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Kercher Lawyer Dr Maresca Slams Tin-Eared Knox Over “Inopportune Plans” To Visit Perugia Dr Maresca welcoming Meredith’s family to trial court in 2009 1. Today’s Reporting The Daily Mail headline today 8/18/17 says this: Murdered Meredith Kercher’s family condemn Amanda Knox over ‘inopportune plans’ to revisit Italian town where the British student was killed Subheading: Ms. Knox, 30, wants to return so she… Hopeful 08/18/17 25 09/17/17
Yet More American Lawyers Get Duped By Knox: Now Los Angeles’s Westside Bar Association Duped? WBA founder and Beverley Hills lawyer Daniel Forouzan The previous instance of this - in front of the Kentucky Bar Association - occurred only one month ago. We shot Knox’s anticipated false claims down very extensively. There may have been an effort to have this one fly under the… Hopeful 07/29/17 19 08/11/17
How Amanda Knox Is Encouraging West Seattle To Adulate Seriously Sick Individuals At bottom: judge Persky may be fired for a light rape sentence Fellow poster Pensky encouraged us to consider some bizarrely narcissistic postings by Knox on her Facebook. That led me to her June 13, 2016 discussion of the Stanford rape case. My eyeballs nearly popped out at seeing Knox… Hopeful 07/03/16 24 07/25/16
Explaining Why Smart Feminists Have Rightly Been Extremely Wary Of Amanda Knox 1. Late Joiner Of The Dwindling Knox Parade A week ago in the Huffington Post Lisa Marie Basile asked why feminists are not storming the barricades for Knox. The gullible Lisa Marie Basile had obviously swallowed whole Knox’s avid self-promotion and serial demonizing to create a muddled article at best,… Hopeful 06/05/14 39 07/09/14
John Kercher’s Excellent Book “Meredith” On Meredith’s Friends Lloyd, Natalie, And Helen Mr. Kercher’s biography of his daughter continues to charm and amaze. It seems Meredith almost got married before she went to Italy. Her suitor was a dance teacher, named Lloyd Thomas. He was nineteen years old and they met at Leeds University on the dance floor. Mr. Thomas was teaching… Hopeful 11/23/13 6 11/25/13
John Kercher’s Excellent Book “Meredith” On Meredith’s Employer And Her Circle Of Friends Robyn Butterworth who had also been at Leeds University with Meredith, went to Perugia and roomed with Amy Frost. Often Meredith would go to their flat for lunch. She “often brought a kebab with her, which we found amusing; she loved them.” (p. 77)  “Occasionally, we would go to see… Hopeful 10/25/13 8 10/28/13
More About Meredith With Thanks To John Kercher and Stephanie First, the letter in Italian from Stephanie to Judge Nencini at start of appeal. Dear Dr Nencini, We have talked a lot in our family in order to come to make the difficult decision not to come to Italy for the beginning of the trial. My mother is in dialysis… Hopeful 10/12/13 11 10/15/13
Excerpts From John Kercher’s Fine Book “Meredith” #1 Including Her First Happy Ventures To Italy This is a series we will continue throughout appeal to keep front and center who the real victim is here. John Kercher in the foreward to his book, “Meredith”, said it had not been an easy book to write, but…“I hope it is a portrait of which she would have… Hopeful 09/14/13 24 09/18/13
Knox-Mellases And Candace Dempsey Display Extreme Contempt Of Court On CNN [Candace Dempsey and Frank Sforza who in court soon may disavow her numerous false accusations] Horrible horrible CNN story tonight on “Crimes of the Century”, in which they featured the Knox case. CNN shredded the case with dozens and dozens of half-truths and outright errors. They did show some sympathy… Hopeful 08/19/13 51 08/28/13
The Rather Strained Couric-Sollecito Interview: Reading Between The Lines (1) Raffaele’s physical appearance was okay. He was groomed and dressed well. I alternately felt sorry for him and grossed out by him when I sensed he was lying from a cunning script. He has taken a page out of Amanda’s playbook by using English instead of his native Italian with… Hopeful 09/19/12 12 11/25/12
On The Effects On Amanda Knox Of Her Movie Alter Ego Hayden Panettiere An ABC News headline: “Amanda Knox Felt Ill When She Saw Herself Portrayed in New Movie” Nikki Battiste.states that Knox was tearful in her weekly phone call home after having seen the trailer of the movie on prison TV news. Chris Mellas quoted her, “I was physically ill when I… Hopeful 02/09/11 10 02/10/11
A Meditation On The State Of Play In The Search For Justice For Poor Meredith I hope the Rome experts take the knife and bra clasp and find more evidence on them, clear and undeniable even to the prejudiced.  I don’t want to see Meredith’s killers walk, but with the same vehemence I desire no innocent parties to be persecuted. So should all honest people.… Hopeful 12/18/10 3 12/20/10
Rocco Girlanda ♥ Rocco Girlanda And Amanda Knox ♥ Amanda Knox?! A little dream and art interpretation…. Rocco’s dream of being in a taxi with Amanda driving to JFK airport symbolizes his attempt to “take off to great heights” with Amanda. Joining her in the same destination, but fearing himself as JFK who literally lost his head due to his politics.… Hopeful 11/15/10 3 11/18/10
My Poem For Meredith For Meredith. Accompanied above by a re-post of this hauntingly beautiful video of Perugia in the mist. It seems to have stirred as many emotions as anything on the site. Meredith’s Poem My life was bright and right, But not for long. I whisper in God’s ear, Justice, take care… Hopeful 12/13/09 6 12/14/09
Moved By Italian Justice: Doing The Very Best It Can For Meredith And Her Poor Family Crestfallen and broken, Amanda and Raffaele react in visible distress in the latest courtroom photos. Amanda looks sad, smitten, perplexed, astounded, with anger not far under the veneer, yet overall truly sorrowful for the first time in 2 years. Raffaele is weeping as the court denies more evidence do-overs. He… Hopeful 10/11/09 2 10/11/09