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Area 14: Cellular phones

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14-01   Ms. Kercher had an “English” cell phone, purchased in England, which used the Italian Wind network in international roaming mode, and which she used to stay in constant contact with her family, as her mother was ill. (Romanelli 2009)

14-02   Ms. Kercher also had an “Italian” cell phone using the Vodafone network. This phone was given to her by Filomena Romanelli, for Ms. Kercher to be use ‘locally’ so Ms. Kercher could avoid ‘long distance’ expenses on the “English” phone to make local Italian phone calls. (Romanelli 2009)

14-03   Romanelli testified that Ms. Kercher always kept both her phones with her, particularly the “English” cell phone. (Romanelli 2009)

14-04   At 20:18 on November 1st, Knox received a text message from Lumumba informing her not to go to work. (Tacconi 2009, Knox cell phone records)

14-05   At 20:35 Knox replied to Lumumba’s text message. (Tacconi 2009, Knox cell phone records)

14-06   Knox testified that she turned her cell phone off around 20:45 on November 1st and turned it on around 12:00 of November 2nd. (Knox 2009)

14-07   At 20:56, 21:58 and 22:00 on November 1st, dialing attempts were made on Ms. Kercher’s “English” phone. It is not clear whether these were intentional or accidental.

14-08   At 22:13 a cell phone internet connection was made on Ms. Kercher’s “English” cell phone for 8-9 seconds. It is not clear whether this was intended or not. (Latella 2009)

14-09   At 00:10 on November 2nd, Ms. Kercher’s “English” cell phone received a call through a coverage route incompatible with the cottage, a coverage route which instead covered the garden of the villa 950 meters away from the cottage. (Latella 2009)

14-10   On November 2nd, both of Ms. Kercher’s cell phones were found in that garden by the villa occupants and taken to the Postal Police. (Bartolozzi 2009)

14-11   Ms. Kercher’s “Italian” phone was found first and taken to the Postal Police around 11 AM. (Bartolozzi 2009)

14-12   Ms. Kercher’s “English” phone was found about an hour later and taken the Postal Police over an hour later. (Bartolozzi 2009)

14-13   Guede had no reason to take Ms. Kercher’s phones and then discard them. (Nencini Motivations report)

14-14   At 12:07 on November 2nd, Knox called Ms. Kercher’s English phone for 16 seconds but did not leave a message. (Knox cell phone records)

14-15   At 12:08 Knox called Romanelli to describe “strange things” at the cottage. (Knox cell phone records)

14-16   At 12:11 Knox called both of Ms. Kercher’s cell phones for less than 4 seconds, and therefore with not enough time to leave a message. (Knox cell phone records)

14-17   Romanelli called Knox three more times before Knox responded the 3rd time at 12:34.

14-18   At 12:47 Knox called her mom in Seattle for 1.5 minutes on November 2nd, though she testified in court to not remembering this call. (Knox cell phone records, Knox 2009)

14-19   Knox had phone contacts and text messages with drug dealers before and after the murder. (Knox cell phone and text message records)

14-20   At 20:42 on November 1st, Sollecito spoke with his father. (Sisani 2009)

14-21   At 23:14 Sollecito’s father sent a text message to Sollecito. Sollecito did not receive it until early 06:02 the following morning of November 2nd. (Latella, Sisani 2009)

14-22   At 09:24 on November 2nd Sollecito spoke to his father for nearly 4 minutes. (Sisani 2009)

14-23   At 12:35 Sollecito recharged his phone which was now at the cottage. (Sisani 2009)

14-24   At 12:40 Sollecito spoke with his father for 67 seconds. (Sisani 2009)

14-25   At 12:50 Sollecito spoke with his sister for 39 seconds. (Sisani 2009)

14-26   At 12:51 and 12:54 Sollecito made 112 calls to the Carabinieri, indicating they saw a burglary had occurred, they saw blood but that nothing was taken. (Ceppitelli, Latella 2009)

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Thanks for this all at TJMK

Mister Pink on PMF makes the following point:

“One thing I think deserves a bit more emphasis is the cell towers used by Meredith’s phone between 21:58 and 22:13. Pellero testified that her phone used the 30064 Ponte Rio cell, which is centered on Parco Sant’Angelo, only one other time in the month prior to the murder.

Pellero says the there were 1091 interactions with Meredith’s English phone since she came to Italy. He suggests perhaps 2/3rds are those are real and the rest are duplicates due to roaming charges. Just 43 interactions (3.9%) involve the Ponte Rio cell, including two (0.18%) that both start and end in that cell: November 1 at 22:13 and October 12 at 16:22

Can we really say that the three witnesses who heard three different noises, at uncertain times, in varying states of consciousness are describing an event with less than 0.18% chance of not being an 11:30 TOD? If not then why do we privilege these witness accounts over the cell phone evidence?”

Nencini: witness Antonio Curatolo, who said he had seen the defendants together on the evening of 1 November 2007 in Piazza Grimana around 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm

Nencinin: Giampaolo Lombardo, an employee of a car repair shop in Perugia, stated at the same hearing that he had performed a vehicle break-down service on Via della Pergola on the night of 1 November 2007. He had been instructed by the owner of the car repair shop where he worked to go to Via della Pergola to perform roadside assistance at around 10:40 pm; it took him about 20 minutes to reach the aforementioned road, where he stopped to perform the service until about 11:15 pm, after which he left.

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Hi PK777.  Might you identify (preferably in the relevant area or areas on the new page) which evidence points you are addressing?

Parco Sant’Angelo is north of the city wall en route from Meredith’s house to where her cellphones were found - I parked there several times and set off walking, you can see parked cars on Google Earth there (search 43° 7’2.64"N 12°23’23.98"E)  - so this relates to the time of Meredith’s stolen phone being transported?

Ponte Rio is a village on the hill across the deep valley from Meredith’s house maybe two miles away; she could certainly see it from her bedroom window. You can see it at the left in this panoramic image.

I wonder how the October 12 ping at 16:22 is accounted for. From her house? I would bet Meredith never walked near Parco Sant’Angelo, hardly anyone does except drivers of parked cars, though in a direct line way further back over the city wall is the main campus of the university.

Re your mentions of Curatolo and Lombardo, was the reference in fact to Madame Nara and the other “earwitnesses”?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/29/14 at 04:52 PM | #


Hi Peter

14-08   At 22:13 a cell phone internet connection was made on Ms. Kercher’s “English” cell phone for 8-9 seconds. It is not clear whether this was intended or not. (Latella 2009)

Mr Pink on PMF has gone into this in more detail as per my previous quote.

If this ‘relates to the time of Meredith’s stolen phone being transported?’ ie it is a call made OUTSIDE the cottage this would signify an early time of attack. But AK and RS are accounted for from 9/9.30 till 11.15 when the breakdown truck left the immediate vicinity of the cottage.

I don’t think someone has to walk in the vicinity of a tower to make use of it. The October 12 ping could be explained by use near but maybe not inside the cottage.

Posted by PK777 on 11/29/14 at 05:52 PM | #


Hi PK777

Thanks, its 14-08 then. Presumably no-one can say for sure whether the phone was inside or outside the house? The image I linked to shows that the tower was in line of sight from Meredith’s window. In line with your last para on dispersal could both pings have been on the phone inside the house? I would not be confident claiming otherwise.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/29/14 at 06:03 PM | #

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/29/14 at 07:15 PM | #

Hi Peter. I think it was rare for MRS phone to ever use this tower. I think investigators had to step just outside the cottage to get the phone to connect to this tower. That the phone should connect to this tower at a key time on the night of the murder is quite a coincidence. The tower, I believe would be commonly used by phones in the area between the cottage and the garden where the phone was dumped. Sorry I have no expertise in this and no cites at present.

Posted by PK777 on 11/30/14 at 07:36 AM | #

Hi PK777.

“I think it was rare for MRS phone to ever use this tower.”

Meredith’s? The PMF dot Org poster you quoted (who never posts here) himself noted 43 interactions with that tower which does not seem very rare and that cellphone tower location can be seen from Meredith’s room.

This interaction on the night seems to me way too inadequate to move the TOD forward to where AK and RS get off the hook. Chances are it was Meredith, not a perp in process of browsing while escaping in the dark. 

The PMF poster appears to me to be asking for some sort of weighting. But the list is the list. Its main compelling quality is its sheer amazing size.

It is unweighted by us except in the sense that the Massei judges panel thought enough of a certain evidence point to weight it enough themselves to include it in their report.

For all we know there may have been hundreds of others. For example the Massei court did not report on the demeanor in court of the two perps. Knox was almost universally seen as arrogant and callous in her stint on the stand. Did that matter? For a US jury it often would. But here, we dont know.

Ironically it was Knox lawyer Ted Simon on NBC in 2008 who warned against weighting point by point - he said a whack-a-mole approach would simply exhaust the defense (he was not part of it then) but not even dent the prosecution case.

He suggested instead creating a whole other scenario, though he’s been with Knox since early 2010 and hasnt come up with one yet.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/30/14 at 11:11 AM | #

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