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US Strongly Unifying On Best Measures, Trump Management Approval Drops 13 Points

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An amazing paradigm shift. The national alignment of minds is really heartening. Mayors, governors, doctors, scientists, the ever-wider spread of cases, and also devastating waves of fact-checking have caused it.

Many American evangelical Christians had earlier bought into a “pack the churches, she’ll be right” paradigm, and this was one outcome.

In early March, before First Assembly of God church in Greers Ferry, Ark., called off all of its activities to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, just like other churches across the country, dozens of participants gathered there for a children’s program.

Now, 34 people who attended that event have come down with the coronavirus, according to a deacon at this rural evangelical church…

The pastor and his wife both have the virus, and he has worked hard on Facebook etc to wind back the “pack the churches” illusion.  State governors have been doing that too.

Nevertheless, near New Orleans where COVID cases are exploding, this happened just last week.

However, churches are increasingly putting services online. And here’s something you don’t see every day - well, didn’t.

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Here’s a good CNN report explaining how vaccines are mass-produced once they are proven effective,

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More news from the state of Mississippi where Governor Tate Reeves tried to overide the mayors and scientists and keep everything open.

Saturday, Reeves posted on Twitter that he “believes in the power of prayer” and “God is in control” before asking people to join him on his Facebook page at 9:30 a.m. Sunday. The post received hundreds of comments, with the majority asking Reeves when he would issue a state-wide shut down.

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Perhaps the best national epidemic manager in the world seems to be Germany’s Angela Merkel. An 89% aproval rating.

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The US’s aggressive right-wing news channel Fox News makes a fortune out of ridiculing science and encouraging isolationism.

Fox News has a very old demographic. Few under 40 take it seriously and its viewership is especially vulnerable to the COVID.

Now Fox New is being looked at as THE major channeler and enabler of hoaxes (Trump turns up there daily) and thus a major enabler of more COVID cases and deaths.

Fox’s daily poison has been putting at more risk all of us in the US.

Current Fox website headlines suggest Fox may be acting more honest and scientific, perhaps in light of the opinion poll at the top.

And for legal reasons too? For the damage it has already done, Fox might be sued out of existence.

Report: Fox News is worried about legal action after misleading viewers about coronavirus

The firing of Trish Regan for a surreal on-air monologue (see it on YouTube) could be a part of Fox’s legal CYA strategy.

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Picking up from the previous thread on how some churches were duped into dangerous activity and are now paying a price.

1. Many have moved services online or drive-ins. An evangelical charity that ignored the White House is building a hospital in New York’s Central Park.

2. But not everywhere is so good. Churches are reported as repeatedly violating state bans.

3. The prominent president of an evangelical university called staff and thousands of students back into town. Though there’s strong cover-up, the virus is hard at work.

4. In France the biggest cluster of cases was kicked off by a foolhardy 5-day event at a superchurch. Around 2,500 cases have been linked.

5. A large church in South Korea has triggered more than 5,000 cases there.

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I hadn’t seen this coming. A system that actually works, and has a lot of capacity to expand.

CHURCH COOKS. Sending out increasing millions of meals a day. 

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Another sign of a healthy trend. First Fox News. Now this.

“Liberty University Could Face Liability for Failure to Shut Down for Coronavirus”

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Here I am at what maps suggest is the epicenter of the epicenter for the moment in the US. The reports of deaths and hospital struggles so very close are truly horrible.

And yet the only signs of anything irregular in my view are (1) less traffic, (2) more dogs walking, and (3) the US navy hospital ship tied up a few hundred yards south - it was at that same pier for some weeks after 9/11.

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Where next? The University of Washington in Seattle releases an important new study. It shows what places in the US the worst of the epidemic will hit next, and why you can tell them by political hue.

There should have been a mandatory coast-to-coast shutdown weeks ago. Not happy talk.

Whatever you think of Trump, and he DID surface serious points that needed more attention, his lifelong incompetence and rage at systems, and his worsening dementia on the same lines as his dad, are about to cost his supporters very dear.

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