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The Psychology Of The Human Race Puts Us On A Rising Curve Toward True Justice For All Above and below: more and more people worldwide are on the march to make justice for victims work 1. The “Just-World” Is Built When we were children, we listened to fairy tales. Most cultures have a library of myths. They frequently had ‘happy ever after’ endings, where everything worked out… SeekingUnderstanding 04/02/15 37 04/06/15
The Case For More Observation And Firmer Action As Psychopaths Among Us Do Enormous Harm Above: The murdered teacher Ann Maguire and convicted killer Will Cornick Here is an example of the much tougher action to protect society which judges worldwide are inclining toward. In Leeds in the UK a 16-year old boy has been sentenced to 20 years.  He has also been publicly named,… SeekingUnderstanding 11/11/14 35 11/14/14
The Nencini Email: Why This May Be The Last Time Knox Emails Such Obvious Lies To A Judge Above at the Florence appeal court is the defence table. This was Amanda Knox’s own first appeal. It was not a prosecution appeal, or a second or third trial by ‘Italy’.  This appeal only happened because Knox and Sollecito demanded it. At maybe 99.999 percent of all appeals worldwide, the… SeekingUnderstanding 05/26/14 35 06/01/14
Meredith And Her Understanding Of The Power Of Good Thoughts “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world. (William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice) One of the most disturbing and disheartening features of this serious case has been the influence, mob-like, of malevolent misinformation and mantras that the defence has spread… SeekingUnderstanding 12/25/13 51 12/30/13
Why Numerous Psychologists Now Observe Knox Skeptically Links to both ITV interviews kindly provided by Clander of PMF:  Daybreak Seattle interview and Daybreak London interview. Please see the key past posts here and here and also here for some context. Amanda Knox appeared in an English TV interview on the early morning of Monday September 23rd. She… SeekingUnderstanding 09/24/13 85 09/28/13
The Amanda Knox Trainwreck: What The Newly Published Knox Writings Reveal To Professional Eyes The New Writings It is good to have an opportunity to see the letters from Amanda to her social worker, Maurizio. The writing style is very different from her book which seems more abrasive, more ‘jazzed up’, pointed, in comparison - presumably the influence of the ghost writer. What is… SeekingUnderstanding 05/30/13 30 06/02/13
The Amanda Knox Trainwreck: How TV And Book Suggest Knox Is Increasingly Far From Facing Reality Amateurism run amoke is what the unprecedented and unwise Knox extravaganza is starting to look like.  Several TJMK posts below this one have already suggested that the book was rushed into print with very little fact-checking, with no restraint on damaging false accusations,  and with no strategic legal considerations. The… SeekingUnderstanding 05/03/13 87 10/18/13