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The Status Of The Various Computers In The Case #2 New Developments Please first see my previous post and my several updates in the Comments thread. There has been a new flurry of interest in Raffaele’s computers following the publication, on iip, of a report prepared by Prof. Alfredo Milani. It is available in both in Italian and English, (translation prepared by… Sallyoo 11/15/14 12 11/18/14
The Status Of The Various Computers In The Case And Whether Anything Nefarious Happened To Them Trial court 2009 on one of several days computer and internet activity was testified to 1. Computer use as high-stakes evidence There have been many arguments about computers during the case. They began at the very beginning, and there is even now, in the final appeal by Sollecito to the… Sallyoo 07/04/14 19 08/05/14