tweet at bottom welcoming the exposes that will leave his flick a pile of rubble.

Is Rod jumping ship? If so, it seems a very wise move. Brainwashed by the FOA starting in 2010, he got everything wrong in the film, and the real story never filtered into his brain.

The REAL story here is the giant innocence fraud perpetrated by Curt Knox and David Marriott since late 2007. Check out the 30 hoaxes in our right column which constitute it. We will expand on them in coming weeks.

Oddly the PR scheme is not even mentioned by Netflix. though it put out and took in millions of dollars and it promoted anti-Italy fanaticism to the extent that several cranks started screaming in Perugia and cops were told to be wary of gun-toting Americans.

Mr Blackhurst could get off to a fast start start by checking this out.

That well-documented childhood brutality (touched on also in Knox’s book) could explain why so many have found Amanda Knox so very peculiar. Not least of course Sollecito, who on and off  since 2007 has railed at her.

Meredith and her other flatmates and her cellmates in prison and pretty well anyone she ever met in Perugia found her hard to take, though when she was not as high as a kite she did seem at times to be trying.

Why did Curt Knox initiate take-no-prisoners PR in a heartbeat in 2007? To cover his own tail for damage he had done to her in childhood, culminating in a crazed escalation?

Why did so few in Seattle speak up for Amanda Knox in 2007? Why were so few parents keen to see an award created in her name at her high school?

So many mysteries in the great city of Seattle.  Let’s hope Rod finally does real digging.


I hardly think you can say that Blackhurst is jumping ship based on him liking a TJMK tweet. He’s liked one of my tweets too. IMO

Posted by jhansigirl on 09/22/16 at 10:00 AM | #

The title was semi-serious and in 8 years we never ever had anyone point to something not in their interests.

He’s not just reading our tweet, and I doubt he is “liking” very many of the others.

Theres a remarkable number of really informed negative tweets already about the flick, and almost none now in favor.

His back is against the wall and this will start getting to him.

A main point of the post is to get him to understand a vital key to the situation, and see a face-saving way forward.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/22/16 at 10:11 AM | #

Okay, good luck with that one!

The problem of course is that the two directors are essentially clueless. Absolutely out of their depth on a complex case, and winging it.

Andrea Vogt and Paul Russell made a GOOD report for the BBC. That was really compelling state of the art stuff.

Terrified, Curt Knox and David Marriott threatened and threatened, and so no US network accepted to buy and air it.

Instead we get this absurd and vacuous alternative, with the fanatical Knox-Marriott flunky Stephen Robert Morse dishonestly manipulating it. 

I would HOPE Rod Blackhurst could make a serious attempt to uncover all the stories waiting in Seattle, though he would need to be dogged and fearless.

But for the Netflix movie, the directors merely sat people in front of a camera, and hoped to obtain something meaningful.

They claimed this was fresh and different and insightful.


Knox had a million dollar campaign rehearsing her. She had the directors wrapped around her little finger.

There are 500 open questions for Knox on this site, and 500 evidence points, and 1000 examples of her lying, and 100 examples of her defaming..

How many were addressed to her? Approximately zero.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/22/16 at 03:16 PM | #

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