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La Repubblica’s Riccardo Stagliano Reports On The Seattle End of The Case [click for larger image] La Repubblica’s cool and objective reporter Riccardo Staglione visited Seattle recently to meet all the parties, and he filed this balanced and unequivocating report. Seattle, In The World Of Amanda By Riccardo Stagliano Seattle. The fabulous world of Amanda Knox is a catalog of goodwill skits.… Nicki 03/02/10 8 03/03/10
New Mignini Interview Makes Doug Preston Look Increasingly Incompetent And Vindictive This is actor Tom Cruise above. He may produce or star in Doug Preston’s “fact-based” story of the Monster of Florence investigation in which Giuliano Mignini played a very small part very late in the case. Wow could HE be in for some surprises!!  We do hope that he consults… Nicki 12/16/09 6 12/17/09
The Best Meredith-Case Documentary Ever - One Intensely Compassionate To Meredith As many here know, I am an Italian-American who lives and works in Milan in northern Italy and who follows the case closely in Italian. On TJMK here I have posted repeatedly on the DNA dimension and on the public perceptions in Italy of Meredith, Amanda Knox, and the campaign.… Nicki 11/10/09 16 11/14/09
LA7 TV’s Documentary On Meredith’s Case #3 The English Segments Below: Very moving scene from Meredith’s funeral, as her coffin is brought to Croydon Parish Church Below: Croydon Parish Church (St John the Baptist) where 400 attended Meredith’s funeral mid-Dec 2007   Below: Reverend Colin Boswell conducted Meredith’s funeral service, and tells of pain at its long delay “It was… Nicki 11/10/09 1 11/13/09
LA7 TV’s Documentary On Meredith’s Case #2 The American Segments Below: One of many good images of Seattle which included some specially taken from the air Below: The home of the Knox family where Curt Knox and daughter Deanna were interviewed   Below: Curt Knox being interviewed and showing four childhood photographs of Amanda Knox These are childhood images of… Nicki 11/10/09 1 04/28/11
LA7 TV’s Documentary On Meredith’s Case #1 The Italian Segments: Below: The Corriere newspaper’s headline reads “Justice for Meredith” reflecting dominant public opinion Below: Perugia students sitting by the fountain in the Corso Vanucci, as they do every night of the year   Below: The pressroom adjacent to the courtroom which many journalists prefer as they can type and call… Nicki 11/10/09 0
Trial: Amanda Knox’s Mother Talks To The Media Of The Costs To The Family [courtesy AP; click for larger image] Italian media are reporting upon the Knoxes’ financial strains: Today’s Il Messaggero offers so far the most complete report in Italian. Here’s a translation of today’s article AMANDA’S MOTHER: WE HAVE MORTGAGED THE HOUSE IN ORDER TO ATTEND THE TRIAL She has used all… Nicki 06/26/09 5 06/28/09
Trial: One Of The Defendants Arrives For The Trial Today   Nicki 06/26/09 1 06/30/09
It Seems Italy’s Anger Only Grows: Read La Nazione’s Editorial Today [above: Lake Como north of Milan, click for a larger image] Posting again from Milan. This looks like becoming an international incident. Perhaps the US State Department should step in. Timothy Egan, a Seattle journalist, wrote an offensive and largely fact-free blog about the innocence of Amanda Knox on the… Nicki 06/15/09 16 06/17/09
Italy Shrugs: Why Amanda Knox’s Testimony Seems To Have Been A Real Flop Posting from Milan (image below) where we also have been watching Knox testify in Italian. Here are just three of the disbelieving headlines on the testimony that have been appearing in the Italian press. All of Amanda’s wrong moves (La Stampa) Amanda growls but Patrick bites (Il Giornale) Amanda: I… Nicki 06/14/09 12 12/05/09
DNA Evidence: The Myths Start To Come Crashing Down [click for larger image; rule and annotations by Kermit] The DNA evidence is proving to be as well-handled and as incriminating as DNA evidence ever is at such trials. The last two hearings have very publicly exposed several of the key myths which have been aggressively propagated over the Internet… Nicki 05/29/09 8 06/16/09
“An American Student Kills 62 Years Old Retired Bankteller” [click for larger image] Corriere reports that this crime took place yesterday. The American student was under the effect of psychotic drugs. He was wandering through the streets of Florence. He tried to force entry through a garage door while the victim was in the process of locking it. The… Nicki 05/07/09 5 05/09/09
Trial: Agenda Is Closed Court For The Autopsy Report, And Maybe Testimony From Guede Nicki 04/03/09 8 04/03/09
Trial: The Process Resumes: The Court Agenda For Friday And Saturday Days 8 and 9 of the trial. Only the bare bones of what will be discussed has been made public. First, the police who first arrived at the crime scene will testify further. Then the crime scene investigators who collected all the evidence at the crime scene will testify further.… Nicki 03/12/09 0
Trial: Wrap-Up On The Testimony For This Week From Officers Who Questioned Knox 1.Monica Napoleoni Today’s hearing resumed with the deposition of Ms Monica Napoleoni, the head of Perugia’s homicide squad, which had been halted yesterday. Some of her statements were extremely touching and sad. For example, she reported on the text messages that were found on Meredith’s phone from her parents who,… Nicki 02/28/09 18 03/10/09
Understanding Micheli #3: How Damning Is The DNA Evidence Coming Up? Probable answer? Pretty damning. Judge Micheli has had two very important roles. He presided over Rudy Guede’s trial and sentencing, and he presided over the final hearing that committed Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox to trial. Late January, Judge Micheli made public the 106-page report that explains the thinking behind… Nicki 02/23/09 6 02/23/09
Trial: Days 4 And 5 - The Court Agenda For Friday And Saturday Nicki 02/12/09 2 02/13/09
Trial: Prosecution Resumes: The Court Agenda For Friday And Saturday Nicki 02/05/09 0
Powerpoints #10: The DNA Evidence May Be A Tough Mole To Whack We now show in this second Powerpoint presentation what a tough mole to whack that one might be. We have already covered here the basics of DNA evidence. That presentation covers the definitions of valid and invalid DNA samples, how contamination might occur, who collected and analyzed the Perugia samples,… Nicki 01/06/09 6 12/09/09
“They Were Held For A Year Without Even Being Charged!!” How Italian Justice REALLY Works [Above and at bottom: the Italian Supreme Court Of Appeals} A misleading mantra This frequently quoted claim above is maybe the most mindless and misinformed of all the mantras on the case. Much of the US media and some of the UK media - sometimes enthusiastically, sometimes with reserve -… Nicki 11/26/08 6 11/28/08
Powerpoints #7: DNA Evidence - A Very Clear Intro To A Vital Subject Here If you can’t see the Powerpoints as intended, please install the latest version of the Powerpoint Viewer which is downloadable here This is a short sharp presentation of how criminal DNA analysis works. It is widely known that DNA analysis has been done on the luminol-enhanced footprints that Kermit analyzed… Nicki 11/13/08 2 11/14/08